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Found 172 results

  1. Looking for the Canon IPF 8300 + Printer Plug in. Currently found in the PS file>export menu ... it's the perfect way to print to Canon large format printer. Right now Affinity Photo is perfect for me with this one exception ... I can't switch until this feature is available. I'm certain everyone with a Canon printer must be in the same boat.
  2. Has anyone still got X5?? ever since I change my printer to Wi-Fi Wireless I cannot print anything I have done in this program, any idea why??? thanks for any help
  3. We achieved accurate colors in offset (Ryobi 522) with ISO Coated v2 (ECI) color profile. How I can use it in Affinity?
  4. Hi. I've attached a screenshot which shows the problem I'm having with Affinity Designer 1.5.4 (purchased from Apple App Store). I'm trying to print onto Avery Labels #5408, which are 4"x6" sheets, to my Canon Pixma Pro 100. I have sized the document correctly, and it appears correct on-screen, but when I go to print it out, the print dialog shows it as 4"x11" with the on-screen content centered vertically on that page. If I click print, only the top of my on-screen content comes through, at the bottom of the 4"x6" page. Is there some setting I'm missing? Please advise, otherwise very happy with the product, but unless resolved, this is a pretty much a showstopper. fwiw, Omnigraffle Pro printed the sizing correctly, but their cropping tools are terrible, hence trying Affinity Designer. Thanks in advance for any assistance, -neil
  5. Am I correct in thinking that there is no easy way to print using specific margins to an existing image, as you can in Lightroom etc (attached screen shot). I have read the suggestions about canvas resize but this is an over complicated method for what should be an easy task
  6. Hi there, I'm quit a newbee with Afiinity Designer. I love the software program and how easier it is compared to Adobe Illustrator. I have a question. I made a business card for myself that i want to be printed out in CMYK or PMS colors. I have included an example how it will be. 1) The color in picture A is a bright neon color, this is how i love it to be in a printed form. But this was made in RGB/8 . I know if you want something to be printed professionally that it has to be made in CMYK. 2) The color in picture B is the same design, but with the colors converted to CMYK. It hasn't the same effect as the one in RGB. Less brighter. How can i have the same bright color from the RGB version in a CMYK or Pantone version so that i can be send to a professional printing office. Could you please show me in a few simple steps how i can achieve this? :) Thank you in advance. Visitekaartjes Four Four RGB - front 2017.afdesign Visitekaartjes Four Four CMYK - front 2017.afdesign
  7. I'm using Affinity for Windows, and a Canon iP8750 printer. I'm having two problems in printing which I hope someone might help with. 1. When printing less than A4 (as a proof before committing to a large print) I find it prints off-centre. So if I print an image on A3 or A4 and it comes out as expected mainly filling the paper, and then print it on half a sheet of A4 and tell the printer that the paper is 7"x5", half of the print is off the paper. (It can miss the paper completely if I print even smaller using my Canon MG5450.) I could not use the paper guides which guide and centralise the paper I guess, but it shouldn't do this. This also happened with the betas I tried, which I reported, maybe it's a bug and the fix is still in the pipeline? 2. When printing a particular image, I'm getting one or more very fine black lines on the print when printing the afphoto file. These do not appear in the image on the screen. They are vertical and horizontal only, usually 2 or 3, extending most of the width or height of the paper, always in the same place on the image irrespective of what size I have printed it. The image is a composite of a background layer and a couple of added pixel layers; these layers are irregular and have no straight edges in them, and they are the same size as the background layer. When I switched the layers off, the lines disappeared on the print. Then with the layers back on again, the lines printed again, but when I exported as a jpg and opened that, it printed without a problem. Is this sort of problem usual when printing afphoto files directly? Thanks.
