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Found 94 results

  1. Some editors has a nice feature that uses mouse cursor detection. It allows user to move mouse above the image while adjusting the effect (like curves, HSL etc) and mouse On or Off will flip between "Before" and "After". Having a this feature, it would be nice to be able to have a mouse cursor above the adjustment dialog (like HSL) for adjusting and the preview would be shown like now. But when you would move mouse away from dialog to top of the image then it would turn to "before". So you could quickly move mouse above dialog and image to see it switching between to help evaluate the adjustment change.
  2. In Serif Photoshop there was a handy preview pane across the bottom showing the files that were currently open. Is this possible in Affinity?
  3. Take two layers. Select top one. Click on blend modes (Normal). Slide mouse downwards. Previews of blends are shown (nice!). Slide mouse sideways out of drop-down and click outside it. Drop down disappears. However, Normal blend mode is not restored. You have to take some other action (such as adding an adjustment) to trigger the restore of the proper display.
  4. How can I preview the APP UI on mobile phone? I use windows ,and I have iPhone and an android phone.
  5. Hello Serif Team, It seems that as soon as the image is shown below 100% of the image size, the outline of masks will get a visual white line. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8wrh8l9b0x16anf/Mask-shows%20when%20under%20100%20percent%20image%20scale.afphoto?dl=0
  6. Hi- first post, I love the software, it's replacing a lot of Adobe bloat in my workflow, and it runs beautifully. Thanks! I do however wish it was easier to clear away all the tools, for three reasons: 1) I want the maximum possible work area 2) I want to be able to easily see designs in their own context, not in the context of other styles, however nice they are. 3) I want to be able to present work to others (who don't know where the UI starts & ends) in as clear and immediate a way as possible. At present, there are four pieces of UI that get in the way of these cases: AD calls three of them 'Tools', 'Toolbar' and 'Studio'. The fourth piece is a contextual selection toolbar, though I don't know what AD calls it. It looks like this (when nothing is selected): The first three UI elements can be hidden, one at a time, using the following methods: Show/hide toolbar = Alt + CMD + T Show/hide tools = click View menu > Show Tools (no shortcut) Show/hide studio = CMD + Shift + H I cannot find a way to hide the pictured contextual selection toolbar (save dragging it to a second display). Am I missing something obvious? In Adobe PS/Illustrator the tab key does this, InDesign uses 'w' to switch view modes. AD currently provides the means to hide the tools, but makes it so arduous (particularly showing/hiding tools) that it's only really worth doing before a presentation. And the contextual selection toolbar remains throughout, unperturbed. For reference, I'm used to a flow where I use palettes/tools to set up a change or make a mark in a design, hide the palettes/tools, make the decision, edit it, and show the palettes/tools again only when I need to change tool/colour/etc, and don't know the shortcut. A simple combined shortcut (or the ability to set one) for already extant functionality would go a long way. Getting rid of the remaining selection toolbar would be icing on the cake. Thanks for reading, hope this kind of thing was already on your roadmap (in which case: strong upvote) :D
  7. Create a circle. Create a new layer (Layer 1). Drag the circle into Layer 1 The thumbnail updates correctly. Drag the circle back out of Layer 1. Create another new layer (Layer 2), and nest it inside Layer 1. Drag the circle into Layer 2 The thumbnail updates correctly. Drag the circle into Layer 1 The thumbnail updates correctly. Drag the circle back out of Layer 1 The thumbnail updates correctly. Drag the circle back into Layer 1The thumbnail is blank - incorrect!
  8. Q. Is there a way to increase the Icon Preview Thumbnail for each individual brush in the Brushes Palette? Reason: I have many brushes with subtle differences. I am a visual person and would like the ability to quickly pick the correct brush. Having the option to have a LARGE thumbnail vs. a tiny thumbnail and the 'stroke' preview. For example, many of my light flare brushes look exactly the same in the palette tiny thumbs and the 'stroke' preview is unnecessary for their application. thanks, Mars
  9. I'm working on a tutorial for Affinity Photo, specifically highlighting the new tone mapping and HDR features. I noticed that the previews of the presets don't look anything like the end result. The attached image is for a preset I created myself, but the pre-built presets are also looking nothing like their end result. I feel like I would have noticed this immediately if it had always been this way but I just noticed it today after doing a lot of testing to make sure I knew how it worked.
  10. This has probably been asked for a few times, I did a search but didn't see anything... would love a preview toggle tick box for filters and adjustment layers in AP. Something similar to the toggle tick boxes in the effects panel. It's a bit of a pain to have to add the layer to the stack to toggle it's effect on and off to see if you really want to commit to it. Kind of surprised this isn't part of the initial popup panel. Maybe I'm not seeing it anywhere and there already is one...? Looks like we have merge, delete and reset. Can we add preview to this please? As a side note, I've been starting to dig into the myriad of layer effects, adjustments, filters etc... and am really excited to start employing them into my workflow. Great job guys!
  11. Hello. Trying to make it easier to fit objects while moving around so I was wondering, is there a way of having a drag/move preview of the object? I don't know what the cause is at this point but moving vectors around creates a lot of tearing while rendering the square buckets. One question in regard is: how much does the app use the CPU / GPU processing. I'm using afterburner for a test and it seems while all my CPU cores hit 90-100% when moving a single circle around an empty scene, the GPU is around 5-20%. I have selected my GPU as my renderer. Is this normal?
