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Found 63 results

  1. TheCrimsonBird

    Image downscaling bug

    Hello everybody i have been recently having problems with saving projects. So i made a banner art which is 3840x2160 and while working on it the resolution was fine. However when i exported it to Png and Jpeg the resolution scaled down all the way 1632x918 pixels for both image formats and i have no idea why it's happening I have included screenshot so you can see what i'm talking about. Hope the issue can be fixed
  2. Using trial of the latest version of Affinity Designer on Windows 10. When saving I get the attached message. Same message when I save as. After quitting and re-opening, Affinity does not recognise the document. After restarting the computer, Affinity does successfully open the document. Definitely a dealbreaker.
  3. I have noticed, that Affinity for iPad has an issue saving to Microsoft One Drive, One Drive does not recognize the file. if I save it to iCloud drive it, immediately recognizes it and syncs, while one drive doesn't. Is there a fix for this?
  4. Harold78


    When I try to safe to OneDrive from Photo to Onedrive cloud, the folder you tap to select it, keeps unselecting itself. You have to tap on it a couple of times for it to stay open and selected, same with the subfolders. Please fix this.
  5. PeteyMix


    Found a major bug when saving. Watch video:
  6. When I export an Affinity file on iCloud, I just loses its history. Can’t find a way to keep it. When I reopen it, it’s the file without the history. If I instead duplicate it within the app, it maintains it if I select that option. I am new to the app so probably I’m doing something wrong. Is it possible to export the file WITH history to the cloud?
  7. I noticed that when I go to export a jpeg, and want to ‘share’ to save my image to iPad, it crashes the app. It does not get saved in my photos as a result, and have to reload application.
  8. NG Creative Studio

