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Found 99 results

  1. I strongly miss an export preview. Especially for JPG. But also for indexed PNG and all destructive exports. Explanation: JPG is for example a lossy compression. So exporting something as JPG changes the content. So more compressing means, more changes in the image. For hat reason Photoshop has a split export preview. Pixelmators has a live realtime export preview. When you change the settings, you see instantly what you get and which file size it will have. Screen recording for example. The file size is in the upper left corner: https://vid.me/dAsu
  2. Hello everybody, I've bought Affinity designer to set up Artboards for webdesign. Right now I am working on an administrator dashboard for a SAAS application. I have a few artboards. To name a few: - Favicon artboard - Logo artboard - Background image artboard - Dashboard homepage design artboard. It would be nice if we could use artboards in other artboards, like a portal. Right now I am editting my logo in the logo artboard and then copy the logo over to the dashboard artboard. It would be nice if I could put a reference to the logo artboard in the dashboard artboard, so that changes made to the logo artboard would instantly appear in the dashboard artboard. Best regards.
  3. Hello. I love Affinity Photo. I was happy to move from Adobe PhotoShop to Affinity Photo when I first discovered it. That said, there are a number of features that were very useful to me in Adobe PhotoShop that appear to be missing from AP. If some of the following features are in fact missing, is somebody able to tell me when/if they will be included? Full-screen preview shortcut Preview the whole document in full-screen without the borders of the UI with a shortcut command. Just the one shortcut command - not a series of shortcuts. Also, I don't wish to use the 'toggle full screen' option as the transition needs to be instantaneous. Compare to the original photo (prior to modification) shortcut Sometimes it is very useful to see how far you've come - to check how the original looked, with one shortcut. On/off preview button when making adjustments/adding filters Currently, mirror view and split view exist as ways to compare the modification to the original. But why not a simple on/off button? I would prefer that to the existing options. Export image preview quality During the export stage as you are deciding how to compress your image, it would be beneficial to have a preview showing what the image will look like under those compression settings. It would better allow to manage how to export an image in reduced file size but maintain good quality. Edit image EXIF data When uploading an image to the Internet, I want to first be able to strip private information such as GPS coordinates. Apart from what, I would to append additional information to an image in the EXIF information. Merge colour tones from another image. I remember PhotoShop had a feature that allowed you to adjust the colour of an image based upon the palette of another image. This was very useful if you had one image where the colours were all wrong in a collection where the colours were fine. So you could tell the editor to take the yellow from the better image and tell the worse photo "that's what yellow is meant to look like", and it would correct the whole photo based upon that adjustment. Merge exposure from another image Same principal as above. You tell the editor that you want the exposure levels of one image to translate to another image.
  4. I really like “Continuous export” feature and today I have another reason to love it. I’ve installed Skala preview on my Mac and Skala View on iOS. Then, in Export persona, I’ve created a slice from a layer enabling the continuous export. Dragging on Skala preview the exported file, I get a precise live view of my changes in Affinity Designer (or Photo) :)
  5. As nice as things like live preview of layer blend modes are (and they are!) I can't help feeling a bit short changed by the layer transparency slider....? Anyone else feel like this? I'd really like a live preview of the layer's transparency as I drag the slider, but I have to let go and test it each time. I would say something like 'oh, I understand, it must be difficult to do...etc', but actually, can it really be that hard to make the transparency live? Or at least catch up, if you hold at a point, could it at least catch up to that point when it can manage it? While we're here, I find hue changes similarly frustrating - they do catch up, but I do think it feels a bit slow....anyone else?] Cheers Wayne
  6. Hi, When trying to print an image and scaling it by a percentage the print preview box does not update the preview to show the new scale and how its fitting on the paper size. If I hit enter while still in the percentage dialogue box to try and update preview it automatically sends to printer instead of updating preview image. Frustrated as I now still have to go in to photoshop to print, the program i'm trying to move away from, defeating the purpose of using Affinity. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. A feature in animation software Hype is bundled with it's iOS software that sends live previews of your animation and timeline scrub straight to your iOS device. Such a feature could be useful particularly when creating UI for iOS devices. I'm hoping someone comes in here and tells me it already exists. :lol:
  8. Hi, I am a new affinity user. Having come over from Adobe CC I would preview my images in LR before importing to PS for editing. What are the raw image preview options you recommend? I like affinity once I have the correct image selected to import, but it's finding the right image and evaluating/comparing them before import that's now the issue. Thanks, Bec
  9. I would like to see some function for easily switching between before/after preview in the adjustments panels. Keyboard shortcut, toggle or maybe split view like in the filter panels.
