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  1. Are we safe to assume that Affinity Publisher will be able to import an existing 100 page PagePlus file with ; Left and right hand Master pages; Auto table of contents generation. Thats not too much to ask is it ? I really don't want to re-create it all manually ! regards Paul Churchill
  2. Hello, I am a very long term Serif Pageplus and Webplus user. I can now see you are no longer intending to develop either of these products in favour of everything Afinity. So, will you be doing a page layout software to replace page plus? Will you be doing a web design software to replace web plus and will it handle mobile pages better? I look forward to hearing from somebody. Thanks
  3. I have been producing a document using Serif PagePlus X7. This is because I am more familiar with PagePlus X7 than with Affinity Publisher and I wanted to express my thoughts directly. However, there is one character that is from plane 1 of the Universal Character Set in the document, used a number of times and as it is used within a special font that I have produced I have also made the glyph available in the Pivate Use Area of plane 1. So I would like to try to produce an Affinity Publisher version of the document so that the plane 1 character can be included as a plane 1 mapped character. Te document does include some graphics and some background panels that are filled Quick Rectangles behind some of the text. Is transferring the content to a .afpub file straightforward? Or does it have pear-shape possibilities? What is the best approach please? If it is reasonably strightforward I can try to have a go, but it is not absolutely essential but would be nice. The docuent is A4 and I am hoping to publish a PDF document. One thing I have noticed is that the default margins for Affinity publisher are wider than those for PagePlus X7, so i will need to change the margins in Affinity Publisher. William
  4. Is it possible to import PagePlus publications into Publisher & DrawPlus into Designer?
  5. OK. Is there a way for me to request this tool be considered for addition in a later version of Affinity? This "Resize/Resample" tool was in PagePlus, and I've never seen this type of tool in any other editing software, and it was one of the most useful tools in PagePlus. Thanks
  6. I'm still getting used to Affinity. I come from many years of using PagePlus. Here is my question. In PagePlus there was a "resample" option that was very very helpful in cleaning up image files and the perception of their resolution/quality. I cannot find anything like this in Affinity. Can someone help me with that? Thanks
  7. Dear Serif I wouldn’t want to cast aspersions which were wrong but I get the nagging thought that perhaps Serif has rather come down to thinking in a partisan way. Perhaps acting along the lines of the following convictions. 1. Only professional graphic designers use iPads and apple computers, those who use Pageplus especially those who require book capacities, tend to be amateurs. 2. These InDesign users are the ones we need to concentrate on to win them away from Adobe programs. 3. Although there is a driving need to produce an application to convert InDesign files to publisher, there is little incentive to provide an equal facility for Pageplus users because it is far harder to do this than it is for the much simpler InDesign. 4. Those who have used PagePlus, personally I have been on board since version 1.0 (I have the Manual to prove it on my shelf), seem much less deserving of Serif’s attention than the people who have paid exorbitant prices to Adobe in the past. 5. Just in passing I learn that the Apple version of Photo has the additional Apple featured set of colours. 6. I also note, in passing, that through all the tuition videos, only one book “Alice in Wonderland” appears to be referenced. All the rest seem to be Flyers and pamphlets of only a few pages long. Now I’m not suggesting that I belong to a downtrodden section of your clientele but it does seem strange that the requests by those who put books together are treated in such an off-putting way. Especially when they ask for the following: Footnotes, Endnotes, a way of putting chapters together as single files to be incorporated in a book, or a Text editor. I seem to sense an attitude of standoffishness on the part of those who make decisions about the direction in which the program is going, a reluctance to share the thinking or the plans ahead. A huge contrast with the old days when the users were treated with a lot more respect and friendliness. But there again maybe I am acting purely out of suspicion and hurt feelings that have no substance in fact, I’m sure that other correspondents are ready and willing to put me right on everything I say. From a genuine Serif adherent throughout all their history, from the times when they were ignored by Quark Express and Pagemaker alike as an inefficient upstart. John Kay
  8. I am about to retire and have used all of the Adobe suite at work and use the Serif Suite at home on a PC, but I also have a Mac computer at home and would like to use the Serif/Affinity Suite on both. Is their any likelihood of the programmes being available on the Mac and if so any time scale?
  9. I realised that most of Serif apps such as Page Plus, Draw Plus, Movie Plus that I use are now legacy products superceeded by Affinity products. So I have just purchased Affinity Publisher. But it doesn't seem to have any compatibility with Page Plus (latest). I thought at least I could import my Page Plus documents? It seems to import Adobe stuff. Does this mean that I can't pull my Page Plus files into Affinity Publisher
  10. I'm not sure where to post this call for help so perhaps someone can direct me to the proper channel. I'm having trouble with my PagePlus X8. When I click on a ppp. file in my File Manager (PC, not Mac), the software launches but the file does not open. This began happening after the last software update. Is anyone else aware of this problem? What can I do to fix it? Thanks.
  11. It's difficult to know where to add a negative comment. I work at a learning centre, a non profit, for seniors getting confidence with technology. I think a few would be interested in Affinity Publisher and I would like them to try it our. Our classroom has 6 desktops. Serif have a good offer for educational establishments but only for 10 or more copies. That requirement is causing my much angst. And I would have members interested if we could produce ePubs, but no, that is not likely to happen apparently. So back we go to PagePlus which we have been using since version X4. Great pity we can't move forward., Doug Turner, SeniorNet Glenfield
  12. I am using a trial version of AP and am warming to it. I have searched the FAQs but cant find anything to answer the following. Having used PagePlus since it's inception, I have built up a very large number of ppp files. I often use them as templates for new work. Is there a way to import them into the Affinity version? I know I can convert them to PDF and import them that way but I find that the PDF file does not import as I would like it to. This is my main sticking point before I commit my pennies. Thanks, in anticipation for any help.
