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Found 377 results

  1. Hello, if you try to open SVG with dx and/or dy attributes in text- or tspan-tag, Affinity-Designer ignores this. <text x="30px" y="30px" style="font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;fill:#000;" dx="0,1,1,1">TEST</text> <text x="30px" y="60px" style="font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;fill:#000;"><tspan dx="0px,1px,1px,1px">TEST</tspan></text> <text x="30px" y="90px" style="font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;fill:#000;">TEST</text> Line 1 and 2 should a text with 1px space between each character. This does not work. It looks the same as the result of line 3 without any dx-attribute. Kind regards, Oliver
  2. Hi there, I'm working with a document currently that has several embedded .afdesign files (as they were created in Affinity originally). However, when I export the document, all these elements are rasterised and become ugly. This is an issue as I'd like to be able to have one logo which I make tweaks to, embedded in some mockups. Is there a way around this? I really like the way embedding is implemented other than this. Cheers, D
  3. When importing SVGs (which are great for retaining layers data) from Designer into Illustrator they're being scaled to the current/last document size used. Does anyone know how to rectify this (in either program)?
  4. On opening svg files in Affinity Designer, very often I am confronted with a warning that font "xyz" is "missing". Some of these apprently missing fonts are standard fonts already installed on my system (Trebuchet MS anyone?). How can I cajole Designer into "installing" these missing fonts? MBP 15" 2.66 GHz Core i7, 8GB RAM OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks Affinity Designer trial version, downloaded 25 June 2015, version dated 22 May 2015. Original SVG files created in Inkscape v 0.485, saved as plain svg. Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey final design.svg
  5. Hi, I've had some difficulty with the SVG export being recognized in other programs (Processing). After debugging a bit, I tracked this down to the SVG header that Designer is outputting. <svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 1000 1000" version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xml:space="preserve" style="fill-rule:evenodd;clip-rule:evenodd;stroke-linejoin:round;stroke-miterlimit:1.41421;"> If I change the width & height attributes to be literal dimensions ie width="1000" height="1000", I'm able to bring this into Processing without issue. So... not sure if this is qualifies as a Processing issue or a Designer issue, but thought I would mention it here for possible inclusion. Thanks!
  6. Summary When attempting to export a layer slice based on a rectangle with a gradient fill to an SVG with certain settings, Affinity Photo 1.3.4 crashes.Steps to Reproduce Open "AP Slice Crash.afphoto". Note the rectangle layer "transition-gradient" in the document. If there isn't one already, create a slice based on this layer in Export Persona mode. Choose any of the SVG export presets. Attempt to export this slice, either using the "Share" icon next to the slice in the Slices palette, or by clicking the "Export Selected" button. Expected Results Affinity Photo exports an SVG of this slice and continues to function.Actual Results Affinity Photo crashes without exporting the slice to SVG.Notes This crash occurs on OS X El Capitan Version 10.11 Beta (15A215h), which may or may not be related. I've included a test document and a video of the crash occurring on my 15" Retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2013) while the dedicated graphics card is active. AP Slice Crash.afphoto AP Slice Crash.mov Cheers, Joe
  7. I am trying to export an AffinityDesigner document to SVG and I run into a number of issues. I am using export for editability. 1. Bitmap images are not exported to SVG at all. Instead of an <image> tag AffinityDesigner generates <rect> tag. Expected: <image id="Tableau" x="150" y="180.408" width="38.1373" height="40.5923" style="fill:rgb(128,128,128);fill-opacity:0;" xlink:href="tableau_cloud.png"/> ... or xlink:href:"..." Generated: <rect id="Tableau" x="150" y="180.408" width="38.1373" height="40.5923" style="fill:rgb(128,128,128);fill-opacity:0;"/> I also notice that some text areas are broken down in separate spans Thanks, Alex
  8. Would be useful to have this option for when using CSS to alter SVG in websites so we don't have to edit the code or use !important. (such as the bold bit in this sample) <path d="M1082.7…………86,320.174C1080.46,339.061 1082.76,370.645 1082.76,414.882L1082.76,727.84Z" style="fill:black;fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
  9. Hi, I often design some assets for mobile apps and I usually encounter this problem. At design time, I'm used to use the "Erase" mode for some shapes (using compound shapes and/or cutting the underlaying shapes does not work in cases I need to use gradient fills or colored strokes). During export to vector formats, these "Erase" effects get rasterized, which is not what I need for the mobile app assets. In the end, I have to make copies of all the designs and "flatten" them manually, which is really slow and tedious process... I have to expand all strokes, convert many shapes to curves and make boolean cuts them with the "Erase" shapes over them. So, would it be possible to either support vectorized output of the "Erase" effect, or at least add some automated flattening procedure for layers / groups? Thanks for considering. This would be a huge time saver in my work flow :)
