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Found 394 results

  1. Feeling a bit embarrassed at such a basic question ...... but here goes ....... How can I stop AP's pick tool selecting in the image and select only in the layers palette? (The equivalent of turning off "auto select" in PS? When I have layers hidden or partially hidden beneath others selecting can be very difficult (or even impossible) to do in the image. Can I select a layer in the Layers Palette and then use the Pick Tool to move it around in the image without automatically shifting the selection to the layers above as soon as I touch the image with my pen? At the moment it all becomes a rather clumsy process of hiding layers I don't want to select and then unhiding them afterwards. Is there a parameter I haven't found that can be set or a keyboard modifier that will prevent the move tool from selecting in the image when required? This is so basic that I am assuming it must be there but I am simply too obtuse to find it ....... :unsure:
  2. Hi! Just a simple question about an very very very old trick. If I have a selection and I move it with Option (Alt for Windows) the action is not duplicate this selection? Sorry. Maybe will be a simple solution, but I downloaded the Beta of Affinity Photo and I am new with this fabulous app. I am an old fashioned user of Amazing Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Coverter, Acorn and Pixelmator and I want to hold on all the time with Affinity Photo when I will purchase in no time ;)
  3. Hello everyone! I'm brand new to this forum as I just bought Affinity Photo and Designer to replace a couple of Adobe products! I LOVE Affinity but I'm still learning some of the ins and outs. One of the biggest features I loved about photoshop was the ability to use the quick selection wand and then create a path from the selection. This was great because I always use vector masks when cutting out objects and it saves me tons of time, not having to use the pen tool to draw around parts of an object. Vector masks are the best because of the control and percisioun that you can achieve on the edges. I'm hoping Affinity Designer or photo has this function but I didn't see it anywhere. If anyone knows if this is possible, let me know! I'd really appreciate it! I can still make my masks using the pen tool but using a selection would be fantastic! :)
  4. Hello, I'm having some issues with selection using Affinity Designer. I may be using it incorrectly. I have a group with a number of layers and I want to select all the nodes in the group. At the moment I could do this by selecting the group, then opening the group and manually selecting every layer and using the node tool. Which is fine but seems a bit inefficient and a waste of time. If I select the object using the move tool, I can't then marquee select sub layers. I have to shift click and when there are a lot of objects this is impractical. Is there a faster way to do this? If not, could there be a an option on the layer context menu to select the layer and all the sublayers? Or, even better, a a marquee select for within selected groups?
  5. Hey folks, just noticed a strange glitch when doing the following steps: open/create a document choose Rectangular Marquee Tool draw a rectangle (leave some space around the borders so there is area for testing) choose Move Tool click on the rectangle (that we just drew on step 3) and drag it somewhere else now, if you use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the object, the object jumps back to its original place and moves from there on. You can repeat this behavior from there and it will occur again and again. I'd be glad to see this fixed :) Best regards, Rorando
  6. Hello In both Photo and the pixel persona of Designer, when a pixel layer has a opacity of 50% or less, you can't select its outlines (marching ants) by command-clicking the layer-icon in the layer-panel. Is this by design or a bug? Thanks! Bauke
  7. Hi I being trying to find a way to transform part of a vector selection. Grab some nods in my image and transform like scale and rotate..
  8. Hi, the one major feature I use regularly that stops me from using Affinity Designer as a replacement for Illustrator is better selection tools. In particular I use the Select > Same functions all the time (Scientific Illustrations and graphs): I didn't see this on the roadmap or regularly requested features, so ask here. Thanks.
  9. There is no way to turn off autoselect of layers. If you create an empty pixel layer and click anywhere on canvas the artboard gets selected instead of pixel layer. So its impossible to do anything with it.
  10. Hi, I have problems with the COLOR RANGE in AP. I want to select color tones. My steps: 1. Selecting a color with the color picker 2. Activate this color 3. "Selection" - "color range" At step 3 there happens a lot of strange things. a. Sometimes it works. Good! (no problem) b. Sometimes it isn't possible to click the "color range". It isn't choosable. (problem) c. Sometimes (png with cut-out background) it selects only the whole "shape". It isn't adjustable. (problem) I don't understand which reason could cause that. I use JPG-files and tried different ways to import. - dragging into AP - Media Browser - "open with..." - rastering / not rastering Could anybody help me? Ciao Jack
  11. Hello there, Today I noticed that for some reason, the selection of a compound shape shows an outline that is different from the actual shape. But this only happen on a very particular region, one that have a round corner applied. To be honest, this is not a big problem for me, I am just curious about it, not sure if it is a bug, a mistake I did or if it works like this by software design (probably not). Here is a screenshot, look how the outline of the selection differs from the actual shape in the round corners. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
  12. I've been a pretty sophisticated Photoshop user for ages and was happy to see most of the familiar functions, tasks and key commands I've been familiar with using all these years are mirrored in Affinity Photo. I was, however, baffled by one of the most basic functions in any photo editing app, namely making a selection and then copying and pasting it to a new layer. No matter how I've tried numerous ways of accomplishing this after first selecting a layer, creating a selection, alternately using either Cmd+C or the Edit Menu to copy it and then: 1) Creating a new layer, making it the active layer and using Cmd+V 2) Simply pressing Cmd+V with the current layer selected 3) Holding down the Option key and dragging the selected area... The ONLY result that consistently shows up being affected is the actual selection itself—NOT the content! Am I crazy?...what am I missing here?