  8. Can I post a request for a video tutorial on getting correctly printed colours? My monitor has been calibrated and images displayed on it look exactly they way I want them to be printed. However without correction my prints are usually too dark and sometimes have colour shade errors. I use the same printers all the time but a variety of papers. I'm bodging the faulty ones by adding layers to correct the errors, but I'm sure there must be better ways of doing this. Thanks
  9. I have been doing some testing of color printing using Affinity Photo. I am using an IMac, OS El Capitan and an Epson 2400 printer. I am not getting colors that are completely accurate. I just used the Mac's calibration program to calibrate my monitor. I printed all the images on plain copy paper. For 2 below, I had set the RGB Color Profile, in the Preferences settings, to sRGB 61966-2.1. For the other 3 tests, I changed it to Adobe RGB (1998) after doing some reading on color management. In this example, the color profile of the image I was trying to print was sRGB 61966-2.1 I believe this profile came from the camera from which the picture was taken. When I printed the image I tried a few different settings: 1.Color Sync (which lets Affinity manage the printing), using the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile, with the Plain Paper setting. I disabled the settings in the printer dialog box so that Affinity Photo, not the printer was controlling the settings. This gave me the best print, although the skin tones in the photo were too orangey red compared to how the picture looked on the monitor. 2. Color Sync using the same color profile on the printer, sRGB 6 1966-2.1, as was used in the document. Again, I used the plain paper setting and disabled the printer controlling the settings. This print was worse than the first, with the skin tones even more orangey and the blue objects in the image tending toward turquoise rather than deep blue. 3. Color Sync as in #2 except that I chose the Enhanced Matte setting. This gave me the worst colors, in terms of both the skin tones and the blues. 4. Epson controls the colors. This defaulted to a printer profile of SP2200 Standard PK, with plain paper settings, something I was not able to change. The colors I got were similar to the colors in #2 and not as bad as in #3. Based on this experiment, I'm wondering if there is anything else that I should change either in my preferences or other settings. #1 is acceptable but not great. I don't want to use up all my expensive ink trying every combination of preference settings and color profile settings so I'm wondering if there is some rule of thumb that I should be following.
  10. I have just installed Affinity Photo 1.5.0 on my Mac with OS X 10.12.1 (Sierra). I use an Epson printer. I am entirely new to Affinity Photo, so please forgive me if the answer to this is obvious. In Photoshop there is the option to let the printer's own colour controls manage the printed colours or to disable these and let PS manage the colours; I usually opt for the latter. I could not find an equivalent place in AP where I could make this choice, and when I printed a photo the print that resulted was grotesquely too dark and with bad colour balance. I should be very grateful for information about this. I am aware that back in 2015 there was much discussion about the limited nature of the AP printing interface, but I hope that in the major upgrade to v. 1.5.0 this has been resolved.
  11. In Lightroom I had the ability to print two images on one A4 page and create as many pages as I liked - is this feature available in Afinity Photo? If it is it's well hidden - I cant see any flexibility either in the print menu or the Export Persona. They do give you the ability to change the size of the document, but that seems to be it. If its not there could we please have it as soon as possible? Or have I missed something simple again!
  12. Printing on an OKI MC562 colour laser printer prints fine, but then leaves the printer in a blocked state with first EPS error then PostScript error. I can clear this on the printer of course, but it should be fixed. Not terribly urgent. Similar thing happens when printing a jpeg exported from Photo.
  13. If I try to open the printing dialog (cmd+P) Affinity crashes completely. At first this happend only if trying to open the printer settings out of the printer dialog, now even opening the printer dialog crashes Affinity. I checked with Process Monitor (Sysinternal tool) and get a lot of BUFFER OVERFLOW messages. I can send you the log in Process Monitors' own log format if it would help you...
  14. Hi gang, I'm a very happy user of Affinity Designer and Photo on Mac and Designer on Windows. I have recently started using these products exclusively for document preparation for printing. I have no problems setting the export features, but am wondering why we cannot see the bleed line from inside the Designer persona ? It is present in Illustrator and helps locating color boxes, photo placement to ensure proper cuts at the printers. Is this a deliberate omission or is there a setting that is hidden that I have not found ? Another thing is the dissapearance of items when half on the artboard and half off. Could you not perhaps provide a subdued silhouette of the whole item instead of not showing it at all, sometimes the items are only very slightly on the artboard and you loose sight of them. Just my $0.02 here, but definitely the bleed cut line is a MUST in the designer persona. Christian Gatineau, Quebec CANADA
  15. Your video tutorials are very good and helpful, ditto a forum such as this but they are very time wasteful when one is trying to find answers to a specific question. Is it possible to convert images from RGB to CMYK and if yes, is there a way of choosing the required CMYK profile?
  16. Hi guys Congrats on the release. Confirmed you fixed my previous report with 6x4 borderless printing. However, a new one, to do with layers (or it might be my inexperience). I'm finding that the print image submitted when print preview is enabled does not contain all layers from the project. Repro steps: 1. Drag a tiff file into Affinity Photo. 2. Open White Balance adjustment and make a visible edit. Click the X to close the dialogue. 3. Open Print.. menu and click printer properties and from there select Preview before printing. 4. Close printer properties and back in Affinity printing options select Print. Now what I see in the print preview image is the image but with no layers applied (even though the white balance layer is active). Is this a bug? It gave me a headache for a while! Now in step #2 above, instead of hitting X to close the dialogue, press Merge. If you do this, then print preview will show the adjusted image.