  10. Hi, I've just been experimenting with exporting to SVG and importing the code into HTML so I can restyle with CSS but after trying a few options (not all of them...) it seems every path has a style already set which overrides my CSS style sheet. Is there a way to export without the style tags so I don't have to go through and delete them? Heres an example of what I mean: its the bold bit that I have to delete for every path. <path d="M1082.76,727.84L1002.6,727.84L1002.6,414.882C1002.6,378.12 1000.31,350.549 995.71,332.178C991.114,313.79 980.222,297.89 963.039,284.44C945.843,270.999 926.018,264.265 903.56,264.265C862.376,264.265 827.905,281.12 800.172,314.815C772.43,348.511 758.564,393.607 758.564,450.107L758.564,727.84L678.414,727.84L678.414,30.9654L758.564,30.9654L758.564,307.161C794.98,234.328 847.06,197.899 914.793,197.899C945.08,197.899 972.051,203.861 995.71,215.774C1019.36,227.686 1037.48,243.345 1050.08,262.745C1062.67,282.145 1071.27,301.286 1075.86,320.174C1080.46,339.061 1082.76,370.645 1082.76,414.882L1082.76,727.84Z" style="fill:black;fill-rule:nonzero;"/> thanks Gary
  11. I've downloaded Affinity Designer Trial to see if I can get it to export an SVG of a purely vector design. For this project, it's incredibly important that the final product be an SVG that has zero rasterized elements in there so it can scale to multiple screen resolutions. The problem is that, while I've got the design looking good (well, as good as I can get it, being a programmer and not a designer!), when I export to SVG **without rasterizing unsupported effects** -- which I thought SVG supported shadows and gradients on a transparent background, right? -- the file has neither of those. I've attached the afdesign doc and a resulting SVG. Tried reading said SVG in Chrome and Firefox as well as Apple's Quick Look (which I believe uses Preview's built in magic magicness) and the shapes and colors are fine, just no drop shadow, no gradient, no transparency. Input appreciated. Thanks all. SVG Looks like this in quicklook: Postal Logo (Affinity) 2.svg Postal Logo 2.afdesign
  12. I'm currently designing some basic icon sets in affinity designer. All was well and good until I went to export my PSD file to my icon folder, I usually save over my previous work for organizations sake so I replace the file entirely instead of versioning. Every time I save over my previous work Affinity Designer crashes, doesn't matter what the file format. I've managed to discerned that it only crashes when I save in this order User/ Desktop/ SUBFLDR/ SUBFLDR crash.pdf
  13. If I try to open an SVG file with no fill color indicated (appears as white on white when previewing in Finder, so you can't see the image), Affinity Designer crashes. Sample file: <path d="M56.14,28.375H35.274V7.506c0-1.809-1.462-3.271-3.274-3.271c-1.811,0-3.274,1.463-3.274,3.271v20.869H7.862 c-1.813,0-3.274,1.464-3.274,3.272c0,1.807,1.462,3.27,3.274,3.27h20.863v20.869c0,1.809,1.464,3.272,3.274,3.272 c1.813,0,3.274-1.464,3.274-3.272V34.918H56.14c1.811,0,3.272-1.463,3.272-3.27C59.412,29.839,57.95,28.375,56.14,28.375z"/>
  14. When I try to place an svg file ('HKA.svg', attached) in my Affinity Designer project, which I created using the svg() function in R, Designer seems not to display any of the text at all (see 'designer_screenshot.png'). If I open the same file with, say, GIMP, then the text displays fine (see 'GIMP_screenshot.png'). I'm running OSX Yosemite and R is generating .svg files using the cairo graphics library. I'm a bit of a novice with .svg files, but if I open the .svg file with a text editor I can't find any <font> elements, which I thought might have something to do with the problem... along the lines of Designer not being able to find the font definition file. But this was probably rather naive of me. Is this a bug, or am I doing something silly? Thanks a lot in advance, Ben HKA.svg
  15. Hi Just switched to Affinity Designer this week and love the app. I'm a Web/UI designer and need to able to export svg icons for web. I like the export features in AD, but I'm having an issue with the exported SVGs. The svg tag within the the svg file is exported with height and width set to 100%. (eg. <svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 44 44" … ). This is given me problems with creating svg icons to be used as background img in css, which needs specifically defined height & width in pixels. Right now I would have to open the svgs in a text editor and change them manually, which isn't a fun thing to do. So I'd like to see an export option that would set those dimension based on the slice dimensions, in pixels. Thanks for making such a great app. -Pete
  16. Sometimes it's important to make sure in the exported SVG files, each ID is unique among multiple files. It would be great if there's a way I can set up a namespace, or prefix to all IDs (a.k.a layer names) when exporting to SVG.
