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  1. I'm new to Affinity Photo for iPad. I'm using a 512GB 11" iPad Pro (2018) with a Samsung T5 (1TB) SSD attached. I'm using the Open From Cloud option to navigate to my attached Samsung T5 SSD drive to select a file to open. This seems like basic functionality but I'm having problems. I'm hoping it is operator error. When I select the directory on my SSD containing the file I want to open, it takes 75 seconds (!) before anything appears. The first time this happened I assumed Affinity Photo was creating thumbnails...until 4900 or so generic icons appeared. No thumbnails at all. If I naviga
  2. Hi there! I got an e-mail pushing for version 1.8. So I checked with the friend who recommended Affinity Proto in the first place. He told me to abstain from upgrading. Why? I am on 1.7.3 and have a love/hate relationship. I really like the RAW handling and the final results. What really bugs me is the slowness. Waiting for simple adjustments to show is irksome. The step frpom RAW to Develop can take minutes. And the .affinity files are gigantic with little benefit for me. Affinity Photo needs no new features. (Except for a polygonal lasso tool. ) It needs a workover to ge
  3. When I use Vector Brush Tool, Controller: Pressure, and draw fast, the app will freeze. Watch the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E6AUzLqCif6b0469aMTtcY_xW_iYNygD/view?usp=sharing If Controller : None, the app is normal. My version: Affinity Designer windows10 x64 wacom intuos3
  4. Does anyone else have issues with the speed of Affinity Photo. My desktop with i5 chip, 8gb ram & Nividia graphics [1gb dedicated ram] hardly ever keeps me waiting in Photoshop. Affinity Photo is frustratingly slow. 24mp RAW file takes over 10 seconds to load. Develop mode takes almost as long to complete, & flattening the image from 5-10 layers takes several seconds, which is virtually instantaneous in PS. This makes it a frustrating experience! In addition, if you use any of the tools, as soon as you release the mouse, it processes your action [ slowly!]. This means, for example
  5. Hello Dear Dev, i have one question that can also be taken as a suggestion for the entire Affinity product line (Designer, Photo and Publisher), have you ever though about implementing a scratch/swap/cache disk/technology ? i mean, evolved softwares uses that functionality to help their product not kill the weakest port of the system which is the RAM. Well affinity products runs well but ... by making it possible for us to setup a scratch or swap space that is directly on our Hard Drives will help us doing better and working with less stress. To give an exemple just check how lin
  6. Hello, I'm new to Affinity and i came from Photoshop. So i have few problems, i have Windows 10 It can't start without compactibilitie mode set on windows 8. It takes also long time for starting. When i want to open my RAW files in Affinity it takes a lot of time to load. When i want to adjust my RAW pictures brightness,shadows,clarity, my computer freezes for a few seconds when moving the sliders. My live brush preview also not moving smooth. I can't use the program because of how slow it goes sometimes with al the freezes and stuff. Thanks!
  7. What is the performace/speed issue when trying to work with raw files using iPad Pro 9.7?
  8. Hallo dear people from affinity, first i once again have to admit , that i love your program. s i allready have told you on my post for architectural workflows, i realy want your programm to suceed. And in many areas it is on a good way.. Now i´ve taken a deeper look on viewportspeed. on my computer with 32 gib ram and a good graphics card, i just compared affinity photo 1.6 to Photoshop CC 2015. Both do well, but....... well on BIG images, Photoshop still on my computer seems faster.. i used a 3.5 gB file which taking Photoshop produced 21. gb inside the ram,
  9. Hi everyone, I just got a 12000 pix x 12000pix Psd file from some colleques from Berlin, that do big 3D Rendercompositions, to fulfill the wishes of our architectural company. This psd file has about 3.55 GB, while the saved affinity photo has got about 1.8 GB. So in the computermemory after opening , Photohop uses about 20 GB while affinity uses 6.8 GB.. the opening in PHotoshop takes abut 100 Secounds, while opening the affinity file in affinity, takes about 6 sec. only thing, where Photoshop seeems to win is Viewport speed.. In Photoshop for example i can zoo
  10. After really getting into using the iPad for editing over the last week, I have come up with a few things that I think would really help improve the speed of general workflow: 1) One powerful tool in the tutorial videos takes a number of steps, and are thus kind of cumbersome - it's creating the non-destructive dodge/burn layer. You have to create a new pixel layer, fill it to 50%, set the blend mode to overlay, then finally you can dodge/burn on that layer. So why not have another option in the "+" menu for layers, where instead of adding a pixel layer you can "add neutral overl
  11. if you have a pixel layer (photo) and some adjustment layers (like 5 curves, HSL, vibrance) and the underlying image is a pixel layer only toggling off the layers (shift select, toggle off) above should instantly reveal the pure image below it takes some time, half a second or so, though in theory Affinity should not have to do any processing, just straight display the image below this would make before/ after comparisons much more enjoyable/ faster cheers PS this may be related https://forum.affinity.serif.com/ind
  12. this example is from the latest AD beta but is the same for AP when you click "preferences" (having the hand tool selected), the dialog does not open until you "release" the "click" therefore it takes longer to "klick" the dialog than to hit "cmd + ;" in constrast: the adjustments layer dialog (the circle down in the layers panel) pops up immediately upon the "key press down" which makes it feel more snappy can this be enabled for other popups/ dialog/ persona switching/ switching tools as well? cheers PS this may be
  13. Hi all, just downloaded my copy of affinity photo and having a look around. I'm experiencing very poor performance when switching to the tone mapping persona. With small images (500x500px) switching to the tone mapping takes about 30 seconds. With larger images (5000x5000px) it takes over 1.5 hours! Once the persona is loaded performance is fine. I have no performance issues with any other part of the software. I have in the past run, photoshop, lightroom, GIMP, Hugin and a few others on my machine and never experienced any issues when using similar tools to that of the tone mapping perso
