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Found 395 results

  1. Hello, just want to do that: 1- Drawing a path 2 - Clicking (or right click, what i have expected) the path 3 - Create pixel selection from this path Any idea? Thanks
  2. I use the selection tool on a regular basis. With complex selections I usually zoom in and out and pan along the perimeter of the areas I am selecting. At certain zoom levels the outline disappears, If I pinch in and out a little, it reappears. The same is true for the pen tool (the one for drawing bezier curves): they also vanish and reappear at certain zoom levels. Selection Outline Bug.mov
  3. Draw a curve and rotate it any degree (screen shot 1), click the reset selection box and it looks great! (Screen shot 2), now convert it into a text frame, type anything and the text will be rotated! (Screen shot 3). I was expecting that after applying the "reset selection tool" button, the curve will keep this property in the future, but it goes back if you convert the curve into a text frame. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. If there is another way to do it, please let me know, but it will be great if it can work also in this way. Thank you for creating this great software.
  4. Hi guys, thank you for reading this. I would ask you to consider a very smart and intuitive way to navigate the canvas. Illustrator (and also Photoshop with some minor difference) uses the modifier keys Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Space in combination to activate or deactivate certain tools. This solution is very useful and super fast because you do not need to move your fingers over the keyboards and you do not need to hit a key twice to activate/deactivate a tool, but with just 4 keys you can access to all the navigation tools, like pan, zoom, select, and so on. You probably already know what I'm referring about, but I'll add a list of the most common combos (please note that being a combo means also to hold them together while using the tool): Ctrl = Object Selection (or, if Object Selection is active, it triggers Element Selection) Ctrl + Space = Zoom In Ctrl + Space + Alt = Zoom Out Alt = Drag Copy (also after clicking for drag, atm it works just before) If you have to deal with conflicts among other shortcuts, like combos already used for other functions, please contact me and I'll be happy to deal with it. Finding the same interface as the most popular software would have many advantages: - reduce frustration and improve experience using the software - reduce adoption time - triggers interoperability between software (so you can use the same habits while switching from one sw to another...yes, someone still does) - uses a model already spread and tested, based on years of experience I totally understand that this is another software and it's normal to not expect to find the same stuff of the competitors, but this is not the kind of thing that makes AD positively different from its competitors (imho of course); making the transition from one software to another as smooth as possible for as many users as possible I think is more valuable. I and a bunch of other folks would really love to find these combos in the next updates. Thank you for your attention. p.s. dear reader of this topic, please, add here other combos that you would like to have in the future.
  5. I am trying to create two layers from a selection. One layer has the selected data and the other layer has the non selected data. I would expect that when I look at the two layers I should have a complete picture. The issue is that I have a faint outline of the selection area and the size of that outline gets larger with feather. But, even with a 0 feather the outline still shows up. To recreate: Create a black pixel layer. This layer is so you can see the outine. Create a white pixel layer on top of the black. Make a selection and copy (ctrl-c), then paste into a new layer (ctrl-v) Select previous white layer from which you copied and hit delete key to cut out selection. Hide the marching ants (ctrl-d) and you should see the faint outline. I've tried different scenarios including inverting selection and pasting onto a third layer and I still get artifacts.
  6. There is a strange thing happening in Photo with 'new from clipboard' in combination with making screenshots with windows print screen ( but could be with other clipboard-images too, didn't test that); After making a screenshot by pressing the 'print screen' key on the keyboard and using 'new from clipboard' in Photo, the marquee selection tool doesn't cut a region of the image-selection, but removes the full image instead. This happened to me some times lost weeks and it is easy to reproduce and has the same result every time I do this: way to reproduce: 1- Press 'printscreen'-button on keyboard to create a screenshot 2- In Photo: file --> New from clipboard (the full screenshot appears as a new canvas and layer in Photo like expected) 3- Now select the marquee tool and draw a selection over the image 4- Press ctrl-X (or cut via edit menu) --> now the full image got removed, instead of removing the region of the selection done some testing: I just found out that if I insert a step after step 3, before step 4: fill the selection (edit -> fill), which works fine with the selection btw, then after that cancel that fill and then goto step 4, suddenly the ctrl-x works again and removes only the selection like I'd expect So guess this could need some attention.
