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  1. Here are some wild animal textures styles, in case anybody needs such things: I use such things sometimes for text on flyers and the like... The compressed AD Styles-file: Wild-animal-textures.zip
  2. I finally figured out how to blend in patterns correctly, so here is a set of Wood, Leather, Cork, Stone, Crust, and Cookie styles. The patterns make the file size too big for the forum, so here's a link to download it from my site. Sorry for the previously broken link. You can find this and others at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity
  3. So I have these Vector styles I'm wanting to make. Supposedly it's worked on other things I've done but I can't figure out why it's not working now it only either does the outline or a whole fill category? I do have a pattern that was successfully with hashes but I can't figure out HOW I got that to work. It was from a pattern I had found on my Adobe Stock for Illustrator. And that shows like it's a curve... So I guess what I need to do is maybe make a brush with what I want, place the brush and have it be in the "Fill" area and then make the style?
  4. Is it possible to install or import the Affinity Photo styles that I downloaded from the Internet? I’m working on an iPad Pro, iOS 11. thanks, bkabstract
  5. Can Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer add strokes to raster layers like layer style strokes in Photoshop?
  6. The First in a series of Affinity Add-Ons specifically for Designers! This is the Rose Petal Texture set with multicoloured almost translucent colours taken from photos of REAL Roses. There are NO fillers or files to pad out the kit. Just the tools you, as a Designer needs. You can then get on with your artistic skills and make your designs illuminate with these textures. There are just THREE (3) program add-ons:- Rose Petal Texture Styles - for Both Designer & Photo Rose Petal colours Palette - for Both Designer & Photo Rose Petal Vector Brushes - for
  7. When I paste effects, they are never the same as I copied. For example, outline always has different width.
  8. Maybe this is in the pipeline with Affinity Publisher, but something I frequently seem to need is the ability give frame text a solid background colour. I currently do this by grouping a filled rectangle with the frame text in the layers panel. This works well until you apply a transparency which is also then applied to the text as well. So my request is to have the ability to change the formatting of frame text including the background (including transparency) and line style. It would also be useful for alignment purposes to have the option to see the frame of the frame te
  9. When an object style created using the effects panel is applied to text it is applied the the text as a single object. This has undesired effects with specular highlights, lights and bevels. in the attached image I created some artistic text and then below it I typed each letter as an individual object. In the gel text you can see how the top example which is a single typed word the highlights aren't right and the colours from additional lights added via the 3d effect are applied to the text as a whole. I the second gel text example you see how I wanted the style to look.
  10. Hi all, something I've always felt frustrating about Serif products is the saving of styles. I create a box with a red border at four points. I then had a drop shadow and a couple of other effects. I say this is the style and it saves everything; the fill, the border colour and thickness and the drop shadow and any other effects that I've added. I really wanted to simply save the effects so that I can have a drop shadow style save that I really like and apply to anything without a) having to hand make the drop shadow every time from the effects panel or b) have the fill and border change and h
  11. Hello, I just want to introduce myself as a new digital assets company KAEV that will be focused on Affinity because I just love this company so much! I just launched my first Christmas styles on Gumroad. This sampler is just a taste of the newly uploaded full set that I put on the store. Please check them out! A lot more planned for 2018! You can find me on Gumroad here! https://gum.co/NlOBV Here is a FREE sample of the full set! Merry Christmas!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/yi9meecu71hdkkq/KAEV_ChristmasStyles_Sampler.afstyles?dl=0
  12. Is there a way to import .asl files into Affinity photo for iPad Pro? It looks like, from the menu, there is room for other styles. Please advise. I’m loving Affinity photo, btw! Thank you.
  13. I've just got back onto a project I was working on using the 1.6 Beta and after installing the 1.6 App Store version the beta version no longer works (which I was well aware of but was eager to get to grips with the app store version) but the problem I have is (Like an idiot) I'd built up a styles library of wooden textures which I can no longer access to just wondering if theres any way around importing styles from the beta version?
  14. Would like to see Affinity add multiple instances of an effect--multi-strokes, multi shadows, multi glows, you get the idea.
  15. In Affinity Designer, is it possible to set up attribute styles which can be applied to individual layers or objects? Say I have a palette of three colors that I will use in my design project, and I want to set up three fill styles, named FillColor1, FillColor2 and FillColor3. For all of the objects that I want to fill with the first color, I would apply the style named FillColor1. I would do the same for the other two colors, using FillColor2 and FillColor3 respectively. Let's say I originally used the color orange for FillColor1, but later decided that I don't like the way it looks. I w
  16. Hello Affinity Wanted to make a "none" Style which is simply style with no effects, no fill, no stroke. It seems I can't add such style if Effects -> Fill Opacity = 100%. With Fill Opacity < 100% it works just fine. (tested on win10 x64)
  17. I was bored so I converted more of my old styles over to Affinity format. Hope you enjoy them! Find this and more at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity
  18. What I mean? You know if you right klick a style you can only rename and delete, but it would be great if there would be an option that allowes you to say how you want the style to be transfered to your layer. If it only should add effects or only the properties... In my opinion you should be able to add more effects to a layer. This should make you able to duplicate the inner glow twice or other type of effects.
  19. I just slapped up a web page for all of my free resources for Affinity products. You can find it at: https://dscape-llc.com/affinity Of note at the moment, it includes updates to Dream Gradients and Dream Holiday Styles that I haven't posted here. Enjoy!
  20. It would be great if we could have the ability to create text styles and save, export and import them for use in various documents.
  21. Here are some AD fabric styles: The compressed styles files: fabrics_1.afstyles.zip fabrics_2.afstyles.zip
  22. It's not possible to save a Style if it's similar to one that has previously been saved. Affinity Photo seems to have some sort of logic built into it that doesn't recognise changes to the stroke's pressure profile properties. To reproduce the problem: 1) Open Styles panel 2) Click Settings icon > Add Styles Category 3) Select Pen tool and draw a line with the Pen tool 4) Set Stroke Width to 20px 5) Set Pressure Properties 6) Go to Edit > Create Style 7) Style is correctly added to the new Styles Category Style 1: 8) Close the above document and open a new one 9) S
  23. As brilliant features tend to extend, I am increasingly worrying about some ordering of menu list items. Right now, they are just added to the end of the list when imported. For instance, the items shown in attached screen prints could benefit from some sorting (at least for me). Something automagically alphabetic would already work better for me, but ideally, I´d just like to drag them where I´d like them to be, so a manual way of doing it would serve me quite well. As an example, if you look at the long list for the pixel brushes for instance, I´d love to be able to drag all DAUB brushes
  24. Is there no option for lining figure styles in Affinity Designer? It looks like the logical place for this would be under styles > typography > figures, where there is proportional/tabular, but no oldstyle/lining. The font I'm using is Raleway, which uses oldstyle figures by default, but includes lining figures (I have used them in both InDesign and CSS).
  25. Alien BitMaps Styles Version 1.0 Included are 32 Styles with Premium Seamless RGB bitmaps of 600x600 pixels at 72 pixels/inch. Had to split these up.... Alien BitMaps Styles Version 1.0 1 of 2.afstyles.zip Alien BitMaps Styles Version 1.0 2 of 2.afstyles.zip Please Visit My FaceBook Page Reaching 4000 members: Affinity Designer and Photo Group (Join the Group) AND Kotaku Designs (Please like) Best Regards, William Mabey  Thursday, March 23, 2017 3:09 PM
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