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Found 67 results

  1. Just recently completed another fun project using Designer exclusively. I had this concept for a Madame Butterfly opera poster for awhile but really didn't feel like my previous app was up to it so I put it on the shelf until a few months back when I decided to tackle it in Designer. The look and feel I was shooting for was sort of like those rich coloured album cover airbrushed illustrations from the 70's and 80's. Where everything is soft and saturated. I was really pleased with the outcome and glad that I waited to do this in Designer. Below are some screenshots, with more on my Behance site and there's also a short tutorial just uploaded by Affinity's Andy Capstick on the new Affinity Spotlight blog specifically on the creation of the eyes for this piece. Hope you like! https://affinityspotlight.com/article/the-eyes-of-a-butterfly-with-kevin-house/
  2. For a competition against racism I made this poster and... I won. Thanks serif! Vorschlag Nr.4.5.pdf
  3. Hello fellow Affinity aficionados, in continuing my scooter series for Redbubble, here is my second retro styled scooter/travel poster. This time a Lambretta featuring a young couple scootering about Paris in the fall. All done in Designer 1.6 Check it out on my Redbubble site as well. https://www.redbubble.com/people/kevincreative/works/29498216-retro-lambretta-scooter?c=706027-wheels
  4. Hi there, my name is Dominik Kandravý. Minimalist and self-taught illustrator from Czech Republic. I mostly create minimal illustrations using simple shapes and geometry. However in this case (poster for my friend) I tried to do something more complex - Well, this is Darth Vader! PS: You can check few of my illustrations on https://dribbble.com/kndrv
  5. Hey all, in continuing my scooter series for Redbubble, here is a retro styled Vespa/travel poster look featuring a scootering lady about Rome. Lambretta will be next in the series. All done in Designer 1.6 Check it out on my Redbubble site as well. https://www.redbubble.com/people/kevincreative/works/29083512-retro-vespa-scooter?asc=u&ref=recent-owner
  6. "Ray-Gun-Omics Poster" Affinity Photo Digital Illustration Instagram - @chaos3rdeye Website- www.chaosabzu.com Stay tuned for more!
  7. Hi Folks, Attached is a work in progress art deco air show poster I am putting together. I have never been the artistic type so I am struggling with coming up with a suitable way to add shading to the plane. As you can see there are 3 planes on my poster (There will only be one in the end) each one is an option I am looking at. 1 is white with no shading but I think it looks too clinical. 2 is one with a grey gradient added and 3 is a white one with a further black layer added over the top with the opacity reduced and with the noise increased. I'm not happy with any of them if I am honest. Is there anyone out there that can offer some advice? Cheers folks Mark SGA Poster v1.0.afdesign SGA Poster v1.0.pdf
  8. Hi, this semester I used for the first time Designer for my final presentation posters in university. The site plan and the sections are drawn with Vectorworks (CAD software) and exportet as PDF for Designer. I was delighted how easy it was to adjust colors and line width of the vector parts and just switch to pixel persona for some nice background textures. I used Photo to add the diffuse fade out on the edges of the site plan. I handled the drawings as individual files and embeded them directly into the final layout file. Only the site plan was to heavy to handle for my late 2011 MPB and so i had to export and embend it as a tiff file. Maybe the size (DIN A0@300dpi) and the live blur filter could be an explanation for this ;) Feedback welcome! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13340316/RundgangAffinity.pdf(~34mb)
  9. Hi, in diesem Tutorial Affinity Photo Portrait Text zeige ich wie man ein Portrait mit Schnittmaskentext versieht. Dabei ist das Foto nur durch die Buchstaben zu sehen wie bei einem Fenster. Dazu spielen auch Anpassungen eine besondere Rolle. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create a text with a clip mask on a portrait. Furthermore I refine the photo Have fun Your Jack Foto / photo: „85778626“ von www.shutterstock.com (Lizenz) Link to YouTube tutorial
  10. Hey guys! I'll be posting some of my photo-manipulation works in this thread. To get started I'll share this poster I made for a local electronic band. Hope you dig! I'll be uploading all my AP works to my FX Monkey project Twitter account too: @fxmonkey2 As always any comment is welcome!
  11. A 'vintage' poster made from a public domain image and a some textures scanned from old book endpapers and a back cover. The quote is a genuine reply to a question on the Guardian website some years ago. In amongst all the sensible replies, one Stuart from Bristol posted it. So, all credit to Stuart of Bristol who seems to be untraceable. Maybe he'll see this and make contact for I think he wins the Internet.
  12. I tried Affinity Designer with Windows 10 and was pleased. I used to design a dozen posters a year for special events at our ice skating club using open source Scribus. To test Designer, I recreated one of the old (2012) posters using two pieces of raster art from the original. The "We LOVE Ice Dance" and the lusty skaters are copied from the old. The rest is done in designer using fonts from my computer (Biondi, Victorian NET, and Ariel Bold). BTW, the Affinity Designer WORKBOOK is a great help. John
  13. Hi all, I'm thinking of ways that I can use old illustrations of mine and give them new life. I have all my acrylics artwork scanned and archived. A2 Poster: Coffeebot. Approved by the US Fed. Bureau of Caffeine Control and HM Ministry of Beverages.
