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Found 68 results

  1. hide left studio moves canvas which is disturbing hide right studio does not move the canvas which is nice at least it is not consistent like these popups are neither please also see https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/46267-tab-ui-canvas-moves/#comment-231494 canvas is moved and redrawn in a weird way when UI is hidden/ shown
  2. I tried rearranging the panels within the right hand studio area, to see if it improved my workflow. Discovered that I lose the ability to resize the Stroke panel, and also that changing between the Stroke and Brush tabs causes a strange jump in size.
  3. It would be useful to have an option in AD of saving what panels and how they appear in my View/Studio. These "custom" studio setups could then be brought into any AD doc.
  4. Normally, I use Lightroom and Photoshop for editing, but having seen the write up in Professional Photo this month about Affinity Photo, I thought I'd give it a try to see if I can save money on the Adobe CC subscription. I'm currently on a trial version of Affinity Photo, so assume that although a professional photographer, I am a new novice user of the product! ;) One of the most common things for me to do other than colour correction, contrast, saturation, etc. is to clean up white backgrounds. In the studio, I am often using a white infinity cove for portraits of babies, products, families, etc. We all know that white is a real pain for showing up marks, gaining the inevitable scuffs and marks during a shoot that, although not that noticeable to the naked eye, the camera exaggerates. I am looking for a similar quick and easy way to clean those up in Affinity, as I use in Photoshop. The way I do this in PS, is very simple. I create a duplicate layer, select Filter, Noise, Median, with around a 20px radius, select a Hide All Layer and erase the marks on the top layer, which suitably blurs the marks and gives me a pretty clean photo quickly. I've tried a similar process with Affinity, but the results are nowhere near as good as in PS. Maybe I am making a stupid rookie mistake in the way I am doing it, but it is nowhere near as clean and crisp as in PS. Any ideas? It must be a QUICK and EASY approach, so no suggestions of using frequency separation or creating manually selected masks please in any solutions, unless it can be done in 5 mins per photo, as I am often editing photos that the client may not even buy. They are just being given the once over edit for a viewing session, so that they look good enough for the client to choose, but they don't need to be perfect. In the viewing session, the client will choose which ones to buy and those will then be given the full edit. Yes, I know some of you are thinking that I should do the full edit on everything before showing them to the client, but no, I am not in rich London and the South East, where people have money to burn. I am in the North West of England, where incomes are much more conservative and people therefore have less expendable cash. I used to do the full edits on everything and learned the hard way that it was just a waste of my time to do that on 25-30 photos from a session, when the clients were only likely to buy 1-5, which they still do! Regards, Gordon
  5. A simple one from me - not found it anywhere else so apologies if it's a duplicate. I tend to prefer all panels - minus the tools - swept over to the right hand side of the workspace. I'd love to see the (already pretty flexible) Studio system allow for double-stacked columns of panels on the right, rather than just a left/right/floating option. Thanks!
  6. As I stated earlier in another thread, I have problems with the UI if I plug another monitor into my laptop. That external monitor is set as my primary display if plugged in and AD (in separated window mode) moves all windows and panels to that display but keeps the position of the studio panels and toolbars at the size of the laptop display, positioned somewhere around the bottom left in the viewport. But that’s not even the actual problem. The real problem is that if I unplug the monitor (after having manually aligned all panels and toolbars to the edges of the large display’s viewport) and everything goes back to the small laptop display, sometimes some panels/toolbars are apparently hidden outside the viewport and I can’t access them anymore. Yes, I can reset the studio but that sucks big time. And that doesn’t even solve my current issue because the context toolbar at the top has disappeared and doesn’t even come back after resetting the studio; apparently that’s only for the panels. I can probably reset AD on startup (I’ve forgotten the key combination for that, haha) but that can also not be a permanent solution.
  7. I’m sometimes getting a crash when hitting the tab key to hide/show the studio panels in modular window mode. It hasn’t been consistent but I seem to have noticed that before this happens the window of a file I’m opening is displaced to the top right a bit (i. e. not in the usual top left corner), and it happens when I hit the tab key to show the studio panels again after I’ve hidden them to move the window properly. I have the crash report here, if you want. Don’t know if I should attach it here? (does it contain personal data of some kind that one wouldn’t want on the public internet?)
