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Found 50 results

  1. I am trying to draw diagrams with lots of loops. I have posted an example below. I tried for a few hours last night before eventually giving up when Designer crashed. What would really help is to have guide tools such as those available in Sketch Pro. The Ruler, Protractor, French Curve and Perspective tools in particular would be very helpful. Oh, and plus 1 more for arrow and other heads and tails for lines (although I note lots of acceptable work arounds for these). Otherwise, a great product.
  2. Hello, every time I maximize Affinity Designer, my screen gets black. Complete black, also the task bar is gone. After some seconds the screen comes back. But on moving the mouse it changes to black again. It only appears, when the rulers are active Affinty Designer Version is Affinity Photo is not affected Operating System is Windows 10 64 Bit I am using a Intel HD 530 graphic card with I7-6700 It only appears with latest driver version: 154605.4771 With older version 154514.4590 there is no problem.
  3. Hey Affinity Community first off thanks for your great tools I couldn't find anything so far so I'm gonna ask here: Is it possible to export the blue ruler guidelines ? (Designer) I'm currently working on a template that needs a bunch of guidelines for ppl to use in every program so I'd like to have these guides visible. other quick solutions are also welcome have a good weekend
  4. Recently bought Affinity Designer. I like it. Until I found out that the rulers are not accurate. I make decals for miniature models. Today I made my first one in AD. It appears that 10mm in real life is 12,5mm in AD :wacko: This means that AD for me is worthless for making things that need to be accurate when printed. I designed a decal with a length of 27mm, but in print it is approximately 20mm! I imported a 1 cm example from an other (accurate) program as svg into AD. See the pics for the shocking differences.
  5. Hi. Is there a ruler functionality? It would be very useful on print oriented documents. If there is already, i cannot find it...
  6. Version: 1.5.1 Windows 10 Monitor: 150dpi (Hi DPI) Scaling: 150% 1. Create new Document A5 (see Skalierung_Neues Dokument.jpg) 2. Set Zoom to 100%. => 5cm on ruler are 10cm in real (see Skalierung_100%.jpg) 3. Set Zoom to "Tatsächliche Größe" Shortcut Strg+8. => 9cm on ruler are 10cm in real (Skalierung_Tatsächliche Größe Strg+8.jpg) My suggestion ist that one of the Zoom configurations lead to a view with original size (1:1) on the monitor.
  7. Issue: When creating new guides by pulling them down from the ruler, the guides are only as wide or tall as the document. They do not extend to the rulers. If you release the mouse and then move the guide again, the guide then is visible across the entire workspace into the rulers. Impact: Minor annoyance, but it is a pain to have to stop and restart moving the guides into place. Repeatable: Yes Please let me know if you need more info.
  8. It would be great to have a ruler to measure out distances. I bought this program to layout my kitchen cabinets & yard projects, and design my woodworking projects. A ruler to measure distances is critical. Also a protractor tool wood be nice to measure angles of lines. Finally, I read about some folks who make their own rulers with a box, but this if difficult to navigate if I can't locate the angle focal point at the end of the box. It would be nice if we could pivot the angle location at the end of the box rather than the standard location of the middle of the object. That way you could drag the box end point to one side of the measuring point, set the angle pivot point at that corner, then drag and angle the box to the other measuring point. Thanks for considering and helping! Brandon
  9. • Snapping for ALT-CLICK-DRAG into the rulers. • Changing of the (zoom) cursor if (h)over rulers. • And please, an extra text ruler. :wub: • And of course: changeable 0;0 or any X;Y. :wub: • Perhaps a second scale in a second colour (yellow / layer colour) on upper ruler edge for activated objects. :wub: :wub:
  10. Hi, I am a Graphic Designer with 25 years of experience. yes, I started with Mac Paint...I'm that old! but as other colleagues did, I am saying good bye to Adobe for ever. I hate Subscription plans and also I like the idea that I own my software too. Saying that I am happy that Affinity Designer and Photo are here. I'm very impressed. Even my clients that are very 'photoshop only files please' paranoid never knew that I've been sending them Affinity psd converted files instead so, that's is a plus in my book. Please bared with me in this one, I'm learning all the features step by step, little by little with these apps. This question I will ask is embarrassing for me because of the simplicity that may be doing it. How I get the guide lines that help me center an image or layers inside a working document? Pixelmator have this in the view tool bar but I can't find it in Affinity Photo. I thought it was the snapping tool but it doesn't work as in Photoshop or Pixelmator! (and AP is way more professional than Pixelmator IMHO). Here's a picture attached to let you know what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance.
