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Found 397 results

  1. I'd love to be able to "resize canvas to selected objects" or, perhaps even better, "create new from clipboard". So far, that's my only missing feature... Hopefully it's an easy feature to implement too! :) All the best, keep up the great work-- -Sunny
  2. I am using the Flood Select Tool in Photo (in Windows 10). It seems to work differently than other softwares (I have compared it to Paint.NET's Magic Wand, Krita's Contiguous Selection Tool and GIMP's Fuzzy Select Tool). If I start with a blank canvas and paint using a brush with low hardness to get soft edges and then use the Flood Select Tool, it only wants to select the entire outer bounds of the brush strokes regardless of the tolerance. If I pick a color from the gradient edge and draw with it and then use the Flood Select Tool, it seems to want to distinguish between the previously drawn strokes and the new ones. However if I select the newly drawn strokes, I would expect it to also include pixels from the edges of the first strokes, because the color of the second was picked from that edge. Please see attached gif. Expected behavior or a bug?
  3. First of all very nice job on the mobile app! There's still room for improvement, but it's by far the best iPad app in it's category. The features that I would like to see in the new version are: persistent tool selection - specifically, I do a lot of pixel art work, which means I use the pixel brush. However, every time I need to use the Selection persona, I come back to the brush tool being reset to it's default tool, the paint brush. This is quite annoying as I always have to tap 2 times just to go back to the brush I was using. If Affinity would remember I selected the pixel brush my workflow would be much improved switching personas and having personalized menus on 2-finger tap is cool, however, once I make a selection and go back to the drawing persona to move/resize/draw something I cannot access the Select menu without having to switch back to the Select persona. Most of the times I just need to deselect all, so having to tap 3 times is frustrating. I would like to have an option to deselect without switching personas. Maybe long press on the Select persona button in the toolbar gives me the Select menu without switching, maybe 2-finger tap includes some selection items as well even in the default drawing workspace. the fill color I feel should be the color that you're drawing with, not a different one. This is a standard in all drawing software and it's a logical implementation of real life painting - you use your brush to paint small areas, you dump the whole bucket of paint to fill in a large area. Having 2 active colors is nice, but the ability to switch between them and have a primary one which all tools use makes more sense than arbitrarily assigning different colors to different tools. Keep up the awesome job! Thanks! t
  4. How would you select Dancing Shiva? I thought "I'll just slap a piece of white paper behind Dancing Shiva, select the white and invert it"... boy was I wrong, multiple attempts with different selection tools and just not getting a clean selection. I am open to all suggestions including doing something other than putting a piece of white paper in the back, but after learning the Affinity selection tools, I really thought this would be easy.
  5. I have imported a PDF into Affinity Designer (version 1.60) from a scientific program wherein text is oriented in a circular pattern around a central region (se attached screen shot). The import (or just opening the PDF) works fine and each scientific name is enclosed in a text box. However, when I go to select a text box sometimes it selects the correct text box, but more often it selects one that is >2 text boxes away. I can select each text box in the layers, but I do not understand why I can't do it with the cursor or text tool. I have attached a screen shot of what I mean. The black arrow shows the text box that I was trying to select with the cursor, the red arrow shows the text box that was actually selected. I don't know if this is a bug or just something peculiar with the PDF file. Any help appreciated.
