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  1. Why does the perspective of the rounded corners of the shape is not as I expected? Where did I do wrong?
  2. Trying out building some flip book text effect in APh v1, though it would be overall better to have some reusable macro/script for creating such text effect tasks. Also undoubtly it would be overall better to do the whole with plain vectors instead of pixels here. - BTW it's also one of those things where one is then sadly missing some blend tool for creating intermediate steps. For text not all letters/characters and fonts work & look well here, so using capitalized words in some heavy font is mostly recommended, as far as chars like an "J" or "L" aren't used, as those (as can be seen below) would produce unsightly effect gaps ...
  3. I have been making perspective grids on Affinity Photo 2 for the iPad using the star tool. However, that seems to have a limit of 48 points. There is a better way, using power duplicate and the transform tool. Create a horizontal guide for the horizon line and add vanishing points. Duplicate a vertical line and then rotate it by 2 degrees. Power duplicate to create the grid and then group the layers. Duplicate the group and flip horizontally and move to the other side for a 2 point perspective grid, or duplicate the group twice and move or flip the groups to make 3-point perspective
  4. I am trying to uncurl this photo and then crop it. It was photographed from a scrapbook and sent to me by an old friend. I tried using the Mesh Tool without much luck, and the Perspective tool with even less. Is it even possible to do this without distorting the images beyond recognition? Thanks!
  5. Would be nice if AP could straighten distorted object while cropping an image like Photoshop. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/crop-straighten-photos.html It's useful for an image of buildings/documents
  6. Hello community, in my transition to AD2 I would like to distort an image like below but I haven't found a way in AD2. I tried by using a perspective on a empty rectangle and then clipping the image in it but I was not able to replicate exactly the effect I achieved using my other sw using a 'free transform' tool. The result desired is in the picture attached. I am sure this is possible in AD2 but I don't know how. thx for any help p.s. hope you don't tell me it's in affinity photo...
  7. Feature Request: Ability to distort/skew perspective of curves in Affinity Designer. I drew a rectangle shape, converted it to curves, and duplicated it repeatedly into stripes. I would next like to distort, skew, stretch the perspective. But I don’t see how with the current set of tools. Best I can discern is to grab nodes and randomly pull them where they look close enough. But this is time-intensive and imperfect. I also tried drawing trapezoid shapes, but their controls seem even less precise. I asked in the support board how better to do it, and I was told there is no way (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/166065-how-to-distortskew-perspective-of-curves-in-affinity-designer/). Thank you.
  8. I'm very happy that there are finally perspective and warp options in Designer, I'm going to use it a lot. Unfortunately this feature completely lacks snapping - I see for example that neither corners nor tangents snap to grid or other objects. It's really important that this works, so you can accurately adjust your objects to the perspective established with a grid or other objects.
  9. Even though I really like the Affinity suite of programs, I had been sticking with an old version of AutoDesk Sketchbook for doing my sketches, because it has nice perspective drawing guides, that allow me to A) Import a photo of a room or building, B) Insert perspective guides and align them with the actual lines in the photo, then C) Easily sketch out a project that I want to build, over that photo. Before V2 came out, I hadn't really been thinking of the Affinity programs as effective tools to do rough sketching. When Krita 5.x came out, I took a look and discovered that they had even better perspective guides than AutoDesk Sketchbook. And so, I began working on learning Krita, with the intention to use it for all sketching and painting work. I figured, I would reserve the Affinity programs for use when I needed a more "finished look." Of course, this meant that I would have to learn two very different user interfaces and "modus operandi." As I have said elsewhere, when the V2 versions of the Affinity programs came out, I immediately "upgraded," even though I knew they did not have perspective guides at all. I did this because I knew I would still want to use those programs for that "finished look," and I knew there would likely be at least three years worth of upgrades forthcoming. (All the videos and tutorials about "perspective guides" were merely about drawing some lines on a transparent-ish top layer and simply following them with your eye. Personally, I found that to be an absolutely lame workaround, and it really exposed which YouTubers were willing to repeat nonsense just to generate content.) And then I happened to notice someone mention this "helper utility" called, Lazy Nezumi Pro, in a YouTube video, almost as an aside. It promised to fill in all the blanks of the "missing" drawing guides in the Affinity programs, and more. I did some research, and saw that it didn't work with Affinity programs at first but, upon request, they adapted it to work with the V1 apps. Unfortunately, while doing said research I found a mention that Lazy Nezumi Pro will not work with programs that are "sandboxed," and my heart just sunk. Here, I had thought I had figured out a way to focus all of my energies on learning only one suite of programs. I wrote the makers of Lazy Nezumi Pro, and they tell me that, indeed, their app will not work with any programs that are "sandboxed," as the V2 programs are. So, I know this will not make the developers work any faster. But I do hope this helps impress upon the executives in the company that there is more to be gained from getting that .MSI installer out, than simply being able to launch Affinity Photo from within various photo managers. Who knows how many add-ons and/or plug-ins do not work simply because the Affinity programs are not installed like a regular program. Who knows how much additional functionality Affinity users are forced to give up (besides what comes in the "box"), and where their threshold will be for choosing to simply use a different program. As it is, I still have to use Krita for my original sketches. The more time I spend learning Krita, the less time I have to learn Affinity programs. And, the more likely I will be to just recommend Krita to someone, rather than Affinity, just because I know it better. Something tells me that is not the outcome you desire. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Edit: I was hoping I would have to add this but: Please only stick to the question at hand. I am not asking how to be a better artist. And I am certainly not asking how to be an artist exactly like you. And to be even more clear, "perspective guides" are not stabilizers.