  17. Hello. I would love to see this feature in Designer: When printing or exporting - ability to set up N copies to print/export on a page. For example: I prepare a business card. I would like to print 15 business cards / A4 page. So I set up 5 rows and 3 columns, select whether business cards will resize, define gaps, cutting marks... I used Corel Draw years ago and it is a feature I LOVED. Very simple and automatic. When I change the design, it is so simply to print it again! With Designer, I must mess with artboards, multiple copies, arrange... And when I change anything, I must copy again... Thanks, Tomas
  18. I'm trying to print a pretty large file: 7559x5186 px, with some adjustment layers. It will say "processing page", firing all cores of the CPU for about three minutes, and then stop without printing. The printer status will say "incoming" during this, and will be empty when the "processing page" dialog disappears. This is with Affinity Photo 1.5 on an early 2015 13" MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM, running Sierra. It used to work fine on 1.4. I'm currently working around this issue by exporting to a Tiff and printing that via the Preview app, and that works fine.
  19. Is there a way in Affinity Designer to print a canvas that is larger than the paper it is being printed on? For example, if I have a 16"x20" canvas, I want to print it across 4 sheets of 8.5"x11" paper. This is something I do all the time in Illustrator, and need to be able to do it in Affinity Designer for it to be a viable replacement for Illustrator.
  20. I'm having a weird problem regarding printing directly in affinity designer. If i place an image, which have at least 300dpi and print it directly from AD it will be pixelated. If i export it for pdf and print from the pdf to the printer the image is fine. Attached i have 2 examples of that. Am I doing anything wrong? Or it is really a bug? Using 1.5.4 on Mac OS Sierra. It's a little bit annoying the need to export to pdf a document that i will use once. Regardless of that i'm using it for about a month, almost every day and i'm really happy with it. Great work.
  21. I've been using Affinity nearly daily since designer was still in beta, and there is only one crucial thing I'm missing. We print using an industrial UV printer that utilizes spot white ink, and in the past (with adobe photoshop) I needed to create a new channel called 'spot white' and export the document as a PDF document. Then the rip software would recognize this 'spot white' channel and know to print white where indicated. As of now, I'm still exporting from designer or photo and then adding the white with photoshop. It's a very tedious process that loses me several hours a week. I've tried many times to achieve the same results from affinity designer and affinity photo with spot colors or attempting to add a new channel. Am I missing something, or is this simply a feature that affinity software isn't capable of at the moment?
  22. Hi, can anybody tell me why there is no preset for printing 11x14? i just got the trial today, like the format, but can't find much on the help topic for printing sizes.
  23. I've designed an interface for an arcade game controller using Designer, but the layout is bigger than my printer can print. So I thought I'd just print out each page and tape it together--but I can't get it to print using per-page margins. Is there any way to have the app print out each page using separate pages, so that there's a bleed between pages? Otherwise the parts of the design that fall into the margins between pages doesn't get printed.
  24. Hello! I've just started using Affinity Photo on windows, and it's look promising although i can't figure out one thing. Is it possible to add other channels to work with? I'm mostly using PS to prepare files for DTG printer, where I need to create channel that represents white ink. In AP eg. when working with CMYK, there are only Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black channels, and I can't add my own (or i don't know how). Anyont can help me? Thanks :)
  25. EDIT: This is for Affinity Designer, sorry I forgot to mention in the subject! When I create posters to be printed in larger formats (like DIN A1 or something), I sometimes want to print a preview on my A4 office laser printer, to get a better impression of some details (like font sizes, for instance). An A4 sheet that I can stick to the wall allows to see some things better than on the screen at my desk. In this case, I dont want to print a "tiled"version of the whole drawing wasting time and 8 sheets of paper, only to find my desired detail printed prarted on two sheets that I need to tape together – I rather want the critical detail in 1:1 sale on one single page. So I am missing some option to print only a detail of the whole drawing, i.e. crop the drawing for printing (sorry for my English, is this the right term?). I can imagine three locations where I would look for such functionality: In the print dialog, where the preview is, I would like to drag a frame where I want the output to be cropped (very intuitive but probably more work to implement) In the "Scaling and artboards" section of the print dialog, it would be nice to be able to select slices (from the export persona) as well as the ArtBoards and the whole document. In the export persona, next to PNG, PDF, SVG, JPEG, etc., have an export type "Print" that I can add to a slice. In my opinion, 2 and 3 would be nice and consistent with the overall concept. I could just create a slice covering the detail view I want to print, and the view would be stored in the drawing (so I can create consistent printouts of exactly the same view when modifying my poster). Option 1 is very intuitive but has the disadvantage that the cropped area is probably not stored, but gone after each time. PS. As a workaround, adding a temporary artboard (with transparent background) on the desired detail just for printing does not work, the resulting page is empty probably because the objects are not part of the actual artboard but in the artboard lying below. Of course, I can export a slice as pdf and then print the pdf, but that is not as efficient as I would think Affinity can be :-) . Thanks! BTW, great work, I really love to see how Affinity Designer gets even better with each update!