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Found 218 results

  1. Can I open older Adobe AI, PSD, and EPS files in Affinity Designer and work with them with out problems?
  2. First time I see this- was exporting some files to PSD on AP and AD but neither is working. I says there's an error. But the file is nothing more than an image on a single layer. This is scary as I just recently convinced my employer that the company should make a switch to Affinity. oops. Not good.
  3. When i open my psd files made in photoshop there is only one layer based on the files thumbnail? Alle over layers are gone?
  4. Hello, Latest beta 10 is unable to open PSD files without with an extension to the filename. Thank you
  5. Question! And thanks in advance. Is it possible to save a document as a Photoshop file and NOT render the type uneditable? I have tried several different options, in both APhoto and ADesigner and all result in type rendered pixel. I was able to save in PDF and then open it back in APhoto but my client says that upon opening the file in Photoshop all texts are pixels.
  6. Hi! So what I need to to be able to create a vector object within Designer and export a PSD file that within Photoshop is the vector object and its a shape layer. Is this possible? I just want to get a editable vector shape into Photoshop (Photoshop is being a real jerk with getting vectors into the program as shapes... :P)
  7. I’m frequently opening PSD files with Affinity Designer and while they look good, editing text is a bit wonky. If I try to select a text object/layer on the canvas it doesn’t show any outline/indication, I have to look in the layers panel to see whether the object is selected (or select it there right away). I can also not edit the text by double clicking it with the Move tool, I have to select the Text tool first (and have the text object selected) in order to edit the text. Once I’ve entered any character in the text frame and exit the edit mode the outline appears and I can select that object normally. Also, sometimes these wonky text objects have graphical glitches when zooming but I’m not able to say exactly when, it seems a little random. I’m using AD 1.5 beta 4, by the way, but it shouldn’t matter.
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to work with a .psd file in Affinity Photo and having trouble getting it to work correctly. I tried searching the forum and I found that it may be automatically rasterizing smart objects? Is there a different way that Affinity works to 'edit' when Photoshop asks to 'Right Click to Edit'? Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a simple question! With that said - does anyone know of any t-shirt mock up templates made specifically for Photo/Designer? :) Cheers, Tanner
  9. I have been trying to open my .PSD files but my text layers are been converted to Pixels and my Smart Objects (.psb) too. I tried to create a new PSD and make two types of text: paragraph and point, but twice are covnerted to Pixels and I can't edit. If have some configuration to do to import correct I missed that, altough if not is a bug. Untitled-1.psd
  10. Hello, I'm working with your Photo Trial software. My intention is to use it for compositing in Final Cut Pro X. I currently use Photoshop for this purpose. My workflow is to export frames from FCPX, open them in Photoshop where I create my masks and knockouts, then import them to FCPX where I assemble my composite shots. Unfortunately, I find that the images I create in your software and export as PSDs open as a blank white frames in FCPX. I tried exporting using a variety of PSD settings (including the FCPX preset), but the result is the same. The exported Affinity files will open correctly in Photoshop, and if I save them from Photoshop (without any changes), they will import correctly into FCPX. Anyone having success with this sort of thing?
  11. I have a one layer doc with a mask on it and i am trying to open it in PS. I exported it with all possible options and PS says there's a disk error. AP won't open either it says could not be parsed. What is happening?
  12. Hallo to everyone, i was wondering why i can open from lightroom in Affinity in PSD format, but after i can't have it back in lightroom, if i use a tif file or jpeg the is no problem... but not with PSD.. Missing something?
  13. Hi everyone, I have Affinity photo and having big issues with it: 1. It doesn't read the fonts from PSD files, so all the files look messed up until i fix it manually myself (the fonts inside the psd are not on my mac and the suggested fonts never look aligned ). 2. Once i export the file as PSD, the text can not be edited anymore after opening the PSD. 3. When i export the file as PDF for print, the pictures don't look as sharp and become kind of bright unlike in the original file, so i need to export as PNG instead to keep the look as the original. I am using this app for designing brochures and ads. The question is: Would it help if i'll buy Affinity Designer, or that app has the same core design/bugs? The thing is that Affinity Photo gives me ALL i need, but these bugs.... Thanx, in advance.
  14. I have 100s of comic pages I've drawn, saved as PSD files in bitmap format (ie. pure black and white), but when I try and open them in Affinity Photo I get a message saying 'Failed to open PSD file ... The file could not be parsed'. File > Place (into an RGB doc, for instance) doesn't seem to work for this either. I note AP doesn't have a BMP format, just RGB, greyscale and CMYK, but is there a way to open such files? Thank you.
