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Found 170 results

  1. In Designer, I'm trying to set up a document with two pages for print, this is what I am doing.. File > New > [Type: Print, Size: A4, Create Artboard: Checked] Choose artboard tool, click "Insert Artboard" I now have two A4 pages in the document. On the first page, add text "P1", on the second page add text "P2". File > Print > [Range: document, uncheck auto rotate, set to portrait, fit type scale, 100%, ensure that printer is set to A4] > OK I only get one page out of the printer containing the second half of P1 and the first half of P2. The print preview in Designer shows this as the output, and indeed it does print like it. It doesn't matter what I try, different printers, drivers, duplex on or off, Designer will put every page (artboard) in the design document onto a single printed page. I would expect two sheets to come out (or one duplex if set). I'm on windows 10, Designer version from the Windows Store. Am I just going about this the wrong way? I would assume that using an artboard per page is the correct approach, but maybe I'm missing something here? Thanks. Barry
  2. As per the title, I would like to see duplex printing supported in Affinity Designer on Windows. It has been discussed about a year ago here: I've tried with two different printers, one Dell and one Oki (which is a full PostScript printer). Designer ignores the duplex settings completely on both.
  3. Hi Guys - Does anyone print their work directly using a Canon Pro printer and if so do you ever have problems? Every time I print directly from an art board it is always a fight on my end. Example, noise won’t print like what I see on my screen. Paper size error. Effects don’t print etc... I am using a Mac and Sierra (afraid) to upgrade to High Sierra because I had nightmares last time. My Canon drives are updated for Sierra as well. Any advise would be very helpful. Thanks!
  4. I've got a problem when printing same file. first time i do the print (second picture) menu >> File >> Print (and i see the preview of what's going to print), no problem it print like it have to print second time (first picture) i'll do the same steps again, menu >> File >> Print (there is a white preview) now when i start print i only get some miniatures of the print on the page and the scale is completly wrong (i changed no settings at all!)
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug or I am missunderstanding something but i have this scenario: I want to print an artboard which size is bigger than a DIN-A4 onto a DIN-A4 paper. When I select 'fit to printable' under 'fit type' i expect the the print object (the artboard in this scenario) to fit to the biggest possible size the printer is possible to print the whole artboard. But in my case the print 'cuts away' about 60 Pixels from the right side of the image/artboard. Also the printpreview connotes that it overlaps the printable area (on both ends). Any idea on this?
  6. Hello, I am just getting aquainted with AP 1.6 Release and going step by step through the great tutorials I am unable to reproduce the Affinity Photo – Vector Masking tutorial produced on the Mac. Independent of the vector element chosen there is always a checked and not a black background and no vignetting with blur is generated. Exporting renders the background (with blur) without vector element in contrast to live filter layer vignette which is exported correctly. I reproduced in addition to my standard machine (I7 3770 with 16 GB RAM with HD 4000) on a VM with both AP 1.5.1 and Beta as well as on my laptop with I3 processor and mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics. May be this is working only on Mac Computers?
  7. Hi, Is there a way to make the text on path show in reverse? If I use the mirror/horizontal flip it just positions the text on the path differently. For example if you dray a circle and place the word 'Word' on the path. I wont it, and everything else in my design to print out back-to-front so it can be used as an iron-on transfer. Any help would be appreciated. Andy
  8. Hi, My wife has a craft hobby (obsession) and I regularly have to use AP and/or AD (ver 1.5 on MS Surface Pro 4) to edit or create small and medium bespoke items for her items. I use artboards to create small individual items - for example, a line of text that is curved or a series of small shapes. These are then printed off onto a special A4 transparent sticker to be cut out and applied to the created item. My question is: When I select a single small artboard to print, AD wants to print it in the center of the page, it is not economical or practical to print a single line of text - that is going to be cut out and stuck onto a birthday card for example - in the center of an A4 sheet. Is there a way to select my artboard for print, then move it or make it print at the top edge of the special A4 paper rather than the middle? At the moment I have to create a new A4 doc and copy and paste my selected item into the new docs top edge and print that. Not an ideal procedure. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Andy
  9. Is there a way to print the shortcuts? Or perhaps export them to open elsewhere and print? Many thanks!
  10. Problem: When printing an individual artboard, if any artboard has the same name (for example, it's been duplicated) then you cannot select it in the dropdown list Easy Fix: When duplicating an artboard, the name convention is forced Artboard1 (duplicate), Artboard1 (duplicate) (2), etc. Expected: Artboards should be named whatever the user wants, and you should be able to individually select and print them. The print preview currently updates, so you always know which artboard you've selected anyway. Cheers guys!