  7. Hi, I would like to reconstruct a process of Photoshop and can not find the right way. My intention is to select a section from a picture in the aspect ratio of 1.35:1, to cut this out and to export the section as a jpg for web application. I already have the problem that I can save the said aspect ratio, but can't select it afterwards. Could someone please briefly describe the procedure? And sorry for not being an english native speaker Thanks Sven
  8. I think it's gonna be a great improvement if you can add the same brush stabilizer, but for the Freehand selection tool. It would make it easier and more accurate especially on the iPad. Thank you
  9. Loving the Affinity suite of tools! After years of using that other set of products, I've completely switched over to Affinity Photo/Designer for building icons for my web application work. There is, however, one area that's just a bit less usable to me. In that other photo editing tool, I was able to manipulate and build selections simply by using modifier keys on my keyboard. For example, I could Command-click a layer to select its contents and then Shift-Command-click another layer to add to the existing selection. Or, I could Option-Command-click a second layer to subtract from the existing selection. Or I could Option-Shift-Command-click the second layer to form an intersection. Now, in Affinity Photo, if the Marquee tool is selected, I do see modes (New, Add, Subtract, Intersect) in the upper left. But these only appear to take effect if I select by dragging; they don't appear to apply to selections made by Command-click'ing a layer. Also, having to click a button to change modes is a bit more cumbersome than using modifier keys to build selections this way. Am I missing something? Is there a way to build up selections with keyboard modifier keys? If not, consider this a feature request! :)
  10. I just love power of Blend options tool, but think that it can be boosted even further. Adding an option to select not only luminosity as the argument and not only R, G or B will be a major boost. Ideally it should be defined on HSL space (or, even better, on a wide range of color spaces like LAB, CMYK, WRGB etc) - a combination of all three parameters. It would let the user to apply adjustments very selectively... like adding vibrance to not saturated yellow objects in given brightness range, for instance. I am sure everyone would love to be able to add a point to the curve with some sort of picker tool Saving blending curves as presets is a must as well. It is often need to apply identical adjustments to a large set of images and now it turns into sort of guessing game - some variations are just inevitable with current approach.
  11. When doing portrait retouching, I use the patch tool to repair certain areas of the skin. In Photoshop there is an option to fade the selection. This makes the patch beautifully fade in with the surroundings and is practically invisible. I us this a lot. I can't find this in Affinity Photo. Is there a way to make this work?
  12. Hello everyone! I've got some suggestions for improving the selection tools: 1: Could you add a shortcut to the tools that lets the user add to selection when holding shift? 2: Could you add a shortcut to the tools that lets the user subtract from the selection when holding alt? 3: Currently, when I select Mode -> Add, I can only add to selection if I am starting the loop outside of the current selection. It seems there is no way to start a loop inside the selection, because if I try to do so, I actually move the selection. This behaviour could be accessed with M (Rectangular Marquee Tool), though. Being able to start a loop inside the current selection is just easier sometimes. 4: Could you include the selection menu (from the menu bar) in the selection tools so that it is being displayed at cursor location when right clicking? 5: I guess this is a bug, but I am adding this here as it's about the same tool: Clicking L to select the Free Hand Selection Tool will not show a different cursor initially. The cursor will only be displayed after using the tool. Best wishes, Shu
  13. I'm sorry if this is an obvious question but I simply can't figure out how to select nodes on a path in any way other than the rectangular selection. If I want to more precisely select nodes (eg, with a more freehand selection or through multiple selections), how can one do that? For example, how could one select only the 'E' in the attached example?
  14. The object was created in one layer. I created another layer, drew some other objects. The first object though with stroke and fill just disappear, even in the outline view. The only way I can select it is to go to the layer to select but still it is not visible. I have to drag that particular layer on top so the object become visible. I have attached the clip if the explanation is uncleared. What is the problem? selection.mov
  15. Hello! First post! Excited to be a part of the community. Absolutely loving Affinity, just got a couple of questions that have been confusing me about making selections. The refine tool seemed awesome at first and I was cutting out complex subjects from messy backgrounds easily, but now I’m finding upon closer examination that it’s really not that neat of a selection. I’ve seen other people ask similar questions so my question is this...when I refine a selection to a new layer with mask, why when turning off the mask do I see an image like the second one I posted? With the nasty selection outlining the subject? Also, how do I get a cleaner selection without all that mess along the borders? I’m extracting the subject from a very plain background, I dont think it should be coming out like this (third photo)....thank you guys!