  10. Hi, I want to procedurally distort linked files (topographic maps) like in this example below: The reason it needs to be procedural is because I still have to change line weights and/ or elements on the various maps. I was planning to distort linked files using the new Vector Warp feature in Designer, but it doesn't accept linked files, see feature request: I then moved over to Photo, tried the live projections, but unfortunately, the live projection grid widget does not correspond to the layer's bounding box. I then used the Perspective tool, which is close to what I want, but it converts my file to a pixel layer. This means it is destructive. Are there any other options?
  11. I’m probably more surprised by the lack of a dedicated workspace for painting than I am from the lack of any significant UI customizability. I’m loving all of the quality of life improvements you’ve made but there’s a big question mark over having more purpose-built perspectives than just photo ops. Editorials aside, it would be great to have you partner with a few professional illustrators/fine artists to come up with a sandbox for digital painting. Perhaps splitting the mixer from the regular brush as distinct tools; and enhancing the brush metadata to make it clearer which brushes work best with which of the two primary tools. I’d also love to have a mixing palette or color picker that I can move around for inline sampling and comparisons. There’s a lot of room for innovation in the perspective space on this pipeline.
  12. I would love to be able to make titles like this fake impossible 3D look with the help of guides/grids built in the program. I don't mean changing the geometry but at least have the option beyond the isometric look. Thank you.
  13. I drew a rectangle shape, converted it to curves, and duplicated it repeatedly into stripes. I would next like to distort, skew, stretch the perspective. But I don’t see how. Best I can discern is to grab nodes and randomly pull them where they look close enough. But this is time-intensive and imperfect. Is there something easier I’m missing? I also tried drawing trapezoid shapes, but their controls seem even less precise. I searched but found several posts from several years ago asking for this and being told it didn’t exist as a feature yet. Affinity Designer version 1.10.5 on macOS. Thank you.
  14. Any Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort features soon? This year? Any date release? I need to know if I need to change apps. What is everyone else doing to get around not having Distortion or Perspective distorts in Affinity Designer? Any tips?
  15. Hallo, Leider funktioniert bei mir und anderen Affinity Benutzern des Öfteren die Gitterverzerrung/ Perspektivische Verzerrung aus unerklärlichen Gründen nicht. Woran könnte das liegen? Ist das ein allgemeines Problem von Affinity oder haben wir etwas falsch eingestellt? Meistens funktioniert die Verzerrung problemlos Danke schonmal Viele Grüße
  16. Hi. I'm loving AF so far, but of course, there's stuff from PS I can't live without, and one of them is Perspective crop. I've fiddled a lot with the crop tool but this doesn't seem to be possible. Is there a way to do it or a workaround? Perspective tool doesn't cut it for me for this purpose. Thanks.
  17. Hello everyone, I'm new in affinity photo and I try to find on Youtube tutorials or here on the forum how to perspective crop an object, keeping the aspect ratio of that object. I have to crop some paintings from photo and if I use the perspective crop tool it lengthens my result. I do something wrong or this future is not available in Affinity yet? I attach 2 examples. Normal one is cropped in Photoshop, second in Affinity. I really like Affinity Photo but there are some future missing, or I didn't discover it yet.