  10. Hello; I'm coming from Illustrator; first time using the app. Where is overprint preview, or what is the Affinity equivalent? thanks!
  11. See the image attached. I think it would be awesome if there was a color preview to show how dragging the curves handles will affect your photo. For example I would know that dragging the highs in the red channel down would tint the photo cyan, or dragging the lows in green to the right will tint the photo magenta. This could work for RGB and CMYK as well. Thanks!
  12. Yes, I've noted the following line in the Feature Roadmap for Affinity Photo: -Export persona - preview with compression and palette optimisation But since we don't know exactly what you are working on, I'd like to offer some guidance: 1) Please use Photoshop's "Save for Web" as a feature guide. I use just about every single feature there when optimizing graphics for the web. Transparency, Number of Colors, Interlaced, Various Dithers, Multiple Color palettes (Adaptive, Selective, Perceptual), Web Snap, and Lossy (for GIF) are all very serious features. ​2) Please use a Quantizer for PNG optimization: http://pngnq.sourceforge.net I use TinyPNG all the time to convert my 24-bit PNGs with Transparency into super tiny PNG-8's! https://tinypng.com Build something like that into Affinity Photo and you've truly one-upped Photoshop! 3) Consider hiding or graying-out the "Resample" popup in the File>Export sheet whenever the dimensions are LOCKED. When UNLOCKED and the user changes the dimensions, only they would you need to resample. But when the dimensions are locked, no resampling is needed and so that resample popup only serves to confuse the user. 4) If you want to add a compression preview in File>Export it may be best to put that as a checkbox option, unchecked by default to ensure maximum performance. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I just installed AD 1.3.2 and noticed there are no longer file previews in the finder (OSX 10.8.5). Thanks Paige
  14. To reproduce: Draw with the brush tool or otherwise generate a raster layer with some content Using the move tool or the transform panel, add a rotate transform to the layer Run a destructive filter command from the main menu (tested with Radial Blur) Increase the Angle parameter for the filter to have a visible effect With the preview active, click somewhere on the canvas to set the center point for the effect to something meaningful, like the center BUG: The filter preview will now be clipped rectangularly (presumably to a memory manager tile boundary) and not display in the extended area the filter would expand the layer region into. Applying the filter will now briefly show a huge bounding box for the layer, which after a short moment shrinks to the correct size The final rendered result is correct even though the preview was not.
  15. In the Export Persona, when exporting an image for the web and you want the size as small as possible, you want to see a preview of what you will be exporting. So you can change the quality of a jpeg and see instantly what the result will be. The same when you change the number of colors in the palette of gifs and pngs. Also show the sizes in bytes of the slices you are exporting. The size is shown in the simple Export, but not in the more advanced Export Persona. Fireworks does this very well, it even has multiple previews with different export settings.
  16. This is most likely a system glitch rather than something in Affinity but I'm hoping someone will have an idea how to correct it. Suddenly yesterday, while moving a folder of saved Affinity images, every file with an .afdesign or .afphoto suffix lost the preview on their thumbnails. Just went blank! These were files that 15 minutes earlier had normal preview thumbnails. I was not in either Designer or Photo at the time. I was just organizing folders. The reason I think it's system-related is that I also found a folder of NEF files that has lost their previews as well. A thing that makes me think it might not be system-related is that when I did a Get Info on those files, they were set to Open With…Affinity Photo. With the NEF files (a year's worth!) I was able to use a batch process in Capture NX2 to resave those files. Resaving restored their previews. Resaving did not restore any of the Affinity files. And new files, in both programs, no longer save with preview icons. At the moment, if I want to have a preview thumbnail, I have to export the file as either a PNG or a PSD. Any and all suggestions welcome! I am stumped. Update: Per suggestion in another thread, I deleted both the Designer and Photo betas and reinstalled them (after downloading them again in case there was a glitch in the download.) Opened a folder of Designer files and some of them had previews showing, others did not. Closed that folder and opened the Photo files folder, no previews at all. Went back to the Designer folder and all of those previews were now blank again.
