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Found 449 results

  1. When I select an item and then deselect that item, the purple selection lines remain. They disappear temporarily when scrolling/zooming. The only way I can get them to remove is by closing and re-opening the file.
  2. Hi Affinity pros! does somebody have a smart idea, how to select the writing on the attached example for use on another background? I have a bunch of these and would like to reuse the text. Thanks in advance! Chris
  3. Hi, Something strange happens when I want to get the selection of a shape on a rotated image. Here is the process : 1- Open an image 2- Rotate it (Document/Rotation 90°) 3- Draw a closed shape with the pen tool (P) 4- Create a selection by cliking the "selection" button in the pen tool options As you can see, the selection appear at the wrong place, as if it kept the old image coordinates (before the rotation). Thanks by advance to your answer. Note : It would be good to click on the "mask" button and having the possibility to invert the mask ... problem_rotation-shape-selection.mov
  4. I'm trying to selectively brighten my photo, so I used the selection brush to do so. However, after I deselected one of the selections, my brightening edits continued to change that previously selected portion, but don't change any of my new selections. How do I stop it from editing previously selected material? Thanks!
  5. In my example I've got a selection as a separate channel. Then I add a Live Filter on an image. After that I realize that I just want to 'activated' this filter only for my selection, and load it from the channel. Unfortunately, I cannot see a way how to apply this selection to my current filter. How can that been done, without re-adding the Live Filter and set all the details there again? Right-click on a filter and 'Refine Mask' seems to create only new selections/masks. -- Steffen
  6. how can I make a selection with specific width and height? Thanks you very much ..Lu
  7. I should mask a fine structure and it is only possible to select this lines properly by help of the pen. The problem: 1. As soon as I draw a second spoke, and click the Selection button, the 1st selection will be deleted. 2. If I do all my pen drawings and group them, the Selection button can not be used on the group. Is there a hidden function I didn't discover yet? I tried already Shift, Alt and Cmd + Selection button, unfortunately no one has an "Add" effect... With this background, it's impossible to use the existing selection tools for usable results. (Is it?) I really would appreciate any help. Cheers, Roland
  8. It would be good to be able to feather a selection to a higher value than than the 200px slider offers. (you seem to be able to manually use a value of 400px) However there are lots of situations when (especially with very high resolution images) 200px is not any where near enough. Best wishes Jonathan Charles (a man who badly wants to ditch adobe photoshop)
  9. Hi there, it seems there is a problem when you crop a picture and afterwards use the pen tool to make a selection. The selection seems off to the amount of pixels that you just cropped. The problem does not appear if you do not crop. Uncropped image: Cropped image:
  10. Hello, I have a commercially purchased/licenced Adobe Illustrator file that contains various images to be cut and past into my document. On loading the AI file into Affinity designer, there is significant Lag/Slowness on selecting an object. I am running a 3.4ghz Core i7 iMac with 32gb memory and 2gb Graphics card. If I open the same file in Adobe Illustrator, there is no perceived lag at all when selecting objects. Because the AI file is commercial, I am unable to post it in this forum as it would breach my licensing terms. How can I get the file to you for investigation? Kind Regards Jason
  11. Hi all, I'm coming from a couple years of using Photoshop, I had looked at other alternatives for awhile now and finally came across Affinity Photo/Designer about a month ago. Looking great so far. I'm impressed with how robust Photo & Designer in what feels like such a short period of being released publicly. One thing that is driving me batty though is how I can't seem to scale/transform/ or move selections on the fly. This is especially helpful when working with ellipses. As an example, attached at the bottom is a poison control logo. It should have taken me all of 5 seconds to get rid of the text in the thick black stroke, and create a replacement text to go in there. But I was not able to figure out how to create a ellipsis marquee that could move on the fly. I could make the marquee selection (click drag release), and then move it, but only after the fact, and this meant I couldn't get the right size ellipsis, nor where I wanted it since the ellipses starts wherever you click as a "corner" (no option to grow the selection from center AFAIK), and I'm not seeing an obvious way to resize the selection/marquee itself rather than pixels. This is something that I used heavily and made me a very happy camper on Photoshop. In Affinity Photo it took me several minutes to make a sloppy ellipses that encompassed the whole circle with text and all, use the free hand tool to select bits that the first ellipsis didn't get for the outer selection, and use the free hand tool again for subtracting the inner circle portion (which I should ideally be able to do with an ellipsis) I'm asking here first before making a feature request as I really am new to this software, and I have not watched all the tutorials yet, I need to get work done now, not later. I did a few searched and looked at other theads/posts about selections and did not see my specific question asked or mentioned.
  12. I'm using rectangular marquee tool to select and fill squares from 3x3 to 10x10 pixels. The info panel shows W and H that are off by one pixel depending on where the cursor is within the grid (I'm zoomed in at 2000%). This makes it difficult to make precise selections.