  11. If I drag a guide line first time out of the ruler, I cannot see where I am on the XY axe. I have to drag it somewhere in the document and have to pick it up a second time to see the little info box with the ruler info [*mm/cm]. I've had made a little short video to show what I mean. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eZNf6dYiXc Timeline 1.mov
  12. In photoshop we have the 'info' pane, which tells you the X Y coordinates of your cursor position. We don't have this in affinity, and we also have a less accurate (more sparsely labeled) ruler to make matters worse. Additionally, there is no ruler tool to measure things. This makes it extremely difficult to make precise changes especially for corporate and web design work. It's starting to seem like Affinity is better suited for freeform graphics rather than precision. Please add these features.
  13. Hello, for the sake of usability It should be possible to create a guideline not just by dragging it out of a ruler with the Move/Node-Tool but also with every other tool. Say, I use the rectangle tool and when the mouse pointer is over a ruler, the pointer should automatically switch to the Move tool (as long as it is over the ruler), then I just can drag out a new guideline. I often need guides for my work and it would help the work flow a lot. This would be a killer feature! Thanks, Chucky
  14. Hello All, Does anyone know how to precisely place a ruler guide? Thanks in advance, Rickey
  15. I need to adjust the zero position of the rulers in order to allow for a bleed and then precisely position items within my image. Is this possible or is it a case of a little bit of mental arithmetic each time?
  16. The ruler shows that an 0.4 mm object is bigger.
  17. Would be great when using guide lines that I can right-mouse click a guide line on the canvas, to then select "Edit guide line position" from context menu for a modal input to set a specific guide line x/y position (option to change axis of guide line could be nice too). Additional feature: hold down option key when clicking point on ruler axis to show "Edit guide line position" modal, to then create a guide line. Additional feature: hold down shift key when dragging guide line to have position snap to 10px increments (or Npx defined in snapping tool) Additional feature (maybe not needed?): hold down option key when dragging guide line to have axis change Cheers!
  18. Hi everybody, when setting up a document with e.g. 3 mm bleed, my ruler zero mark starts where the bleed starts. This is not correct and unuseful for calculating positions. Am i missing something? Thanks in advance Andreas
  19. The Ruler Zero is always top left... Why Can't we have it floating, Like center of document or any place And be able to move on the fly... I really would love this... Cheers wonderful people :) Bill
  20. Hi Forum, is there any way to set the ruler zero point to the center of the document? Avé, Rick
  21. Hello, With the latest Photo beta, for one, it can be slightly irksome, that I cannot drag an adjustment filter (levels in this example) out of a layer to "release" it. However, releasing an adjustment layer using the the context menu "Release Adjustment" is working fine. But why does this suggest that to also do this "command+R" is an option… this doesn't work because the key shortcut is already reserved for the show/hide ruler? Thanks!
  22. It would be great if the rulers had the following functionality: Right-click: change units Cllick and drag on the upper left corner: Set the page's origin (zero point) Shit-drag: moves the guides in whole digit and fractional increments (0.25", 0.5", etc.) This could also be a Preference setting (increments). Additional unit: Percentage (of document width and height), so I can drop a guide at 25%, 50% of the width or height of document... real handy :)
  23. Option to zero (0:0) the ruler both vertically and horizontally at any part of the page. Drag and drop - double click to reset to default. Please. S
  24. Adobe recently introduced a very interesting App for iPad called Adobe Photoshop Sketch, which is optimized for their digital stylus and ruler. However, the software has a software-only version as well. The functionality is amazing. I would love to do this with using a combination of my tablet and touchpad/trackpad... Concepts is an iPad app with similar tools:
  25. When the document units are set to Inches the ticks of the ruler are too numerous to be usable/readable. On a 27" monitor at some zooms there are 32 ticks in 1-1/4 inches (between major divisions). With only the center one being a different size. On most of the other units offered every 2nd, 4th or 5th tick is a different size. This would certainly help. Best would be to have the 16th tick long, the 8th and 24th tick a little shorter, and the 4th, 12th, 20th and 28th tick a bit shorter still and the rest the short size they are now. So that every 1/8 of a major division is marked. I currently find myself zooming to find the best spacing on the ticks, so I can count them, rather than the best zoom for the image.
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