  17. A feature I often use in Adobe apps is the Proof Setup option. In InDesign this allows me to check how document colours will look across different print and screen colour profiles, including some greyscale profiles. In Illustrator and Photoshop this menu option also checks how document colours would appear to someone with Protanopia or Deuteranopia-type colourblindness (for some reason this feature isn’t in InDesign). The colour profile previewing is nice to have, but I usually focus on just using the greyscale profiles as a way to test contrast in my artwork colours, and in Illustrator I often like to check that I’m not using colours that wouldn’t read well for a colourblind person. I’d love for Affinity apps to include greyscale and colourblindness preview options, as well as any other preview modes for visual impairments that may be useful. Having the ability to proof specific colour profiles would also be useful.
  18. The real-time previews of blend modes on hover from the layers palette is really nice (and fast). For that reason I am curious why this functionality wasn't added to the blend modes within the effects panel. It just makes sense that there should be consistency with the way preview blending modes function wherever they occur, and on-hover live previews in the effects panel would do that. Adam
  19. Hey guys, The live preview of Blending modes in AD which we are so fond off doesn't seem to work inside the FX palette, in any of the FXs... Is this a known bug or just not feasible inside the FX palette? I hope it's the former! Thanks for all your support!
  20. Feature I am missing the most is a distraction-free preview mode. An ability to see the main canvas only, full screen, without any dark UI elements, menus, etc. Is there a shortcut that does this now? Thank you.
  21. Hi- first post, I love the software, it's replacing a lot of Adobe bloat in my workflow, and it runs beautifully. Thanks! I do however wish it was easier to clear away all the tools, for three reasons: 1) I want the maximum possible work area 2) I want to be able to easily see designs in their own context, not in the context of other styles, however nice they are. 3) I want to be able to present work to others (who don't know where the UI starts & ends) in as clear and immediate a way as possible. At present, there are four pieces of UI that get in the way of these cases: AD calls three of them 'Tools', 'Toolbar' and 'Studio'. The fourth piece is a contextual selection toolbar, though I don't know what AD calls it. It looks like this (when nothing is selected): The first three UI elements can be hidden, one at a time, using the following methods: Show/hide toolbar = Alt + CMD + T Show/hide tools = click View menu > Show Tools (no shortcut) Show/hide studio = CMD + Shift + H I cannot find a way to hide the pictured contextual selection toolbar (save dragging it to a second display). Am I missing something obvious? In Adobe PS/Illustrator the tab key does this, InDesign uses 'w' to switch view modes. AD currently provides the means to hide the tools, but makes it so arduous (particularly showing/hiding tools) that it's only really worth doing before a presentation. And the contextual selection toolbar remains throughout, unperturbed. For reference, I'm used to a flow where I use palettes/tools to set up a change or make a mark in a design, hide the palettes/tools, make the decision, edit it, and show the palettes/tools again only when I need to change tool/colour/etc, and don't know the shortcut. A simple combined shortcut (or the ability to set one) for already extant functionality would go a long way. Getting rid of the remaining selection toolbar would be icing on the cake. Thanks for reading, hope this kind of thing was already on your roadmap (in which case: strong upvote) :D
  22. Any way of adding a Preview toggle on/off for adjustment layers? S
  23. I use the Split view mode almost all the time (basically on any project that requires more than text/a few shapes on a background) but clicking and dragging the separating line can be quite slow sometimes. I think it'd be great if there was a gesture to control the position (like a three finger swipe) without having to click first.
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