  15. Hi! Here's a minor (double) bug with the Photoshop exporter Details: If you have a non-destructive compound object in Affinity Designer, and you hide (deselect) one of its components, in AD it displays properly. In the example I have a compound object that consists of one strawberry curve and its stem. The stem is hidden though. I also have a replica of this coumpound object, that has been converted to curves and was slightly rotated. on this one the stem has been irreversibly lost (as it should be). 1)The exported PSD file, displays the stem. Apparently the exporter doesn't take into account that the stem curve was cast invisible in the layers stack. 2)Another minor issue deriving from that, is that the PSD embedded thumbnail shows the image without the stem (as it appears in AD, not in PS). Hope it helps! -Fotis bug.afdesign bug02.psd
  16. Hi there, there is something strange with "export to PSD", if I export a shape directly drawing in Designer, the shape remains vector shapes in PS, but if I work with a SVG in Designer and export it to PSD, the shape becomes a bitmap in PS. Why? What is wrong? Thank you (OS X 10.11.2 - AD 1.4)
  17. Hi Affinity team, I have problem about exporting to PSD by using both Affinity Designer and Photo. The error appears every single time I export. How can I solve this problem? I attached my work .afdesign and screenshot for you guys to check. OMEGA_firmware.afdesign
  18. Preservation of live text when saving as a PSD would be a huge help in working with other designers and developers who are working on PC's and can't run Designer. Is this on any roadmap?
  19. Hi, Added artboards was a great idea. Now I am looking forward to creating Smart Object like it is in PS. You can add a file and change it to Smart Object. In example it allows you to edit only this element from whole art. It would be great to work with Smart Objects created in Photoshop already. It is the only reason I still work in PS at least I have already bought Affinity Designer. Great job so far. Regards Maciej
  20. from the 24th of December I am not able to export the file to jpeg, png or any other in both the Information and in the photo. Already desentalei the app, restored and nothing. I've got a lot of work still, need a solution before the quant. I thank the attention of friends. tela affinity.tiff
  21. I also noted psd. issues in the Beta but the exported .psd is bad. Multi layered file exports with no info and when I bring into FCP X it's flattened with no info. Note: I also used the "Final Cut Pro X" preset for the .psd Thanks, Both Times.psd
  22. Hi! Okay, I just downloaded the latest Beta's for Designer and Photo ( and tested the PSD files for Zbrush. I did a full spread render with the default Zbrush Render, about half the files opened. I also did a Keyshot external render of 8bit and 32bit renders, and the 8bit works, 32 doesn't. Here's a dropbox link of all the files, so you can test for yourself. Cheers! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vkkxmjy434okbpm/AACbfHEaUByK5FYQgOn8-LB4a?dl=0
  23. Hi, I'm currently investigating the AP Trial. I noticed when zooming out on a PSD file I was working on that, at a 25% zoom value, the bottom and right-hand edges of the image are distinctly brighter (seems to be 1 or 2px thickness along the edge of the image). If I zoom in or out from 25% the bright edges disappear, but they always reappear at 25% zoom. I've attached a PNG screenshot. Needless to say the bright edges are not part of the stored image. My image is a 16bit RGB PSD file, 2942 x 2942 px. I'm using AP Trial v1.3.5 on a late 2012 Mac Mini running OS X 10.10.5. Many thanks, Matt
  24. Comparing my AD document (on the right) to the exported PSD (on the left)... is this amount of colour-shift normal?
  25. Well, it works splendid for my daily work and I am already able to work at a racing speed, me, who was fuming only having to touch a bézier handle! Anyway, not everything is 100 % perfect. I thought this would be a great way to create layered images to be used for animation, but when I tried to open psd-files created in Affinity with Toon Boom's Stage Essentials, it didn't work out well. Several things happened and I should have noted them down, but to put it short, it couldn't open the files. So I opened them in Photoshop Elements 10 and received the message that it was corrupted so it would fix them. But then everything came out white. I deleted a couple of layers and rearranged them and it looked OK, but when I tried to open it in Stage Essentials, it crashed. I created a simpler file but then it said that layer#2 contained invalid characters. OK, I deleted layer 2, replaced the file, but it gave the same message. Anyway, it seems like it doesn't work. I also tried to open in Toon Boom Studio 8.1 but no go. (Ooops! I thought I should attache the files but I've cleaned up the mess already, but I can attach the affinity-file I used first, the one which crashed Essentials) Well, hope you get that fixed and when that png-bug is fixed, it is a step ahead. modgal.afdesign
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