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Found 209 results

  1. Is there a tutorial on migrating from PS to Designer / Adapting to Designer From PS? Thanks, Eric
  2. Hi, I am testing performance of affinity designer (MAC) vs photoshop CS6 (MAC). I've got a PSD file with multiple folders, layers etc. The file is 750x2000 pixels, so it's quite big. I'm exporting in photoshop png-24 without transparency - exported file has 78kb. After exporting in affinity designer in both png options (24,8) I've got these sizes: 192kb and 119kb respectfully. So at the moment the most important question is how to export png file so at least the size is similar to Photoshop.
  3. I also noted psd. issues in the Beta but the exported .psd is bad. Multi layered file exports with no info and when I bring into FCP X it's flattened with no info. Note: I also used the "Final Cut Pro X" preset for the .psd Thanks, Both Times.psd
  4. Would be awesome if we could copy-paste vector paths from Affinity Designer to Photoshop and vice versa. Currently, if I copy something in AD and then try to paste it inside Photoshop, it'll be pasted as SmartObject. And If I try to copy Path Item from Photoshop, AD unfortunately doesn't recognize clipboard contents at all.
  5. What's the best way to save a sketch file, important to Affinity and export for Photoshop editing? I currently imported a PDF from sketch into Affinity, tried to export to PSD, but the file size is still zero bites. Any help or references would be greatly appreciated :)!
  6. What do you reckon should be the flatten image policy? . I am looking at exporting for fine art printing. It would be great publishing a comprehensive tutorial on layers and files . Seems to me that this the main difference from Photoshop and the main obstacle for photographers like me who wants to make the transition and use PSCC, LR and AP In the same workflow . The videos are great but they need to detail a complete workflow and its various options. Thank you!
  7. Greetings! I am a long time PS user and recently I am trying to switch to AP for most of my workflow. I am however still struggling with few issues so I was hoping to get some feedback here to make my work with AP easier :-) Sorry in advance for such a long list, but I don't want to spam this forum with multiple posts. 1) Is there any shortcut for Perspective tool? I am using it a lot (in PS it's Cmd+T and Cmd+click on corners). How to use Perspective tool non-destructively? So far the layer needs to be converted to pixels to use Perspective tool. I am looking for something like Smart Objects where you can easily transform dimensions without loosing any information. 2) Converting text to curves when pressing Cmd+Enter is for me not a good option. I am sooo used to this shortcut from PS that I am almost always converting the text to curves instead of just finishing text editing (which is in AP done using the Esc key where in PS it cancels the editing – is there by the way any shortcut to cancel editing in AP?). 3) Is there any tool similar to polygonal lasso tool from PS? I would like to make straight angled selections but not just rectangles. 4) Cropping with rotation on small resolution images produces jagged lines in image. Is there any way how to get rid of this?I need to perform cropping in PS to get desirable results and then to switch back to AP. 5) Is there any shortcut to reset colors to black and white? (in PS it's "D" key - it's useful when masking with brush tool) 6) Is there any easier way to pick color than to switch to brush tool (B key) and hold Alt key while dragging? (in PS it's "I" key and click) 7) How the Flood fill tool actually works on layers? So far I have found that to fill the object visible on layer I have to select the layer, then select Flood fill tool and select the color in swatches. When I select the color and click anywhere in the layer it does not do anything. 8) Is there any way how to transform selection? I know you can grow/shrink selection (Cmd+B), but I am looking for more precise way. 9) Thank you for reading this all up to this point ;-) Petr
  8. Hello, On my current project, I am attempting to remain Affinity software as much as possible, however, I ran into another task where I am glad I kept that copy of PS CS6 installed. In this current attachment, you'll see another example of why a "puppet" warp-like feature would be very valuable for solving design tasks like these. Please consider adding this feature to the roadmap or a similar "pins/tacks" to the liquify… this would be faster and more predictable than dealing with the whole thaw/freeze brushing operation. Thank you.
  9. I've been trying to export as layered Photoshop file to bring into FCP X. However, seems to come out as flattened only. I saw a previously topic and I'm thinking that is the case. Can someone confirm? If so, I guess the only way to do it is to make a "slice" of each layer then export all. Am I correct in that assumption? Thanks
  10. Hi, I have bought Affinity Photo last night after 2 days of searching on the net. I have been using Lightroom for 1 year, as hobby and semi-pro works. I really enjoy it but i feel that I should move forward and Lightroom is just a quick package edit tool limits you in some ways. I have never used Adobe PS, and I have to learn everything here with Affinity Photo. What would you offer me for the start for fast learning? Should I start to watch all of Affinity Tutorial videos with taking notes and ailing them on my photos? or would it be good to watch Adobe PS tutorials too, as it has more source to watch and read and not that different from Affinity Photo? Thank you' Oflatun
  11. This article by fantastic writer Tom Koszyk https://medium.com/product-design-ux-ui/the-perfect-ux-ui-design-tool-13-things-designers-needs-most-f35589ce18e1 highlights some very good points about Affinity Designer and the competition. I think it was well written and should be taken seriously. My question is: Will the issues raised here be addressed? I want to see Designer win all of these competitions. Thanks.
