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Found 24 results

  1. Something I have been wondering for a while is why my file size changes so much between consecutive versions of the same document (book)? I have been continuously adding images, text & pages and notice that my file dropped from 25 MB to 18 MB just now, despite filling a text column and adding image. I don't have save history enabled, so it's kinda weird to me. Whenever the file gets smaller, it also performs quite a bit better. The difference is definitely noticeable — the document goes from lagging when typing to fluent.
  2. What are the best photo storage solutions that allow me to move images from them to Affinity 1 for editing?
  3. Hallo, leider reicht mein Englisch nicht aus, um das Problem auf Englisch zu beschreiben, deshalb in Deutsch. Ich arbeite mit Affinity Publisher 1.10.4. Mein Problem ist, dass meine Dateien nach jedem Speichern immer größer werden. Wie zum Beispiel im Bild 2 zu sehen war die Datei am 9.12. nur 3,98MB groß und jetzt ist sie schon 4,26GB groß. In der Zwischenzeit wurden allerdings nur Texte oder Bilder hinzugefügt oder geändert. Die Bilder sind natürlich alle verknüpft. Am 16.12. war die Datei 3,63GB groß und am 17.12. schon 4,26GB, obwohl ich bei einem Text nur ein Buchstabe gelöscht und wieder hinzugefügt habe. Also theoretisch habe ich nix geändert und trotzdem ist die Datei um 630MB größer geworden. Merkwürdig ist auch, wenn eine andere Person die Datei öffnet und wieder speichert, wird die Datei wieder kleiner (wie im Bild 1 zu sehen). Ich habe schon das Programm auf die Standardeinstellungen zurückgesetzt und neu installiert und trotzdem ist das Problem noch nicht weg. In den Einstellungen ist "Protokoll im Dokument speichern" deaktiviert. Ich bedanke mich jetzt schon mal für die Hilfe.
  4. Hello, I've been using Designer on My iPad Pro since it became available and I dig it. However, I've run into a problem whereby the app is using massive amounts of storage which makes no sense. I have very few documents stored, fewer than a hundred, the vast majority of them are purely vector and no more than 5 or 6 include bitmap images, yet Designer is using 352 GB of disk space! looking at the info available it says that the app is using 922 MB and that documents & data are 351 GB. This is crazy! There is no conceivable way that the files I have in the app could be anywhere close to 351 GB. At first I thought it might be related to the fact that I maxed out the available undos in settings, however, today I changed that to 500 and went through each file individually and erased all available history, this however did nothing to decrease the storage. I have also added a number of items to my assets, but they are also purely vector and I can't see them taking up this much storage either. Surely this must be an issue with Designer itself? If Someone at Serif could reach out to me and help me sort this out or explain what is goin on here, it would be very much appreciated as I have been unable to backup my iPad now for over a month due to the massive amount of date required to do so — since I need the iPad daily I haven't been able to allow the 2 or 3 days required to make an iCloud backup. If any forum members have had this issue or know what causes this I would also be happy to hear any advice or suggestions. thanks for reading
  5. On my iPad, iCloud backup has not been working for a long time. I opened a ticket with Apple Support several months ago. This past week, Apple developers finally narrowed the problem to a file or files created by Affinity Designer. According to Apple, there’s at least one file over 100 GB on the iPad that belongs to Affinity Designer. And because iCloud Backup does not support backing up files larger than 100 GB, this large file is preventing backups from completing. (iCloud Backup misleading reports that there is “not enough storage available” even though there is plenty of space available in my storage plan.) If I disable backing up files from Affinity Designer, iCloud Backup works fine. I was unable to find any such large files on my iPad by using the Files app or by browsing the iPad’s content from the Finder on my Mac. However, using a third-party file system browser, I was able to see some additional details, such as file creation/modification dates and folder sizes. Based on this information, it seems the Designer folder on the iPad is taking up more than 300 GB even though the files under the folder add up to just 228.81 MB. Evidently Affinity Designer is using more than a thousand times more storage than can be explained by the listed files. Apple developers were able to read some metadata about the >100 GB file that is preventing the iCloud Backup from working correctly. In these metadata, they found what looks like a date & time stamp: 20190516103049. (It might be part of a file name, but I’m not certain.) I have read several older threads about similar problems. It seems a work-around might be to move all Affinity Designer files to other locations (e.g., iCloud Drive or a computer), and then remove & reinstall the app. I would prefer not to do this unless absolutely necessary. I would also like Serif to help investigate this problem so that a permanent fix can be found.
  6. Hello, I work with Affinity Publisher 1.10.4. My problem is that my files are getting bigger and bigger after each save. For example, as you can see in picture 2, the file was only 3.98MB on 9.12. and now it is already 4.26GB. In the meantime, however, only texts or pictures have been added or changed. The pictures are of course all linked. On 16.12. the file was 3.63GB and on 17.12. it was already 4.26GB, although I only deleted one letter from a text and added it again. So theoretically I haven't changed anything and yet the file has grown by 630MB. It is also strange that when another person opens the file and saves it again, the file becomes smaller again (as can be seen in picture 1). I have already reset the programme to the default settings and reinstalled it, but the problem still hasn't gone away. In the settings, "Save History with Document" is deactivated. Thank you very much for your help.
