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Found 397 results

  1. In the image attached I would like to delete the two people on the left and then somehow copy the ones on the right and move them into a position slightly left of center. Can anyone advise me 'step by step' of how to go about this please as i'm sure once mastered, I'll be able to use it in other images too
  2. Can someone tell me how to do a good sky replacement of this photo? Included are the original and my failed attempt. As you can see there is a lot of purple in the leaves (upper left) in the original. I tried to defringe but that did not solve it. There must be some way to get rid of that purple, make the sky selection/replacement easier. Don't worry that they are not the same size, I am looking for good technique not an interesting photo. Thanks in advance. Orig.afphoto badReplace.afphoto
  3. Started with a photo that was not straight. So rotated it. Then rasterise. Then perspective transformation on verticals. Then very careful selection of sky (including refine and close-up fixes). Note here that selecting move tool seems to indicate two objects, one rotated. Hmm. Then cut-paste of sky to a separate layer. Now the selection has shifted so the the area selected is not what it was. (see edges of cathedral). Also, curiously, the blue lined object box has straightened up. What's up, doc?
  4. I have an image in which I've made and saved a selection. But after reloading the selection and zooming in and out of the image, the selection is now misaligned. It's as if the selection layer and the underlying image are now out of sync. The selection was perfect, and I am not exactly sure when it become off, but that makes no sense to me. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Take a look at this selection, as you can see if is a bit off - the selection is somehow moved to the right. I just reloaded it from the file and it now looks better. I've used the flood tool and the refine and perhaps the rectangle, which btw, I could NOT see the rectangle box but now when I use it, I can see it.
  5. In photoshop you can make a new layer via copy. Make selection then hit CMD+J for make a new layer with selected content Is it possible to achieve the same using AD? btw, what do you think about to merge vector and pixel persona in to one? Shading is still more convenient using raster brushes. Thank you.
  6. Absolument déçu par vos "tutoriels"... très peu en français, et le premier "beginer" que je trouve ne répond même pas à ma première question: votre instructeur ouvre une image et elle apparaît "entière" tant dans le cadre de travail qu'en vignette en bas à droite de l'écran... Dans mon cas, c'est IMPOSSIBLE! Même avec des phots neuves directement ouvertes sur mon pc après transfert de l'appareil: le "grand écran" aligne en rognant l'image à gauche.... etc... je ne parle même pas de la "sélection" qui devient fantaisiste aux premiers essais de copier une zone.... et je n'ai trouvé nulle part la solution à ce problème basique.... pour un programme acheté et payé: BRAVO !!!!! HYPER Déçu!
  7. stevejnoller