  12. If I want to compare the original end edited photo (in Photos app with any Affinity Photo plugin), the preview slice shows very pixel image and I can't really compare them. I created a screenshot to show what I'm meaning. This image is'nt edited, so I only checked the Preview checkbox.
  13. Would it be possible to have a preview or a thumbnail when we are looking at file in the media browser. Currently we only see a grey boxe and we have to open each file to know what it is...which is really not user friendly if i want to color correct raw file
  14. Hi guys Congrats on the release. Confirmed you fixed my previous report with 6x4 borderless printing. However, a new one, to do with layers (or it might be my inexperience). I'm finding that the print image submitted when print preview is enabled does not contain all layers from the project. Repro steps: 1. Drag a tiff file into Affinity Photo. 2. Open White Balance adjustment and make a visible edit. Click the X to close the dialogue. 3. Open Print.. menu and click printer properties and from there select Preview before printing. 4. Close printer properties and back in Affinity printing options select Print. Now what I see in the print preview image is the image but with no layers applied (even though the white balance layer is active). Is this a bug? It gave me a headache for a while! Now in step #2 above, instead of hitting X to close the dialogue, press Merge. If you do this, then print preview will show the adjusted image.
  15. A feature in animation software Hype is bundled with it's iOS software that sends live previews of your animation and timeline scrub straight to your iOS device. Such a feature could be useful particularly when creating UI for iOS devices. I'm hoping someone comes in here and tells me it already exists. :lol:
  16. I love the obviousness of the snapping candidates when I'm working, but they make it hard to tell what my design will actually look like, especially with thin strokes. Could we either: have a hotkey that toggles snapping on and off (yes, it's in the toolbar, but that doesn't allow for quick checks via muscle memory)? have a hotkey to a "preview mode" wherein all guides, grids, snapping candidates, etc are hidden?
  17. Hello, It would be really nice to be able to see a live preview when selecting a sampled colour in Pixel Persona as an overlay or black and white mask. Currently it shows an approximate result while dragging a slider ( dashed lines ). Extracting clour range ( sampled colour ) and using it as a layer mask or fx layer is a common practice in compositing. Architectural visualizations for example. I can select a sampled colour and click Refine to check if what i did was ok, but it is always a guess. Designer is a GREAT program, but I really miss this feature. I am testing Affinity Photo Beta for Windows and I can't see this kind of tool as well. ( Pixelmator has it BTW ;D ). I know it is a beta so maybe it is a good time to point it out. Performance-wise, maybe taking a screenshot and previewing selection mask on a low-res image is a good idea? Best Regards, Marcin Mirkowicz.
  18. One feature I use extensively with InDesign is the overall graphic preview while resizing an image frame which is very useful for knowing on the fly how much to shrink or expand the frame or to get an idea of how much clipping is on the image without having to resize everything out. It works by holding down the handles a second longer to activate that mode. Has something like this already been considered for Publisher? If not, I'd like to at least put it out there as a possible feature that I know many would love.
  19. I personally find the previews in this palette very obtrusive. I for one never use them and I suspect that goes for many other users as well. This palette contains a lot of items and once a few of these previews are open it takes up a lot of space and starts to need a lot of scrolling to find what you want. Part of the problem is that when you close an adjustment using the buttons supplied in its dialogue the preview in the palette doesn’t close. To close this you must go back to the palette and close the dialogue from there. If you leave previews open then next time you want to create a similar layer you must click twice in the palette, once to close the previews and then again to re-open them along with the dialogue. Perhaps I am unduly fussy but I find all this a little clumsy and unneeded. Could we have an option to turn presets on and off in this palette? I really think a lot of users, particularly expert users who don’t need them, might welcome this.
  20. When a file is exported to EPS, it does not enclose a tiff/jpg preview. Older versions of QuarkXPress requires this. This is the only reason why I still have to keep Illustrator around. Since this is part of the EPS format specs, I posted it as a bug and not a feature request.
  21. I just started using Affinity Photo and noticed that files produced in Affinity (.afphoto) just show the Affinity icon when viewed in Adobe Bridge. I am able to see thumbs/previews in the Finder on my Mac, just not within Bridge. I am currently using Adobe Bridge CS5.1, so perhaps someone can let me know if this is possible in later versions of Bridge or if there is a way to add the ability to generate previews for Affinity files in Bridge.
  22. Hello, it would be very nice to be able to see the preview and the estimated size in kb while exporting in jpg and png (and maybe an export with TinyPNG would be awesome ) thank you
  23. My TIFF files made with Affinity Photo are not displayed in Apple programs including Photos, Finder and Preview. This seems to happen to files made after a certain date some time this year. The Apple tech I talked to said there seemed to be a fix by Affinity Photo. I cannot find it. How do I get this issue fixed? Thanks.
  24. Hey guys, I just noticed a strange behavior when using the denoise filter (found in Filters → Noise → Denoise) In my case, I was working with an image which has dimensions of 3264x2448: When using the Denoiser and dialing in quite extreme values for the luminance parameter, the in-app-preview shows me the desired effect, but as soon as I hit "apply", Affinity Photo takes time to render the effect, and after calculating, the result is very different to what the preview showed me. In all of the experienced cases, the final effect is much weaker than the preview showed me. If you have problems to reproduce this behavior, please let me know. I can then provide the image and the steps that make the problem clearly visible. Best regards, Rorando
  25. Hello; I'm coming from Illustrator; first time using the app. Where is overprint preview, or what is the Affinity equivalent? thanks!
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