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Found 218 results

  1. For workflow reasons I would like to work exclusively in the psd format so I can import these files into apple motion without first having to export to another format. Is this possible? Is the psd format as robust and fully functional within affinity as the native afphoto format? Thanks
  2. Hey everyone. Hoping someone can help me out. I'm using Affinity Photo to import some PSD files I paid for from a stock site. There are text layers, shape layers, etc. When I open the files though, all the layers are pixel layers that are not editable in any way. It's as if they're flattened. I was under the impression that Affinity photo can open PSD's and work with them natively. I'm not fully sure how a pixel layer works either so I could be missing something here. All I want to do is edit the PSD's I bought. It's basic mods I want to make, nothing fancy. Anyone know how to convert the pixel layers to something editable (especially the text)? Thanks!
  3. Sometimes, when opening PSDs I’m getting error messages to the likes of: Could that be when there are “vector smart objects” are being used in the PSD?
  4. HELP! I've tried searching here and couldn't find an answer to my problem. I made a photography template. I figured since I import templates in PSD format I could export it the same way. Well, when I go to export in PSD format, and then reopen, everything that was suppose to be in text is now a pixel layer. I'm making templates for others so I need the text layers to be editable, but they are not when I go to reopen them. Is there something I am missing? How do I keep it a layer in it's text and not pixel when I export psd? Pictures below to show what I'm talking about if it helps. Thanks!
  5. I'm brand new to Affinity. I want to learn how to modify and change psd files. There are so many tutorials! Where do I start to learn what I want to know?
  6. Deutsch: Gratulation zum Release von Affinity Photo und Affinity Designer. Ich starte PSD direkt aus der 3D-App (Cinema4d) und wechsle von AF zu AD und zurück. Nun speichern als PSD. Jetzt gehen aber alle Vektoren verloren, weil selbige zu Pixel werden, sobald die PSD in der 3D App geladen und geändert wurde. Wäre es nicht eine tolle Idee, nebeneinander, paralell... als Auswahl *.Afphoto, *.Afdesign, *.PSD, *.Tiff usw. unter gleichem Namen zu speichern und bei Bedarf einer Korrektur auf das native Format zurückzugreifen? Speicherplatz ist billig und das zusätzliche native Format ist wie ein Backup. Für mich wäre das ein wunderbares Sorglospaket. Danke. Google: Congratulations on the release of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I start PSD directly from the 3D app (Cinema4d) and change from AF to AD and back. Now save as PSD. Now, however, all vectors are lost, because they become pixels when the PSD is loaded and changed in the 3D app. Would not it be a great idea, side by side, paralell ... as selection * .Appphoto, * .Afdesign, * .PSD, * .Tiff etc. under the same name to save and if necessary a correction to the native format. Disk space is cheap and the extra native format is like a backup. For me that would be a wonderful carefree package. Thank you.
  7. I'm really enjoying Affinity Photo, but I'm struggling to manage my workflow, going back and forth between AP and other tools. This has me wondering: Do I lose anything if I go from one tool to another working with a layered PSD and never use the AP proprietary format? And if so, is what I lose minor enough to be worth the sacrifice? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  8. Hi, I am new to Affinity photo and having difficulty with some PSD files imported into Affinity. I can see the text layers are all showing in the layers menu, I can read the content and the layers are ticked to display but they do not appear on the image. Can you help please ? Example file attached as a jpg to show how it should appear and the PSD so you can see what's missing: there should be white text on the top red background and blue text on the bottom where the small icons are. Thanks in advance Hugues MPS Battery Banner-01.psd
  9. Photoshop PSD file is not working properly like text converted into the image in layer with shown some errors on popup and psd file not open in existing size.