  17. Hello, When I open the svg generated from Gephi or R, you can not see the labels (character string) of my graphs. By opening these files with GIMP or Inkscape, I no problems to view these headings. Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english. Antoine
  18. Hi, today I started playing around with this awesome vector application that you build. As I know SVG very well, I was thinking about a similar functionality to symbols to reuse assets that I build multiple times. From you introduction video I have seen, that you can embed documents. So I created a document for an asset, which I then placed 6 times. Everything behaves like I expected it. A change in the asset, results in an update of the document where I placed the assets. But the export seems buggy. I tried exporting to PDF and to SVG, but those exports results in a large file size even I just used vectors without fx or pixel effects. From the resulting SVG file, I could see, that the affinity designer exports an svg with an image tag an a data-uri with an image/png embedded. I expected to get a small vector file as I just used vector paths. If I copy & paste the assets file directly into the document, the file size gets small as expected and also the file contains path information rather then a rendered image. The best would be if during the export to SVG embedded vector documents will be converted to a symbol, that is referenced with a <use /> tag. Tony P.S. As a feature requests a library for assets (symbols) that can be references would be awesome. Also external assets via http or relative links would make the application complete. model.afdesign
  19. SVGs I export to use in PaintCode (iOS vector graphics app) don't appear once imported. After talking to the developer, the problem is that the SVG viewport width and height both defined as 100%. Paintcode expects pixel/point sizes. The Paintcode developer will improve their handling of these kinds of viewports, but it seems to me that Designer should possibly specify a viewport equal to the document size.
  20. Hi, If I export to SVG using the font "Arial Black" I get (part shown here): ...text style="font-family:Arial Black;... which looks fine. However if I open the SVG file again I get an error that the font does not exist.
  21. The only major thing holding me back from using Affinity as my full time vector image tool is the import handling of vector images. I use eps files a lot in my work and when I import(place...) an eps file it gets saved on the layer as an embedded document. I then have to double click on the image to edit it. Then I need to double click on that image to select its curves. I next copy its outline, go back to my original document and then I paste the outline into my document. I then need to delete the imported image(embedded document). If I don't do the above process, The image will not print(cut). Is there any way that Affinity can turn on a user preference that will allow a user to select if they want to import images as embedded documents or converted as curves upon placing them in the document? Or, provide a button that can be clicked to automatically convert to curves instead of doing the above procedure? I know this has been asked before but I haven't seen a definitive answer if this is something that will be available soon or not. It's this and curved text that is preventing me from cutting the strings on Illustrator (I can wait for the other goodies on your future upgrade path). I am using the beta.
  22. Is it possible to export selected object(s) as SVG? I need to export to SVG in order to drive a vinyl cutter. If this isn't currently possible, is it on the roadmap to be added?
  23. Hi, Attached two files. In one exported all right, because elementry redrew, while in the second file is exported as a path. Previously, there was a problem with opacity, or something else, now everything seems to have checked, but are exported anyway wrong. tell me what the problem is and how it can be solved without re-drawing elements riga1.afdesign riga2.afdesign
  24. I have tried bringing in a PNG and a PDF created by a mind map app. I then wanted to export as an SVG. When exported the SVG files "seems" okay on my desktop (i.e. I see a miniature version of the mind map). But if I try to open in Preview I just a white blank canvas. Ditto if I try to embed on a website. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or does Designer not export to SVGs well when starting with a PNG or PDF? I've attached both the Designer file and the exported SVG. I'm not a graphics design professional so there may be some key step I'm unaware of. mytest.afdesign mytest.svg
  25. Hello, I have exported one of my drawings as an SVG and reopened in Affinity and some of the content does not show. The layers show that they are there but the content is missing. I would like to know if this is only a bug when reopening in Afdesign or does it effect other vector editing programs as well. --Jeremy
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