  13. Hi I use PagePlus X9, DesignPlus X8 and PhotoPlus X8 can documents saved in these be opened in the Affinity equivalent?
  14. So, in the old versions of PagePlus X8 and X9, I could Insert > PDF Bookmarks automatically, by choosing which text styles were in which part of the bookmark hierarchy. So Heading 1 would be a main bookmark, and Heading 2 would be a level beneath it. When I exported to PDF (and ticked the Include bookmarks tickbox), I'd get all the bookmarks in my PDF no problem. I can't find this functionality within Affinity Publisher. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
  15. I have been using Serif products for over ten years and have used all the Page Plus versions. I am finding the difference between those and Affinity Publisher a step too far. I just produce a 40 page A5 village news booklet with articles, adverts, photos and clip art. I import files from Microsoft documents, picture and downloads. I do not need master pages or other features at the moment. I just want to import adverts run in last issue plus any new ones, some regularly used text which I can edit for each issue, new articles and PDF files, photos from my hard drive and various artwork from downloads. I just cannot see how I can do this and none of the tutorials seem to help. Sorry to be such a woos.
  16. Hello, I thought that I'd experiment in laying out a poem in PagePlus X9 and Affinity Publisher for comparison As you can see the results are very similar but PagePlus has the edge using features such as optical justification and use of filter effects for the drop shadow. Affinity Publisher layer effects aren't as versatile as PagePlus which is a shame. Admittedly I haven't found out how to successfully use optical justification in Affinity Publisher yet so that may be my own issue rather than the program's issue. I do think Affinity Publisher is a very polished and capable product though, and I am looking forward to its release. Keep up the good work. A Retard's Retort.pdf A Retard's Retort PagePlus.pdf
  17. Dear developers, I use PagePlus, and can import Word documents directly, and export to EPUB and MOBI too. I'm a book creator, but I cannot use these functions in Publisher. I see can import TXT and RTF to text frame tool (read in this topic too), but I can use clipboard too for paste. Export to only "Affinity standards", nowhere EPUB/MOBI export option. Will be these import and export options in final version? PDF is not enough for ebook publishing... And I hope I will import PagePlus projects too.
  18. For many years, I used PagePlus in its various developments, and produced magazines and a newspaper with it. My cricket club has a website provided by the ECB in the form of newick.play-cricket.com I was looking for Serif's WebPlus system and found it was no longer being produced. Is there anything produced by Serif that I can build a website with that will mimic the PlayCricket site and be as user-friendly as PagePlus??
  19. Hi Serif I've been using Pageplus more or less since it was born. I have been loyal to Serif & recommended it to many friends. When all Affinity products are eventually integrated, you deserve to wipe Adobe [arrogant & unhelpful] & MS Publisher [counter intuitive] off the map. However, many of us have lots of .ppp files, Pageplus logos, etc. It would be a major mistake if Pageplus files, logos etc were not supported to import into the final version of Affinity Publisher. I note you have now closed that thread. I hope your programmers are even now working on including this in the program or as a plugin.
  20. Hi, I have read and understand the various threads on why directly importing .ppp files won't happen, and I have tried the workaround of exporting from PP as PDF and importing to AP. This seems to work reasonably to get the documents into AP, but it loses all the information I would want to continue working on that document in AP, in particular styles and master pages. I have spent a lot of time setting these up for PP. Is there any way I can save redoing all this in AP? Apologies if it has already been answered in a previous post, but I couldn't find it on searching. Cheers, Ian
  21. I was going to post this elsewhere but the topic was closed to further comment. There have been many postings on the relationship between PagePlus and Publisher. When the Affinity range was being introduced I remember reading that the aim was to reach design professionals who worked with Macs. It would appear that Serif were not turning their backs on PagePlus users but all users of Windows. Along the line this has changed. I assume Serif have become aware that there are a substantial number of professionals working on Windows but that does not warrant the work/cost that would be involved in providing compatibility for the PagePlus customers they were happy to discard. This is not written as a bitter PagePlus user. I have tried PagePlus at various times and have X9 installed, but I have been a happy user of InDesign since it was first introduced. I am now retired and do much less with DTP so I stick with InDesign CS6 rather than pay a subscription. Publisher seemed to offer the possibility of a reasonably priced up to date alternative but I am put off by the feeling that Serif have shown that loyalty to customers is not their prime aim. Which is a great shame as there is much to like and look forward to with Affinity.
  22. Hi, Got a library of hundred of these (version X6) that regularly get updated. Will they be supported? Haven't spotted any reference to this in anything I've read. Hope I've just missed it. Thanks Richard
  23. Thanks for the beta of Publisher which many of us have been anxiously waiting for. Are many more features coming later? As of now I don't see any advantage of using Publisher rather than the old PagePlus, which I thought was an excellent program.
  24. What it says on the tin... Do you have a release date for Publisher yet? This year, next year, sometime, ever? Regards, Hal.
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