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Found 68 results

  1. Affects: Designer (Mac/Windows) Photo (Mac/Windows) Issue: Objects can go beyond the set decimal place you set in the preferences and will never be displayed, which can cause issues because you may never know that something is not on a whole pixel if you have your decimal place set low. This leads exports sometimes being the incorrect size or items not lining up perfectly. I know there is the snapping option to set to whole pixels, but this does not seem to work if you have an object already on a non-whole pixel or you type in a value with a decimal place. Suggestion: I'm not sure how this should be addressed, but I think there should be an option or something that forces objects to not go beyond what you have set. If it does, then it should just round to your set decimal place.
  2. Hi I find incompatibility issue between the profiles settings preferences and the new document. Setting preferences will not work for RGB. ​ I have set preferences to eciRGB. While in the new document (Type: Print) appears sRGB. ​Robert AD final.
  3. AD commercial version. (non beta) Preferences / Tools. Use mouse wheel to zoom is toggled wrong : Unselected activates wheel zoom, selected puts it off. No biggie, only fear is that some other feature in preferences where is harder to check the effect, is having that toggle, too. Happy to help. :) Cheers, I was wrong. I just had X-Mouse Button Control interacting with it for a previous installation using the beta. The setting works perfectly. :wacko:
  4. Just purchased the windows release. Great offer with the discount and the goodies. Went to preferences to set up shortcuts. When switching to another persona the menu doesn't update. Draw/File > Pixel/File : menu doesn't update. Pixel/File > Pixel/Export > Pixel/File : correct menu shows up.
  5. I am new to Affinity and am having problems changing the font in Preferences for the User Interface. Could you please tell me how to make the user interface fonts and or icons larger on a MacBook Pro.
  6. I may have posted this before, excuse me if I have, but this would be great to see in an upcoming beta. It would be awesome to have either/or app- and document-wide settings for Noise. It's tedious to remember to change the Noise setting in new colors, and in some of the studio fly-out Color panels (off the Context tool bar) the values are not displayed numerically or with a text input field, so one has to eyeball it or go to the Color studio panel - which is often hidden on my laptop screen to maximize real estate... (#1stworldproblems) It would be great to have a Noise setting somewhere in the General section of the Preferences (Tools or General?) Additionally it would be great to have a setting available in the New Document panel, for setting the Color Noise value in a new document, overriding the Default value set in the Preferences panel. It would also be great to be able to change ALL of the Noise values of color swatches via the Color studio panel or the Document Setup panel. Additionally, it might be interesting to consider whether the amount of noise applied is modulated by the app based on output resolution. Meaning in smaller or lower res files, one might desire less or more noise, since it may be exaggerated or minimized by the change in size. Not sure how this would be implemented, but I know visually it would be a beneficial thing to control based on output requirements.... Thanks for all the amazing work you do and for your consideration. :)
  7. Reseting an Affinity app to factory defaults is often suggested as a cure for various problems. While that may work, it is a very destructive step that wipes out all user customizations for keyboard shortcuts, the layout of the Tools palette & the main menu bar, fills, styles, brushes, etc. & returns just about everything to the new user defaults values. Some of these things, for example keyboard shortcuts & Styles categories, can be exported/saved prior to the reset & imported/loaded back into the app afterwards, which can reduce the considerable amount of time & effort sometimes needed to return the app to the previous highly customized state. However, there does not seem to be a comprehensive list of all the things that could be exported or saved for this purpose, or any mention of which (if any) should not be imported or loaded back into the app to reintroduce some problem the reset was meant to cure. For many of them, exporting/importing each category individually would be required since there is no global 'export/import all categories' feature in their menus, so even with a comprehensive checklist this can be a tedious & error prone process. Any guidance on this would be appreciated, as well as if or when less destructive alternatives would suffice. One example of this is I have noticed than on a Mac, some problems can be resolved by trashing the ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Caches files or the equivalent path for the other Affinity apps (including the betas & possibly for the Photos extensions as well). Note: for anyone wishing to try this, it should be done only while the app is not running. In particular, this seems to resolve unusually long launch times & some other sluggish behaviors, but only when the contents of the Caches subfolders have become large, at least more than 1 or 2 MB.
  8. Hi, i may be wrong, but i miss a hotkey preference for the "Toggle Assets Panel" function in Affinity Designer 1.5 Can anyone point me to a solution or is it really a bug? Cheers, Torsten
  9. I understand that this program is in its infancy... more or less, but I have downloaded it three times now and installed it. (I always uninstall the older version first.) But with each progressive install I hoped for an interface I could see; so far no luck. Each program is black as midnight with shades of gray. As a result, I've yet to see the icons and even made them larger but to no avail. Could they leave the bells and whistles until they have these programs working properly with little or no problems before they go at making it look cool, etc. This blackness is really hard on eyes, especially old eyes or eyes that have been repaired; I'm not talking about disability, I'm talking about ordinary eyes. I examined the preferences and there was very little there I could understand let alone change. So, is there a time line the coders are using when one can expect to be able to use the program without a black cape? As to my installs and uninstalls; all went smooth. I turned off Aero years ago as a waste of space and haven't turned it on yet but Affinity did load for me. Yes it was slow but.. I don't mind slow. Other than the above, I look forward to using the program.