  13. Sorry for the premature question but I don't know why the selection marquee is not snapping to the grid, when the grid is visible? Usually when the grid is visible and snapping is enabled, the selection rectangle snaps to the grid as I draw the selection out. This is not happening in APhoto. Any reason why not or am I just missing something really obvious? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, I am looking for a possibility to create multiple Luminosity Masks with channels, so that I have several channels for lights, shadows... The problem is, that you can't multiply/intersect selections like in Photoshop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4mG6vlJFNQ). And I do not mean the overlapping function. Thanks for Your help!
  15. I do this so seldom that I can't remember how to do it in Photo (or even if it's possible in Photo.) In Photoshop, when creating a selection, I can drag to size it. As long as I do not release the mouse, I can press Space to reposition it, then release Space and continue to size the selection. As long as I don't release the mouse, I can go back and forth as many times as needed. If this is possible in Photo, what is the correct modifier key? I don't want to move what's contained in the selection at this point, I just want to reposition and/or resize the selection area. In a related question, is it now, or will it ever be, possible to select the starting point of a selection? For rectangles, starting at one corner as it does is fine but for a circle, it would be easier (at least for me) to position it properly the first time if one could specify the center as the starting point.
  16. I bought Affinity Photo yesterday. It's been pretty good so far, but I'm having a lot of problems with cutting objects out of photos. Here is a video displaying the issue. Notice how the refined parts become frayed and messy. (Also notice how slow it is) I have seen both of the in-house tutorials on cutting objects and refining selections. I have also looked at the information in the "Help" menu in Affinity Photo. Here are my machine specs: Macbook Pro Retina - Early 2015 Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB Operating System: El Capitan 10.11.2 Am I doing something wrong?
  17. I am trying out trial version of Affinity Designer. The features list says there is a selection tool similar to magic wand (in photo shop) called selection brush. I don't see any selection tools- just black arrow move tool or art board. Is there no selection tools in the trial version or is there setting I need to fix? I am using Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 I am just trying to fill in some black line drawings (purchased eps vector file from stock site) with color- nothing fancy. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/full-feature-list/
  18. I am pretty good with Photoshop, but Affinity has me stumped! I cannot even get to square one in this "intuitive interface." What am I doing wrong? I use the selection brush to define an area. I see the crawling worms. When I press enter, I get a "bonk." The selection doesn't seem to have any effect at all on anything, except that it apparently locks out anything else I try to do. The basic instructions in the "help" file says to make the selection and press the (please excuse the rough drawing) --------\ + --------/ key. I am not sure what it means but I think it means to press the "ENTER" key, at least that is what I would "intuitively" assume. Anyway, I've tried pretty much every key on the keyboard and they all just bonk.
  19. hello, mask editing doesn't always work properly after selecting complex shapes, with several refinement passes. here's what happens: 1) load a jpg image in ap 2) select a portion of it using the selection brush 3) refine the selection, trying to select complex borders (hair, fur, etc.) 4) repeat the selection refinement step multiple times 5) apply to create a mask at this point, if a click on the mask icon and then on the brush tool and go to edit the mask, the brush preview shows weird colours, as if i was painting over the layer, not the mask, with some unusual blending mode selected. if i click on the layer, the brush preview is identical. saving, quitting ap and reopening solves the problem. it does not happen every time i create a mask from a selection. it looks like the problem is triggered by the complexity of the selection and the number of refinement steps it takes. in some cases, i noticed that even the clone tool did not work anymore. ap 1.4, osx 10.9.5 (up to date). thank you for any suggestion stefano
  20. Hi, Command A (Select All) is selecting the parent artboad, it (IMO) should select all the layers/items inside. Likewise when multi-layer select is on it selects all artboards. If I need to select all items at the moment I have to drag a selection around everything. Cheers.
  21. When using the selection tool, it's good that only things that are completely within the selection box get selected. However it would also be good if there was the option to select everything that the selection box just touches. Perhaps holding the ALT key down, when making a selection, could select all objects that the selection box touches, regardless of whether they are completely within the selection box.
  22. Hi, I have two visible "selections" (without any sense) on my canvas and I do not know where they come from and I do not know how to remove it. What I remember is, that I did something with a mask.. These selections keep staying there even after a reboot. I am thankful for any suggestions.
  23. Hi All, Fairly basic question here. I was trying to figure out how to combine to selections on the same photo and couldn't find the modifier key to do it. So I created the selection across 2 layers with 2 masks. Now how do I combine the selections into one layer with a one layer mask? I know there is probably an easier way to do this, but I am not that good with affinity photo yet. Thanks Dan
  24. This is probably a pretty silly question, but I'm having a pretty hard time with it... I have a custom vector path on top of a rasterized image. I want to use that custom vector path as a selection outline... How do I convert that veto into a selection marquee? I feel like I'm either overthinking this or it's not possible in Affinity... I tried using the selection brush and lasso tool, but I'm not able to produce the same results with my shape, effectively. Any thoughts?
  25. Selection seems not to work anymore. Version 1.3.5 with OSX 10.11.1
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