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Found 156 results

  1. For instance if I wanted to have stars follow along a curved path...or the letter C follow along a line.
  2. Hello! I am currently in my 10 day trial period and am pleased to see that I may not have to spend the $20 a month for Adobe Illustrator. I have been able to use most of a tutorial I had wanted to use for comparison but for a few things, such as: I need a brush pattern to distribute along a path. (Ellipse) I can't seem to figure this one out. The terminologies seem different, though, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. Also, many of the items I work with require working in Illustrator, then opening in Photoshop to complete. This is another task that I can't seem to work out correctly. These two things.. and I'm a sold customer! Can anyone help? Sidebar: I am not a numbers person. I see some people using this thing called logic with numbers and I have no desire to run calculations in the middle of a creative process. Throws a wrench in my gears, which are already fairly rusty. :) Thanks so much for any help!
  3. Hi Affinity staff, I'm well aware this topic has been brought up before but just let me put it into a defined question again: AP/AD does not save preferred pathes and setting. One constantly has to enter own standard pathes and setting over and over again. I'm quite aware this topic requires some reasonable effort since it affects so many settings within the programs. But on the other side it is a nightmare for any professional user entering these things again an again. Starting from standard file pathes that need to be available at startup, pathes that have been entered the last time, and should be maintained, standard export settings that should be defined and saved altered if changed ... the list is quite long and I guess you are aware of it ... Is there any plan to adapt the software to these essential settings at all? Is this scheduled still in the 1.5 version? Can you give any estimated point of implementation? I'm aware that everybody is asking for features ... but please don't forget the workflow ... there are people trying to work with the software - on a daily base ... more than occasional users ... and I hope you try to address them with you SW as well ;-) Cheers, Timo
  4. Searching the help did not produce any result. How do I draw for example a 12-leaf-daisy by only drawing one leaf and than duplicate/rotate it along a circular path? Is there any built in function like "actions" or "automatic repeat by angle and path"
  5. It would be nice a feature like AutoCAD POLAR ARRAY, so you can place object/selections around a specified point, or along a specified path. The essential options are : number of objects, angle between objects, radius of array, rotate objects ON/OFF. Thank you :)
  6. Hello everyone, I've been using Designer for some time now, and it is brilliant i must say, but I recently found a problem i can't solve by myself, or search it on the net. I am trying to create a dashed line, made of dots to be exact, and i need it to have specific count evenly placed between the two points. For example, on the attached image, i need exactly three dots evenly placed on the path. Is there anyway to attain this effect, or i have to count the spaces manually and copy/paste circle shapes? Thanks for response. John
  7. Hi, I've the following scaling issue: I have a logo that consists of several shapes and 2 text paths. The logo is used as a symbol, in different layouts for mobile and web screens. How can I scale the logo including its child-objects (the 2 text on paths), without loosing the correct visual appearance of the logo? If I scale the logo (the whole object) down: - the text wraps around the curves (as it is described in the AD help) - that means I have my big logo (which looks good) a smaller logo with to large text, so I have to modify the text separately on the smaller logo (the instance of the symbol). But if I do so, I loose the correct visualization on the other symbols (the original, the bigger ones). And vice versa. An infinite loop... 1.) I need an option like "scale with object" as it exists for layerFX or 2.) the default scaling behavior of text on paths must be like that Thanks a lot for your time, your ideas, your help, Stefan.
  8. Hi, i'm trying to export file to a specific path continuously. The thing is i want to export to a folder that located one level up relative to the af file. example: The file is in: C:\ design\ main page\ AFile.afdesign i Want to export to: C:\ Design\ so what syntax should i put in the path field ? thanks ! Rotem.