  10. I cannot change a psd file. I can rezise it but not change the text. it says "double click to edit" (Pixel), but nothing happens. The default setting is in German " Don´t import PSD as bitmap, but as text" and the box is ticked. What I can I do? Thanks and kind regards Orlando
  11. Bought Affinity Designer tonight as a Photoshop/Illustrator replacement. I've gotta say, I'm super happy and stoked about all that I see in Affinity so far!! I'm beginning a web dev project and trying to open up a 350MB file which is a site design done in Photoshop. (Yeah, 350MB... and it's only got four < 3,000px-tall pages in it and almost no photos. Anyway, I digress on that frustration.) See the attached screenshot of the error. I've got no idea what these errors mean since I'm so new to Affinity Designer. The issue I have, really, is that entire text blocks won't render at all. They don't even show up in Layers. And then other text blocks are missing entirely. The font (Montserrat) is loaded and activated locally, all variations of it. Any idea what's up? Gonna just use Photoshop to handle this until I'm done with the project... then it's gooooodbye money-sucking Adobe!!
  12. Hey guys, I can't safe my project as a psd file. It says: "Fehler beim Export in:", which is "An Error occurred exporting to: ...". Can you guys help me?
  13. Hi Affinity Team, I have a problem with Affinity Photo and it's PSD export. When I use Layer Groups and export the file to PSD the Blend Mode is always set to "Normal" instead of its original set mode ("Transfer" by default). I checked several import export scenarios with Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo and this is definitely an export and not an import problem. Kind regards, Tom
  14. Hi Affinity Team, I have another problem with Affinity Photo and it's PSD export: Text Layers seem always to be rastered at PSD export. I couldn't find a setting where it stays editable. But when I create a PSD in Photoshop with Text Layers they come in as editable Text Layers in Affinity after import as expected. So that's also a PSD export problem in Affinity Photo. Kind regards, Tom
  15. My experience (in brief) : I bought AD mostly for UI/UX design and some illustration design. Overall my experience is good. Some good things : - I felt it addressed a lot of problems that photoshop and illustrator had when it comes to UI Design. - Exporting Persona is great. - Overall it's good even though i haven't used it extensively. Problem is when i am finished with the design. I am having trouble giving my clients the source file. Only that is keeping me from leaving Adobe completely. Reason : 1. Most don't use Affinity Designer. 2. Png Export is great but clients/developers need source file : Psd, Ai or sketch. 3. PSD export has some issues e.g. exporting of text, gradient are two which i came across for now. So can't give PSD export files. Solution (Feature Requests) : 1. A free affinity designer trial. It can have limited features. But the client and developer can use them to get attributes. So no need for PSD export. I can just tell them to download the trial version. Problem solved to a certain extent. 2. Making PSD export files better. Making the text editable and solving other issues. [Problem with this] This is a tough one. Adobe is not the only competitor. There is also sketch which is getting popular day by day. Then there is XD. So making export perfect for all this is time consuming, inefficient. *3. Integration with web apps like invisionApp, Zeplin, Avacode or Sympli (I think Sympli is working on affinity designer version). This will solve many problems. It will reduce the need to make PSD export perfect. Affinity can then stand as a UI/UX tool on it's own. Similar to Sketch. Sketch doesn't need to export their files to PSD. 4. Plugins. There are different types of plugins some will make the workflow easy and some are important because it allows integration with web apps. (Mentioned in point 3) I would suggest it would be better if they can collaborate with InvisionApp. Reason : -InvisionApp supports both windows and mac users unlike many tools like principle and filnto etc. - A decent prototyping tool. - Inspect feature is similar to Zeplin, Avacode or Sympli. Reducing the need to give PSD source files to client. - Motion (still in progress) : Competitor to Principle/Flinto. I have read in many posts that these features are being highly sought after and lack of it is sadly becoming a problem in replacing Adobe / Sketch with Affinity Designer for UI/UX designers.
