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Found 18 results

  1. The regular paint brush tool already has this built-in. If you paint an area, then hold SHIFT key and paint in another area Photo will draw a straight line between those two points the size of the paint brush. This would be very helpful with selection brush when trying to add or subtract selection area that's a straight line. It's hard to draw a straight line by hand, so it would be great if we could hold down SHIFT key and Photo would paint straight line selection the size of the selection brush between the two points. Thanks.
  2. I'm curious if there is a setting to define the "tolerance" or "sensitivity" for the selection brush? Currently the behaviour is quite "unsatisfying" See the example video. The brush is positioned in one of the lightest areas of the picture but it instantly selects the darkest parts even though there is a very clear border between light and dark and the brush is reasonably small. Since I did not find any parameter to configure the behaviour this might be a topic for improvement. Cheers, Timo Selection.mp4
  3. In this video, I m going to show you, How to change or remove background from hairy, massive, and complex images in Affinity Designer. In this Affinity tutorial, I have using refine selection with the selection brush tool. I hope It will help you. Thanks for watching it.
  4. How to remove a background in Affinity Photo - Selection Brush Tool The tutorial is full of Affinity tips and tricks from beginning to end. PLUS if you watch all the way through I will show you what I personally would do after removing the background P.S. This is the first time I will show up on camera, pretty exciting for me.. 😅 Enjoy the video, and let me know if you got something out of this tutorial !
  5. While working on 3.5 m x 5 m sized document with 300 DPI, I tried to select the Selection Brush Tool in Pixel Persona. AD immediately crashed! No issues while working on documents with small dimensions. Also, tried opening the file in AP and issue exist there too!
  6. Just need some help. Using the selection brush tool I make part of a selection of an image that I want to copy and then paste so I can place it within the image but every time I paste I get the whole image and not the part I've selected. For example, if I have an image of a leg and shoe and I select just the shoe using the selection brush tool. If I copy and paste I still get the whole leg and not just the shoe. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  7. Hi, Guys a few times already when I tried to use my Selection Brush tool, on one of the occasions it wasn't selecting at all; on the other occasion, it didn't snap to the where it was said it would snap ( i am following the Affinity Photo manual working on projects). SO, it seems to me that this tool isn't working properly for me so far. Most likely it's ME, however, what am I doing or not doing to make it work properly? Also, Is there a place for troubleshooting subjects? Perhaps it will help as well, now and in the future! I would greatly appreciate your HELP! Cheers
  8. Hey there, I may seem like a complete newbie when it comes to this, because I am. I'm trying to use the selection brush tool but it doesn't seem to work. With the magnetize button on, It doesn't Snap to the Borders or edges of my work. Please, HELP!
  9. Can anyone help me. I am a new user to the software but am experiencing some technical issues. I am running Affinity version 1.64.104 on Windows 10 fully updated. However a number of the tools on the left panel panel don't seem to be working in particular the selection brush tool. Additionally having paid for the Affinity photo for beginners course I have been following through on some of the exercises. I have been trying to use the paint brush painting in black to reveal colour having applied a black & white adjustment to a photo. Instead of revealing colour its painting/revealing light green instead of the base colour which is yellow, I have attached a screen shot. Apologies if this is a stupid query but I've tried everything thanks alan
  10. I can't figure out the tool to use or the settings for a tool to select anything with fine edges. I can't capture edges even when there is quite a distintion in colors.I attach a photo of two horses: what tool and what setting should I use to select either (or both) horses? These should be easy photos for Affinity with big color contrasts. If there isn't a major distinction in colors, it seems hopeless in Affinity. I note in Paint Shop Pro, one can select what characteristic to select for: (See photo Below). Using PSP, one can say, do a selection in a photo with little color difference, even in a Black and White photo, which Affinity does very poorly. I would appreciate your advice regarding how to use these tools.