  7. According to iCloud and iPad Storage, Affinity Designer Documents & Data are taking up 28 GB (28,000 MB). I only have 215 files and the largest one I could find (which isn’t easy to do because you have to save each file manually to another location to see the file size) is 133 MB. The second-largest file is only 50 MB, and most of the files are only 1-10 MB each. So the math doesn’t add up. Every single file would have to be 130 MB to add up to 28 GB (28,000 MB / 215 files = 130 MB). Even if all my files were 50 MB each it would only add up to about 10 GB. I’ve seen other people have similar issues on the following post with the only apparent solution being to export/backup all files somewhere and then uninstall/reinstall Affinity Designer. That’s a very laborious workaround for many files, and it really undermines the app’s value as a professional alternative to Adobe. I’ve tried doing a hard-reset to see if that clears the cache, but it didn’t work. It would also be very helpful if we could see the file sizes from within the app to see what exactly is causing the bloated file size. I’m using Affinity Designer 1.9.2 and iPadOS 14.4.2 on a 2019 ipadPro 12.9”. Thanks! Andrew
  8. Hi folks. My computer storage is maxing out at the moment so I'm doing a clear out. I have my Affinity Designer files mostly on the desktop 3GB, and of course the application itself 2.45GB, and an Application Support library file at 4.7GB. But I have found a file in the following location which is 31.2GB!! Can I do something with this?? Private / Var / Folders / 18 / (code number) / T / com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner TIA
  9. Hi, I have been using Affinity Designer on my iPad for about 6 months. So far it has been great up until recently. When I am working on a project the app will suddenly crash. Affinity is taking up about 17 gigabytes of storage, is this why? I have tried deleting projects I don’t need anymore and clearing up space but the problem still exists. At first I thought it would only happen if I was using too many art boards but lately the app will crash regardless. Please let me know if you know a solution or need more info!
  10. Hi all im wondering if you can make a media / workspace like in Lightroom in affinity Photo, if you can how do you do it ? im annoyed i have to load all the picture/photos in to infinity photo manualy and have to locate the Directory where my photos stored every time , can anyone help me with this ? Best and kindest Regards from Denmark.
  11. Hi there, One of the big news of iOS 13 is the ability to attach USB sticks, SSD drives etc snd have access to all the files (at last!). However, I cannot access these attached media from the Affinity apps. The attached media does not appear in the Files browser WITHIN Photo, while I can see it in the Files app. Is this an iOS bug/limitation? If it is not, I think it should be top priority to have this feature. So that we are able to leave the laptops at home when going outdoors!
  12. Hi Guys, I noticed that the storage for Photo is now 11gb. Which is strange because both the Affinity Photo folder is empty and I don’t have any photos on the Affinity Photo start page / desktop. Is it keeping some kind of cache? Can I clear it someway? Thx H.
  13. previously, when i saved a document to the icloud, i could go into the icloud files system and click on that document. it would then open back up in affinity photo. This no longer happens. now i have to use the import function, which creates duplicates when i try to save again and completely messes up my workflow. There is no way to set affinity photo as the default opening software for this file type, for some reason. Is this a problem on affinity photo's end? Is there any way to resolve this?
  14. I am using Affinity Photo 1.7.2 on a 1Tb iPad Pro (2019), running iPadOS 13.2 Beta. The issue that I am having is that the used storage space for Affinity. It is quickly approaching the limit of the device. I am using Affinity to review and work on my photo catalog. I currently have ~190Gb of RAW photos loaded on the device in “On my iPad”. The storage usage of Affinity has grown with usage to over 630Gb. There does not seem to be a way to reduce that or to remove “recently deleted” images and files from the iPad - they are apparently linked to Affinity. It looks like I may have to delete the app, to break that link and clear up unused images - space. Has anyone had this issue?
  15. Hi everyone, I have been noticing after this most recent update that my brush tool is lagging a little. When I begin a stroke, it takes a few seconds (literally) for the line to appear. In order to try and solve this, I would like to try deleting and reinstalling Affinity Designer. But will this delete everything? I know in some apps you lose whatever information you created, whereas in others you appear to keep your data. Alternatively, if you knew a way to solve this problem without deleting and reinstalling, please let me know. Thanks for your help, Phoebe
  16. I have been using Photoshop Elements for a very long time and have recently bought Affinity, mainly because it has more complete capabilities to edit Raw files. Unfortunately there is one key item missing. Adobe seems to have put together much of their product range by buying existing products or companies, and so there is a lot of overlap which seems very messy to me. However, one of the products which they bought is the Organizer, in which I now have almost 24’000 pictures (multiplied by two if one includes the edits). This feature I could not possibly do without, as having full database capabilities with multiple tag classes is an enormous improvement over using a simple folder hierarchy. I can search for photos by date, place, person, activity and much else. Moreover, the capabilities of file Versions and Stacks I find brilliant, and the albums and events features are also very useful. Thus, in the workflow I have set up I still import my photos into PSE and then use Affinity as an external editor. Thus, looking at your product range, it strikes me that what is missing is a product which replicates the features in the Organizer, especially if it allowed to import the Adobe’s tags. Such a tool would certainly be worth as much as the editor because, for a serious amateur, a proper tool to manage one’s images is essential.