  12. This was originally an Affinity Photo test. Particularly the hair masking tool. I was surprisingly pleased with the results. If I had to do this seriously I probably wouldn't use this dancer model. But dancing models tend to make interesting poses which makes for great supernatural compositions. She had reddish hair which I enhanced and it reminded me of Dark Phoenix... so I went with it and made my alternative version of Dark Phoenix from X-Men. This was just for fun (for once). I find Affinity Photo much like Photoshop, only more "fun" to use because of live preview features and slick refined work flow and a tight smooth program operations. Only $50 no subscription was a bonus too. This image was originally 6000px Wide and which made the program struggled a bit more and made the fan in my Macbook Pro 2011 sound like a cyclone! My artwork is also on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/28344101/Dark-Phoenix
  13. Hi Affinity forum, I decided to buy the app for the price that is relative light engagement. Well, I use Photoshop since 2.51 version I enjoyed alot this new deal in graphics at this time. It was fresh and exciting to participate to this Adobe's journey. The big problem with Adobe which has a real expertise in bitmap is the expensive price they ask, socially unfair for real enthusiasts artists who couldn't afford the software solution. 20 or 10 years ago, there was an unreasonable needs into graphics business so prices jumped due to a mad inflation. Adobe has decided to deal with PC that has attacked the Apple market. Adobe has became an industrial software sometimes agressive, they attacked Quark Xpress market with In-design solution. But now how I can change of bitmap's software after more 20 years of photoshop's use ? Can I really transpose serious tasks (color management, quality image manipulation)? I use PS for verifications and corrections in professional way with approved settings by the profession. Will Affinity extend his software to exhaustive industrial norms workflow ? PS: Affinity seems to exploit deeper than ps .tiff files. I have been positively surprised by .tiff flexibility inside app. Levels are great! they push .tiff to a real pixel density and colors keep their soul. A good taste in photography rendering algorithm. One more bitmap software is ever a good news.
  14. Unless I´m really overlooking some setting somewhere, I cannot find any provision for coming back to where I was before going the Photo Persona route, so after processing a raw file in the Develop Persona! Sure, I can activate the Develop Persona again, but all settings will reset to default at that point. Worse: going back to the Develop Persona will not reload from the initial raw file, but just make all adjustments as already set, available but at their default values, not what I had set them to before pressing Develop - the button next to Cancel, not the one for Develop Persona. That´s a nice way of going beyond some maximum: i.e. you can blank out a whole photograph by repeatedly doing it that way, each time pushing exposure and brightness all the way to the right, black point to the left... It is also rather destructive. Once set some Clarity, Contrast on the Basic panel and Detail Refinement on the Details panel for instance, I will have to restart from scratch (so the raw file) to correct if a customer decides that I have overdone it! Please do not point me to a blur filter in the Photo Persona: sure, loads of possibilities there, not as convenient methinks. In short, I´m really missing my XMPs and, related to that, the possibility of just storing that very small footprint text file, instead of the huge file size of an AFPHOTO format. That is, when I really don´t need anything from the Photo Persona, of course. Are there thoughts on bringing something like that to Affinity Photo?
  15. Affinity Photo (henceforth "AP") does a stellar job of importing from PSDs, but there are some usability improvements that would help to properly set user's expectations about the nature of the import process. For example, AP appears to rasterize Vector Smart Objects and Embedded Smart Objects into "pixel layers". Fortunately the user can determine the type of an imported layer quite easily by looking at the parenthetical text following its name, but AP's attempt to preserve layer names has the potential to set false expectations at-a-glance, as this image describes: As also noted in the above image, this can have significant usability implications for exporting to PSD, as rasterized layers may keep their default names (as imported by AP), but are in fact be pixel layers within the exported PSD. This confused me the first time I exported to PSD after initially importing from one. There are similar caveats for the layer names of other imported layers. For example: type layers are imported with their names, which suppresses AP's automatic layer naming for type layers based on their text content. It's likely that these layer names originated as auto-generated names in Photoshop to begin with. – Based on these observations, I have a few recommendations in the form of optional PSD import options for layer names: A "PSD Import" option to append " (Rasterized by Affinity Photo)" to the end of layers in a PSD that become pixel layers upon import into Affinity Photo A "PSD Import" option to remove names of type layers if the entire layer name exists as a substring in the type layer's text content, starting from the first character An option to review layers that have been rasterized upon importing a PSD Cheers, Joe
  16. I hope there is only a setting or something missing I tried to add the folder in settings of my adobe photoshop filters If my Photoshop Topaz plugins do not work in this program is totally useless for me and please refund my purchase from Appstore Stefan
  17. A PSD does not look like the original. It was written we get the best import. Where can we find what does not work with that import engine?