  6. Hi, everytime I transform (resize) a simple selection (using the quick mask mode and then the move tool) i get soft / feathered edges of the selection afterwards. It's possible that I am not aware of some settings or I am doing something wrong but to me this seems like a bug. I attached a picture with description how to reproduce the bug. Affinity Photo Trial Windows 7 64bit
  7. Selection tool is very slow and takes seconds to select other object after a click. It's noticable slower on a text objects than other types. Example screen recording attached. Yellow circle under a cursor is a click event. System info: Windows 10 1709, Designer v1.6.1.93 1920x1080, 16GB RAM, Intel Core i5 7200U, 512 GB SSD designer_selection_delay.mp4
  8. Hi @all. I think i found a mistake in Photo on Windows. For example.... I open an image. Normally it´s a background layer, that´s ok. Then i place another image on top of the background layer, that´s ok too. Then i write a litte Text on top of this layer, ok. Now i make a selection from the textlayer by using STRG and klick on the miniature-image of the layer (it doesn´t matter if i use normal or graphical text) and i want to delete this selection in the layer among the textlayer, the complete layer will be deleted, not only the selection. On a backgrund layer it works well, there will be only the selection deleted, but not in a "normal" layer. I use Photo and Beta In both Versions it´s the same. I tryed it in Photoshop CS6 and there it works well. There only the selection will be deleted in a "normal layer" In the Screenshot you can see what i´ve done and so you can test it by yourself I found this mistake because i wantetd to rework a photoshop tutorial with photo. See there:https://www.photoshoptutorials.de/2011/02/26/hintergrundebene-–-was-soll-das-ganze-uberhaupt/ But in Photo i have to go ohter ways becaue some functions, wich are in use there, are missing in Photo. Best Regards from Germany Uwe
  9. I am using AF with RGBA/16, with force pixel alignment enabled. I have selected two pixels next to the image boundary with high zoom factor. See the screenshot with the inconsistent display of marching ants boundary.
  10. I would like to make adjustments on the selection, such as: 1) Make all partially selected pixels fully selected 2) Make all partially selected pixels not selected 3) "Unfeather" selection. For pixels more than 50% selected, make them fully selected, for pixels less than 50% selected, make them not selected. 4) Dim selection, for example everything that is X % selected, make it X/2 % selected All of this would be achievable if something like a Curves adjustment would be supported on the selection values themselves. I think the Edit Selection As Layer (also known as Quick Mask) mode would be a good place to add support for something like this. If you are editing the selection as a layer, it would be logical to be able to merge in adjustments into the selection layer. Something similar to 1) and 2) is achievable in Select -> Refine Edges -> Ramp. However the leftmost and rightmost position of the slider doesn't go far enough and still leave partially selected pixels. I understand that there is a workaround of creating a new pixel layer, filling the selected pixels, applying adjustments, select by luminosity and remove the temporary pixel layer. However this is pretty convoluted, which is the reason for Edit Selection as Layer to exist in the first place.
  11. Hi forum, Created a document with a couple of vertical and horizontal guides, set "snap to guides" on, and tried to make a rectangle selection from guide to guide but no snapping... Also tried "snap to grid" (with visible grid), and still no snapping when making a selection. Seems I'm missing something? Happy Xmas to everyone Juergen
  12. Hi, I have a selection of electric wires which I would like to inpaint on a sky, ideally with inpainting being on a separate layer. However when I choose Edit/Inpaint or Edit/Fill/Inpaint it always samples from the current layer only, which is the empty layer I would like the inpainting to be on. I would like to do Inpaint of a selection with sampling from Current and Below. Adding an option to the Edit/Fill dialog would solve this issue.
  13. When selecting images to use in a panorama, the selection of the necessary images is based on a grid of square (rather than rectangular) thumbnails, making it difficult to select the correct images for the panorama. It would make more sense to show thumbnails that show a/ the full image from edge to edge and b/ in the correct orientation of portrait or landscape. cheers Chris
  14. I make a selection and add Quick Mask but I can't refine the selection using paint brush...white or black will add to mask rather than subtract. quick mask.pdf
  15. The Rectangular marquee tool (in the Selections persona) should: snap to grid, guides and layers AND corners should be points one can select and move to resize (and snap to grid/guide/layers) Ex: Its a feature from Pixelmator that i miss a lot.
  16. Hi, I have selected an area that is underexposed (see screenshot). I have tried to change the exposure and brightness of this selected area but nothing happens to the area selected brightness. I have tried with Mask ticked and not ticked. Please can someone explain what I need to do. It should be obvious once the area has been selected but I can seem to adjust the area.
  17. When creating a selection, it would be great to change its placement (start point) during the creating of the mask, as in Photoshop, perhaps by pressing the Space Alt key. Same function even when cropping.