  11. hi im printing with a Canon pro 100 printer but cant access paper profiles from the print menu , is there a workaround or are paper profiles not available in affinity photo ?
  12. I'm not looking to print borderless I (I understand this can't be done on a laser printer) however my layout from Affinity Designer is not printing to full scale on my HP CM1415fnw laser printer. It seems the HP has a border preset that causes my printouts of a trifold to come out about 97% of the actual size... and we all know how that will screw up a perfectly decent looking trifold!!! HP is not much help on this, and the manuals are not much good either. I printed from a pdf to a colour copier via thumb drive at a local Staples store here and it came out fine... but I'm trying to save our photo club the 88¢ per copy that would run by printing on my business laser. Blacks are better although the photos are coming out somewhat darker. Is there a setting that I haven't found yet in AD that I can use to bypass the limitations of the HP?
  13. I need to print a variety of cards – greeting cards, for example, photo cards, postcards, etc. I'm really struggling to get decent results with Photoshop. There simply aren't enough printing options. Placement becomes guesswork. Printing from PDFs in Preview also isn't working well. I'm exploring different options. I'm considering buying Affinity Designer in hopes that it will make this job simpler – and not just for printing, but also fill in the areas where I need Illustrator but resort to PS. Sadly I let my Designer trial lapse before investigating this myself. Presuming that my trial can't be extended for a day or two, can users please share screenshots and other information on the type of layout and printing options I would get with Affinity? Is it a good option for me? Do you have other recommendations? I'm on a mac running latest OS. Many thanks!
  14. Printing a Designer document with manually applied scaling (in our case 16% to print across two 8.5x11 pages) loses part of the printed image - at the point where the image is divided to accommodate 2 pages. Creating a PDF equivalent for printing, either via PDF export from Designer or PDF export via the Mac printing dialog results results in a full size complete image in both cases, and can be printed scaled without error from Acrobat Pro or other printing-capable PDF applications. We're attaching a Designer file that can be used to illustrate the error. Try printing with a 16% scale across 2 pages (portrait orientation) and observe missing area. Door.afdesign
  15. Hi there, I've just encountered a strange behaviour of AD 1.5 and AD 1.6 Beta (both windows versions). I consider it a bug, but maybe it is in fact a feature I just don't understand... I created a very simple clock in AD and tried to print it with my standard printer (Samsung CLX-3305). Although the print preview looked fine, some parts of the drawing are missing in the actual printout. Bad enough, but: If I export the design to PDF first and print it out via Sumatra PDF Viewer everything looks great! Please find attached a photo (pretty bad quality, I know...) of both printouts in order to demonstrate the issue. You'll find the original .afdesign file attached as well. Does this happen only with my machine (Windows 8.1) - or has this issue been reported previously by other users? Any suggestions how to solve the issue are highly appreciated. Regards, Volker Lernuhr-1.afdesign
  16. I cannot find an answer to this in the documentation. I have been using Affinity Photo as a replacement for Photoshop and am pleased with the performance. I have a question about printing and whether I can print profile targets with no color management. Photoshop CS6 does not allow this (there is a 'null transform' work around) and Adobe suggests using the Adobe Color Print Utility (ACPU) for this purpose. Unfortunately with WindowsOS, patch sizes are reduced by 4% using ACPU. Adobe is aware of this issue but shows no signs of wanting to fix it. I would like to be able to use Affinity photo to print ArgyllCMS generated profile targets with no color management if possible so that target size is retained.