  14. Hi, It's my first post, I've bought Affinity Photo and Designer at beginning and been happy user for most part. I use AP mostly for post production of architectural visualizations. I'm writing because of some massive lags I'm experiencing form time to time. To be honest i don't have idea what is the source of that behavior. Some files are running smooth, but other times I get massive lag (2-3 seconds of unresponsiveness) after every layer or even tool change. I don't know is this problem with my configuration or rather general Affinity issue at that state of development? I'm most
  15. Hi, this is my first topic on this forum. At first I just wanted to say that I am very happy with your product and I am very surprised that I am using it that often. I did not expect that. I thought that Affinity will not replace Photoshop in my workflow that soon. Good job. I am using Affinity Photo mainly for postproduction of my 3D renders. I love to use your Tone mapping persona which gives my renders a nice kick. Lately I work with 6k and sometimes even with 8k images and I import 32 bit EXR formats. When I open Tone mapping persona I have to wait really long time to start it up. Als
  16. I am experiencing a lot of lag in both Designer and Photo. My main machine is running Windows 10 on an i7 3770K, 16GB of RAM and an AMD 390X OC with 8GB VRAM. When comparing things like rotate, curve adjustment, scaling, perspective filter, etc. with Photoshop or Illustrator, I noticed a huge CPU spike on affinity to 100% together with some lagging fragments (squares in the selection that arent updated yet to the new configuration) while photoshop and illustrator could pull it off with smoother framerates as well as less CPU usage. It's like my 390X isn't used a lot in Affinity. This i
  17. Please read this post as constructive criticism, for this is what it's meant to be. I'm quickly becoming a big fan of AD and I greatly admire the quality work that's being made on it. But unfortunately AD can be much slower than other vector apps, especially when working on complex designs. I'm a seasoned Xara user, so my comparisons will be with XDP. I have a Dell Vostro 5470: it's an i5-4200U, 1.6-2.4 GHz, 8GB RAM, 128 MB-SSD with two graphic cards (Intel HD and NVIDIA GeForce GT740M) to which I connect a Full HD monitor. Not cutting edge, but still a pretty decent machine. AD's perf
  18. Hello. I've noticed, that inpaint brush works insanely slow. Here is scenario: Image (Eos rebel 5, "portrait" format) has "tilted" horizon. Image is straightened using "straighten" function of crop tool. As a result I have image with "missing" content in corners. After applying inpaint brush to "fill" them i got three possible results: - filled or partially filled (with some "empty" gaps) areas with "proper" content, - no changes at all. Sometimes this action takes 2...3 minutes on my notebook (I7 2630, 16G ram, Nvidia GT540), sometimes it is reasonably fast (10 seconds). How it works in
  19. I spent most of the day working with spare channels today. Something that's always been a little bit cumbersome in a layer based app. Since you do live previews of the R,G,B,A channels this also slows it down noticeably when I'm going into the Channels tab (that's why I leave it tucked in behind the Layers panel). A dedicated Spare Channels panel would be great (tiled view, list view) to quickly swipe the pen over, right click and load a selection, or save a selection when right clicking on an empty part of the panel. A bit like the Styles or Swatches panel. Normal clicking and dragging wo
  20. Hi, :) bought Designer for Windows on the 24th November, as i have been waiting it to come to Windows, but sad to say I'm disappointed with it. This is my experience with it (up to latest AD Customer beta): - interface fonts and type is a little blurry, i assume my screen does not like the subpixel rendering of the software. Top row buttons pressed / depresses could be a little more obvious. - vector shapes lines flicker when modifing it with the Node tool ( create square, then drag to convert a side to curve then original side's position flickers, all snaps turned off ) is this fe
  21. What sort of speed should I expect from Affinity Designer? I am used to running Xara Designer Pro 9, which zips along, rarely lagging. Affinity Designer is nowhere near this smooth. See this video for a demonstration of performing similar actions in each application. Notice in AD the zoom takes 4 or 5 seconds to render, where it is instant in Xara. Also while typing the text takes a second or more to render in AD while it keeps up with the cursor in Xara. I understand that the two programs use different methods, but with AD acting this choppily it is almost unusable - even t
  22. On next Beta update could you improve the loading time?
  23. I know to some this may seem to be going too deep, but one feature that would be tremendously helpful in Affinity Designer for UI work is the ability to rename multiple layers or find and replace in a selection of multiple layers. When creating a lot of different similar layers, it's great to make a selection and be able to add or change a folder prefix, for instance. Adding the ability to create a shortcut for renaming a current layer also helps make things just a bit faster in heavy workflows. I use these in plugin form elsewhere and it saves tons of time.
  24. Allow me to be obnoxious and throw in a suggestion based on another tool that has a jewel for its logo (*cough*), but one thing I would love to see added in Designer 1.5 is adding or allowing for a shortcut for renaming the current layer. I've found that to be a tremendous speed boost. Or am I missing a way to do this already? Another borrowed idea (from Ps as well) that would add to a speedier workflow would be adding a layer search/sort option and perhaps auto-moving/expanding of layers while making selections (obviously requiring some kind of drill-down).
  25. I'm on a very fast new iMac (see signature), and Affinity Photo is speedy enough under most circumstances, but when opening menus, the dreaded rainbow wheel appears far too often: click, wait, wait, wheel. I mean menus in the windowed interface, not menus pulled down from the top of the screen menu bar. This happens more often still when using a noise reduction live filter. I can provide detailed system information to developers if needed.
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