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Found 89 results

  1. I've recently bought Affinity Designer and it's a great tool - but it lacks one extremely important feature: A plugin API of some sort. Currently there is no way I know of to add any kind of custom functionality to it. A plugin API would add the great benefit of making it relatively easy to automate common tasks. Also, you guys can focus more on bigger and more important features if we can create plugins for small features by ourselves. I'd suggest using an already available scripting language like JavaScript for creating plugins. Especially JS would be a great language for such a thing because of the huge amount of already existing JS libraries for almost everything you need. As for the API itself, the following features would be great: - Accessing and modifying the properties of elements - Data persistence (Adding custom information to documents. These should be kept even when opened on a computer that the plugin is not installed on) - Filesystem access (needs to be permitted for each plugin by the user. This would provide more/better security) - Network access (also needs to be enabled by the user) You could add some sort of marketplace for plugins, as suggested before. This would let you check plugins for any malicious code and would enable you to gain some extra income.
  2. Topaz Studio and OnOne Photo RAW 2017 both work as plugins to Photoshop CS6. Why not Affinity? Wish list!
  3. Hi, To developers working on improvement of compatibility of (Photoshop compatible) plugins: At https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FMML/conversations/messagesa discussion is going on including some discoveries. Perhaps someone is willing to look into it (messages with subject: 'Affinity'). Roberto
  4. I've had an mail from Serif offering AutoFX AutoMagic Ultimate Bundle at a reduced price - can anyone confirm if this software works as a plugin for Affinity Photo? Thanks
  5. I've read before that Affinity has no plans to take on a live dimensioning/ CADtools-esque functionality in the near future, but can you PLEASE reconsider! This is such a gaping hole in the industry of environmental designers (and frustrated Adobe customers). Please please consider! -S
  6. Good afternoon. I bought Photo and the Neat Image plugin, yesterday. For the most part, they are both exactly what I wanted. :-) However, when I try to record a macro in Photo using a plugin step. i.e. with the Neat Image plugin, the macro appears to record properly and can be saved. However, it stops during play at the plugin step (actually, I used only that single step for the macro); The macro does not cause the plugin to run the steps I specified, nor does the macro return to Photo. It seems that either Photo does not record the plugin actions I selected into the macro, that the macro did not send the plugin actions back to the macro recorder, or that the running of the macro does not send the relevant commands to the plugin when the macro is played. So, when the macro is run, it stops in the plugin rather than executing the plugin’s actions I had assumed I’d recorded. This is a huge problem when one has many images for which a Photo user wants to use the plugin to perform, say, noise reduction, rather than Photo’s own NR. Could you tell me if this is a bug in Photo, a bug in Neat Image, or that, perhaps, I’ve missed something in the recording of the macro for my batch? Thanks. Trevor Jacques.
  7. I have been using NIK collection as plugins in AF for a while. A few months back, a problem appeared: after finishing editing in NIK and exporting back to AF, the image appears black. I have to save, close, and then reopen the .aphoto document to see the edited image. the problem still exists with the most recent AF version. I have an iMAC. OS 10.12.4. but the problem started back in December of 2016 when I had an older OS.
  8. I create maps in QGIS (an open source GIS mapping program on PC and Mac). QGIS can export as PDF and SVG, but the best way is PDF. The problem with PDF's is that all the lines come in as individual layers (objects) while in SVG'sthey are at least grouped as sublayers. To get around this in Illustrator, I can use the Select>Same>Stroke Color and then move all the selected features to a new single layer group. Designer could use an expanded selection ability like Illustrator's. As far as selecting goes, there's a plugin for Illustrator called Select by rj-graffix.com which adds many selection abilities (but right now it doesn't appear that Designer supports plugins). Freehand used to have really robust selection abilities via a dialog box, and this included text attributes. Illustrator has never come close. Thanks.
  9. I uploaded the plugins and overtime I try to run the Nik Color Efex 4 plugin I get two screens that freeze. I have to force quit out of Affinity. Below is the screen shot of the double screens and also my preference settings.
  10. Hi, The Flaming Pear Flood Plugin doesn't work in 16 Bit. In 8 Bit it works only correct, if the image was selected via Ctrl+A before applying the plugin. Thanks!
  11. I love Topaz Lab and i wait for this plugins for AF-Photo Windows. Armin
  12. KiheiMan

    Plugins issue

    Did the plugin issue I previously reported about an editable transparency get fixed in the official release? Did you touch base with Alien Skin? I remember another user had the exact same issue using Topaz plugins. It's ok if they don't work now, I just want to know (before I purchase) and hear your commitment on making sure all/most PS plugins will work. Alien Skin (Eye Candy and Image Doctor are the ones I care about) is especially important to me - Eye Candy is a must have! Other nice-to-have plugins I use include Vertus (Fluid Mask), Power Retouche, NIK Collection (free from Google now and very close to a must have) and dsb Flux. Rob->
  13. Hi, Is it possible to use Affinity Photo (1.5) as a plugin in Capture One? If it is, how is this done? Cheers Peter
  14. Here is something I processed in Affinity then tried the Topaz plugin Simplify.
  15. Does Affinity Designer support photoshop plugins?
  16. I am using Affinity photo version 1.4.3. I can see Particleshop plugin in the filters toolbar. Unfortunately, Affinity photo crashes every time I tried to click Filters/plugins/painter/Particleshop. I have attached a screenshot of my setup. Can someone tell me if my setup is correct? Does anyone have any luck with Particleshop plugins?
  17. CrystaLink

