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Found 171 results

  1. I'm using the Beta Version of AD 1.1.2. In order to update it I guess I have to purchase the latest release? If so, will it prevent drop shadows from rasterizing around text when exporting to a PDF? I've got the Fill Knocks Out Shadow box unchecked, but it still rasterizes the shadows. My App Store App shows that I need to update AD. But I can't from there. So, do I have to purchase the latest version? Thanks.
  2. I am a total newbie to Affinity Designer and am very impressed with its capabilities and potential. However, as of yesterday, I am starting to experience problems with printing and exporting. When I go to print to my Canon MP470, my Mac shows the "swirling pinwheel of death" for a very long time (5 or more minutes) and then a printer error finally appears. I tried to circumvent this problem by exporting the project as a pdf first and then printing later. Again, the pinwheel appeared and there was no indication or message as to whether the export was successful. Later, I found the pdf file in my documents, but when I clicked on it, it was blank. The really crazy thing is I printed and exported my last project (of similar size, scope, and complexity), with NO TROUBLES AT ALL. I used the same settings as last time, so I don't understand what is going on now. Any ideas of how to correct this? This project is due to a client within this next week and I have no way of sending it or printing it for her review. PLEASE HELP. BTW - I'm using the app bought from the Mac App Store if that is any help.
  3. 16-Bit would be so much better for printing. especially with gradients as a background. CMYK 16-Bit please. Thanks.
  4. I set up a mostly text-only doc in Designer for layout; used an actual paid-for HTF font, and it looks great on screen. When printing, or exporting to PDF, I get postscript hash text instead of the font/text. Font was manually activated using Font Explorer, and I've had zero issues with the font or printing the font using Illustrator in the past. Also tested the font using TextEdit, no issues there, either. Any idea? This is as close to a deal breaker as it gets for me; seems unwieldy/antiquated to convert text to curves to print or export.
  5. How can I print a help topic in Photo without the Table of Contents sidebar? I viewed the Help Files Tutorial video on your website and it shows an icon (printer) to collapse the Table of Contents. My version does not have this. It also shows the sidebar disappearing when the window is resized. Mine does not do this either! Has this feature been dropped?
  6. I am putting AD through the wringer here at work and I found that when printing on tabloid, something huge in comparison (132"x60") the printer, or AD could not communicate properly and therefore, when I chose scale to fit, it did not. It clipped the edges on both right and left sides. This is something basic that needs to work. I did, however, get to it print correctly, or close to scale to fit by using the percentages instead.
  7. In Affinity Photo (as in Photoshop), I find that my prints are darker than I want despite screen and printer profiling as well as having a correct profile for my paper/printer combination (Fotospeed PF Lustre 275 plus Epson R3000). Of course, I realise that my print will never be exactly equivalent to what I see on the screen due to the different types of light involved. However, in Photoshop I had a nice Action which was called "Lighten for Printing" which basically brightened up the printed image and reduced the gap between the brightness of screen and printed image. Happily this works equally well in Affinity by: 1 Layer - New Layer from Snapshot 2 Set mode to Screen 3 Set Layer Opacity to desired percentage for Lightening e.g. 10%, 20% or whatever. However whereas this is a one click running of a stored action in Photoshop, in Affinity by the above method it is a bit more trouble. Does Affinity have any equivalent to Actions or might this be in the pipeline for the future? By the way, I could not be more pleased with the switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photo. It is a pleasure to use an application which has been designed from the ground up for Photographers. Please would the whole Affinity team take a bow? Best wishes, Bail
  8. Hello folks, I've just discovered AP as an alternative for LR and PS. I'm excited, but obviously I need your help: the black/white layer (or grayscale, I don't know how it's labeled in English) doesn't apply for printing. It shows just fine on screen, but the preview in the printing interface is colored an so is the print on paper. Thanks for your help, Blumowski
  9. How can Affinity be truly competitive with Photoshop without being able to allow custom print sizes on any media size? An update to fix this shortcoming is sorely needed.
  10. I understand that future enhancements are planned to Photo printing capabilities, and that at present the OSX system print dialogue is the way to go. In the mean time is any guidance available on getting the best from the current print capability? In particular it would be good to understand how the ICC profile menu options work and how these might affect the print result or help with proofing and setting rendering intent. A short video tutorial on this aspect would be useful.
  11. Hi I'm new to Affinity Designer and so far love it. I'm reaching out for help / tutorial. I am working on a t-shirt design that is layers over an oval shape. When I send off my design to the printer it shows the oval shape on a white box. Is there a way to just save the shape without the background? I have included an image of what is happening. Thank you
  12. Hey again, I have to deliver a GRACoL coated PDF for printing frequently. - Is that possible with Affinity? I didn´t see a matching profile. - Are there plans to add that profile (quite common in the US) - Is there any profile close by GRACoL (and I mean close enough to work as a professional printing solution)? Thanks in advance for any help, David
  13. I have huge 500cm x 300cm sized file. It is to be printed and placed as a wall advertise. The afphoto file has 96dpi and color mode is CMYK/8bit. When exporting to pdf I get this akward lines. The lines are not there when viewed 100% but in all other zoom levels they are. Will these line be printed? Why are these lines rendered in thumbnail images and further zoom levels? EDIT: I looked closer in to the PDF file and it seems as the AP splits this big image into multiple layers. Is there a way to remove this effect?
