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Found 190 results

  1. Hello! I just bought Affinity photo and it's incredible. However I'm experiencing some problems when working with Photoshop CC 14 PSD files. I'm using latest Affinity Photo version and El Capitan GM. (Macbook pro 15" mid 2014, with dGPU) I've attached a gif showing the bug. (I have experienced this on two different PSD files) Regards, Sergio
  2. I have one question regarding Affinity Photo; does it have the ability to organise layres into folders in a psd-file? To be able to import a psd-file into Toon Boom that has to be done and it can't be done with Photoshop Elements which I have. This is the explanation Toon Boom gives:
  3. Hello, As i see you are continuously improoving AFD ,i would like to propose very usefull feature for export formats using transparency like PNG and PSD. A smooth edges option for removing jagged edges would be much appreciated. It would be some kind of automated feather along borders. Tell me what you think about it please. Regards, Alex.
  4. Hi all, I've taken a PSD file (exported from CS6) and imported it into Affinity Photo. Although the import worked fine and all layers/groups are as expected, I've found all layers that had the drop shadow layer effect applied from Photoshop have had the effect merged into the layer in Affinity Photo. So I can't remove or edit the layer effect. This is the only layer effect that the PSD uses so I can't tell if it would do this for all layer effects or if it's specific to drop shadow. Is this meant to happen or is there a way I can prevent it from flattening the layer in future imports? Thanks.
  5. Hello, It would be great to have psd format as export format per slices or layers :) , Since this option is already available for the full document, it should be aslo available per slice or layer. Thans in advance. Regards, Alex.
  6. Hi, Thanks first of all for such a superb application, now that's out of the way I'm looking to use Procreate app on the iPad to export the .psd file over to Affinity but for some reason this doesn't seem to work. I tried opening the .psd in Pixelmator with no problems, I can also export the file from Pixelmator to a .psd and that then opens in Affinity Photo but I would ideally like to skip that part completely. Not sure if there is just some small problem importing a particular type of .psd file. Basically, I have no idea. I've attached the basic file for you if that helps. Many thanks!
  7. hi. I have problem with exporting highres(tiffs) and preview (jpeg) format in affinity photo. I tried it several times but maybe Im stupid or what. How is possible that tiff format from affinity is 100mb but exactly same photo from photoshop is around 350mb - without layers, the size is so big because of 50Mpx digital back. The question is how you exporting to tiff or to the jpeg in Affinity? Always when I export it the middle tones and also the tonal range is damage. With tiff format (adobe RGB) is less visible but in jpeg (resized to 1260pxX... profile sRGB) its horrible. Also affinity developers speak about possibility to export in PSD. Ok but have you ever tried to open in photoshop? I had always problem with missing opacity of layer, different colour rendering (for example in affinity you have to make more dramatic change to fix color than in PS and after if you open in PS its crazy - i attached them)... thanks for your help...
  8. Dear, When I export the layout into a .psd file, the layers with editable typographic fonts are automatically converted to pixels when I open the document in Photoshop. Someone would have an answer to solve this problem? Thank you for your help.
  9. I just downloaded the 10 day trial. It runs fast, which I appreciate, but I need to import PSDs. and on the second PSD I tried, there are parts missing. Since I'm not a paid customer, I'm doubtful any bug I report will be looked at or fixed within 10 days but I'm attaching the PSD just in case. FYI, I'm attaching screenshots from Affinity Photo and Preview which show the difference. It's not the only problem, there's also a hidden layer group that represents a slide, and when I make the group visible, it only displays a small portion of the layers. This link to the website based on the PSD shows what the second slide should look like: http://spacarmen.com/ In any case, thank you for the trial. :) SpaCarmen-Website-v4.psd
  10. Hey guys, I am working with this psd file from which I need to export some layers (rasters). I kind of manage to do it by selecting those images, copying them, pasting somewhere else, exporting... This is not a pro way to do it I guess ;) I there any more gentle way of exporting psd layers via Affinity Designer? All I need is to select an element, and save it to a separate .png or.jpg file. Any help would me much appreciated, Thanks in advance, Greg
  11. I've been trying to export as layered Photoshop file to bring into FCP X. However, seems to come out as flattened only. I saw a previously topic and I'm thinking that is the case. Can someone confirm? If so, I guess the only way to do it is to make a "slice" of each layer then export all. Am I correct in that assumption? Thanks
  12. After importing PSD file with text frames with overflowed text, this overflowed text is visible outside of text frame boundaries. Photoshop shows only text which is inside the text frame, not outside of it.
  13. Affinity Designer rasterizes smart objects placed into PSD files from Ilustrator/other vector editor, so these objects are no longer vector ones.
  14. Heya, My workflow. Receiving PSD (texts and fonts included) Edit with affinity (text and font editing) Export PSD The exported PSD does automatically convert editable text fonts to "pixel", which cannot be edited after psd export neither by photoshop, pixelmator, nor by affinity native. two questions - When is the psd font export feature on the roadmap? - GIMP does not import any psd file created by affinity. (compression incorrect), why? thank you!
