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  1. Hello, I have tried numerous times to open a photo in Apple Photos, and then send it to Affinity Photo for editing. I can send it via contextual menu or by opening Edit in Photos and then using the " ... " for extension activation. After editing in Affinity Photo I close the editing photo and attempt to Save Changes in the Apple Photos edit extension window. The edits do not save and I get an error message. I remember this use to work. Am I doing something wrong now? I am attaching a low bit-rate video (lens correction, straightening, and cropping) showing the process and result. Hope to hear back with a fix. Photos Extension Affinity Photo fail.mp4
  2. I only save manually, always, in all programs. I am using it deliberately, as a feature, i.e., by default, when I close an app, if it asks me to save I always hit No, because I know that I did some changes that were just some experiments that I don't want saved. Whenever I do "production" changes I am happy with, I hit Save at once. The following workflow would work in Affinity if not for this: Affinity asks me to save changes when no changes have been made. I open document -> go to export -> hit export -> close document -> and I get a "do you wan to save changes?". This is bugging me like there's no tomorrow. I did absolutely no changes. I do exports very very often, and I close documents very very often. Please, add a setting where I can disable this dialog. It ruins my creative workflow. P.S. Even though oftentimes I don't even change anything in export window, I still view everything I do in export window as *no changes to the document*, thus, I do not expect the popup to appear. On top of everything, it is very misleading, especially when you don't close the document at once but after a while, and suddenly you get this Save Dialog, but at the back of your head you don't recall making any changes, and you start wondering "have I done anything I should save, or should not save?".
  3. I have at last decided to get to grips with Affinity after using DrawPlus , etc for years. My first introduction not good. In Designer I spent some time creating a new but simple effort (It included a photograph from my hard drive, some text, a graphic I created and some blocks of colour.) and then 'Saved as'. I gave a name for the document and selected a folder. I got messages asking should this and that be saved to which I answered yes. (I fancy because I let some items extend beyond the page). An icon appeared in the folder but when I tried later it would not load back in to Designer. So I created another, similar document (a bit quicker this time) and tried to save that with a new name. I got the message 'Save failed because access to the file was lost.' Yet the new icon was in the folder with its new name. But that won't open either. I'm using Windows 10 on a desk top computer and saving to an external drive. Help please.
  4. Device: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) System: MacOS 10.15.3 (19D76) Designer version: 1.8.2 Can't save any files, just like the image said. Already open the FULL DISK ACCESS for Designer.
  5. After working on my photos I save them (of course), but Affinity doen't show any choice but saving in .afphoto. Unfortunately I cannot read this format with my Mac sw neither with Preview nor with Photos. If I read the photos using Graphic Converter I get a terrible and blurred version of my photos. Isn't possible to save in a different format? otherwise what can I do? TIA
  6. I had this problem too. Happens only on my iMac but no on my Macbook. Clicks on the save dialog don't work, only ESC key close the dialog. macOS: 12.3 Screen Recording 2022-03-29 at 12.49.23.mov
  7. Would be great to have most common admin commands (e.g., from the File menu) available as dedicated buttons, especially a "Save" / "Save As" / "Export". These are utterly commonplace in most programs now; navigating the menu is tedious and the key-codes are too complicated (at least in Windows) for common items.
  8. When trying to save a file for the first time, I find that I am frequently unable to enter a filename, as though Designer has frozen. If I click somewhere else, and then back to the filename field, text may suddenly appear and I can type as normal. I have also had some issues with the Save dialogue in Photo since upgrading to macOS Monterey. My system: iMac 5K 2017 RAM: 24 GB macOS Monterey 12.2.1
  9. Photo totally froze up when I tried to save a file. It became completely unresponsive (spinning beachball), and after a long wait it became clear to me that it was not going to recover, so I had to do a Force Quit. (Thankfully, the autosave recovered most of what I had worked on.) I have also had some issues with the Save dialogue in Designer since upgrading to macOS Monterey. My system: iMac 5K 2017 RAM: 24 GB macOS Monterey 12.2.1
  10. Hi! I just did a search of the group for this and nothing came up, so forgive me if this has been brought up before. I am wondering how you keep text layers editable editable after your document has been saved ... ? I have tried saving documents as PNG, PSD and .aphoto, but none of these formats seem to allow text layers to be editable once the document has been saved and then loaded back in to Affinity Photo afterward. Is this something that Affinity simply won't do, or should I used another format? Any information on how to do this would be helpful. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, new to the forum here (long-time follower). I've been using Affinity apps since the 1.0 version and just want to say they are great products! Anyhow, I'm writing here because for the last few days I'm having some hard issues with Designer (and other Affinity apps) regarding saving documents. I the next section I will outline the problem and steps that I took to try and combat it. Also, I will attach a screenshot of the error message. BASIC SYSTEM SPEC: OS: Windows 11 21H2 OS Build: 22000.376 CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 RAM: 32.0 GB Affinity Designer Build: Affinity Designer Beta Build: *note: Photo and Publisher are also the latest versions with the same problem *note: Affinity programs are installed in their default location on the computer (C:\Program Files\Affinity\) *note: all work is done on internal NVMe SSDs, SATA SSDs, and HDDs PROBLEM: Cannot save any kind of .afdesign document. Export is working fine. STEPS: 1. Open new document inside Affinity Designer 2. Go to File>Save/Save As and pick a directory to save the file 3. Error message pops out saying: "Failed to save document: <Untitled>. Save failed because access to the file was lost" (4.) Rename the file to something like "test" and the same message appears 5. There is an empty file created in the chosen location TEST SOLUTIONS: 1. Tried to downgrade the program version to 1.09 and still have the same problem 2. Turned off File>Save History with Document 3. Turned off Hardware Acceleration 4. Tried to edit a document and then save it, still not working 5. Tried to save on 4 different locations (2 SSDs and 1 HDD with 2 partitions) 6. Tried different programs (like Blender, Word, etc.) and they all work fine 7. Disabled Windows Defender (there is no other antivirus or similar programs on the PC) 8. Checked for protected folders (there aren't any) DETAILS: When trying to save a document it says: "Failed to save document: <Untitled>". After giving the document some random name, error messages still say: "Failed to save document: <Untitled>". When trying to send the file to another Affinity application (like Photo) via File>Edit in Photo... another error pops up: "Failed to launch Photo. Could not hand over the file to another application". I think that is all. I hope this information will be helpful. If there is more information or tests I could do, please let me know.