  13. Adobe's Illustrator defaults to what I'd call Partial Coverage Drag Select whereby anything covered by the Drag is selected, regardless of the amount of coverage. CorelDraw defaults to what might be best called Drag Select Coverage of Whole Object to Select. One way of having both in the same app without shortcut keys is to use dragging right as the default, and dragging left as the other. So Click and drag either up or down to the right, and Whole Object coverage by the Dragged Selection Area works. Clicking and dragging to the left (either up or down) results in anything touched by the dragged out area being selected.
  14. I've opened pdf ( Created in AI) in Afinity and tried to work on the file. I am power user of Adobe but decided to check out both programs (and bought full licence for both). I am struggling to work with AD as when I have some layer selected in the artboard, I am almost unable to find it in Layer Panel (I keep scrolling and Scrolling) It is not like in PS when you select layer it automatically show it in Layer panel. Is there any magic trick? PLEASE HELP! Thanks, Marta
  15. Hello, I would like to convert a selection (of a cropped image) in route (like Photoshop) and then be able to use in 4D cinema. Thank you
  16. Date Seen 15/04/2016 Versions OS X 10.11.4 Affinity Designer 1.4.1 Bug Description Clicking on an artboard that is not currently selected doesn't select it. Clicking on any layer which is not on a currently selected artbaord doesn't select it. Severity Major UI flaw Steps to Reproduce create a document with 2 or more artboards place some layers on each artboard select any artboard click on any of the non-active artboards or layers on the non-active artboards Actual Behavior Clicked objects are not selected and do not become active Expected Behavior Clicking on any artboard or any layer on any artboard should select that object Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted n/a Reproducible? Always Workaround Layers not on the current artboard have to be selected from the layers panel or the desired artboard has to be first selected either from the layers panel or by clicking on its title.
  17. Trying to figure out how to select the area inside a curve (I can fill the curve if need be), then add that selection to a layer mask or an existing selection. Looks like in past versions this was done with a "Selection" button in the pen tool context toolbar, but I don't see that in my version. Thanks
  18. I know this has been asked at least a couple of times, but I am still needing to copy, edit in illustrator, then paste in order to perform transforms (rotate, scale, move) on selected nodes. Can we please get either an indicator of whether this is going to be addressed soon or any workarounds/workflows that can make this less painful? The more I dive into original works in Designer the more I don't understand how artists cope without this capability? Many thanks in advance - John
  19. Hi everyone! I was wondering if there was a way to remove certain colors from my pictures? However, unlike other posts, the color is a block of color that I need removed, but are rather hues that I need erased. I've attached the image as an example, where the clownfish's midsection has a greenish hue, making him look sickly! I've tried Channel Mixers, Selective Colors, and Dodge/Sponge but none of them look good. I also can't select just the part that's green using the Free Select Tools because whenever I apply an effect to it, the boundary between the selected and non-selected portions all look really weird. Any suggestions?
  20. When I select an item and then deselect that item, the purple selection lines remain. They disappear temporarily when scrolling/zooming. The only way I can get them to remove is by closing and re-opening the file.
  21. Hi Affinity pros! does somebody have a smart idea, how to select the writing on the attached example for use on another background? I have a bunch of these and would like to reuse the text. Thanks in advance! Chris
  22. Hi, Something strange happens when I want to get the selection of a shape on a rotated image. Here is the process : 1- Open an image 2- Rotate it (Document/Rotation 90°) 3- Draw a closed shape with the pen tool (P) 4- Create a selection by cliking the "selection" button in the pen tool options As you can see, the selection appear at the wrong place, as if it kept the old image coordinates (before the rotation). Thanks by advance to your answer. Note : It would be good to click on the "mask" button and having the possibility to invert the mask ... problem_rotation-shape-selection.mov
  23. I'm trying to selectively brighten my photo, so I used the selection brush to do so. However, after I deselected one of the selections, my brightening edits continued to change that previously selected portion, but don't change any of my new selections. How do I stop it from editing previously selected material? Thanks!
  24. In my example I've got a selection as a separate channel. Then I add a Live Filter on an image. After that I realize that I just want to 'activated' this filter only for my selection, and load it from the channel. Unfortunately, I cannot see a way how to apply this selection to my current filter. How can that been done, without re-adding the Live Filter and set all the details there again? Right-click on a filter and 'Refine Mask' seems to create only new selections/masks. -- Steffen
  25. how can I make a selection with specific width and height? Thanks you very much ..Lu

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