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Found 125 results

  1. Vector illustration (AD), do you like it? http://b-bertuleit.de/luna-d-ray-2/
  2. bodobe

    Cate ♡

    Portrait of Cate (The Cat), Vector Illustration (Affinity Designer). Do you like it, maybe? http://b-bertuleit.de/cate-the-cat/
  3. Hello, I bought Affinity Designer a few days ago. I had practically no experience with vector graphics. I tried Illustrator once, but found out I needed to see tutorials or read books in order to use it (maybe I am just too dumb). With AD I started drawing right away and with almost no documentation needed (though it would be nice to have an actual manual other than the Help in AD). All critiques are welcome! Thanks!
  4. Peter Gabriel comes with some special effects from AP :)
  5. This work is untitled (provisionally) - I’m looking for a suitable title for this pic. What does it say to you? Road ..., dream ..., and / or … whatever?? I'm pretty curious about your ideas :) :rolleyes: :) ...
  6. A simple portrait (Vector Illustration), made with love. The feather boa has made me almost crazy ... ;)
  7. tailored taylored - portrait drawing with AD, maybe you like it.
  8. bodobe


    A little taste of retro: vector illustration (AD), finished with Affinity Photo beta.
  9. vector drawing (AD), edited with APh (effects). I try Affinity Photo beta, and what can I say ... it’s damn good! :rolleyes:
  10. Another vector portrait. I love to work with the pen tool, the gradient- & gaussian tool ^_^
  11. My girlfriend took a picture of me and I created a vector-based portrait from it. It looks simple but it wasn't for me. I'm still getting used to vectors.
  12. Recently I had a client for a portrait shoot. She is an actress and someone really talented and full of crazy ideas. The resulting images where very good and but I wanna do something different so I played a bit with Affinity Photo and this is the result.
  13. Here are a couple of new images I made this week. I borrowed the pose of a celebrity and designed a new outfit for her and a new environment earlier in the week. I love this one. :-) This evening I also redrew a previous sketch I made during a Sunday service of a woman and her child who sat across from me at the time more than a year ago. (I often stealth sketch people Sunday morning while listening to the sermon because, well, we're both sitting in the same place for an hour and why not?... it keeps my hands occupied, anyway, and they're too busy to notice.)
  14. Downloaded the software this morning after seeing it on Facebook. Took some getting used to. Everything done in Affinity Photo except liquify. Check out the before and after images.
  15. Okay! So I have finished drawing my first lady villain; Cruella de Vil was a LOT of fun to draw. I loved the Disney movie as a kid and I am ashamed to say that I have not read the book, although I just picked it up to read on an online library. That'll happen maybe later on today. :-) "A large car was coming towards them. .... A woman came out onto the front-door steps. She was wearing a tight fitting emerald satin dress, several ropes of rubies, and an absolutely simple white mink cloak, which reached to the high heels of her ruby-red shoes. She had dark skin, black eyes with a tinge of red in them, and a very pointed nose. Her hair was parted severely down the middle and one half of it was black and the other white-- rather unusual." 101 Dalmations, Dodie Smith I've taken a couple of liberties because I felt they worked better with the design; namely, the coat and the hair. I'm still rather pleased with how this turned out, though. Also, this is a call for female villains from literature. I'd like some more ideas; I have a few-- Shine, from Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones (plus a few others; DWJ had a THING about evil older ladies due to mother issues of her own, apparently), the Medusa, Belatrix Black or Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, and the infamous principal Agatha Trunchbull of Matilda's school by Roald Dahl, and the Winter Queen from the Dresden series too, perhaps. Anyway, critiques welcome! More villains to come later.
  16. So I was messing about with Affinity Designer and I experimented with some line/pressure work and a style I haven't used before in this program. I'm not sure how I feel about it! All that's to say, critiques are welcome here... I've seen some pretty cool pen work around the forums lately and thought I'd give it a shot myself, especially since normally I play with converting shapes. :-) This was fun though!
  17. General UI Layout: Vertical Space Usage There's something that drives me _bananas_ about PS Elements; but it's also a concern about almost every graphics & photo app in existence: Most User Interfaces squander valuable vertical screen real estate, heedlessly and unnecessarily. Here's the situation: - Modern screens are much wider than tall. - Many people spend at least some of their productive time working on a little laptop screen. - Even with Retina displays, it's often necessary to limit screen res, for UI legibility. - Documents, layouts and graphics are just as likely to be portrait orientation, as landscape. So obviously vertical space is way more likely to be a problem than horizontal. When you're working on a portrait style page or a tall object, every last vertical pixel is precious. (Worst case scenario: Editing a portrait in PS Elements, you're lucky to have 30% of screen pixels for your image!! Absurd.) This is probably more of a request for the upcoming Affinity Photo app; but it sure would be useful to have in Designer, too: It would be über useful to have at least the option of getting all interface elements off to the sides to allocate all vertical resources to the document/page. 2 different UI layout presets, maybe? – 1 for landscape, 1 for portrait? Thanks for your consideration!