  16. I have group 2 text layers. When I want to select it, I can't. The selection goes to the nearest text in the clicking area. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. I am unable to select the main object in the attached file by clicking on it in the canvas. The layer isn't locked. CPSA Book.afdesign
  18. Hi guys! So, I have been triying to cut this guy from this image, but I can´t make a good selection. I have some problems with thoose small parts in his body, and I also have some weird edges when i refine it. I have tried it on Photoshop and I have been able to cut it almost perfecctly in just 2 minutes, what do I am doing wrong??!! Please help me!! I attach (In order) the original photo, the final result made in Afinity Photo, the final result made in Photoshop, the most difficult part for me of this image and also the weird edges I have when refining the selection. Thanks everyone!
  19. monkaS

    Selection bug

    Hi, I've been using this program for a while now, and I started noticing a bug. When I select things, some pixels are selected outside the selection. It's very clear to see, if one copy the image, and paste a bunch of them, as I did. As it can be seen on the attached file, the picture has some pixels, outside of the selection. The first picture is the single picture, without making the smudge of pixels clearer. Also the pixels in the selection has kind of faded in a weird way that makes it look like there's missing something as it can be seen indicated by the red circle. Hope I can get some help soon, because I've had this issue for a while now, and it's starting to annoy me greatly. Thank you beforehand.
  20. Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug in the program or my side (or even some setting), but since 1.6 (and all the updates since) the selection tool have lost serious accuracy when I try to select something. For example in this picture (below) I may try to select the text and the tool select the photo next to it. This only happen when I'm zoomed out for a good amount like being able to see the whole page (A3+) but still not that much zoomed out to risk object check boxes overlay. Before 1.6 I was able to do a pixel perfect selection but since I also got the windows 10 fall creators update around the same time, I'm not sure if this really is an affinity problem (for example this windows update crippled my wacom bamboo and now it zoom in at random on it's own). If this is a bug ok just reporting, but if there is a way to fix it please let me know. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone! I´m very new to Image editing, and I have been working with affinity photo for about 2 weeks, trying new things and tutorials around the web. Yesterday I decided to take a challenge, mask some girl´s hair, bute I can´t! Can someone help me do this? I don´t know what settings to use when refining edges around the hair and how to get some good selection. I put here the image to you so you can try it and if you are able to select and mask that hair pls let me know how you did it!! Thanks everybody!!!
  22. Is it possible to create a selection using both the selection brush and Bézier curves? This can be very useful when dealing with product photos: While the selection brush usually does a great job, there will sometimes be areas where it cannot reliably detect the edges because they're simply not visible in the photo. However, a human who knows what the object looks like can easily draw it using Bézier curves (see picture). In Affinity Photo, is there a simple way to add a selection created from Bézier curves to an existing selection (made with the selection brush)?
  23. Hello, there is a bug: 1) open JPG file and Document rotate clockwise 90 2) select a part of image with selection tool 2) move the selection 3 CTRL + C and CTRL + V ==> my seletion is copied and paste as new layer, but copied was a different part of image
  24. Inside the "Refine selection" dialog when I select "Transparent" I get a preview that is slightly different from the result after applying the mask. I made some screenshots to demonstrate this behaviour: 1. Make a selection, then choose "Refine Selection": 2. Choose "Transparent" from "Preview", the legs of the subject show only a very small halo: 3. Choose output as mask and apply, now the halo has become much more visible, which is quite different from the preview: Why is there a difference between the preview and the final result? (The images were taken from "Compositing in Photoshop From Start to Finish" with Bret Malley on http://craftsy.com )
  25. Hi is there a lasso selection option in AFdesigner to select the shapes we want to include within a selection?