    Saving, Depth of Field bug and more

    Hey everybody, This is my first post on this forum so hello haha. now for the problem.... When i have a RAW image (it also does it with jpeg btw) that i am editing in Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro (IOS11) and i add the filter “Depth of Field” it works like a charm, but when i click on ✔️ to accept the effect on the layer, it just keeps on loading and loading... I let the loading screen on for 45 min LOL, so i can only say that affinity crashes when using the depth of field blur effect. What i have tried to fix it: - Uninstalled the app en reinstalled it: Nothing changed. - with only one layer (no other editing done): Nothing changed, same problem - Took different pictures to try: Nothing changed. So i come to the conclussion that it really is a bug that needs to be fixed soon. So that was problem 1, then i also have another things: - I am right handed, so when i use my pensil why is the undo button on the left corner? This is really enoying because i always have to get out of the working flow because i have to take away the pensil from the screen to undo. I think it would be wise to have multi touch like: two vingers tab = undo, three vingers tab = redo. - When i am traveling i always have a wireless external harddrive with me but i cannot save anything on there with affinity, opening yes but saving it to my drive no,... WHY?! I tried: WD Wireless Pro, Seagate wireless, Lacie Fuel not one of them worked to save my affinity files on. Yes, i know you can save it to the cloud, but when i am for example in Cuba for a job i don’t have internet.... In my eyes this is really a huge, epic fail and problem with Affinity Photo. This could be the photoshop killer for me but without this saving option it’s just another app and not a professional workspace. Is this changing in the nearby future? Are you guys going to fix this in an upcoming update? I really hope so because i would love to step over to Affinity in my professional work. - The patch tool, works sometimes but sometimes it’s very glitchy. When i select the part i want to change and i drag the pensil to place that i want it to take, it takes most of the time a completely different part on the image... uhhhh haha This makes the patch tool almost unusable and very unrealiable. - Multi-touch with your fingers I already said it somewhere but i think this is really a great and a huge miss. To touch with two finger the screen for let’s say a undo action would change alot for the better, take procreate 4 for example, they killed it with there multitouch and it works like a charm. - Saving options Yes this for me is really the most important part that needs to change and i ask you developers, Fix this please, because without the saving option to a wireless external hardrive, Affinity Photo is just another app and not a professional workspace. So i think this was it, i have to say after all the problems that i named i also need to say that i really love the program and i think that it has great and epic potential. I hope you guys have some answers for me and i think a lot of other people have the same questions and problems. Thank you guys for making this software available to us all, now let make it the best app in the world!! Warm greetings, Glenn
  9. When working on file that is read-only, it would be really useful if hitting CTRL+S (or going to File > Save) would either present an alert saying the file is read only and cannot be saved, or opening the 'Save As...' dialogue box like Photoshop does. I was working on a file the other day for several hours, not realising that it was read-only and that pressing CTRL+S was not saving my work (as there was no feedback to suggest a problem). Then when the app froze and had to be restarted, I was dismayed to see all the changes I had done were lost.
  10. Hi, I have run into a problem with Affinity Photo. It will not save my files. When I try to save a file it says: Failed to save document: (where the document is placed) Save failed because the file could not be created. Please report to Serif. File::OpenUnmanaged fopen E001 [errno = 2] I have attached a screenshot of the message. The thing is, the place it shows where it wants to create/save the file, is not the place I picked for it. Also, the place it reports is a folder that has been moved. But it should not matter, because this is an entirely new file and therefore there should not be a problem with a moved location, because this file has no connection yet to a specific saving spot on my mac. At least that is what I think. I tried to restart the application and just start entirely from scratch, but it has not worked. I also tried to not save and just export it, but that would not work either. Hope you can help me/fix the bug.
  11. Ordinarily, when a TIFF has been saved with 'Save Affinity Layers', if you re-open the file to continue working on it, then re-save it, Affinity Photo recognises that there are multiple layers and therefore the layers and spare channels are all kept intact. If however there is only one layer, Affinity Photo doesn't recognise that there are Spare Channels present when re-saving a TIFF file and this results in the spare channels being deleted from the file when saving it. To replicate the issue, carry out the following steps: 1) Open the attached ZIP file (it contains a TIFF with an alpha channel and a spare channel) 2) Draw on the bottom layer with a brush 3) Press CTRL + S to save the document and close it 4) Re-open the document and the layers and spare channel are all intact as it should be Now carry out these steps: 1) Open the attached ZIP file (it contains a TIFF with an alpha channel and a spare channel) 2) Draw on the bottom layer with a brush 3) Delete the layer with text on it 4) Press CTRL + S to save the document and close it 5) Re-open it and the spare channel is now gone I think Affinity Photo needs to check whether there are spare channels before saving, so that it doesn't delete the users spare channels from the document. In addition, it also needs to check whether things such as text layers are present too, because if you have a non-rasterised text layer it will also be flattened when saving, rather than keeping the layer intact. Windows 10 - 14393.693 Affinity Photo - Surface-Studio.zip (file no longer available)
  12. Hi, would it be possible to add a way to save the job done in develop persona before the complete process is done and be able to start again from where we were at that point? I hope I'm clear :-) Best Regards Cyril
  13. The file I was working on since two days just broke after saving it. It is not possible to open it any more - "The file type is not supported." It seems like the file size has shrunk down - but that's just a guess..
  14. Hey! I am running into a bug here. Affinity Designer 1.5.5 sometimes crashes when trying to save a new file. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this reliably, but since updating to 1.5.5 a few days ago, this happened about 4-5 times. This is what I did: 1.: Open Affinity Designer 2.: Create new file (cmd+N) 3. Save file (cmd+shift+S) 4. Set directory 5. Create new folder 6. Select that folder 7. Save into that folder 8. Designer should crash I am using OSX 10.11. Best wishes, Shu
