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Found 142 results

  1. Not sure it's a feature, more of an improvement, but it has cause some troubles to me. In all applications that I'm aware of, the Save As function will save in the folder where the file is currently located in. A.D. does not, it saves in the last folder that was used, always. Even if I close a file and open a totally different one, SaveAs will default to the last saved folder. I have files spread all over the disk because of that :( It's annoying especially because the standard behaviour is so universally ingrained I find it hard to remember to change the save location every time. Keep up the good work
  2. why both affinity photo and design have same action when i press ctrl + s (save) and ctrl + shift + s (save as). i think ctrl + s should save file in affinity file format and ctrl + shift + s Should able to export file in different format. this is very annoying both have same action. please solve this problem.
  3. I'm having trouble figuring out how to export a JPEG for print. The document is set to print and is 300 dpi, however, when I save, the image is 72 dpi. I don't see an option in the save settings (attached).
  4. It's not possible to save a Style if it's similar to one that has previously been saved. Affinity Photo seems to have some sort of logic built into it that doesn't recognise changes to the stroke's pressure profile properties. To reproduce the problem: 1) Open Styles panel 2) Click Settings icon > Add Styles Category 3) Select Pen tool and draw a line with the Pen tool 4) Set Stroke Width to 20px 5) Set Pressure Properties 6) Go to Edit > Create Style 7) Style is correctly added to the new Styles Category Style 1: 8) Close the above document and open a new one 9) Select Pen tool and draw a line with the Pen tool 10) Set Stroke Width to 20px 11) Set Pressure Properties (this time using a different stroke pressure profile to the last one) 12) Go to Edit > Create Style 13) It won't let you save the new style. It will only let you save it if you change something else other than the pressure properties, such as the size or colour. This example is done with the Pen tool, but the issue also occurs with shapes. Style 2 (won't save): ----------------------------------- Windows 10 - 15063.332 Affinity Photo -
  5. Is there a way to export all artboards as pngs...without having to save each one at a time?
  6. I'm unable to save files in anything other than the .aff default, even using the export tab while using the trial version
  7. I'm trying to find a quick and efficient way to save modified .jpg photos by overwriting the original file. I understand that the save command does that but the file size increases to 3-4 times the original size every time I do that. I haven't got 'save with history' turned on so why this unreasonable increase in file size? Is there a way to overwrite the original file by pressing a single shortcut without ending up with an unreasonably large file?
  8. Hi, I am using AP to crop dozens of screenshots and wanted to automate that. I created several macros (due to different resolutions of the screenshots), but in no macro can I add the FILE > SAVE (or CMD+S) command. Even CMD+W after the cropping does not work, as when I click SAVE in the close dialog, AP says it will not save that stuff. The Macro Recorder says "Cannot record "Export document". Is that correct behaviour? If so, is it possible to add the SAVE command to macros in a future version of AP? Thanks and happy May the 1st.
  9. Is it possible to save an interface layout, with customized toolbar and palettes layout?
  10. swisskicks

