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Found 99 results

  1. Hi, Software: Affinity Photo Version: 1.6.11 I have discovered a bug while in the import window. It appears Affinity Photo does not give the spacebar functionality to the import window but rather 'hijacks/keeps' it as the "temporary move" hotkey. This means when I preview a file to import using the spacebar functionality, it does indeed show a preview of the file, but straight after returns the functionality back to Affinity Photo, thus you are unable to close the preview window, or go to the next image with the arrow keys. I've done a little screen capture to show you. Hopefully it makes sense. https://youtu.be/io5fSPc043c I have not yet tested the bug in Affinity Designer. Cheers, stwr
  2. In the spread setup pane, it would be good have a preview when setting up margins.
  3. I understand that the print layout is in the Print dialog because it relates to printing, and that the Layout could be different each time, but I also find it clumsy. I would like to create Layouts that I could save and use over, or use to make another Layout by just changing a few parameters. I would also like to see a more graphic interface. The print preview in this dialog is ridiculously small, and almost useless. The old Page Plus did this much better. Although I specify a Paper Size: “Letter”, the Width and Height shown in this dialog are GIGANTIC!. (see the attached) Since I already created a left margin on the page, I shouldn’t have to do it here on the Print dialog, but I must to make it work.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering why Affinity Photo and Designer are opening PDF file in different colour than I can see it on MacOS native Preview app? File is package print design I got from client in PDF format. I believe it has been made originally using Illustrator. When I open it in Designer I see extra red layer with blending mode multiply over graphic layer. Not sure what is it's purpose. Any idea what I'm dealing with? Best, Juha
  5. Does anyone know if there is a preview feature in Publisher? I'd like to see the attached document without all the lines ('Show Special Characters' doesn't work for this problem). Test Book.afpub
  6. Hi, i have built some macros. Affinity Photo is showing me a "Generating Preview" window when i start the macro. After approving the dialog box the macros fulfills the task. This takes two times the time. I dont want a preview to be generated. If it is showing unwanted results i still can go back in the history. How do i turn this feature off?
  7. Create a layer with raster data (some image or something) Go to Filters -> Color -> Halftone, preview mode starts (haven't tested with other filters but I'd imagine it's the same for all of them) Without applying the filter or closing out of the filter panel, right click on the layer and click Duplicate The duplicated (new) layer's preview (in the Layers panel) shows the filter preview instead of the 'true' image data. Hiding/Showing the layer resets it and forces it to show the actual layer contents. Layer prior to starting filter: Preview of the canvas during filter preview: Duplicated layer preview: Shows the layer preview with incorrect data alongside the canvas (the canvas is correct in this case) - remains so even after closing out (not applying) the filter panel: And finally, after unchecking visibility, the preview is reset.
  8. Begin previewing a filter (I've been playing with Halftone, start there if others don't work) on a raster layer (that presumably has other layers beneath it) During filter previewing, drop down the blending mode menu and hover over different selections in order to preview the filter with the blending mode The canvas flickers but the blending mode on the canvas doesn't reflect what the mouse is hovering over. However, clicking on the blending mode does force the canvas to reflect the selected mode - it's just the blending mode menu hover that doesn't properly render the preview on the canvas.
  9. It would be very useful to be able to see the images as they will be saved when adjusting the settings in the export dialog box. So for example if we select JPG and lower the quality to 25% you would see the image update to show the compression artifacts. I find that many times it is important to lower quality setting as much as possible but without losing quality to specific areas and it's hard to really know where to set these setting if we cannot see a real time view of the export settings. There could be a toggle switch to turn the preview on or off. This could also apply to any pixel dimension changes and other compression / export settings but even just showing the JPG compression would be nice. Cheers!
  10. I strongly miss an export preview. Especially for JPG. But also for indexed PNG and all destructive exports. Explanation: JPG is for example a lossy compression. So exporting something as JPG changes the content. So more compressing means, more changes in the image. For hat reason Photoshop has a split export preview. Pixelmators has a live realtime export preview. When you change the settings, you see instantly what you get and which file size it will have. Screen recording for example. The file size is in the upper left corner: https://vid.me/dAsu
  11. As far as I can see, the ability to preview exported images is, as yet, only a roadmap item for AD. It's one of the missing features that will mean I won't purchase the software. The AD 1.5 blurb at https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/ui-design-software/announces that AD is "the perfect tool for UI and UX design". But without any way to preview and/or assess the quality of the output images, isn't it difficult to use AD for these purposes? Seems to me that you have to adopt the trial-and-error approach. But maybe I've misunderstood how we're expected to work. What do other users do in the absence of an export preview feature?
  12. On the selection panel opened by File/Open menu, it does not show a preview of embedded JPEG in the RAF file (FUJI RAW). It should ! Otherwise I just can guess what image I am about to open or I need to check in another program, what image relate to a specific file name.
  13. I'm noticing some nasty down-sampling when zooming out on images with thin lines. I've attached a screenshot of the zoomed out preview and a 50% close-up. I think there's room for improvement in this area.
  14. If I create an HDR image using HDR Merger, or load a 32-bit .exr file I cannot get the 32-bit Preview pane to appear. I go to View -> Studio -> 32-bit Preview and select it, but nothing happens. If I go back to that menu there's no check mark next to it, so that confirms nothing is happening.