  9. Hi; I've found an unexpected behaviour (unexpected for me, of course) when adding a text to a circle shape. I was trying to write the text all around the circle by outside, but instead when I've written half the text, it jumps down and to the inner part of the circle (see attached image). Is there any way to prevent this, a workaround, or I'm doing sthing wrong? Thanks in advance; Val
  10. In my experiences I've found that when I want to edit multiple shapes of the same type (e.g. 10 rectangles) and apply a property across all of them (e.g. rounded corners at 100%) that when I select the 10 rectangles the only batch operations I can perform are generic (e.g. convert to curves). 1 selected rounded rectangle: 2 selected rounded rectangles: What would be great is if I select multiple shapes/paths/items of the same type, that I can then change the type's properties of all those selected items. Edit: To extend this functionality, I'd like expression modifiers (e.g "width: +50px") which would relatively modify each individually selected item's value. I may have 10 selected objects which have varying widths which I just want to increase 50px, rather than set them all to a uniform width.
  11. It might be useful to have a way to apply a gradient on a curved path, and even a custom path, instead of just a straight line/other preset option.
  12. Hi, i exported an EPS file and it breaks the path strangely. Attached the original file and the exported eps version. Anyone experienced the same? Thanks Alberto ExportEps.afdesign ExportEps.eps
  13. Is there a way to convert a path to a selection, and have the selection be added/subtracted to a selection that is already made?
  14. Is there a way to convert a Pen Tool path you make into a selection. There is a selection from layer I can do, but I would like to just convert the path into a selection, without having to create extra layers.
  15. Maybe it is not quite a bug but should be improved. Try my example file. Cheers :) . add_objects.afdesign
  16. First, I'm used to Photoshop & am pretty new to Affinity. I've had it for just a few days now. I'm trying to get text to curve and I'm really having trouble. It seems each tutorial I've watched says to create a shape then click the Text tool & simply hover by the outside of the shape for the squiggly line to show up long side the "A" where the curser is. The problem is that I cannot get that to happen. Just normal, straight text. I cannot get the text on a path. Somebody please help me before I lose my mind.
  17. Bonjour, je ne vois pas comment faire pour faire suivre un chemin à un texte, comment forcer le texte à suivre une courbe ? Merci.
  18. Hi all I have an arrow and want to bend/wrap the group after construction to a path. Example attached. The arrow in it should follow/bend like the curve. I am currently stuck and really appreciate any help and hints :) Many thanks in advance, Roland Pfeil.afdesign
  19. Hi there! I'm trying to work out how to find the length of a path... Basically, the length from A to B in the screenshot attached... I.e - if you imagined the line was a piece of string and you pulled it straight by holding A and B, what would the width of the object be? I'm sure this is an easy task, I just can't work it out! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Herbz
  20. Please could we have a simple Merge Node command. It is fundamental to building various shapes by hand and its absence in Affinity Designer makes little sense. I would like to be able to take two open nodes (typically from two separate curves joined with add), overlap them, select them both and merge them. The result should be a single node which inherits the respective bézier properties of each side. Creating objects with the pen and pencil tool then joining them with other creations is a complete and total pain right now. I covered a related problem in some detail here http://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26930-joining-nodes-without-losing-bézier, however the problem of joining separate curves in Affinity Designer remains frustratingly counter intuitive and often produces unexpected or unintended results.
  21. I can't find a way to hide the pink paths that define my vector objects so I can preview what my drawing looks like. I'd say I was missing a setting, but it doesn't outline every shape on the screen, just some, and it seems to pick those randomly (see screenshot)
  22. C:\Program Files\Serif\Affinity Designer Public Beta\ C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo Public Beta\ Can you please change the installation paths, so that both programs are in the same folder, either Serif or Affinity?
  23. Hello, its new to me to work with Affinity Photo. Today i work only with Photoshop an now i have a question. Any people send me pictures with a path in the image. In Photoshop i can select the path and save this image with clipping path for using in Indesign. In AP i cant find this function or dosnt work AS with clipping path? Thanks for the answers. Greatings Sylvio
  24. Hello First Please excuse my english i'm french Here's problem : I want to use shapes i designed with affinity Designer in apple motion 5 but it's only possible to import .pdf files in motion and those are note reconized as "Path" in motion There was a java scrip for adobe illustrator but it doesn't work anymore I really prefer Affinity designer as Adobe Illustrator so Please Find a way to use our Affinity Curves as Curves in Apple Motion 5 Thank's for reading and the great job you did for an awesome Price Have a nice day
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