  10. Hi all, changing a keyboard shortcut will only take effect after one has left the Keyboard Shortcuts Preference Pane using the Preference Pane Selector drop down (either by selecting the preference panes overview or a specific preference pane). If you use the back button or just close the preferences window the new keyboard shortcut will be saved but it will not take effect! I discovered this behaviour while I changed some of the keyboard shortcuts, e.g. F1 will now create a new layer. I haven't tested other preferences nor if this behaviour can be replicated in Affinity Designer. My set-up: OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) Affinity Photo Trial 1.4.2 Cheers, geeknurse
  11. Is there a place to set the default units to inches? I'm constantly changing all the tools from pixels to inches.
  12. Hi, i am a new user , I absolutely love your software and have been using them a lot in different projects. I have noticed though, with the latest version of Photo that there is a slight faint banding of two color stripes in the background grey color, adjustable in user interface preferences. It will go away when I use the slider to extreme left or right but near the center it is most noticeable, so in the 'default' grey position I get the faint banding stripes.I only see this in Photo, not in Designer. I am using a Mac 27" .
  13. I noticed in Affinity Photo 1.4, the preferences pane changed a lot. I track all my custom preferences on my site here in case of meltdown and to share with others: http://manuals.gravitydept.com/workspace/mac-apps/affinity-photo When exporting or resizing the canvas, I was never sure which resampling method to use. It seems odd that the one which produces the worst quality (but is fastest) is the default. I finally decided to lookup and document what they all do. They all seem fast enough to me, so I always want the one with the best quality. I think it'd be nice to set the resampling mode as a user preference so I don't have to remember to switch it every time I export.
  14. Hello folks, just bought Affinity today and I got lost in playing around with the insane zoom levels it offers. I create worlds within worlds and it was just a mind baffling experience. LOOOOOOVE IT!!! Of course, Affinity is...before anything else...a GREAT start. It makes working on vector graphics so much easier. Most of the possible enhancements were mentioned. A quick search through the forums didn't mention one thing though...and please correct me if I am wrong, I will delete this thread then. What about Cloud Sync? I know you can save files in iCloud. But I don't think it syncs things like preferences, settings, custom swatches etc. etc. As much as I work from home, I am also constantly on the road. Picking up from where I left off at home with the same settings etc. would be lovely. Any suggestions? Kind regards, madeinxyz
  15. Hey guys, I know you are super swamped with getting APub out. I just wanted to share a request which I think would be VERY useful. It's an enhancement for Move/Node tools which I think would benefit all users and enhance productivity. It might have been discussed in the past, if my memory serves me right... I'm talking about enhancing the behavior of the selection function while using the Move and/or Node tools. What this is based on is a selection technique from SketchUp. Here is a video explaining how it works in that app. Notice how the selection marquee changes from solid to dotted line / marching ants, based on the direction the user drags, to visualize the alternate behavior activated. I think this would be TREMENDOUSLY useful for selecting and editing object in groups, and perhaps can be applied to inter-node segments as well... Thanks for your consideration.
  16. It seems that there's no way to set a default unit in the preferences for Designer. Could you please add that? I think/design in pixels, and everything defaults to points, even when I'm importing something done in another program that was done there in pixels. And while we're at it, while I can set the default unit on a document basis, when I set it to pixels, it seems to change it for most things, but stroke remains at points. That I have to change on an individual stroke basis, and that's a bit of a PITA. Otherwise, the program looks great. :)
  17. I cannot imagine that this hasn't been discussed before, but a simple search of this forum didn't reveal a similar topic, hence my feature request post today. When I display the Adjustment tab and then click once on anything (Recolor, B&W, Posterise, etc.), that adjustment appears automatically in the Layers tab. But most of the time, I just want to click once and take a look at what the default 3 choices are. Maybe I don't even want to see that adjustment at all. So the way things are now, I have all these adjustment layers stacking up even though I didn't want to apply any of them. Some people may like the existing functionality, so perhaps adding a Preference would be best. Allow me to DISABLE the automatic application of the adjustments when I merely click on their name in the Adjustments tab 1 time. Create the adjustment layer only when I then click on one of the 3 options (e.g., Default or Cold or Warm, for "Black & White") or when I move one of the sliders in that particular adjustment's dialog. All said, I really don't like it when I just click once on an adjustment and then it becomes a new layer. Thanks.
  18. As I suggested in this thread, currently tool settings are remembered only on a per-document basis. For some tools, some people like to use different settings than the defaults (such as the Healing Brush layer sampling options in my case). This means that with the current implementation, I need to change those types of settings every time I create a new document and use a particular tool for the first time. This is obviously not ideal. I see two possible solutions to improve the workflow: 1) Add a "Make Default" button (and possibly also "Reset Settings to Default") to the tool options bar 2) Add a preference "Remember tool settings across documents" Should you choose to do both, you would obviously only need to show the button(s) if the preference setting is turned off.