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Found 42 results

  1. I thinking of buying the Affinity Designer application and I would like to know: - Can I Install in all the computers that I use (at the moment one Desktop and one Laptop)? There is a limit? Or the limit is the user only? - Do you sell direct (meaning not buying in the Apple App Store)? - Do you have special prices for upgrading? - In future minor upgrades it all by the App Store or direct download? - Is there a direct email for support? - How does this work or where can I find more info? Thanks!
  2. Hello! I have been searching for the internet and I would like to know if you can do that halftone effect in affinity designer, I have tried with affinity pfhoto but it handles me in pixel
  3. I am planning on a chromebook. But I would hate to lose the ability to work in my favorite graphic designer applications, both Photo an Designer do comfort me a lot. Do you plan on extending into the Chrome iOS world? For me it would be fine to have an app-only solution sort of "reduced-to-the-most-popular" functionalities. On the road I am not so much into creating completely new art work, but just a little fiddling around with what I have. And before one asks: yes, I have tried Vectr and this will NOT be a solution for me.
  4. I am using Affinity Photo for Windows, version, and I cannot get it to recognize an Epson Perfection 2400 Photo flatbed scanner. I do not think the issue is with the computer (Windows 10) because there are two other photo editing programs on this desktop and both allow me to scan in photos. I have also noticed that the import options are limited. Does Affinity Photo support scanning? And if not, are there plans to support scanning?
  5. Hi everyone, This may seem like a silly question, but I'm having issues exporting an image after editing it. Every time I attempt to save and then export the image, it saves on my desktop as the original unedited image. Here's what I'm doing: After uploading the image to Affinity Persona, I use the selection brush tool to select the desired part of the image that I want to keep, I then use the toggle quick mask tool to add a white background to the image. I then save and export the image to .PNG or .JPEG and both files still save as the original, unedited image instead of the image I edited with the white background. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks very much in advance for your help!
  6. Hello support of affinity, I work with astronomical images from different astronomical standard digital cooled CCD cameras. She worked with the astronomy standard .fit format. To you plan in the future to supported it? In the attachment you find an example of fit-file. She represented a part of the Andromeda Galaxie in red filter. fit are SW images. To you can than combined images of different filters to obtain a color image. You can open this one file with the free program of the NASA and ESA "fit liberator". You find it under: https://www.spacetelescope.org/projects/fits_liberator/ its works on windows MAC, Linux etc. They are a lot of user they have more interested in your program... Thank in advance for your answer. Best Regards Dr. Dölling Astronomical Observatory Aurora Germany rdoelling@aol.com
  7. Does Affinity Designer support photoshop plugins?
  8. there is no Turkish Language support for your products. Your rival Adobe photoshop and illustrator had that support.
  9. Wondering if there's, or there's going to be any updates for support of Xpro2 RAW files?
  10. I formerly suggested this to the Affinity Team via FB. They told me to post this feature request on the forum, so all other users can vote/comment on this idea. What is it about? Simple: I suggested that Affinity/Serif should found an IRC-Channel for a simple User2User-Support like one would have via twitter or FB. Buddy2Buddy live. Q&A, Exchange of ideas etc.....(maybe separate) One would be able to link to results by posting pastie urls. (pastebin, imagebin, etc.) and so on. I just think this kind of guidance through other users is much more live and to the heart... And in conversations that you have alongside manipulating your pix you might be able to stroke out "errors in reasoning", that may be immanent because you misunderstood things in first or since you did not know something important for your scheme in first place. And there are so many IRC-Applications that would offer much usability(features) for such an user2user support channel. An official channel would be cool, if someone already opened an unofficial "Affinitiy Photo" channel on IRC let me, and the other users know and comment on this post. Thank you!
  11. Hi there, the "Support..." link in the "Help" menu seems to open fine, but it first loads a URL that causes a redirect to the actual Forums URL. This has the negative side effect that the Forums software doesn't respect the "Remember Me" login option and the user always has to "Sign In" again and again (CRSF protection or something?). It's slightly annoying. :) Easy fix: the "Support..." link in the menu should open the actual forum URL (proper link and protocol) directly, so there's no redirect anymore. Additional request: Maybe the link should say "Support and Community..." (or something in that direction), so the user knows beforehand he ends up on a Forums site and not on some kind of contact page or similar (that's somehow what I expected when I used the link for the first time :) ) regards, tokai
  12. I'm trying to create something in Affinity Designer, but it's not letting me do anything. It's just failing to open the document. I've tried deleting and re-installing the app, rebooting the computer, everything. I'm on the 10.11 beta, so that might be the reason, but it was working less than a week ago. I'll add a few screenshots. No matter what happens, it just does this. If I try to click anywhere, it makes an error sound. Here's the app icon menu when it's doing this, if it's any help. Eventually this white box appears. I click anywhere and the box disappears. Is it supposed to be a dialog box? It just goes back to the blank background again, but it doesn't make error sounds when I click.
  13. Hi, I am slowly moving from photoshop to Affinity, but came across major issue today. I was trying to open one of the .psd files that has website template in it and it simply crushed Affinity photo. (see attachment of that file) I'm not sure to why this happens, as I never had an issue opening .psd files in Affinity before. I can think of only one reason: I am using custom fonts there and tried opening it on machine that doesn't have them, photoshop usually replaces fonts with something, not sure if Affinity accounts for this. Sanya-06-Portfolio.psd
  14. Please add support for .icns files. I have a few logos in that format I'm trying to place in the project and they are greyed out.
  15. I can't find an email to ask the support team directly, so I'm resorting to posting this here. Basically, long story short, I downloaded the free trial some time ago, when I was first getting into trying to create digital art. Well, now I've gotten myself a graphics tablet, and would like to try it again, with the graphics tablet. My free trial is obviously over, but I never really got to play around with it in the first place. If any of you can direct me to an email address so I can contact the team directly, that would also be much appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  16. Hi, Just downloaded the Beta version and noticed that the newer Fuji cameras, X-T1 and X-E2, are not supported yet. Adobe supports the X-Trans sensor, sort of, but with many issues. I think they have settled into it's good enough, but it is not! Do you have plans to fully support the X-Trans sensor? Phase One's Capture Pro 8 does a decent job, but even that could be better. They have stated in the past that they really don't care to do anything regarding Fujifilm cameras so any further development on there part is nonexistent. The Fuji owners of the world are really looking to a good solution. Your thoughts?? Thanks, Rick Lewis
  17. I'm confused to see lots of error codes in AD when I open my Ai files in Chinese. It totally disturb my mood to finish my portfolio......plz add Chinese in soon.