  18. So I have both Designer and Photo. I mainly use both for Digital painting and Matte painting or photobashing (concept art environment stuff) I recently started using the isometric grid and the isometric tools in Designer to create blueprints for interiors before I do a painting of them in Photo, to get scale worked out Anyways, I currently create perspective grids in Photo for painting over by using the star tool and overalapping 2 or 3 of them to create a perspective grid which I can then trace over and line things up to with the perspective tool. After using the isometric grid & axis manager and plane tools in Designer, it would be amazing if something like that could be built for doing 2 and 3 point perspective grids in both programs. An option for "Perspective" could be added to the Advanced tab in Grid & Axis Manager. It would be awesome if had the following features/controls: Choose 2 or 3 points (this would do for 90% of peoples use cases) Allow each pivot point to be moved in X an Y directions with sliders or by entering coordinates and seeing updates onscreen in real time as with the other grids Allow for each points lines to be different colors and opacities Allow 2 or 3 points to be constrained/mirrored by other points, so for example when setting up a 2 point perspective grid: moving the left point in, out, up or down would also automatically be mirror on the right side, without needing to position each seperately This is probably not quite possible, but if snapping to the resulting grid lines was possible that would be really useful. But even just having a visual grid to trace over while painting and positioning photos with the perspective tool for photobashing would satisfy me Really hope something like this can be added in future. There was never anything like this in Photoshop or Illustrator either, and it always seemed like such an obvious feature to me. I love Designer and Photo. Really amazing products
  19. These tutorials are really helpful, and well done. I've looked but cannot find a tutorial on how to wrap horizontal text around the corner of a building. Can someone helop me out? Thanks! Phil
  20. Hello - I am new to Affinity Designer. Is it possible to make text like this in AD or do I use Coreldraw or Blender? Many thanks.
  21. I have a client who I have done two shoots for of the same subject, an updated renovation project for an art museum. They are asking me to take the new photos and align them to perfectly match the perspective and angle of the old photos I took. I am not sure how to begin this, my intuition tells me the perspective tool, but if its a 3 point perspective interior shot, would that actually work? The attached shots are the first pair that I am working on, but I think also the most difficult.
  22. Hi guys, can someone please provide me with an upload link for a QT video and an .afdesign file (230mb in total)? It's all explained there. Addendum: the duplication bug doesn't happen in .afphoto. There the perspective is maintained. TIA, Helmar
  23. Hi guys, some of you might be wondering if there's a skew or distort feature in Affinity Photo. So in this video, I will show you how to use and where you can find Skew, Distort, & Perspective feature in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy watching this video, thank you!
  24. Hi, Right now in Affinity Photo when you place an embedded document and use the perspective tool it gets rasterized. You can no longer double-click the layer to change the file. Same thing in Affinity Designer, there is not much you can do other than simple skew. /Fjord
  25. ENGLISH : Hello to you . Question: 1) I need to deform a regular rectangular shape on a layer (a classic "frame" at right angles) to get the drawing (same reason therefore) transformed or deformed by an irregular trapezoid of its shape (its "frame" of which the angles have been varied). 2) Similarly, I am looking for a way to have a "perspective" tool (=> ???). => I tried with all sorts of handles and all kinds of keyboard shortcuts (as it exists on Illustrator!), But did not arrive there. It's very annoying ! There is only the double horizontal arrow tool between the top handle of the center of the form and its middle upper point that works. But this only effects a lateral transformation of the 2 upper points of a shape. Or, for example: How to move a single angle at a time, (deformation), or 2 angles simultaneously opposite (perspective)? => Because it is really a type of essential tools on a vector drawing software (the "point by point" being very laborious and wasting a lot of time). Thank you for your reply. Bonjour à vous. Question : FRENCH : 1) j’ai besoin de déformer une forme rectangulaire régulière sur un calque (un « cadre » classique à angles droits) pour obtenir le dessin (même motif donc) transformée ou déformé par un trapèze irrégulier de sa forme (son « cadre » dont on a fait varier les angles). 2) Pareillement, je cherche un moyen d’avoir un outil « perspective » (=> ???). => J'ai essayé avec toutes les sortes de poignées et toutes sortes de raccourcis clavier (comme il existe sur Illustrator !), mais n'y suis pas arrivé. C’est très agaçant ! Il n’y a que l’outil doubles flèche horizontale entre la poignée supérieur du centre de la forme et son point supérieur médian qui fonctionne. Mais cela n’effectue qu’une transformation latérale des 2 points supérieurs d’une forme. Or, et par exemple : Comment déplacer un seul angle à la fois, (déformation), ou 2 angles simultanément en opposé (perspective) ? => Car c’est vraiment un type d’outils indispensables sur un logiciel de dessin vectoriel (le « point par point » étant très laborieux et faisant perdre énormément de temps). Merci de votre réponse.
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