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  1. My travel setup is an iPad Pro 2022 with an Apple Magic keyboard and more. Amazing lightweight and flexible setup. With keyboard shortcuts available in v2.0(.3) I can work fast when I have the opportunity to sit at a table or desk. However the spacebar is not yet supported for panning like in the desktop version - which is a real pity. I hope you can add support for that too. And also consider supporting the mouse scroll wheel for zooming - I requested it too - iPadOS supports it. 🙂
  2. 1. Affinity Photo comes with Fill with Primary/Secondary colors shortcuts empty (only Shift+F5 for a somewhat complete but convoluted for simple fills tool). For people jumping from certain other softwares is a bit of a pace killer. 2. The problem is made worse because familiar shortcuts don't work: option+delete or ctrl+delete or cmd+delete will just delete the layer selected. 3. alt+enter, ctrl+enter or command+enter might have either another shortcut already or if it doesn't it does nothing. Ended up settling for a temporary shortcut with option or control + backslash (alt+\), can get used to it but it maybe warrants a fix as it's a mayor friction point as soon as the program is just opened.
  3. A minor issue, but worth mentioning for accuracy. Arrow accuracy. Ahem. In default shortcuts setup, Menu bar -> Document -> Next page, previous page commands use wrong icon/symbol. The symbols used are upwards arrow and downwards arrow. Instead, convention are the symbols as used in Shortcuts panel. See the image. ⇟ for page down DOWNWARDS ARROW WITH DOUBLE STROKE Unicode: U+21DF, UTF-8: E2 87 9F ⇞ for page up UPWARDS ARROW WITH DOUBLE STROKE Unicode: U+21DE, UTF-8: E2 87 9E For reference: Keyboard Viewer and press fn key to display mentioned symbols on cursor up-down keys. — Theme song: Mike Oldfield, Poison Arrows, album: Discovery (1984)
  4. There is an issue, when you try to delete a shortcut in the settings of the Publisher. It only appears if "text" is selected. The delete-button is placed outside the window. It isn't possible to scroll to the right or widen the window. The images shown the difference between Photo and Publisher.
  5. In Illustrator, I used to set my transform reduction percentage to 99% and then repeat the action until I got something precisely the size my eyes, not my head, wanted. If I went one "repeat" too far, I'd then just undo it and I was done. I hadn't realized how often I used that "repeat last action" shortcut. Is there an equivalent in Affinity Designer? I need it bad...
  6. Please could the Preferences search box also search the Keyboard Shortcuts? At present if I am trying to find an action to check / alter the Keyboard Shortcut I have to know where that shortcut resides. If I don't (and I may not even know whether a shortcut can be assigned to a given action) then I have to trawl through the whole list. Even better - filter the shortcuts by the search term to remove all the options that I don't want to see. Case in point: I'd like to find whether I can assign a shortcut to Show Rotation Centre, and have gone cross eyed looking for the option! Thanks.
  7. The default Ctrl+Shift+I is for "Invert pixel selection" even in Designer Persona? Can we have a shortcut for "Invert objects selection"? (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+A for "select all others"). The only way I can achieve that is Shift+drag from the canvas which is not ideal.
  8. Hi I am using Affinity Photo in German mainly just because I also have a German keyboard, what I can't find anywhere are a list/overview of all the shortcuts for a German keyboard AND for the Windows version! Can any one help me out?
  9. Dear Serif, please make the text style shortcuts context sensitive, meaning that text styles are not applied when I try to type my text. I prefer to use the alphanumeric keys for text styles so I can activate them with a single keypress. But currently, if I have a body style associated to the "B" hotkey, I cannot type the word "body" in a text frame. 😭
  10. Does the "apply to all" checkbox in the keyboard shortcuts affect only the keyboard shortcuts you add or does it also sync existing shortcuts? I am asking here, because I don't want to run into the issue that I need to backtrack all the shortcuts that I did make different between the various personas. From the help file:
  11. I've tried removing the Ctrl+Y from the wireframe shortcut, and exporting and importing the saved preset, but no matter what I do the little triangle won't go and nothing happens. I can't get Ctrl+Y back as my Redo, very strange as to why they changed a universal command to one that I'll honestly never have any use for. Has anyone had any luck while changing their command back?
  12. Hello, in Affinity Designer v.1 you can switch to zoom tool using Z, and then press Z again and return to the previous tool. It seems this is no longer possible in v.2. That is a big loss for me, I used that a lot as Space + Command is a not suitable shortcut. By the way it works ok in Affinity Publisher v2. Is it working for anybody or just me?
  13. This Affinity Spotlight article has PDFs and souce files for the latest Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo Desktop keyboard shortcuts. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/downloadable-affinity-keyboard-shortcut-cheat-sheets/ It is part of the Learning category that compliment the video tutorials
  14. I would like to set a shortcut to open the last used file. This can be very convenient, for example if you need to close one of the Affinity apps and want to continue working on the same file later.
