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Found 34 results

  1. avo

    Evil Rat

    Hi all, my name is Gregory and i'm a designer and illustrator (and a some other -er and -or :). I really like AD a lot, i'm using it for all my stuff from web design to doodling, so i'd like to share this small image i did back in May — its a kind of character, i doodle them a lot. So i decided to vectorize this one. Have a nice day everyone!
  2. Maybe you could think about creating a new section in the forum which would offer an easy solution for browsing through all those amazing artworks. My rough plan would be to extract all images from the "share your work" section and then present them in a separate (grid) view. ....just in case this might not take up to much time ;) Peace (y) :)
  3. Hi all, brand new user so please be gentle with me! I have created a project with multiple layers. What would be the best way of opening one of those layers (or group of layers) in a new affinity document? Do I need to export it and then re-import? If so what is the best setting to use to maintain all the editing options? Thanks in advance. Andy.
  4. ! Audio Police !

    my 3rd AFFINITY

    after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 3rd artwork first made with apples pages .. then import to AFFINITY .. then export as PNG
  5. ! Audio Police !

    my 1st AFFINITY

    after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 1st artwork
  6. ! Audio Police !

    my 2nd AFFINITY

    after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 2nd artwork http://instagram.com/p/wXREjViSHo/
  7. will1960


    Viking I make a very small income on my drawings to buy toys... Image is not to be used for commercial use, Image is to be seen on affinity.serif.com only Thank for understanding. ©2014 William Mabey. Images may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of William Mabey.
  8. Firstly I like to say this is the best ever. Very easy to use. Keep up the great work and Thank you... I have a small problem, When I share to Facebook through Affinity the share dialog box will only let me type these letters: cdefijkloqrsuwy and CDEFIJKLOQRSUWY. Regards, William Mac OS X 10.10