  12. Hello- My Affinity Publisher isn't saving my large PDF files (with a LOT of hyperlinks). The document is 70 pages, if I try to save only from page 1 to 40 it works, but not the whole document. The app gives me an error message, saying it couldn't export. Please help!
  13. Hi all, I am loving this software and kicking myself for wasting so much time and money with Photoshop; however, I need to print something at someone else's house - so I need to email them the files I have created - and for the first one I did I was able to create a .jpg and email just fine - but now, for the life of me, I can't remember how I did it. I know this sounds so stupid - but I have a lot of medical problems hence the memory issue. Can anyone walk we through were to find the steps or provide them to me? Thank you kindly, Katie
  14. I’m working in the iPad version. IOS 14.0.1 Designer v1.8.6.1 I’m finding that saving a file from within the design doesn’t always work. I have to jump out of the design to the gallery view and SAVE there. Very annoying and distressing to find that SAVE is unreliable.
  15. Hi How can we Save and then reload a "Batch Job" ? I have a couple of different Batch Jobs that I have to do on a regular basis. It would be far easier to save the setup, than having to check all the correct boxes again. Cheers
  16. I have just updated to iPadOS15 and now I cannot save to OneDrive. Have seen a similar issue in the photo forum too. I am using AD version 1.10.5, iPad Air 2020.
  17. Hi, The save dialog box default to the last folder you saved a file to instead of the last folder you saved a file to OR the folder of the last opened file. This may seem a minor issue but it causes a lot of mistakes. Is there any chances you’ll fix this quickly ? Pretty please ?
  18. Hi, I tried to find solution but couldnt. For other tools you can go to Edit > Defaults > Save - for selection tool it doesnt work I want to have default settings for Refine - not have to manually change it each time and switch off that weird "matte edges" option (who even uses that) Is there a way to have default setting for Refine Selection tool? Same as per my photo?
  19. Hi, as I am not a native English speaker I apologize upfront for spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Yesterday I downloaded the Beta of Publisher which is Version for MacOS. I then placed a pdf to use some of the included elements. Now I can not save the publisher file, only export to the several options publisher has. Because I might change something in the document later on that is a bummer. I guess I am currently working on the imported pdf. Is there a way to toggle some kind of setting to save my work? As I am new to layout in general and worked with inDesign only a hand full of times before, I need your help. Currently there are two tabs in publisher, one unknown which I can save and one embedded, which I can not save and in which I (probably mistakenly) did all of my changes. The changes happen to be done in the unknown tab as well, but objects are not editable as there are only the master layer and the one layer with the pdfs name on top. I hope you can help me, big thanks in advance! Best Wishes Tobias
  20. Hi I’m fairly new to processing on the iPad and am wondering if anybody can tell me how I can automatically keep the original filename when exporting my work from .RAW format to .afphoto and .JPG formats. i want to be able to keep the camera filename so I can cross reference my processed work to original camera file, and sometimes re-visit my processing. i only get the “Untitled.jpg” option and its an absolute pain having to look up the original file name, type in and change it. Thanks in advance Kev
  21. Hello friends, I placed a layered APh file into another file that's a comp. I edited the embedded APh file several times, so my original embedded doc as saved on disk is outdated. I now want to save out the embedded file as it's own file back to disk. When I go to edit the embedded document, Save As… is grayed out. What's the best way to save my file back to disk?
  22. Hallo Team, ich konnte mit meinem iPAD bisher immer eine Kopie auf Onedrive speichern. Seit einiger Zeit ist Onedrive resistent und weigert sich beständig. Bei einigen anderen App´s bzw. Clouds habe ich mich ab- und wieder angemeldet, dann hat´s getan. Manchmal hilft auch ein und ausschalten aber das kann´s ja nicht bringen. Wer hat da eine kluge Idee? Danke Frank Pauli
  23. I make some projects on Affinity Designer and worked very well. Now i can't save or export in any format and after try save or export i can't select any layer of the project like the archive is "corrupted" or something. When i try to export, the archive is not created and any massage of error show on screen. I tried to restart the PC and Reinstall the program but nothing seems to solve this problem...
  24. Hi I'm using windows 10 and Affinity Photo and having problem trying to "Save As" or Export as a Jpeg, PSD or Tiff. Nothing is saving my work to my hard drive. Suggestions please. Thanks Andrew
  25. When trying to save my file on Windows 10 (last affinity version 1.9.2), the program says that saving has failed because it has no access to the file any more. Really strange, since I am in the opened file while trying to save it. I have to close Affinity Publisher, open it again, write 1 word, save, close the program, open it again, write another word, etc. - everything that goes beyond 1 word will simply crash the program. What can I do to fix this? Everything worked quite well for 1 month, but since 1 week it keeps crashing on all kinds of different activities. Occasionally it says that it lost the connection to the image files in the ressource manager. Thanks for your help.
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