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Found 449 results

  1. Hello, I would like to suggest a couple features for layer management. The first being able to click and drag down the column of checkboxes (layer visibility) and be able to toggle them on and off in the process. Targeting each individual layer can be tedious and time consuming. This would also be a great function to add to the locking of layers. Also, being able to alt+click one specific layers checkbox to turn the visibility off of all other layers, accept the one clicked. Thanks!
  2. Is there a way to use the elliptical and rectangular marquee tools and have them expand from the center of your initial click? I would think holding a modifier key would allow for this but I can't seem to find any combination that works. Thanks for any help!
  3. For Affinity Photo: There is an option to put a + sign in the center of the Selection Brush Tool. Would it be possible so that this sign is changed to the minus "-" sign whenever you switch the subtract mode? The reason I asked for this the Selection Brush Tool seems to start in the mode it was last used it. I believe that most of the time when you start the Selection Brush Tool you want to be in Add mode. If in fact the Selection Brush Tool is in subtract mode then you have a visual clue so that you know to switch the setting. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone! I have already sent a crash report (I guess, you are receiving these from Apple, right?) about this. It would be nice to know what's going on and whether or not this can be fixed in a following patch, because this crash happens quite regularly. When working like I do, Photo crashes about once every 2 minutes! So this is quite severe. This is the crash report comment I sent: " This crash happens regularly when working quickly using the Free Hand Selection tool. I have been using the Free Hand Selection tool (L) and the standard eraser (E) in full screen mode with UI hidden. When this crash occurs, I pressed L, E and cmd+D (for deselecting) quickly one after another. I am not sure if the order is important, but it seems to happen after I deselected (D), then selected something (Free Hand Selection), then want to erase something inside the selection (E). " I can reproduce this crash. If you need any additional information, please let me know. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: I made a video that shows what happens: SelectionCrash.mp4
  5. Steps to reproduce issue: 1. Select Pen or Shape (Rectangle, circle, etc) tool 2. Select stroke and fill colors 3. Create many shapes with it 4. Select them all 5. On the upper bar only align and distribute actions show up (Next to "N objects") Expected: 6. The upper bar should show fill and stroke colors for selected objects, just like it does when only one instance is selected
  6. Hello, As I tried to separate a person from the background, I unfortunately realized a strange problem. The separated person looks okay but if I switch off the mask the edges of the person look strange (Not like the original photo). Has someone an idea? The function is unfortunately unusable as it is. Upload of the Photo does not work (Upload Skipped (Error500)). Regads, Daniel
  7. AF for Windows ver. When using smooth selection, AF will crash if value is set to a negative number. When this happened to me, I was using the scroll wheel on my mouse held over the value input box. When I attempted to scroll down in order to return to zero, I was surprised when the number went below zero. Affinity Photo promptly crashed. My specs: OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393 System Type: x64-based PC Processor: Intel® Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 16.0 GB Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M Adapter RAM: 4.0 GB ​I have included a GIF to demonstrate what happens.
  8. Hi, I've been searching around but I can't seem to find a solution: I have a a simple jpeg file with black text on white background. I want to marquee the text so that I could create a shape/s out of the text. In PS, i would simply magic wand the text, when the marquee comes out, I create paths from selection. I have looked around and I read somewhere that after selection, I can go to Selection>Outline. I can't seem to find that command in my version. I;m using ver Is there any other workaround for this? I know different software need different approach, so I guess I need time to wrap my head around this. Also, I have tried to export the paths from PS but when I open in designer there are no paths! Thanks.
  9. In the following topic I discovered that there is not an option to turn off scrubby zoom (and therefore turn on marquee/area-based zoom) in the Windows version of AD as there is in the Mac version: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32241-ad-features-request/?p=164936
  10. Hello I use to work with several (no more than 7-10) small documents opended on the same time (see attached) and copy paste from one document to another: sometimes when I select (V) with a simple window, Designer stops working. 293.eps
  11. Hi everyone! New user here. I've searched the forums and watched several of the tutorial videos but this question doesn't seem to be addressed anywhere yet, so here goes: ​In Illustrator, I hit {Alt, S, M, S} or {Alt, S, M, F} probably about eight billion times a day to select objects in a document by stroke or fill color. I don't see any analogous command anywhere in Affinity Designer. Am I missing something? ​TIA!