    PSD Export problems

    Hello, Using Windows version of Affinity Photo. I am having inconsistency issues with exporting. I use Capture One as a starting point. Capture One does not recognise Affinty Photo format so need to use PSD to manage my images. I Export an image as PSD to Affinity Photo from Capture One. Then I create a selection and save the pixel selection as a Spare Channel. Here the problems begin. If I use the Export Persona and select PSD (Preserve Editability) preset then the spare channel selection is preserved when I reopen the PSD file as expected. But this is cumbersome to say the least. If I turn on "Enable Save over imported PSD files in the General Preferences (and this is the prefered option) then all spare channel selections are deleted when I reopen the PSD file. An option to allow PSD (Preserve Editability) would be ideal here. Third option is to select Export from the file menu then select the PSD (Preserve Editability) preset option and export to PSD. Upon reopening the PSD all spare channel selections are deleted. WHY? Obviously it is possible to export or save a PSD without losing spare channel selections but only in the most cumbersome way. The ideal option is to allow the "Enable Save over imported PSD files in the General Preferences option to Preserve Editability so my saved selections are not deleted. Also to fix the export option in the file menu to be consistent with the export persona. This is my only stumbling block to allow me to delete photoshop and go with Affinity Photo. Hope the above explanation makes sense. Thank you. Steve
  8. Hello all... I am trying out the iPad version of Photo and really loving it. I have all the photoshop shortcuts down from years of use and spending some time figuring out the transitions needed. Prblem I am having is in two ares... 1 - When I make a selection in the selection persona and make my adjustments in the photo persona I can’t find the way to then deselect the marching ants! Why is there not (unless I am just missing it) a “deselect” or “hide” command? 2 - Why can’t I just paint a mask to do my adjustments with? One would think having a paintbrush to quickly paint over an area to do burn/dodge or the like would be a no brainer. THis is the only reason I use photoshop fix, it is soooooo simple to make these adjustments. Again, I may just be missing it so please help me out. Thanks! Bruce
  9. Hi there, I'm a new user of AP (1.4.2), which I really find great! I'm running it on my MacBookPro retina 13" mid 2014 (16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Iris 1536MB) with El Capitain 10.11.6 (everything up to date and working fine so far). Unfortunately, I have an issue that is seriously affecting my activity with AP: When I open a file (whatever the size, even a few Kb jpeg), it's sufficient to make any selection (even a simple squared one) to make the machine starting to overheat and get the fan running at full speed. This happen just by having any selection active (i.e. marching ants). If I remove the selection, the machine cools down... I also tried to set the "Use only integrated GPU" option, but it didn't help... By de-selecting the "OpenGL Hardware" option things seems to get better , but the performances are quite severely affected. I searched in the forum, and I see that with the beta version someone reported a similar issue (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/8723-laptop-running-hot/) but it seems that everything was fixed at that time.. My point is: Is it normal such a behavior on a machine that is quite new and well featured? (I'm using my macbookpro even for real-time HD video editing without anything like that. Useless to say: With PS CS6 it is working perfectly without any performance issue). I hope someone can help me. Let me know should you need more information. Many thanks in advance! Marco
  10. In my workflow, I often have to take an image that I've created in another program (a 3D program). I set the background color there to be distinct from the object I want so that I can select it and make it transparent. In AD, the process (the best one I could find) is the switch to Pixel, Rasterize, then Select -> Select Sampled Colors. When I select the background color, the marquee does indeed seem to properly select the object. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work this way. If I cut (intending to cut out the background) color is lost from the object as well. If I invert selection and cut (intending to cut the object for use elsewhere in AD) some of the background comes as if some of its color were still present. I want the marquee to represent a clean separation between object and background so I can place my images with other layers in a final graphic file. Essentially, I'm trying to treat "Select Sampled Colors" like magic wand. Is there a way to do this? The invert selection option seems to work better except that I still get a grayish, partially transparent box background instead of a fully transparent background.
  11. Billieboo13