  18. Well, I think I am slowly getting better at this program. I discovered transparency mode which really helped my blue girl. (3rd try drawing from a sketch) I also slapped on a couple of texture images that I photographed from my monoprint works. As for the girl in pink, well, she still needs a lot more work. More contrast mostly, and I'm sure I am making her much more complex than she needs to be. (2nd sketch attempt) . . . . You /don't/ want to see my first attempt at drawing something from my sketchbook in Affinity . . . . *right?* --Would masks help retain the original edges of base shapes? I have a lot of overlapping edges with layers shifting on me when I reshape them to make shadows. I think I'm about ready to get back to compass roses and spaceships, which just incorporate simple shape patterns and are super fun. :-) It's interesting to discover how easy it is to make geometric forms digitally with the right program. Love love love the shape tools and convert to curves tool. Command J is growing on me too. If you guys have any tips or criitiques, lay on, McDuff! design.tiff
  19. Yet another attempt at a sketch from my notebook, this one from a doodle I made for a print class. (I never did turn him into an etching which was my original plan.) At least I'm using him for something! This time I'm experimenting with "clipping" my vector sections to make cleaner lines along the edges. It works much better than my previous tries, although my layer panel is a *mess.* Critiques welcome.
  20. me on fridays .. and hangover on mondays .. \\|:º)
  21. I have been cleaning up plots generated by a lens design program to be used as illustrations for a text written in MS Word. The design program has been around for a long time.The native format is an HP plot file (yeah, that long!). Previously I have had to save the plot as an .wmf file, import it into Illustrator, thicken the lines, save it as an .ai file, open it in Intaglio to finish the formatting so I could Copy/Paste the cleaned up figure into my Word document. (Whew!) Using Affinity Designer (AD) I am able to Save the plot as a Color PS file (.ps) and open it in AD. However... a plot that is in landscape format Opens in AD as a portrait plot. To get it into a landscape format I have to: 1. Go to Document Setup..., uncheck Portrait, which rotates the document, but leaves the content alone, so then I have to... 2. Select All, then Layer > Transform > Rotate Right (or the rotation icon in the tool bar. Q. Is there any strategy that would allow the imported file can be Opened in landscape mode? Q. In Illustrator the same .ps file Opens directly in landscape mode. Is there some file attribute code that Affinity Designer does not parse that causes it to open in portrait mode? I've attached one of the .ps files from the program. It's all of 7 KB. Thanks in advance for any help, Don O'Shea Testcps.ps
  22. Below is my first try at a Manga Girl's face. Not done yet. Helping me to learn vector drawing. One thing I think would be nice to have is a spray can in pixel persona.
  23. It's a work in progress, I don't draw as often as I should.
  24. Exported the drawing as a slice from the A4 preset page size, that was exported by default as a .png. Opened it as a new drawing and added a white rectangle on a new background layer then saved as a new document, to preserve the effects of transparency that I had added to the brush strokes. Not perfect, but I am getting to the particular style that I've wanted to use since long before home computers were dreamt of :) Girl Sleeping.afdesign
  25. This vector portrait was created using pentool, with a reference photo to use. Here are some problems and thoughts while creating this one. I tried using Gradient fill but the software keeps on crashing, so i leave it with solid color. (Someone already reported the problem on the Bug forum) When i'm creating a Shape (you call it Curve in AD), it needs to set it's color everytime and not adopting the previous setting when i create shape. So it eats a lot of time. while using Pentool, i can just hold 'space bar' to switch to Pan tool to drag the canvass view. But when i'm trying, i can't drag it. i have to pick the pan tool on the tool window to be able to drag the view. So maybe, it's much easier if i could just use the 'space bar' shortcut to use the Pan tool then resume tracing. That's all my concern, sorry if some grammars are incorrect, i'm not good in english.. XD I love working with this software so far as it was easy to use, and the guide at the left bottom of the window helps a lot. I'll explore this software more.
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