  14. Hello everybody, As i said in my introduction, i am a simple hobbyistn self-learner and i like the world of graphic design. i have discover Affinity Designer in the release of the first beta version for windows..what a great software ;) And, of course, i bought it the first day of the final release, prevent me from taking subscription to Ad..e ;) So, i know as i am not a professional , my job is under the quality of the professionals but i want to learn, to learn , to learn. So, here it is ( and sorry for my bad English ) : 1 - My personal logo, just for laughing , the background is done with Houdini : 2 - A print-style poster ( just for me ) , the sentence is "Take the Stairs ! " and " Burn calories and not Carbon" ;-) 3 - A print style poster ( just for me ) of what i think from Bayer/Monsanto lol : 4 - A flyers in A5 for "Le paradis infernal" musical, ( very good amateur singers ),'print): 5 - A rollup for "Le paradis infernal" musical , big-size (print) : 6 - A little booklet for people who came to see the show "Le paradis infernal" musical ( print) : ( re size for posting here ) 7 - 2 pages from the 16 pages booklet for " Le paradis inferna" musical ( cd+dvd boxset) (print) : 8- This is the rollup printed : And a cd cover, dvd I and II etc . So let me think what you think about it please, All the very best, David
  15. Hi all, I set myself a few projects in order to learn AD. Here are a couple of Tourist posters made to resemble those lovely 1930s lithograph posters. I hope you like them, although I have to admit, you're unlikely to get the weather these images are conveying... Kevin
  16. I re-worked this idea in AD after first doing much the same thing directly from a photo in AP. I prefer the new version; it's more graphic. I learned lots of new techniques, for example, the use of the pencil tool which was so useful for that vegetation.
  17. A very simple question for some i'm sure. What is the best way to design a poster back and front and send for printing. 2 files named front and back? 2 art boards? double the size of the page and do the work side by side? Thanks
  18. Hello, Just bought Affinity Designer, after the trial software made it quite accessible to finish a friend's gig poster on time. I haven't done much design work in a fair while, and educating myself on the needs of printed materials took longer than I'm thrilled to admit. The software helped me greatly with its accessible layout, and it didn't require much relearning from when I did these things years ago. I started by cleaning up a photo I took with Aperture, a software I find to be overlooked. From there, a challenge was the size and resolution of the photo. The photo was taken in a hurry on a fly-by visit from the musician, on the 16:9 setting and didn't leave ample crop room to set to A3. He really liked the photo though. From here the challenge was duplicating part of the image - for width, composition/ layout, and to make it all available at 300dpi. Importing tiles of backdrop taken from the original photo, and carefully placing and graduating transparency on them was an effective way to not make the join particularly visible. Laying out the text was easier, and finding the specific fonts online was no problem, but to make it most effective the smallcaps function helped me out. It made the compound word that was one band's name more distinct from those with spaces in. And it made the font appropriated from the record sleeve much easier to read quickly. For these layout aspects being easy to find and execute, and the result being one we were all pleased with, I was very happy to get the software for future use. Good to meet you all, Christie. P.S. Sometimes this file uploads really red, so if it does that, you can see it on my tumblr here: http://spawnartisticdirections.tumblr.com/post/147280447006/
  19. This is my riff on the Photoshop tutorial How to Create a Retro Sci-Fi Computer Game Poster from the Spoon Graphics blog. With some modifications I was able to complete this entirely with Affinity Designer.
  20. There's some really cool First Order propaganda posters out there. Playing around with making a few posters while learning AD. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Stormtrooper art 3.29.16v3.afdesign
  21. Hi y'all -- I am trying to do in Affinity what I used to do in Photoshop using a "Photo Edges" filter -- to reduce and simplify an image into a set number of colors, in flat areas, in a way sort of like the Obama "Hope" poster but usually not in patriotic colors. Is there a filter like this under a different name in Affinity? I'm sorry to ask for a translation -- with software as complex as both Photoshop and Affinity, it's quite a learning curve.
  22. Hallo, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial wird ein Kino Poster im Stil vom James Bond Film "Spectre" erstellt. Keine Kopie, sondern eine Variante dazu. Ihr könnt mir Eure Varianten gerne posten oder twittern. I create in this Affinity Photo Tutorial a movie poster in the style of James Bond "Spectre". Not a copy but a variation. With English Subtitles. I would be happy, when you post or tweet me your variations. Viel Spaß Euer Jack Bauer
  23. Was asked by some theatre kids at my college to make a poster for an upcoming show... Where else should I turn but to Affinity Designer!
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