  8. I've tried manually dragging them apart and back to their original locations, as well as searching the 'View' and other main menus but haven't yet found how to uncouple them. Additionally, when I select something from the Color-panel...it 'leaps' in front of the now combination Layer/Transform-panel. I'd love to know the 'How & Why' to this as it may come in handy in the future. But for now, I'd like to return the 'studio' to its original default panel set. *AD 1.5.4 on a MacBook Pro* Would someone please enlighten me? Thanks much, -Christo
  9. This was reported ages ago but is worth reporting again as it is a big issue - especially if you're using multiple monitors. Surprised this issue made it out of Beta! Original report. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21852-saving-default-layouts-and-tool-settings/?p=102351 Panels do not save there position correctly. Sometimes they revert completely, other times only a few of the panels will revert their position.
  10. Hey Serif, is there (in aff designer) an option to minimize the studio panel tools to single icons as its implemented in PS? I work often on my 15" inch laptop with fullhd and i have lack of place here because the studio has its own minimal width and cannot be minimized. Viewport is much better in PS thanks this and i will appreciate this feature in designer too, because i actually replaced PS by your sexy software :) Thanks. Sorry for possible topic duplicate - i couldn't read every feature request here. Tom
  11. Is there a way for AF to remember the UI settings between sessions. If I uncheck 'Show Left Studio' from the View / Studio menu, to hide the left panel, this setting isn't remembered, which means if I don't have any need to use the Left Studio panel for the current project/s, I have to manually turn it off each time I launch Designer. Obviously not a major issue, but would be great if this was a 'sticky' setting perhaps?
  12. Wow! Surface Studio seems to be giving its competition, Wacom and Apple, a run for their money. There's a lot of arguments out there, but i wish Apple could design an iMac and macOS to accept touchscreen input in the manner Studio does. I remember Craig demonstrating drawing on an iPad Pro and then copying the drawn map to a Mac at WWDC2016. This was supposed to showcase the brilliance of the new Universal Clipboard feature that binds iOS and macOS devices closer together. Comparing to Studio now, that copy-paste feature really looks like a desperate workaround more than anything else. When it comes to productivity, Microsoft certainly has trumped Apple, at least for now. This makes me consider switching allegiances. Apple needs to address this quickly! Right now, I strongly feel that their adamant decision to not sort of merge iOS and macOS, is more of an egotistical stance and a cruel business strategy to generate more profits. I'll reserve more comments for now, until at least after 27th October when Apple will be announcing new Mac hardware. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3135370/computers/hands-on-microsofts-surface-studio-is-a-windows-pc-for-the-mac-crowd.html Will Affinity on Windows be "tweaked" to take advantage of the Surface Dial?
  13. Hi there, Does Affinity Photo support the "Portrait Professional Studio" photoshop plug in ?. Thanks, Rafael
  14. I don’t know if that’s anything you have an influence on but when I plug my large monitor into my laptop to work with both screens (with the large monitor being the primary working space) the arrangement of panels and toolbars gets quite screwed up. Is there anything that can be done so that AD detects the screen size and arranges panels as closely as possible to the previous relative positions? For instance, if I have the side panels attached to the right edge of my small laptop screen, attach them to the right edge of my large screen, too, etc.
  15. Please consider adding user-defined Shortcuts for the individual Panels in Studio. It would unclutter real estate for those of us with smaller screens (21" in my case) and save so much time now used in dragging panels in and out of the stack so that I can see ALL of the entries or options. Rather than clicking on a (drawer?) to open it, scrolling to find the option or entry, then clicking to close it again, I could simply use my non-drawing hand to hit a key combo to open the panel full length, make my selection, and close it again with the shortcut to return to a full uncluttered work surface. There are a number of functions/tools that I have little to no use for that I could use more productively for the Panels. And no, turning the whole Studio On or Off does not solve the scroll problem. To end on a more positive note, the work you have already done on Shortcuts is fantastic. And we do appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into trying to make things as easy and smooth for us as possible.
  16. After moving the Swatches, Brushes, History panels to the left side of the screen, I later decided to temporarily turn them off to enlarge the working area. As long as you leave one panel on the left side open, you can use Studio to turn the others back on but if you turn them all off, the only way to get them back is to restart the app. Studio will let you click them and show them as turned on but they do not reappear anywhere. I first ran into this in Photo but it is also true in Designer.
  17. Every time I download a new beta, when I go into it the studio is not visible. I have to do a Reset Studio to get it visible. Is this by design? The first beta I downloaded I thought was defective for a couple days until I found the cure. Today's download did it again. Am I the only one to have this issue? 27" iMac late 2009 running Yosemite 10.10.1
  18. I was having trouble finding where to do many common functions, and realized that it's because I can't see the different tabs for colors, brushes, etc... Obviously this is a rather significant issue. I'm on a 15" (Mid 2014) Macbook Pro Retina W/ videocard. Thanks for the help!
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