  15. Hey guys I've got a huge problem here: I wanted To edit a photo for my bachelor thesis. I used the picture before in some other context and wanted To change some text there... I opened the .psd file with affinity photo but this didnt work for me AP only showed a white rectangle and i could not click any options from the menu or quit AP. I had To force quit via the activity Monitor program.. So i wanted To start with the original picture and opened the .PNG file with AP But TH Same thing came up... AP only shows a small white rectangle and i cant do anything... With the activity Monitor i recognized that AP also uses nearly 100% CPU!? Now i cant open any other file and work with AP how can i reset the application without reinstalling? Is there any other Solution? Thanks for your help
  16. Hi, I am slowly moving from photoshop to Affinity, but came across major issue today. I was trying to open one of the .psd files that has website template in it and it simply crushed Affinity photo. (see attachment of that file) I'm not sure to why this happens, as I never had an issue opening .psd files in Affinity before. I can think of only one reason: I am using custom fonts there and tried opening it on machine that doesn't have them, photoshop usually replaces fonts with something, not sure if Affinity accounts for this. Sanya-06-Portfolio.psd
  17. Good day to everyone, I have started to use Affinity Photo a few days ago. I am curently working on a project where I need to place some objects without background. Affinity Photo works good so far (concerning selection tools). But I have an issue with export. Tiff doesn't work at all. PSD has "sketchy" edges. Only PNG works, but pictures are supposed to be printed. What shall I do? Please, see attached picture. Thanks Jan
  18. Curves in PSDs? Ignored? Apps like PhotoLine, PS, InDesign, GraphicConverter, … handle this. Give us hope, please.
  19. I have been using Pixelmator (PM) for several months and I would like to use Affinity Photo (AP) instead. To do this, I must convert all my Pixelmatr documents to an AP-compatible format. Since there is no direct import of PXM files, I exported the files from PM to PSD and then opened them up in AP. I get a warning message that the "sRGB IEC..." profile was assigned to my file, but nothing shows up on screen. I can see most of the layers in AP, but some are missing and turning them on or off has no effect on showing the image. I just purchased Affinity Photo v1.3.4 via the Mac App Store and I have OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 as well as Pixelmator 3.3.2 Limestone. Any help getting this resolved would be most welcome. Thanks!
  20. Trying to export to PSD. I click the export button, it closes. But I can't find the PSD file anywhere. Also, I tried saving as EPS. Is it supposed that the letters from the text gets placed in separately layers? A file with 10 letters gets 10 layers. one for each letter.
  21. Affinity Photo (henceforth "AP") does a stellar job of importing from PSDs, but there are some usability improvements that would help to properly set user's expectations about the nature of the import process. For example, AP appears to rasterize Vector Smart Objects and Embedded Smart Objects into "pixel layers". Fortunately the user can determine the type of an imported layer quite easily by looking at the parenthetical text following its name, but AP's attempt to preserve layer names has the potential to set false expectations at-a-glance, as this image describes: As also noted in the above image, this can have significant usability implications for exporting to PSD, as rasterized layers may keep their default names (as imported by AP), but are in fact be pixel layers within the exported PSD. This confused me the first time I exported to PSD after initially importing from one. There are similar caveats for the layer names of other imported layers. For example: type layers are imported with their names, which suppresses AP's automatic layer naming for type layers based on their text content. It's likely that these layer names originated as auto-generated names in Photoshop to begin with. – Based on these observations, I have a few recommendations in the form of optional PSD import options for layer names: A "PSD Import" option to append " (Rasterized by Affinity Photo)" to the end of layers in a PSD that become pixel layers upon import into Affinity Photo A "PSD Import" option to remove names of type layers if the entire layer name exists as a substring in the type layer's text content, starting from the first character An option to review layers that have been rasterized upon importing a PSD Cheers, Joe
  22. Hello I have used PS to edit mockups end replacing the needed artwork. You do this by editing the content from a layer in the PSD file. I am wondering how you do this in affinity photo?
  23. Hi. In Photoshop I was able to apply a script so that when I save my file as a .psd it would also save a copy as a .png file. Is there a way to do this for Affinity Photo?
  24. I've dabbled with the beta for this off and on for a while, but not a great deal to be honest. Suffice it to say I've finally grown completely tired of Adobe's Photoshop CC15 and decided to give Affinity Photo a more serious attempt with my work files. When I try to open the file I'm currently working on, I receive the "File could not be parsed" error. Well, this was one of the files I was working on after the CC15 update, so I thought maybe removing all the artboards from the file and re-saving it as a separate file afterward would work. Sadly that didn't do the trick. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  25. Affinity Photo beta: 1. Where eyedropper? 2 How to apply swatch for mixer brushj? Any mixer brush tutorials? 3. Can change and save keyboard shortcuts sets? 4. Why when I open a multi layer psd do I only get 1 layer in Af photo beta?

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