  14. Hi, kind of feel like newbie with AD yet. Are there any good tips&tricks to reduce the PDF file size, like options that has Illustrator? I got now only Affinity Designer and Photoshop. That kind of settings has Photoshop. But I love vector and would really wish I could make the file size of the pdf's. 1) Size: I must say Affinity Designer works amazingly with complex designs, compared to Sketch or iDraw. I've got menu done in Illustrator. The size of the pdf converted is 8mb. The same file exported by AD is 39mb. Was thinking to save these large pdf's and then open them in Photoshop and then export them with reduced size, but don't know how that will affect the project. (UPDATE: Photoshop reduces the pdf only to 28MB). 2) Crop marks? ... well... can make these manually right?
  15. Hello all! First off...let me say that I am absolutely LOVING Affinity Designer! I'm using AD to do layouts, logos, ads and illustrations for clients and I just had some reservations about the output of files. I really have to have something that can go to the printers. Print files used to mean vector graphics, so maybe I'm old school, but I'm now realizing that a lot of the effects I do in AD end up being rastered/flattened when saving to PDF or EPS files. :( Is there a better output method that insures that what you created will be exactly what you output (besides a raster file)? I need industry standard files I can send to clients (typically PDFs). I hate to compare to Adobe, but if I made something in Illustrator, everything created as a vector image, remained a vector image and nothing changed in output to EPS or PDF. I've even had lines I created in AD with variable widths end up without the variation when I exported it (just lines of one width). I've also noticed when converting these lines to curves, they shrink in width. Any help on "best practices" on using Affinity Designer professionally, would be great! :) Love this app!
  16. Anyone, Could not find an answer in a search for printing. Try as I may I am unable to get a drawing done in Landscape view on an 8 1/2 x 11 document board to print out on my printer in Landscape view. It always comes out in Portrait view cutting off the right side of the drawing. It appears correct in the Print Dialog showing a Landscape view orientation but prints out in Portrait view orientation. The printed size is exactly correct as needed because I make many templates that must be full size exact. I have tried getting Printer margins from the “Document Setup” dialog but nothing changes. Any ideas. Max P.S. Printer is an HP Laserjet Pro 401. 
  17. Hey all. I'm a long-time designer trying Affinity Designer as an alternative to Adobe's crack-induced pricing. The app looks amazing so far. One thing I'm having issues with is printing. When I lay out a letter-sized sheet and go to print on my local printer, the image shifts all the way up to the top of the page instead of printing where it's laid out. This is a pretty major problem. For this project I need to print onto die-cut label sheets, and obviously when I measure .5" from the page top and .5" from the left edge, the image needs to fall there on the paper, which is isn't. I've attached a screenshot of a document and what the print dialog looks like. The document has one gray rectangle positioned .5" from top and .5" in from left edge. The preview shows it very close to the top. The printout itself mirrors what the preview shows. Any input on this strange behavior? Computer: 27" iMac Retina Printer: HP Photosmart 7520 #mikec
  18. Hi, I suspect it is me but I am confused over printing. I'm trying out the AD and have opened a EPS logo image of mine (this was done in, I presume, AI originally). It creates a document that is 199pxx220px and 96 dpi When I print the document to the Canon iR C2380 it prints it beatifully but at a full A4 image. I amazed at the quilty but puzzled because the original work is at 96dpi. My main question is - why does it not print at corrct size? I have created from scratch a 34x43mm advert (300dpi) which also printed as if sized fro full A4. There doesn't seem to be anywhere where I choose A4 (as it could be to A3 on this printer). In other vector apps I've used the artwork normally prints at the size of the image, not the paper it goes on. I can get around this by creating an A4 document and having my image created within this but it doesn't seem like the best way to go. Surely the doc size should be the artwork size? Masny thanks for any help, Francis.
  19. Hi, i made a card and i´m trying to export it to pdf, but i wanted it to have crop marks... and i wanted more than one card per page. is there an easy way to do this in Affinity Design? Or do i have to do it all manually?
  20. Love the simplicity of just being able to make compounds and pasting inside paths (just like going back to Freehand 8) - but I can't include it in my workflow just yet as the print shops I work with only accept print ready artwork in PDF/X 2001a or PDF/X 4- 2008-10 format which is now pretty much pro standard, unless you send for digital print + exporting vector formats ends up mostly raster to all but simple paths - Looking forward to Affinity Publisher to see if it can blossom into a genuine InDesign / Quark killer although it will need the ability to output PDF/X 2001a or PDF/X 4- 2008-10 formats to be a truly pro app that could easily merged into any design studio workflow - Slug and bleed would also be a handy addition - it would just be a shame to have an app with awesome, time saving features that lets you produce a great magazine / prospectus / multipage document designed for print and not be able just create a simple print ready file which any print shop could use!
  21. dsmith48


    Need to be able to set paper size when printing. When trying to print a custom size on an HP7520 I keep getting an incorrect media size error. Ended up outputting a jpeg and printing from Photoshop!