  12. Hello, I am experiencing an issue with AD on Windows 10 where when I focus Font Size text field on the top bar or on the floating panel and press the down or up keys on the keyboard, it will decrease/increase the font size as expected, but if I press the down or up key again it will move the selected text object down/up instead of decreasing/increasing the font size again. It also happens on all other fields on the floating Character/Font panel. Is this the expected behavior? I would expect it to keep focus so I can play around with font size/kerning/line-height/etc until I am satisfied. Thanks, Fernando
  13. Hello, I am working on documents that contain many shades of washed out colors and sometimes it's hard to differentiate the swatches. I wished that selecting an object whose color is a swatch would highlight the swatch on the swatches panel. Thanks, Fernando
  14. When I Ctrl+Click on a shape layer with no fill, I won't get a selection. If it has a fill, I do.
  15. If I make a marquee selection, :: Pause :: It still has that problem where I have to change tools and come back to the marquee tool to manually transform the dimensions :: UnPause :: then copy flattened, then create a new file from clipboard, it is inexplicably larger than the selection by exactly 2 pixels. So if I make my selection sized 1280 px by 720 px, in a document sized 1920 px by 1080 px, then create a new document from that selection, the new document is 1282 px by 722 px. If the selection is the same size as the document, it doesn't do this. If my document and selection are the same height, but the document is wider than the selection, and I snap the selection to the left or right, then there is an extra pixel in the new file. If I center the selection with the document extended to the right and left (and the selection and document height still match), then there are two extra pixels in width, but not height. If I create a box out of the pen tool, size that to 1280 px by 720 px, then tap the button in the pen tool to make it a selection, then copy that flattened and create a new file from clipboard... it's exactly what it's suppose to be. Since I don't know how to make a shape into a selection, like the handy button in the path tool, I'll make my way to the feature requests, too.
  16. Hi I am using windows AP I find when using the selection tool to take an object out of a photo I find the refinement tool does not do a very good job. For example the smoothness does not work very well.. It leaves jagged edges. I tried everything to smooth the edges and it still looks bad. I tried the same thing in photoshop and it is like night and day. Love your program I hope you can fix this part of the program. It will make making cutouts much better then I would not have to use photoshop to do this task.. Thanks! Photoshop cutout : Affinity cutout: Not sure you can see the differences in the pictures uploaded.. :-)
  17. I'd like to see a button in the Shape Tool that lets you make a selection from the shape, like in the top bar of the Pen Tool.
  18. In the Vector Persona, it would be REALLY useful to have a Select > Same Object Fill, Select > Same Object Stroke, etc (see attached image for reference) as well as a way to Save and Load selections....
  19. Maybe I'm simply missing this, but is there any way to shift a selection around as I form it? To clarify, for those familiar with Photoshop, when you are dragging out a marquee selection by holding the spacebar down you can shift the position of the selection around. Is there a similar ability in Affinity Photo? On my Mac I've tried the spacebar, ⌘, option, ctrl, and shift all with no success. I'm fully updated to 1.5.1 as well. I appreciate any help. Matt
  20. In working with Affinity Photo (MAC, 5.1), I usually used the selection brush. Today I realized I don't have the freehand selection tool. The Help search does not help.
  21. Hi folks and Happy Birthday to AP and all the team!!! I just figured out that an option for the Crop tool to instantly crop to a selection bounding box, would be quite helpful. Also, providing an option to snap the crop area to selection edges could be very nice. What do you think?
  22. Hey, So in Photoshop you can Ctrl click a layer and use either Alt, Shift, and Alt+Shift (on Windows) to allow the subtracting, adding or selecting the intersection of the current selection. This is really handy for creating masks and composite shapes. I know in Affinity Photo that you can Ctrl click a layer to select the opaque area, but using the keyboard modifiers doesn't seem to do anything else. Is there another way to do what I do in Photoshop in Affinity Photo? Cheers, Mark
  23. One of the very few features I miss in Designer is Illlustrators Group Selection Tool, the +Cursor. I have not figured out how to make this work in Designer, other than selecting every singel vector point in the nested object. Have I missed something here?
  24. Hi, I am trying to slowly replace PS with AP, but there are still some features I miss from the dominant PS. One of the example is drag the mouse to quickly select or deselect layers. Right now, when i try to drag select/deselect on the layers panel, AP will try to drag change the order of the layers/groups. Is there an option to configure a key-modifier like pressing down CTRL will allow me drag select?
  25. Hi All, I would like to use Affinity Photo to create some nice low ploy art. In other software packages you draw some triangles and apply an average blur. In attached image I have started to draw some triangles using the pen tool and grouped them above the image. Please can someone help and advice if there is a way to apply a blur effect on the entire group which will affect the image underneath it. (Not the pen border). Any help is much appreciated! Thank you.
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