  17. I have recently started to clean-up my photo directories by using Photo Supreme DAM software. However, I have a lot of afphoto files that I'm not quite sure a smart way of categorizing/tagging. My initial thought was to store the afphoto files in the same collection as the RAW files. How do y'all categorize/tag .afphoto files in your DAM software?
  18. hi, first of all, sorry if this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the ideal solution to my question: I have installed Affinity Photo (AP) in my iPad Pro 10.5 and have accumulated projects within AP. I would like to transfer the projects / AP files into my external HD for archiving purpose.The external HD is usually managed through my Windows desktop with USB connection. May I know what would be the best way to transfer the AP files/ projects from iPad to the External HD? Thank you for your time and help.
  19. I'm wondering if anyone has written anything about the different options for saving and storing Affinity Photo files for iPad? It seems there is a bit of confusion on the topic. I know I've been a bit confused by it but I don't see a whole lot posted here. Perhaps I'm the only one? I'm exploring this a bit because by chance today I was poking around the Settings app and took a look at my iPad's storage and saw that Affinity Photo was using up 22GB! I've got quite a few projects but expected it to be half of that or less. Now, I've got plenty of storage but for anyone that has less or for folks that might want to more easily back-up to a local Mac or whatever, using Files app storage might be better. So I started poking around. As I understand it, by default files are stored within Affinity Photo on the iPad. A sort of hidden storage area which shows up in the documents browser within Affinity Photo. It's not possible to see file sizes from this location. If I choose to save (from the corner widget of the document icon in the document browser) the file is then saved into "On my iPad" in the "Photo" folder on iPad and I can open it up from the Files app. The nice thing about this is I can see the file size and easily copy it to other places with no issues. Also, for someone with lots of projects and clients, the built in Photos document browser can get pretty cumbersome. By moving my projects to Files app I can nest folders as needed, add tags, etc. If there comes a time when I need to transfer/copy many files or a whole folder I can do that simply via drag and drop. What I'm getting at is that there seem to be an opportunity here to offer an app preference for an "On my iPad" Files app based storage as a default rather than the built in storage. For those of us coming from the Mac with lots of projects this might be preferable. Or, if not offered as a possible app preference for default storage/saving location it might be beneficial to highlight it and clarify in documentation. I'm aware that there is a section on saving and storage but it seems a bit too minimal. I'm likely going to turn this into a blog post with a bit more detail and will post a link back here if there is interest.
  20. Hello, First I want to thank you guys for the great tool Affinity Photo you have created for us to use. It takes some time to addapt to it, but it certainly works really good. I have an issue I want to tell you about. I am taking the product photos for an online shop and it's a big collection. I have developed some Macros, and lately I have been suffering from LOW DISK SPACE. Well, I started looking for the reason and I saw that the reason was 'My pictures' folder. I told you it's a big collection and I have thousands of photos. The Macro I apply is very simple: Exposition correction Curves editing Streightening + Square Crop Adding 3 guidelines and that is all. Should be simple. Of course, I need to keep the working file until the Season is over, just in case. But the thing is, these simple steps are converting my 5MB pictures into 50MB .afphoto files and it's eating up my Storage Space. Thank you for your work and I hope you will be able to solve this in following updates. Best, Anelia
  21. Hi, I'm new to this place...hope somebody can help me Since the new Windows update was installed, Affinity refuses to save my projects, it always says that there isn't enough memory, but there over 300gb of free disk space...so I don't see a reason to this. This started as I tried to save a project, which I started out with a stack of pictures, and since then I can't save any of my projects. Sombody got an idea how to fix this?
  22. I think I may have mentioned this before without getting any feedback, but I would really like to have a tab/place to save symbol/shapes we create. A lot of software programs have Shape Libraries where they can save and categorize shapes. This makes it so easy to grab a shape and insert into the picture and save a shape we created while drawing a picture.
  23. I was an Aperture user and now use Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lr imported all the work I did in Aperture. Can I now import these raw files into Affinity? If yes, where are they stored? I could not find any information regarding file infrastructure in Affinity. Finally, is there a tutorial discussing photo file management in this apparently excellent photo application?
  24. Hey, Welcome to another episode from the SMTV camp. Whilst we patiently wait for a way to store and organise our pics from the team, have a look at this tutorial. We take a look at how you can (with a little hack) create a 1 - 5 star rating system inside of Affinity photo to organise and rate those gems of yours. Create a rating system inside of Affinity Photo Enjoy, Allan.
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