  11. So this request is a follow-up to the one I made on this thread: Apparently, according to fellow forum user @toltec, this feature was already implemented, which is absolutely great. What is not so great, however, is its discoverability (or, in this case, its blatant [edit: partial] lack thereof). [edit: user @R C-R made me realise that the Status Bar already has a “cheat-sheet”/tooltip with said shortcuts, but I still feel that is not enough and that my suggestions are very sound, so please bear with me…] Please, for the sake of other users who may not frequent the forum or wish to spend hours perusing user manuals and tutorials (because this feature is, after all, something that pro users expect and may try for themselves [edit: even without, as was my case, paying any attention to the tips provided ], as it is a staple in brush tools not just in AP but also in other competing packages), make it [extra] visible and [even] more obvious. Basically, when pressing each modifier, please do make the appropriate tab (Matte | Foreground | Background | Feather) become temporarily highlighted/selected. This feature would, then, become easily discoverable to more seasoned users like myself, because as it stands, the UX feels “broken”. I mean, it will still feel that way to me even if I already know the feature is there, because visual feedback is just nice to have, as it shows that the app is working as it's supposed to. As it currently stands, you always display the same tab selection and, when pressing modifiers, you get a different, incongruous and non-explicit – even if completely desired – behaviour, which is indeed confusing, muscle-memory notwithstanding. It really is important for us to always have a “sense of place” when it comes to our tools. If I may offer another completely on-topic suggestion, I wonder if you could add some further visual feedback to the brush cursors themselves (and that would obviously be extensible to the Selection Brush tool), such as plus/minus signs floating outside of their outline (quite unlike their current behaviour in Ps – which centres them inside of said outline –, so as not to conflict with the cursor crosshair for those users who may have it configured to be visible)? I know that small as this suggestion may seem, it would add some visual clutter (I guess it could always be off by default and be selectable on the preferences dialog, just like the crosshair), but it I believe it would further enhance ease-of-use and differentiate AP from the competition. Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work!
  12. I would like to change a color of my image to a specific color using a layer adjustment but it seems that none of the adjustments offer an input section to change the color using a color code (RGB). How could I go about doing this? Thank you.
  13. I purchased Affinity Photo for Windows 10. I am on v1.5.1,54 My Windows is the latest release. I have literally watched dozens of tutorials. When they use the Brush select Tool, as the brush is moved over the intended selection, the selection turns red or pink. When I do it, I am getting dotted lines that I wind up using add or subtract in order to get the selection. Is this a change from the version used during the Tuts or am I doing something wrong?
  14. So maybe I don't know where to find them, maybe they don't exist, but does anyone know if you can set keyboard shortcuts for the "Add" and "Subtract" buttons while using the Selection Brush Tool? It would be super handy trying to narrow down what you actually want selected. Thanks!
  15. Hi, When I use selection brush tool with subtrack it first act like add. When I use add and than subtrack it act right. It's not a big problem. MM
  16. Hi- I have a simple object in this case a spoon photo that was taken on a white background (see attached picture). I'd like to have the spoon appear on a solid black background- but I can't figure out how to easily do this. I've tried the selection brush tool, but it does not appear to provide smooth lines to then delete the white background. thank's for any help you can offer!
  17. Very new to the Affinity Photo game so trying to get to grips with the most efficient workflows. I'm trying to remove a green screen background for some product images to make useable PNGs of the product images. I have had reasonable results simply using the selection brush tool and gradually selecting the edges then refining as best I can however the results are not always as clean as I'd like them to be, I'm sure there are some much more efficient/cleverer methods of reaching the same goal. I have linked 2 images (the uploader wouldn’t let me add any for some reason) both of which contain finer detail around the bottom tassels, with the cream coloured product a green glow is left over around the edge from the green screen once I've removed it. So, what I'm asking you guys for is... * What is the most efficient method of removing a background like this from an image? • What is the best method for refining the selection around the finer details? * What is the best means of removing the green glow around the edge of the product after background removal? Cheers guys, any help is very much appreciated! Image 1 Image 2
  18. after selecting part of an image with selection brush tool while applying effects a ghost image is created on top of the selected image and the effects are appearing on that part only. this was happening on landscapes where a cloudy sky was selected with a tree line below as border to edit the sky a ghost image of the tree line was appearing at the centre of selection. i am attaching 2 pictures taken of the screen shot. in short i am unable to edit the selection. all edits are appearing on the ghost image created automatically. the raw file imported was taken using my nikon d7000 camera.
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