    Selections Seem Buggy

    Hi there, I am using windows 10 with the latest version of affinity photo (bought it yesterday). I am trying to make a selection of the image I have attached, fences on a white background. This should be fairly easy to select...I just can't seem to select it properly. I have checked and the layer is pixel and I have selected it. But when I use the selection brush tool it goes here there and everywhere. It is as though it cannot differentiate between the very contrasted background and fence? There are no other layers in the project at this time either. Not sure if this is just a little bug or not, but I know when I tried the trial version a few months back the selection brush tool worked great! Would really appreciate any tips! Thanks, Billie
  12. Hey, how can i get a selection from several layers in Affinity Photo for Ipad? I tried select non-transparent areas by selected more than one selected layer and a group. But both doesn't work. Sorry, my english is bad. Tanks in advance
  13. Hi Affinity, Version 1.6 of the designer works in some areas much better. I am still having some issues, that are really annoying in a quick production workflow: I select several objects within the workspace and move them with SHIFT cursor (left, right, up, down) it works perfectly. BUT: If I select multiple objects in the layers palette I cannot move the objects with SHIFT + cursor down or up, instead it selects more objects in the layers palette. It ist quiet often the case, that I have to select the objects I am trying to move in the layers palette, and then move them with cursor keys to have an equal distance between them. Is there a way to prevent the layers palette being in the focus for the SHIFT+cursor entry? Cheers Tim
  14. Is there any way to copy a portion of and image or a shape and paste and distort via the mesh? Whenever I try to do this by creating a selection with the Smart Selection Brush or the Poly Marquee Tool it will copy the ENTIRE LAYER. How can I avoid copying the entire layer when all I wish to copy is the specific selection?
  15. They Only show up when the rotation is set to default
  16. Hello! There seems to be a problem with the visualization of Photo's marquee selection. If I open a image and select it all, the selection doesn't always render. I have to pan/zoom-in/out a few times to bring it on screen. Some times it only renders on a corner. This is a bit confusing since I can't tell if a lost my selection or not. Is this something you guys would be interested in fixing? PD: And it some times renders twice as thick on some sides... Thanks
  17. Hello I am a technical writer and 99 percent of my use of illustration software is the processing of drawings/views exported from CAD for the use in instruction manuals. The major tasks are therefore the cleaning up of imported files, resizing, cropping and finally adding items numbers and lines* from the item numbers to the parts. For the cleaning up Adobe Illustrator has a feature that comes in very handy: I select a line with a certain thickness, then go to the selection menu and click on "select all objects with the same stroke weight". I cannot find a similar feature in Affinity Designer. It is missing or only well hidden? If it's missing is it on the road map of future features? Best regards Rainer * Thank you so much for adding "Outline" to the "Effects" menu. Now I can place a wider white line behind the black line without the need to handle two separate objects. This is the key feature that made me buy a Designer license yesterday!
  18. What I did… 1. Hold Control and click-drag on an object, as if creating a copy. 2. Before releasing the mouse button, press Escape to abort the operation. 3. The copy is created despite the operation being aborted! This may be 'by design', but I find it counter-intuitive. 4. Now select a different object. The blue outline shifts to the new selection, and the selected object in the layers panel changes… BUT the transform handles remain on the previously selected object. 5. Move the transform handles, and the selected object is targeted, but the transform is mirrored!
  19. Hi, just updated to Designer I see on all objects the "selection lines" on my PC they are purple. They do not disappear after deselecting. They do even pop up on cursor hover and stay there. Here is small demo, note that the green object I did not selected, just did hover. Any help with this issue? How to I get rid of it?
  20. When using "Export Selection" on an object that has been cropped, the exported image includes the cropped out space as blank space. Expected Result: The exported image should match how the selection looks in Affinity Designer and properly exclude the cropped out space. I have attached a .gif of reproduction steps and an image of the resulting export Edit: After posting I realize it is a little hard to see what is going on in CropExportText.png so to clear it up, there is the word "This" with a large amount of white space to it's right.
  21. I have a video showing this bug in action. Basically when I try to group these items they get randomly thrown around in different places. Ungrouping them does not restore them to their original position. See attached video. affinity grouping bug.mp4
  22. I am very inexperienced in Affinity but used to know photoshop very well. I am trying to take a photo from Aperture (no problem there), Select a central(ish) part of the image - the part I want to keep, Feather the edge around the part that I want to keep, Delete the rest of the image/document (don't mind which) Convert the remaining feather-edged part of the image to greyscale (no problem there) I am; Selecting the central(ish) part of the image that I want to keep, Selecting "inverse pixel selection" - the marching ants look correct Selecting "cut" to remove the inverse selection The whole image is cut leaving a blank canvas. What is really annoying is that I have done this successful (albeit after several retrys) twice today and now I can't get it to work at all. I don't need a non-destructive method for this part and what I have done is what I would have done in Photoshop. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong (or right on some occasions)?
  23. Hello, since a few days, when I use luminosity masking, the resulte produce unwanted artefacts on the picture. On the attached picture, after several retouchings, I merged all the visible layers to obtain One complete picture on One layer. Then, I duplicate the layers and used the Screen blend mode and since I didn't want the sky to be affected, I used a luminosity mask a a pre-selection, then I refine the selection, and finally removed the sky from the mask layer. So I should have a darker sky (not affected by the upper layer in screen mode) and a lighter landscape. You can see the result in the attached screenshot. Any Idea ? It worked fine before... Best Regards ! EDIT : Apparently, it works fine in the beta version....
  24. I wasted a lot of time trying to understand why my refined cuts are partially transparent. I realized that this is because of "Matte edges" mark set by deafault in Refine window. I would say this mark set by deafault is pretty confusing, especially for newbies.
  25. I usually use magic wind to select but often I want to improve selection. Ordinary tools can't make smooth and precise edit so I would like to use pen. For example to add zone to existing selection. I know that I can convert pen curve to selection but new curve removes current selection.

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