  15. Hello! I was wanting to suggest adding a feature in the application that gives us the option to retain or sequentially name our saved files just to keep everything organized better. As it is now for me I plug in my SD card to my iPad and import photos to the camera roll, then I import that image from photos into the Affinity application. Is there another way that I can import the images to keep the file names? I edit quite a few files at a time and in Lightroom Mobile it retains the file name even coming from the camera roll, I am hoping it can be implemented in a future update for Affinity! Thank you so much
  16. I've been using Affinity Photo for two weeks on a 2017 12.9 iPad pro with Pencil running iOS 10.3.2. I have drawn a CMYK image with three layers and all was going swimmingly until yesterday, when with the majority of the image drawn, Affinity began to suddenly close without saving any recent changes. I updated to the latest version of Affinity Photo last night but the issue still persists. In an attempt to pre-empt the crashes I tried saving regularly by going back to the gallery. After several attempts, with Affinity closing as soon as I pressed the home button, it became clear that it was the act of saving that was causing the crash and closure. The crashing is immediate and no changes are saved. Please offer some suggestions because I've been enjoying using Affinity, but this is driving me crazy.
  17. I am using a iPad pro and Affinity App. I would like to save finished pics to de apple picture brouwser on my iPad. I only find options to export to cloud storage. If I want to post a picture on 500PX the share function of Affinity doesn't work.
  18. Can you save to an external source like an attached sd card?
  19. I know there is a feature on adobe illustrator were it will package all your files together (vectors, fonts, backgrounds, etc) into one file so it is easier to give to your printer. Is there a similar feature in Affinity Designer that I am over looking?
  20. Hello Affinity Support and Team! I'm having some trouble diagnosing a couple problems I'm having on the saving and export ends of using Affinity Photo. When I open a high resolution RAW file (.NEF from Nikon) in AP, it opens up the Develop persona, of which I click "Develop" with no edits--and have turned all auto processing from the assistant off so it doesn't affect the image. When I save the file as is with no additional changes, the file size of the Affinity photo file is over ten times the high resolution file size. (See attached screen shots.) Is this normal? I'm also having trouble with the exports (JPEG best) of my photos retaining the same quality as what I see on my screen from AP. For starters, the exports look noisier/grainier than what's in the AP window, and the colors are a little off as well (though the colors aren't as noticeable as the noise). Is this normal as well, or is this a bug I'm experiencing? I've reviewed your exporting tutorials, and unfortunately they were not able to assist, even in copying the suggested workflows. Any help will be greatly appreciated in figuring out what's happening and how to best move forward with AP. Thanks! Computer Specs: iMac 24" (early 2009) OSX 10.11.6 (can't upgrade to Sierra or later due to hardware incompatibility) 2.66 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB DDR3 RAM AP Version: 1.5.2
  21. Hi there, I was looking for similiar problem on this forum without success. What I found was this topic: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29894-save-failed-because-access-to-the-file-was-lost-document-must-now-be-closed/ related to files that are stored on external media. My problem description: I am wornking on Windows 7 64, what I do is filling template document with some data. My workflow is as follow: every file has its own name, starting with serial number increased by one. When I get new document to fill - I am opening last one and after editing everything what needs to be edited, I am saving file as with number increased by one. Then I am exporting two files - jpg and pdf, then save and quit. Or - if there are more documents - I repeat previously described steps. Yesterday I had error message described in topic name. What is interesting - even if I change name in "save as" step to "new name" - error message is reporting that "Failed to save document "old name" Save failed because access to the file was lost." I tried to: change location, change name - no effect. File is being saved on local drive, no data from external media is linked in file. I have two AD versions installed (due to reported e.g. by me Polish diacritics problems error) - beta and latest stable. The same problem is on both versions. File can be exported to given file type, but this is no solution for me. There are lots of situation, when I need to change those documents on the fly, and this error forces me to create new one every time from the scratch. I hope you will be able to provide me help, regards. [edit] Problem appears with every file created till about yesterday - there are like more than hundred of them. Also when creating new document and saving and closing it, when document is opened and option "save history with document" is enabled - also this error appears. What I forget to mention is that this option is enabled in those template files, but disabling it, restarting AD and opening those files changes nothing. Problem still appears. It looks like this problem appears with every file that I am opening and trying to save as with different name. If I do not try to save as with different name I can save opened file.
  22. Hi on MAC When I close an ongoing document, affinity ask me first if I want to save first if I say YES then affinity save the file but it forgot to close the window once saved. would be cool to close the document once saved. Regards. F
  23. Hi there, compared to Photoshop saving high resolution files in AP is so slow. Today I lost a great amount of valuable time by just waiting. Will this be improved in the near future?
  24. When saving to PSD, Affinity Photo doesn't warn the user if a file is read-only and gives the appearance it has saved the document when it hasn't. 1) Go to Edit > Preferences > General > and tick 'Enable "Save" over imported PSD files' (to allow Affinity Photo to File > Save to PSD.) 2) Open a PSD file that has been set to read-only (EG: A template file). 3) After working on the document go to File > Save. A dialogue box is displayed indicating that it's saving the file (see below screenshot), however nothing is being saved and no warning is given that the file is read-only during the saving process. Affinity Photo - Windows 10 - 14393.576
  25. Hi AF photo still bug on saving when you do multiple task simultaneously. if you save a project and wile saving you double clic on a cr2 file to open it automatically in AF wile it is saving he will not manage to handle both and will stay open but frozen. let me know if you have the same issue on your side or if its only me. Let me know what content would you need from me to help you solve this. Regards,

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