  18. I'm using the free trial version of Affinity Design and this is one bug I noticed. I tried to open a PSD file, some layers of the file have Layer Styles. Upon importing, the layer styles didn't render but the layer is present. I looked into that layer and I saw the "fx" icon and I try to access it because maybe I can try to recreate the layer style. I clicked the 'fx' icon and the app crashed. Not seeing the layer styles from the start is sort of a hassle too because soon I'm gonna ditch my PS and I'm finding a new editing software. What if the PSD was from a client and I'm not aware of the original style provided? That might 'cause some problems. Thank you and I hope you look into this because I'm really trying to find a good software that can import PSD and AI flawlessly First Screenshot: File opened on PS Second: FIle opened on AD (Gradient is gone) Third: FX icon on that layer
  19. Will Affinity Photo have support for Photoshop Linked Smart Objects?
  20. I'm trying to export a file to PSD but it will not open in Photoshop or Preview after export. I've rasterised all the layers, deleted the folders and still the export will not work. Any ideas?
  21. I just bought my copy off AD and it really seems to be exactly what I was looking for.. I'm quite new with vectors and AI is waaaay too complicated for my taste. Anyhows: AD and PS make one great team! -M
  22. Hi there MEB and the AD community. Been Photoshop a software that have + than two decades running, is plausible to find infinite brush presets and communities that develop them. I think it would make sense been able to import .abr files (photoshop brushes) in AD, since is perfectly legal to enable file compatibilities, and besides having its own file extension, presets and communities.
  23. So... I wanted to see how Affinity Designer's pixel painting feature set stacked up to Photoshop's with a little experiment. I had created this Bunny illustration in Photoshop CS4 (yes I know I'm a little behind the curve) and decided to take a crack at it in AD. I was excited with some earlier attempts at painting in AD so I thought a back to back comparison would really reveal it's strengths and/or weaknesses. The original image on the left is PS the recreated AD image is on the right. The other two images are from AD with a background added. Years ago I used to be an airbrush artist and I worked out a workflow in PS where I used the paths as "frisket" to created selections to "airbrush" inside of. The AD piece at right is done in a similar fashion. I created paths of the various objects, arranged them on layers and painted inside them using the great selection of brushes available. But with AD I was finding I could work a little more flexible and more "un-destructive" allowing for more freedom to experiment and play with ideas... for instance the whiskers are strokes that I can continue to tweak if needed, the high lights on the ears are also strokes that could be further refined and a lot of the "painting" are actually effects and not painted at all, so those would be adjustable after the fact as well... ...all in all I was very pleased with the outcome and more importantly the "workflow" exceeded my expectations. For me, truly this is the perfect workflow that I have been wanting for years, a real balance of vector and pixel that delivers on what it promises - finally! Now I'm not dis'ing Photoshop, and I don't want to start an Adobe bashing thread... I just thought a comparison of what I discovered in my working method might benefit others and also I wanted to thank the Serif team for offering all of us a solid choice!
  24. Hi, I am getting the "Failed to open PSD file" error when trying to open certain psd files. Some open, some don't. For those that open, I am noticing the following bugs: Smart layers get rasterised. IMHO, this needs to be fixed. Adjustment layers do not appear the same. For example the hue/saturation adjustment does not look the same as in Photoshop. Some masks on groups do not show as expected, masking seems "inverted"? Please let me know if you need any details on the bugs above, or if there is a fix for what I am experiencing. Other than that, it is a great peace of software. Keep it up!
  25. Hi, I've been searching the forums to see if anyone else had this issue but I can't find it anywhere. I have a PSD document that I opened in AD and all the text layers seem to be pixel layers - therefore I can't copy / paste text, check the font / font-size, or edit it in any way. Some "text" pixel layers have fx on them, so I thought it might be because of this. However, I searched layers without fx and they are all the same (pixel layers). Is there something I'm missing? PS: At least one of the fonts used in the PSD is installed (with SkyFonts, from Google; font: Lato). The rest of the fonts I don't know right now because I can't click on them :)