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  1. Hi, If I use a grid adjusted to my requirements in designer and place content in it, can I also print the grid lines in black. Thanks
  2. Hi Team, There seems to be a problem in the way AD versions 1.9.0 through to 1.9.2 recognise and pass vector line information to our Trotec 'JobControl' print driver. The print/render will now produce a raster red line instead of a vector for files created in any version prior -> 1.8.5. If I redraw that very same line (then snap it to the existing path in 1.9.2 Beta for example) and print the file to JobControl, the line will print correctly. We have hundreds of files with complex cutting Artboards in them. As it stands we will have to recreate every red cut line from every shape
  3. is this planned? This is absolutely crucial part of printed work. REALLY needed ASAP.
  4. I am trying to print various images / photo's from Affinity Photo using a Canon Pro 1000 printer and for some strange reason all attempts have resulted in the image displaced e.g. not centred. The margins are all set up & look good & even in soft proofing but the A2 printed image is offset to one side (rt.) approx. 2→5mm in both portrait & landscape. When editing / printing using the Canon software then the photos don't have this issue. I've noticed other posts on here that have similar issues but I've not discovered a solution. If anyone is able to advise me as to w
  5. I have weird issue where I set the size to 5x7 in but when printed it is not 5x7 in. size issue.afpub IMG_1448.HEIC
  6. Just upgraded to V1.9.2 and can no longer print borderless. All was fine in 1.9.1. I've done a few test prints with full extension and there is now a non printed area at the edge of every print Normally when Borderless is selected in the print driver, the red dotted line around the edge of the preview disappears. This also no longer happens. Also the same bug in Photo 1.9.2 I've had to downgrade to 1.9.1 in both Designer and Photo until this is resolved
  7. Dear all, I have an outdoor exposition coming up, for which 20 of my photos (bug portraits) will be printed on 1,3m x 1,3m boards (51x51 inch). Is there any option in Affinity Photo to upscale, to add pixels (as in: a higher ppi)? The photos are originally 6240 x 4160, but since the prints will be square, they will be cropped. Do I need something like Topaz Gigapixel, or is there a tool in Affinity Photo that can do something similar? Cheers!
  8. Hi, I hope you can see in the attached image. Black lines are appearing around part of an object. I have checked that I dont have a black stroke on those layers and I dont. I cannot see it on the screen until I go to print then its in the print preview and the subsequent print itself. Hardware acceleration is already turned off and Im on the most up to date release of Designer. Im at a loss of how to get rid of it. Kind regards Gill
  9. I am preparing a celebration document for my wife's 80th birthday. I have started to print them off, and3 have a problem. The pictures are all coming out with a reddish setting As a comparison I have printed the same picture out on page plus and I attach a scanned image of the two. The lower from PP, the upper from AFF Pub I have an Epsom WF7610 printer. The printer is set to CMYK/8 US web coated swop v2 So where am I going wrong?
  10. Hello! I couldn't fins answer of forum, so decided to start a new topic. I am working on project to print in Affinity Designer. I need rounded corners in printed files. How should I notice it to print house to crop it correctly? Shall I set it somehow in bleed? Is it possible with Affinity Designer? I have made transparent background and put on this retrangle with rounded corners, but I am afraid it woulnd't work for cropping correcty... Any assistance is appreciated, thank you!
  11. Since I updated to version 1.9 (this morning) I am unable to print anything on any of the Affinity apps. The program crashes as soon as I select File--> Print. I don't even make it to a print dialog box. No, I don't have any artboards. Just very simple content. I have updated Windows, and made sure my Dell laptop could handle the Affinity programs. I am at my wits end and think I wasted a lot of money on this Suite.