  17. I have an issue with color management printing from AD where the printed color is not what I would expect: The document is set to AdobeRGB, there are some red shapes (RGB 255;0;0) and a small image - printing to an HP CLJ M452. Color management is turned off in the printer driver. In the print dialog under color management, I´ve chosen "Color Handling: Performed by App" and my ICC profile for the paper type in question. The resulting print is shifted to orange instead of the pure red defined in the document. When I print the document by letting the printer driver manage color (and selecting AdobeRGB in the print driver), the result is as expected. I would have do some more tests but from what I see with this document, there seems to be something fishy about the color management handling in AD. The ICC profile is OK - I use it successfully in various other apps (Indesign, Lightroom, Photoshop). Any ideas?
  18. Hello first let me congratulate you for the amazing ipad app, just loving it...fantastic work...I am running the Beta I am running into an issue though with exporting my tiff files for printing. I export them as 16 bit tiffs in the adobe RGB space because there is no Prophoto option ( where is it?) and adobe RGB seems to be the next best choice ... correct? the export files opens perfect in AP desktop but wether I try to print the file from the IPAD or export in Prophoto from AP desktop they do not print properly but look like closups of very heavy noise artifacts.... I am printing from COLORBURST OVERDRIVE that reads the file and shows a normal preview. Never had a problem with COLORBURST and AP desktop files What do you reckon and suggest??. I think it could be interesting to put together a tutorial about preferences both for AP desktop and AP Ipad
  19. Designer was consistently crashing on me earlier today when I tried to print (it sent error reports). Eventually I made a PDF of my document and tried to print that from Acrobat, which told me that there was no printer installed. I have an old HP LaserJet 1010, and Windows updates seem to routinely require me to update or reinstall the drivers or apply other fixes to keep it working. So after the Acrobat warning I ran the troubleshooter, which suggested something about isolating the driver from the spooling service, I think, and that fixed all the issues. The document now prints fine from Designer. So, I’m posting this in the hope that it might be useful to the developers for handling printer problems more elegantly. :) (Should I be posting it in the Resolved subforum instead? Or is it the moderators who move topics into there at their discretion?)
  20. I know there is a feature on adobe illustrator were it will package all your files together (vectors, fonts, backgrounds, etc) into one file so it is easier to give to your printer. Is there a similar feature in Affinity Designer that I am over looking?
  21. Hello, i have a little problem. I came here from adobe illustrator and I have the problem with export for printing. I wanna have pdf with print marks and graphic fill all the paper, not just resize by print marks.
  22. I am presently trying to make the switch to Affinity. After twenty years of working with the competitor's products, I am finding this a little difficult. Please forgive me if I'm putting too many questions under one topic. I am starting to embrace the differences, as much as possible. However, the export function does not appear to be my friend. I am starting to get the gist of it, but I am confused as to why my images dimensions get resized when working with jpegs and tiffs when I export. With the jpegs it appears that no matter what size I am working, it defaults back to 72 dpi and changes the dimensions accordingly. My cmyk tiffs appear to be changing the dpi to 180 with the dimensions shifting as well. Is it supposed to work like that? Also, how is it best to work between Photo and Designer for printing? Do I need to export a tiff or eps to place in Designer or just use the native file? I initially had some trouble with parts of the images going grey when I tried to print a Designer layout with a Photo image. Does this have something to do with the embedded profile? I would really appreciate a video, or some sort of instructions, on best practices to place an image from Photo to add to a Designer layout for printing purposes. Lastly, I am struggling with the gradient tool. Is there anyway to go from a solid color to transparent? I just can't figure that one out. Thank you.
  23. affinity photo, regulary installed OS win10pro 64bit After working on a photo (many time), I am not able to print it. The following message appears at the desktop similar as: "a not managed exception is occurred. The program must be stopped; after restart, a dialog box will appear. Code 0xC000005" Where is th problem ? Thansk for reply
  24. Looking for the Canon IPF 8300 + Printer Plug in. Currently found in the PS file>export menu ... it's the perfect way to print to Canon large format printer. Right now Affinity Photo is perfect for me with this one exception ... I can't switch until this feature is available. I'm certain everyone with a Canon printer must be in the same boat.
  25. Has anyone still got X5?? ever since I change my printer to Wi-Fi Wireless I cannot print anything I have done in this program, any idea why??? thanks for any help