  16. Hi, I encountered multiple problems lately while importing a PSD file. The text that is set on a circle is simply converted into a frame text. The mask doesn’t work as expected. stamp psd import.afdesign To compare here is the same file modified to match the original result : stampFreelancer - approved.afdesign PS. I’m still a bit baffled by the mask problem. Even though I found a way to make it work like I wanted, it makes no sense to me that the imported PSD doesn’t work as expected. Regards, Fabrice
  17. When saving to PSD, Affinity Photo doesn't warn the user if a file is read-only and gives the appearance it has saved the document when it hasn't. 1) Go to Edit > Preferences > General > and tick 'Enable "Save" over imported PSD files' (to allow Affinity Photo to File > Save to PSD.) 2) Open a PSD file that has been set to read-only (EG: A template file). 3) After working on the document go to File > Save. A dialogue box is displayed indicating that it's saving the file (see below screenshot), however nothing is being saved and no warning is given that the file is read-only during the saving process. Affinity Photo - Windows 10 - 14393.576
  18. I'm no expert, but would be interested in Affinity if it were capable of producing product mockups like you can in PhotoShop. PS is difficult for someone like me, but if there were an easy way of applying, say book cover designs to photos of books with blank covers, and which deals easily with lighting effects, reflections and textures, then I'd be keen. Another example: apply a t-shirt design on a creased up t-shirt, so that the design maps onto the texture. I think there are psd templates in Photoshop for this kind of thing. Can it be done in Affinity?
  19. Hi, when I export my UI layout to PSD all the text layers are rasterised. This Beta release solved the vector shapes problem but the text keeps the same behaviour found on the App Store version of Affinity Designer. By the way, thanks for the "Force Pixel Alignment", very very helpful.
  20. I'm having problems opening a particular PSD. This PSD had given a cannot parse error on older versions of Affinity. Now it just fails silently and refuses to do anything at all.
  21. Guys congrats on the 1.5 launch, amazing and incredible improvements, Affinity is changing the landscape, very exciting times! Here's suggestion for improving the way AP handles AP>PSD exporting, along with another issue I've posted about where AP crops layers it rasterizes — don't crop my layers even if you need to rasterize them! :) Anyway, it would be great to have an app preference to allow more granularity when rasterizing unsupported layers from AP into PSD from the point of view of non-destructive editing. The current behavior rasterizes both the source layer and any associated Live Filters/etc not supported by PSD format. This obviously destroys the original source layer as it has to be rasterzied. In the interest of preserving a non-destructive workflow, what I'm proposing would do the same thing, but leave the original source layer in the layer stack, either deactivated under the newly rasterized layer and renamed original layer name - rasterized, or group the newly rasterized layer and source layer in a folder on the stack while leaving the source layer turned off, and name the group original layer name - rasterized and the other layers appropriately. In this way, one retain some editablity of the rasterized layer in relation to it's original state – for example I can control it's opacity and be able to scale back the no-longer-editable live effect, and of course I have access to the original layer in case I want to try something else in PSD... Thanks for your consideration and thank you for your amazing efforts!
  22. Hi I have been working on Affinity designer the last days and it worked great. Now I was just finished with soe graphical work that should be exported as PNG for working on a film. But each time I click on the File > Export button Affinity Designer goes down. I am completely stuck. The export window pop-up opens like 1 sec and then Affinity Designer crashes. I get the following message (see attached). Note I have updated Affinity designer to the latest version and it still crashes. I have started the computer and it still crashes. I have scan it for malware and nothing was found. Please help as soon as you can. Best Manu Affinity Designer crashes on export.rtf
  23. When importing a PSD file into AD, the text is moved off canvas. I have found no way to fix this issue so I have to leave a copy of CS5 Photoshop installed on my system. I have many PSD with this issue and most are generated from CS5. The one attached was a PSD file exported to PSD. The PSD opens fine in Photoshop CS5. mockup3.psd
  24. When I open a particular PSD file I have, part of the text gets cut off when it opens: When I either hide/show that text layer, or zoom in, or zoom out, it renders correctly: I don't think this happened with the trial version I was using (1.5.3), but I'm seeing it consistently in the regular 1.5.4 version.
  25. Hello, I saw few threads with the same question, but there were no answers since 2015 year. So now, when Windows version is available, is it possible to export Affinity Designer project as fully editable (including text layers) PSD file? I'm really struggling with it. Maybe there are other solutions how to avoid this issue?
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