  18. Hi, As a long time Adobe Flash user, I'm used to make quick selections and modifications on vector shapes just by selecting a portion with the default cursor (see image). Also in Adobe Flash not every shape is automatically placed in its own seperate layer, instead shapes are automatically added to existing layer or shape. Vector shapes are rather added or withdrawn depending on their color, shapes of the same color are merged into one, while shapes of different colors are divided. I know this way of editing is not for everyone but I would very much like to have the option in Affinity Designer. regards, Ivo van de Grift Grootlicht Interactive Design
  19. After over two years of working with AP I am really finding ways round some of it’s quirks and limitations. But a couple of things still have me stumped. 1) It is easy to convert a path or shape to a selection. However has anyone found a way to convert a selection to a path? 2) One of things I really miss in AP is the ability to easily combine selections to produce ‘compound’ selections. The commonest is adding individual selections to get a single combined selection. In PS this is a breeze just Cmd click the mask or layer thumbnails one by one while holding the Shift key. (Other key combos will subtract and intersect as well). I use this in PS all the time. It’s incredibly quick and useful. Sadly this doesn’t work in AP as the Shift is otherwise assigned. The best work around I have found is to load the selection from each layer or mask and then save it as a spare channel one layer at a time. By right clicking on them in the Channels palette one can then combine them as wished and then delete the channels. To call this slow and convoluted qualifies as masterly understatement. So has anyone found a better way? I seem to remember, many moons ago, there were promises from the development team of introducing killer linking. Is this a figment of my imagination or is something on the drawing board? This app is so, so good. But it could still get to be something really amazing. Please keep up the great work!
  20. We have all had the problem of selecting a sky when most of the sky can be seen through gaps in the leaves and branches of a tree. It can take ages to accurately select every tiny gap to complete the selection of the sky. If we miss a few tiny gaps the result looks awful. Other programs, GIMP is an example, have selection tools which can select all areas of the sky, including those pesky gaps, with just one click. Of course it may be necessary to adjust the settings for that tool to capture clouds as well as the blue sky. If other programs can do it how about such a tool for Affinity Photo? (If you are not familiar with GIMP I'm talking about the 'Select by Color Tool'.)
  21. Hey guys, first post here. I’m having some major issues with the polygon marquee tool. When I try to make a selection for frequency separation, I use my Apple Pencil to draw out a selection, however it never actually makes the selection. Does anyone know a way around this? Also is it possible to delete and reinstall the application without losing all of my documents? I’ve included a video to show you all what’s going on. 24E04C4B-AF72-4EF0-AC61-9C002674C7DE.MP4
  22. When I use selection by quick mask + pain brush tool, then I turn off quick mask, I can't see selection edge (dot line) ps. OS - Windows 10 64 bit Affinity Photo version :
  23. As a long time vector graphics user, the one main issue I have with Designer is the selection/bounding/transformation box. For me, it is the most obtrusive aspect of Designer, and causes the most frustrations. When trying to make multiple selections, the bounding box makes it extremely difficult to select surrounding objects up to almost 1-2 pixels. The bounding box also becomes extremely difficult when dealing with text; try double clicking text at anything at, or below, a 24pt font and you'll start to understand the issues. When working on designs, I want to see the design as much as possible with less obstructions, especially when tweaking. I want to hide that bounding box altogether and focus on the design of whatever I'm doing. This is a simplified example, but which do you feel allows you to focus on the design rather than the UI? Please allow us to just show the outline of selections then hotkey Option (or something easy) for rotation and Alt for scale. This would solve a lot of issues of selecting other objects nearby without the problems of getting transformation queues from the bounding box. This is the one feature, above anything else, that would make Designer hands down the most enjoyable for me.
  24. I have Affinity Photo In the Photo Persona the Selection Brush tool seems very sluggish but, worst of all, it will stop working. If I close and re-open the program it doesn't help. Once it has stopped it won't work again until I restart the machine. On earlier versions it worked fine. I've tried it with different images and/or different amounts of layers and nothing helps. Maybe someone else has mentioned this but if so I didn't see it. Sorry!

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