    Photoshop Plugin Crashes

    I'm using version 1.3.4 of Affinity Photo. BTW, awesome app! When I try to use the Photoshop plugin for Filter Forge Pro 4, I get the following error message. <XFW::SystemCallError> ::open(file '/tmp/Filter Forge universal.log') failed with error code 1: Operation not permitted. I gave full permissions to the file, and it still returns the same error message.
  18. Hello guys, There is a plugin in Bracket code editor named Extact for Brackets. If you don't know it, let me introduce you. You create your layers in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and save the files. Then, you can use such layers to dynamise your webpage with just a few codes according to all specification of your layer. Unfortunately, that plug only works if you have a CC account, of course. Maybe, we can have one plugin for Affinity as well. Perhaps, I wasn't clear enough, but I hope so.
  19. Corel ParticleShop crashes Affinity Photo - each latest version under macos 10.11.5. Is there a chance for compatibility in the future?
  20. Just bought the app today. I use Photos.app to deal with my photos, and Affinity was meant to improve the workflow. However, it can only show the preview of JPEG files when using the plugin for Photos. None of the plugins list will show the preview of RAW files (Canon 5DS, 5D3 and Fuji X70 tested). The place where the preview should have been just remains dark (but the adjustment panel on the right side still shows). Please look at the attached screenshot:
  21. I've got the Zoomify Photoshop plugin from the website and I'm trying to add it to Affinity Photo but I'm not having any luck. Thinking it was to do with the file downloaded I tried using a copy from an actual copy of Photoshop that a colleague has but still no luck (there is a file difference in that the folder direct from PS has .swf file and .zvt while the downloaded one has .js file, oddly, with .zvt). I've not used plugins before with either PS or Affinity so not sure if I'm doing things right. I'm adding the folder to where affinity suggests and then restarting the app, but nothing appears within the dialog. Anybody else had any success with this or shall I call it quits and maybe get my PS using colleagues to export the file for me? Thanks!
  22. Hi, after a rebuilt of my iMac (Retina Model 15,1 2014) Plugins won't work correct. I've made a clean instal and become only the Demo Mode for the Nik Plugins like Color Efex or Analog Efex. The plugins works before with OS X 10.11.3. After the Clean install i've OS X 10.11.4. Topaz brings the message you can see in following Screenshot: I don't know wich file Affinity photo needs to starts the plugins (Nik) as full version. I deleted the Nik Collection and Topaz and after Restart i Installed the plugins again. But nothing changed. I have start a topic in the forum but I became only answer - deinstall und reinstall the plugins. The Plugin paths show to the plugin folder from photoshop 2015 CC and the support path is the global Access ("/") As result - I can't use affinity like I want (Today no replacement for Photoshop). With a Debugging Version it should be able to find the error where the plugins can't run in full working mode (no DEMO). Can you help me! Debugging Version could help also for causeless other Problems. My system iMac Retina late 2014 Model 15,1 4 GHz Core i7 AMD radeon R9 M295X with 4GB RAM Fusion drive 3 TB 16GB RAM OS X 10.11.4 (Clean install)
  23. I own a copy of Topaz effects that works fine in Photoshop 2015 but only partially works in Affinity Photo. I can make all manual adjustments but the presets can be selected but none of the presets can be applied or seen in the browser. Also, I am logged into Topaz with Photoshop but the login does not show in Affinity. I have to login each time to use the Effects filter in Affinity Photo. Any suggestions or fixes for this problem would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. I don't know if this is possible. Today i do all my Photo-Editing in Lightroom, only for heavy composing purposes i switch to Affinity Photo (previous Photoshop ;-). Now... my LR/Affinity/LR-Workflow goes like this: - open the raw as psd copy in Affinity-Photo (psd becomes visible in Lightroom). - Do my work on the opened psd-file in Affinity-Photo. - save the work does forces the .aphoto Format, which is saved beside the psd. - Now i export the work as psd - what overwrites the previous opened psd - (which is visible in LR). - I make some virtual copys of the psd to do variations for the finish (i use all that develop stuff in LR for that) - If i want to do some more work on the file, i klick in LR on the PSD, and do the "show in finder" command. There i locate the .aphoto file and open it in Affinity-Foto for additional work. After finishing my work i do step 4 and 5. It may be useful to have a LR-Plugin that can handle the .aphoto directly. What do you think?
  25. Hi I'd like to know how to use filmconvert photoshop plugin. This is the reason I bought affinity photo so I hope someone can help. Thank you Luke

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