    Crash on Save

    Hi, I'm having an issue where I open a new blank document, and when I go to save, Affinity Designer crashes. When I open an old document and "save as", it crashes. Basically, hitting "save as" makes the program crash. :( If I open up an old document, modify it, hit save. It's fine. I hope you can help me!
  11. Hi If you export a big image in any format, as PNG for exemple and you double clic on another image in your finder while this first one is still exporting then the export stop and the loading happen but then the application freeze. I have then to kill it and relaunch. this seams to be happening all the time. Let ne know how I can help you solve this as I would like to be able to multitask this kind of operations. Regards.
  12. Dear Affinity This is a very serious bug. This crashes the whole system into black screen and only restart works, and which is more embarrassing that this bug corrupts the tiff file, which can't be opened again in any app, including AP (which crashes after I try to open again). Its happening every time I try to save or export a multilayer tiff which has been created by any other application like Lightroom (once it happened with a tiff created by AP also.). Since it is a normal photographers workflow happening ALL THE TIME that you open a raw file in an external editor, it is a very problematic bug which forces me not to use AP and not to retouch my pictures - which is nonsense. I have this problem from start of my AP use and it annoying me for more weeks now, but I was patient saying, okay I try to take cautious steps not to press apple+S but it is hard to convince your nerves to work differently rom a day to another.... I already posted twice report to apple, but I think they won't even notice. My question is strait forward: do you aware of this issue and will you post a update for this as soon as possible or should I search for another working photo editing app? Or tell me another solution which can fit in my workflow. Please tell me what logs, or information should I send to you which helps you find the reason. thank you daniel iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32), AP 1.5.1., Lr 6.8
  13. Running Affinity Photo 1.5.1 on macOS Sierra 10.12.3. I like to use the Apple Photos extension Edit in Affinity Photo Photo. Up until now my workflow was to edit in Affinity Photo, save, close, go back to Apple Photos and save again. Lately (and constantly) if I try to save in Affinity Photo I get an error (attatched) saying failed to save document. It is trying to save in ~/Library/Group Containers. After I select OK not he error, Affinity Photo hangs indefinitely until I force quit and I lose all my work. It's pretty consistent now so I sure hope you can solve this one. I'm especially concerned because the Affinity Photo tutorial that's poised to be released this week on ScreenCasts Online shows this exact process (back when it worked). Allison Sheridan NosillaCast Mac Podcast at http://podfeet.com
  14. It would be nice if Affinity Designer could save as an adobe illustrator file. This would overcome the big advantage Adobe has over Affinity, usability. Most people (sad but true) still use Adobe. If Affinity could save as AI, like it can PHD...it would be a big help.
  15. It would be nice if Affinity Designer could save as an adobe illustrator file. This would overcome the big advantage Adobe has over Affinity, usability. Most people (sad but true) still use Adobe. If Affinity could save as AI, like it can PHD...it would be a big help.
  16. Hello everyone! Does anybody know when exactly continous export (which can be accessed in the Export Persona) writes data? Does it save each time I change the document (and an entry gets created in the History)? Does it overwrite each time the application loses focus? As I am using an SSD, I don't really want to overwrite a file each time I am doing some small changes, resulting in hundreds or thousands of writing processes in a short period of time. If it depends on the OS: I'm using a Mac running OSX 11.6. Best wishes and thanks for any help! Shu
  17. Hi, I've noticed when creating a preset for an adjustment layer the opacity and blend mode are saved however the blend options (Source Layer Ranges etc) are not - is that intentional? Cheers.
  18. --------------------------- Unhandled Exception --------------------------- An Unhandled Exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. The Crash Reporter will be displayed after the application exits. Code: 0x80004003 --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Saving a 72inx20in image with edits. File does actually save without corruption or loss though. This only happens on a save it's happened a few times. As I'm doing a lot of work on panoramas at the moment I don't know if it's to do with the large file size or a heavy editing history or a combination of both! However I must say that I've not had an AP crash whilst actually editing in a long time and I have a rubbish spec'd laptop! PS Very impressed with Stitching in AP, I've redone a couple of images where PTGui left me with a LOT of re-working to do. AP stitching got them perfect first time! kudos to developers. Regards
  19. I'm not sure if there is anybody who asked this before, but i just wanna know why we can't save as or export to .ai or .cdr or maybe other extension instead of affinity file? Is it because of something like copyright (?) limitation or will it be a new feature in the future? Thanks
  20. Hello, I have a problem with a document in Affinity Designer. I saved it and the artboards were aligned in the right way. Then I closed Affinity Designer and opened it again. Now the artboards are aligned the wrong way round. You find the screenshots below. Thanks for your help! Karl Grotheer
  21. Clara Montseny

    Error saving file

    Hello, I'm trying to save a document in Affinity Designer and suddenly a window displays an error message as you can see on the screen capture. I use Affinity Designer on a regular basis and this is a first for me. Thank you very much!
  22. I'm a complete novice with Affinity Photo, but I've not been able to see an obvious answer to my question, which is this. I've opened 6 or so .jpg files and edited them. They are listed as tabs above the working window. I now want to save them all as .afphoto files (a sort of "Save All As" action). This is a batch job, and I have looked at the use of the New Batch Job command. However, when I use this, and look at the Sources/Add window, this opens to a folder on disk, which does contain the photos I already have open and have edited, but also some others. How do I save all the files I currently have up on screen and which I've edited, as a single action rather than saving them one by one? In effect, how can I batch my edited files from the screen, into a batch process and then to disk, without looking at folders on disk.
  23. I want to use Affinity Designer to create interface mock-ups for my projects. I often work on projects by using a version control system, like Git, SVN etc. I want to include also my AD files in these repositories, so I can have all my work on a single place. The problem is that these VCS works well when they handle text files, like source files and so on. Even my graphic files are saved as SVG or EPS, when possible. This allows me to maintain the repository as fast and small as possible. They usually don't handle well binary files, and if I modify them often, the repositories can became really big (that's how they works, storing only differences between files, and calculate differences for binary files is cumbersome). Instead if AD can save its files in a text format (xml, for example), they can be stored in VCS far more efficently, improving productivity (at the moment we store binary files in a separate server for this reason). Obviously it's not possible to textify everything (like bitmap images imported in a AD file) but it's possible to handle them by creating fields with blobs, it's not worse in this case, but if I change other things maintaining fixed the bitmaps, the difference will be very small also in this case. Is it possible to have the text format for AD project?
  24. Does anyone know what's the default setting for saving (not exporting) JPEG? After editing JPEG files with layers flattened, we could "save" the file directly. However, I don't know the quality and other settings when saving JPEG. I know I could export JPEG file with the settings I want, but to speed up the workflow, it'd be great if I could know and adjust the settings of default JPEG saving. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Sleepy
  25. Hi everybody, I just purchased Photo and like it so far! So as I'm totally new, and the search didn't return any results: is there a way to save all the adjustments I made to a RAW image before developing it? Similar to the .XMP sidecars Adobe creates? I don't want to create presets for every single change I made - I just want to save all the adjustments and changes including overlays, blemish removals, etc. to a file so that I can go back into the RAW file and re-adjust the work I've done without having to do it all over again. Thanks!