  15. Hello Affinity Designer community! I have been searching through the already asked questions and I couldn't find my answer so I am posting it here. I am looking for a way to change, or better yet, delete a shortcut for the Rotate View feature. I am on a Mac and the shortcut is ⌘ + Scroll Wheel Up or Scroll Wheel Down (Command + ...) and I am assuming for Windows it's the Windows key. Because it's next to the Zoom shortcut (Option key + Scroll Wheel) I keep messing up my view and I would like to know if there is a way to remove that shortcut. I have looked through the Shortcuts section in the Preferences tab but I couldn't find it. And in general, I couldn't find the shortcut that involve the scroll wheel. Could someone help me out please? Thank you kindly, Robert Reynik
  16. Hi, I'm a recent Photoshop convert. I'm generally a very happy chap but I am sorely missing the ability to: alt [ (or) alt ] to quickly move up and down from layer to layer. example, In Photoshop, if there are several layers and layer 1 is visible, alt ] selects the next layer and makes it visible, while deselecting and hiding the previous one. Yes, I can alt-click the thumbnail in Photo to do similar (which is a great feature), but the keyboard shortcut is a valuable tool, particularly if you need to a/b/c edits or if animating something. alt click a layers checkbox to show/hide all layers
  17. Here is a version of a Visual Shortcuts Explorer for all Affinity Tools, which can show up the Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo + Affinity Publisher v.1.10.5 keyboard shortcuts for Win/Mac (in English or German language), on different choosable localized keyboard layouts. AffinityKeybMapper_Capture.mp4 This is the corresponding AffinityShortcutMapper_v1.10.5.zip archive: AffinityShortcutMapper_v1.10.5.zip To use it, extract the compressed archive and navigate into the "/AffinityShortcutMapper" folder, there open the HTML page index.html locally in your default or prefered web browser and start exploring the various shortcuts! IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the in this distribution supplied readme.txt file, in order to understand how to setup/configure/enable for a webbrowser then local file:// access rights for running the AffinityShortcutMapper locally without a static HTTP server! - For the Chrome web browser you might try instead to locally launch Chrome the below shown way (due to it's default security settings) in order to allow file:// protocol access for it ... > "C:\PathTo\Chrome.exe" --allow-file-access-from-files For Firefox setup see the distributions supplied readme.txt file! - Though the overall recommended way is to run the AffinityShortcutMapper via a http-server! See also this related posting for a ADe standalone version!
  18. Let's share my personal used keyboard shortcuts visualiser for Affinity Designer. As you might have guessed from it's name, this tool shows up the ADe shortcuts in a more direct virtual keyboard style manner, locally in your web browser. For adjustments just select or switch to the corresponding option setting on top of the page view for your ADe version (actually included are reworked English and German shortcuts for ADe v1.10.5 now). Select your OS (Win or Mac) and the localized keyboard layout you use: You can also search for shortcuts via the bottom search field: DesignerCapture.mp4 To run it locally, extract the compressed archive and navigate into the "/DesignerShortcutMapper" folder. There open the HTML page index.html in your default or prefered web browser. See also the following note: IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the in this distribution supplied readme.txt file, in order to understand how to setup/configure/enable for a webbrowser then local file:// access rights for running the DesignerShortcutMapper locally without a static HTTP server! - Though the recommended way is to run it via a http-server! Here attached is the compressed DesignerShortcutMapper_v1.10.5.zip archive reworked for ADe v.1.10.5: DesignerShortcutMapper_v1.10.5.zip Have fun with it! See also this related posting. DesignerShortcutMapper.zip
  19. I know this thread is very old now, but I was also looking for the German keyboard shortcuts and I found them here for Mac: https://affinity.help/photo/de.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Workspace/shortcuts.html?title=Tastaturkürzel# I think they are all still the same however my German keyboard does not have the [] brackets as main keys (on mine it is Alt/Option 5 and 6), so I am not sure how to shortcut the use of the paintbrush without them. The German shortcuts also have the same brackets listed as the shortcut, so I admit I am confused.
  20. I’d love to see a keyboard cover for Mac users with all of the shortcuts on them, similar to some that they have for Photoshop and other applications.
  21. I would like to have a shortcut to select the layer below or above the currently selected layer. In Affinity Photo I was able to create a macro which does exactly that. However, I couldn't find a way to assign a shortcut to this macro. So my wish is to either have: 1) a separate menu item to select a layer below or above the currently selected layer 2) a method to assign shortcuts to individual macros
  22. [Designer] Hi, Is there another way to convert nodes, other than going to the Pen or Node Tool's Contextual (horizontal) Toolbar, and pressing buttons? Like, shortcuts for: Convert to Sharp or Smooth node? Or Reverse Curve? I already have keyboard shortcuts for Close and Break Curve – whose toolbar buttons are right beside the Convert ones. But those are the only Pen or Node Tool shortcuts I could find in the Prefs. Two related things I would love: - A way to 'pull' Control Handles out of a sharp node (or pop them back in to make a sharp point), via some modifier key(s) with the node tool. (Like: after-the-fact editing of a path, not while drawing it.) and - When you're manipulating one of a node's Control Handles, for a certain modifier key(s) to cause its opposing handle do the exact same thing – i.e., stay in perfect symmetry/mirror image. Including, on a non-smooth node, the control handle angle. That would be _so_ handy! (It's available with 3rd party Illustrator plugins) Thanks for your attention! - pbass
  23. Please add a hotkey to "Enable Transform Origin' to the Keyboard shortcuts. I don't want to click this tiny button if I don't have to.
  24. Would be great, after you Alt+click on the mask to see it, to be able to Alt+click again on it to come out (instead of clicking on another layer or pressing Esc)
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