  15. Greetings forum members and mods. I'm experiencing artifacts at some, but not all, zoom levels in Affinity Photo 1.6.6 on Mac OS 10.13.3 (High Sierra). The screen capture with artifacts is at 15 percent zoom. The normal preview screen capture shows 20 percent zoom, for comparison. None of the other incremental zoom levels seem to have this problem. Just 15 percent. Does anyone else experience something similar?
  16. Just recording this bug on the Windows forum - previously reported over on https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26933-brush-cursor-persistence/in Paolo's Mac thread. Show brush previews unchecked/Always show brush crosshair checked in User Prefs. Pixel Persona always defaults to brush preview - crosshair usually appears if round brush selected, crosshair not present if textured brush selected. Behaviour is present on both my main tower PC and my small HP laptop; have not yet been able to remove brush preview and only have crosshair displayed. Unchecking/checking both options in user prefs seems to have no impact either way. R7 Radeon GPU. Thanks!
  17. Working on the designer met me something unusual. The preview of the work has moved to the top corner of the screen! Not the whole project just preview! The curves were in place. In the outline mode view, however, they are not visible. I see the preview of the shifted image. After reboot the program is displayed OK. This is not the first time that something like this happens to me. Previously I had many programs running, and I thought that might have been a problem. Now it was only Designer.
  18. The layer thumbnail previews in the layer panel are often blank (just a black square) and do not refresh or update. This happens under many circumstances including… when creating new objects opening an existing file reorganizing existing objects As you might imagine this makes working with any project of significant complexity very difficult. Sometimes the thumbnails can be forced to refresh by zooming the view, but other times this doesn't work. Usually switching to a different document in a second tab, and then returning to the original file forces a refresh.
  19. PS is head and shoulders above AP in the layers palette. I love being able to change the size of the icon and, more importantly, to see the painted areas on the layer mask as in the attached. Any chance of adding this to the next generation? I'm trying to turn off my Adobe subscription but things like this are keeping me from it. Thanks! Phil
  20. Issue 1: Steps to reproduce: step 1: Have pixel layer above a solid fill layer. step 2: Start applying a custom blur to the pixel layer. step 3: Set up numbers as in the screenshot to get an edge detection filter. step 4: Choose split screen preview in the filter dialog step 5: start dragging the layer opacity on the pixel layer while the filter preview is open step 6: during dragging opacity the main image view flickers with redraw artifacts. When you stop dragging the opacity slider, the main view still shows the original state, despite having redrawn several times during the flicker. It is only reflecting the new opacity setting after the mouse button is released on the slider. Issue 2: steps 1-4 as in Issue 1. step 5: start dragging the ink opacity in the Color panel (not layer opacity). The preview of the filter disappears. After and Before side shows the same image, and is not redrawn even if the ink slider is set back to original setting. I need to fiddle with the numeric parameters of the custom blur to force a redraw with the filter applied again. Issue 3: steps 1-4 as in Issue 1. step 5: while the filter preview open click on Layer menu, and create a new Fill layer. Notice the filter dialog closed. step 6. delete the fill layer you just created step 7. start applying the custom blur to the pixel layer again. Notice that the filter preview shows the application of your earlier setup with edge detection, however the numbers in the custom filter dialog reflect the default setting of a single 1 at the center. So the filter preview contradicts the filter dialog content. Issue 4: This probably more like a bug in the Layer/Fade function, not in Custom Blur. steps 1-4 as in Issue 1. step 5. Apply the filter step 6. Layer menu / Fade Custom Blur step 7. Choose Darken mode step 8. Drag fade slider down to 0, yet you don't get back the original image. See attachment 2 with dark halo in the After side, even though fade slider is at 0. It seems that the meaning of the fade slider is defined differently in this function when the mode is normal, and when it is anything else. If it is Normal, it mixes the original image with the image after filter application. However when the mode is something else, like Darken, the slider is mixing two versions of the filter application, one with Normal mode, and one with Darken mode. With Darken setting you have no way to mix in your original image with the Layer/Fade function.
  21. It would be great, if I had the chance to see a preview of my HDR already in the window "New HDR Merge" where I'm choosing to remove or keep ghosts and several other settings.
  22. As soon as I press the Alt Gr-Button for increasing or decreasing the tool size with "[" or "]", the tool tip changes to the cross because of the fact, that Alt Gr is used to set the copy offset position. To see the current size of the tool tip, you have to release the keys. I suggest to use a circle in tool tip size with small cross lines to indicate the action of setting the copy offset position.
  23. Is there a way to change the Artboard/Layers preview to a white background? I create most of my work with dark lines so I can't see them with the default black background.
  24. As we see more and more user switch to Affinity products, we would like to be able to create Thumbnails and Previews using an automated server process. For most image formats our system uses ImageMagick. Is there any solution? Not necessarily ImageMagick.
  25. I notice that when I try to import files from iCloud, particularly RAW files, I use Canon so nothing too obscure, all I can see in the preview pane for file selection is icons of files and no thumbnail preview. This makes importing the right file very hit and miss as I can not actually see what the file contains prior to importing it into Photo. A major problem if I have lots of images to browse and or I want to import files for merging into HDR etc. Is this a bug or an as of yet unimplemented feature that we can expect to see in a future update?
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