  12. Hi, When I go to print a photo on my HP Envy printer, the colours are far too dark / saturated. If I print from the windows photo app the colours are about right. I'm using Kodak glossy photo paper - pretty standard stuff I assume(?) - though right now I'm also trying plain paper to debug until I'm somewhere in the right ball park. What would be the recommended printer profile for a home printer with photo or plain papers? Lots of options but most seem to be aimed at professional printers rather than than home inkjet etc. Probably starting the obvious but I assume the sof
  13. Having come from Photoshop, I would love to see a feature to allow non-centered printing in the print dialogue without having to change the size of the canvas and re-placing the image. Oftentimes, I want to print in a specific place to save paper, and the current method is cumbersome to say the least. I also use custom sizes, for instance printing old B&W 3.5" square, however part of the image is cut off, I assume because you can't specify borderless, even though you set the non-printable area at 0. Maybe operator error, however, I see no way to overcome these issues conveniently
  14. Hello the most recent build is not printing Files correctly. The effects of layers seem to not stay clipped when printed. They are perfect on screen, but not while printing. the first file is the original file and how it should look, the other three are photos of how the the drop shadow is leaking out side the clipped area. For now i am printing from a JPG to fix it, but i should be able to print from the DESIGNER file without having this happen. Gary
  15. When I try to use the print function from menu or from shortcut cmd+p, I first noticed this when, I open a pdf file, and then try to print it, publisher 1.8.3 crashes. Even after saving as a publisher type file *.afpub, crashes after the file is saved as publisher type. I have noticed this is now happening with all documents, even those created in publisher. The work around, I have been using is to export as a pdf, and then open in another PDF reader like Preview or Acrobat, from which I can print. I'd be happy to test any patches or fixes. d System
  16. Dear Friends, the most used size for printing in my case is european "A4 letter". Till now, if i selected this size of print media a popup windows appears with message like "the document will be resized, fitted to match the media. So the final result on the paper was a resized picture to maybe 95% of its original size to be fully printed to A4 letter including the margins. The exception was of course if i choose "A4 borderless" printing what my printer is able to do. Maybe it happens with update to 1.9.1 (no hardware or settings changed), but now this alert and autocorrection is missing.
  17. I am having the same issue, whereby a document created in Affinity Designer, some images are Jpg and some are PNG. (see attachment). I export the document to a PDF and the PNG images print black around them, it doesn't matter whether I export for print or web or 192 or 300. Visually on screen and in the exported PDF there is not a problem. Only on the printed document. I have had HP online today working on this problem thinking it is the printer, they have re-installed the drivers and it is still happening. This did not happen 6 months ago. I had printed a document out 12 months ago, no proble
  18. Hello! I’m trying to export a file for print in TIFF format, which was created on a 50cm x 70cm artboard. As soon as I try to export it as a TIFF the app reduces its size considerably, and doesn’t seem to want to deal in anything other than pixels (it automatically switches back to pixels as soon as I try to apply the size in cm - so if I enter 50cm, it becomes 50px). If I try to enter the correct size in pixels instead, it just reduces the size by around 50% and the image becomes horribly pixelated. I’m having exactly the same issues on desktop too. Anyone have any ideas?
  19. When selecting a page size under the print menu there are about 100 randomly ordered options. Many of these I will never use, and some of those that I do (17x22) are difficult to find. It would be great (if it does not already exist) to have a way to edit and order this list.
  20. I have created an extensive document with many PNGs with transparency. I want to provide and compress them as PDF eBook. However, with normal printing of the compressed PDFs, the images are printed with a black background. This does not happen when printing uncompressed PDFs. Here the printout and the file:
  21. As soon as I choose Print or Ctrl+P the program crashes. This is both n Designer and Publisher ver.1.9. Using Export functions seems to work. It was working fine in 1.8.x. If you provide a upload link I can send you the file with the condition that you keep it confidential as it is customer work.
  22. Are you guys or would you guys consider adding prepress tools into publisher such as those that are found in Acrobat?? Maybe folded into the document checking system? Ie a way to see what inks are being used especially spot and CMYK I'd assume there are the likes of t-shirt/textile printers that would like to be able to proof the separations either after creating a PDF or before.. thoughts??
  23. I am working with graphics that are in the red and green hues. I added a adjustment LUT layer that simulates red/green color blindness. It works fine in the layout in both Affinity Designer and Publisher. But trying to print or export the document to a PDF with the LUT adjustment layer active makes no difference in the PDF. Is there some box I have forgot to tick of some where?
  24. Hello, I'm having recently some trouble with bleeds. I'm a newbie to graphic stuff, I've created a poster and now i need to print it and cut off the edges, so there are no white borders around it. In the document setup, I've set the bleeds to be 3mm on each side. When exporting, I've added all the crop marks and all the stuff, but when I export it to the final pdf file, the bleed marks are 3mm away from the poster, not in it actually (please see attachements, and the bleed is much bigger just to notice the difference). I want Affinity Designer to put the bleed marks in the actual poster
  25. I have no problem printing o edge in Apple Pages on my Epson 900 by choosing 'page setup' - A4 borderless, then choosing borderless in the print dialogue box. Don't have these options in Affinity designer. Tried all sorts including increasing page size by 3mm all round. (3mm coz that is the white border that I continually get when printing) Amazingly cannot find this question being asked (in many forms) - makes me feel stupid!
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