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Found 190 results

  1. I received some psd files from a designer for me to turn into websites and text is randomly garbled on opening. I did not have this issue with 1.5.x but since the 1.6.x update it happens all the time. Is there an easy fix for this? I don't have photoshop and rely on Affinity to do my work. If I open in Affinity Designer the text is not garbled so it is clearly an issue with Affinity Photo. See attached screenshot.
  2. Hello, I never worked with smart layers before. I'm working on a psd file that has smart layers. I need to place some images in/within a smart layer. I managed to do this with one image but now with the second layer I can't replicate the same thing with another image. See the screenshot and the layer outlined in red (Image-1). How do I get the same with the layer (Image-2) beneath it, so that the Image-2 and Double Click Here is also filled up with the image I want to place in the layer. I tried looking at the history and tried copy and pasting the image on the layer but I can't get to the same result as it is with the Image-1 layer. Thanks.
  3. GCVigilante

    PSD Compatibility

    Hello, According to the marketing site I know Affinity Photo can open .psds but to what extent is the compatibility? For example I have Affinity Designer on desktop and it opens .psds just fine but if i were to export a design file with text back to Photoshop it gets rasterized. Is Affinity Photo (iPad or desktop app) the same way? Thanks
  4. Why can't I just save an image as either TIFF, PSD or even JPG after the Develop Persona. Why this complicated Export Persona? Adobe at least got that right. This is a struggle every time. I'm sorry but I'm giving up on this.
  5. Hello everybody, I am desperatly trying to edit a normal vector .psd file (no smart object) . Unfortunately erveytime I open the file, I get an ugly bitmap image. The different layers appears correctly, but I am not able to get a pixelfree image (=vector image). I already tried to take .ai copy of the file, unfortunately it didn´t worked out neither. How can I load a.psd vector file without any quality loss? Any clue someone? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, Affinity Designer is great app for designing but also great for Website and App Mockup but why I can't export PSD as editable text this is a really important feature for only this function I need to go back to PS every time I do Website or App Mockup because 90% of my clients want Mockup in PSD with editable text if this feature is not available please implement this as soon as possible ( I search a 2-year-old post requesting this feature) and I say goodbye to PS and AI. Also if anyone knows any workaround for this please help me.
  7. stevejnoller

    PSD Export problems

    Hello, Using Windows version of Affinity Photo. I am having inconsistency issues with exporting. I use Capture One as a starting point. Capture One does not recognise Affinty Photo format so need to use PSD to manage my images. I Export an image as PSD to Affinity Photo from Capture One. Then I create a selection and save the pixel selection as a Spare Channel. Here the problems begin. If I use the Export Persona and select PSD (Preserve Editability) preset then the spare channel selection is preserved when I reopen the PSD file as expected. But this is cumbersome to say the least. If I turn on "Enable Save over imported PSD files in the General Preferences (and this is the prefered option) then all spare channel selections are deleted when I reopen the PSD file. An option to allow PSD (Preserve Editability) would be ideal here. Third option is to select Export from the file menu then select the PSD (Preserve Editability) preset option and export to PSD. Upon reopening the PSD all spare channel selections are deleted. WHY? Obviously it is possible to export or save a PSD without losing spare channel selections but only in the most cumbersome way. The ideal option is to allow the "Enable Save over imported PSD files in the General Preferences option to Preserve Editability so my saved selections are not deleted. Also to fix the export option in the file menu to be consistent with the export persona. This is my only stumbling block to allow me to delete photoshop and go with Affinity Photo. Hope the above explanation makes sense. Thank you. Steve
  8. When importing a psd-file with textlayers with "Nunito type font", not rasterized, the text is messed up. When importing the file with "text rasterized" everthing is as intended. I have the feeling that the Nunito font itself could be the reason, the text layer with an arial black font seems ok (this text layer is not displayed by default) I submit the psd file as an attachment. PS i'm using the latest version, just released a couple of days ago in a Windows 10 enviroment. Thanks for looking at this and keep up the excelent work logo_m&c_produktie.psd
  9. I'm trying to export a mockup for a site to the dev with all the fonts / styling & spacing intact to PSD since the dev doesn't use Affinity. Been trying various ways to export it and still yields no results - pretty frustrated. Please help, thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, i couldn´t find any information about the psd export funktions in the export dialog for the psd files. so is there anyone who could explain in detail, what they mean, and when to use which export option ? thanks Tom
  11. Does Affinity Photo support 3D Smart Objects in PSD format performing tasks like the ones in the YouTube video for Photoshop link here including DOF effects?
  12. Receive multiple instances of this warning whenever I open a PSD file: Unknown property : VectorOriginationData,keyOriginResolution
  13. Hi Folks, I'm after some help again. I created a very simple and basic logo design in affinity designer and I now want to use a PSD mockup of a van I have and put my design over top of that to show it on the van. I have opened up the Mock up van and my design both in Affinity Photo but the next bit is where it all goes wrong. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the overlay right. I know I will need to use a mask but I really am not very clued up with using them. Can anyone help? Thanks again Mark Oh yeah... Ive attached my two files BCL Colour .psd GemGfx_Vehicle_Branding_Mockup.psd
  14. When exporting to psd with the "preserve editability" option. I get the attached error message. When I export to psd using the "preserve accuracy" option, designer takes way too long, in excess of 20 min)! The file size is 9.5MB.
  15. Hi there I am having some difficulty getting my PSD files to correctly import into 'Kestrel Moons" animation program "Creature". http://www.kestrelmoon.com/creatureforum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=456 That is a link to the conversation I am having with the developer who has been trying to help me get my files to properly import to creature. The PSD does not import at all into Creature and when he imported it into gimp it only imported 1 of 6 layers. That program also has a new function to import spine json files into creature. But it requires a .atlas file to be created as well which designer doesn't create (unless I am doing something wrong). This is a quote from the developer of creature when asked if I should contact you (affinity); "Yes that sounds like a good idea. I will still like to eventually get the PSD import working though; that will be the most straightforward process.Actually, do you mind asking them why for example in Gimp, your PSD only shows 1 layer? It will be great to find out how to make PSD export work from Affinity into Gimp first; if it does work then chances are it will also work in Creature.If the layer encoding issue can be solved, then it will be the easiest and more straightforward way to get a PSD directly into Creature. I wonder if this is a PSD versioning issue?For now, you will have to export out the character into one big atlas and assemble them manually first. But please keep me posted on the PSD import issue." I have tried exporting all three versions of the psd (preserve, editability, final cut x). Tried multiple resamplings with no luck. Maybe I am missing something? This is another quote from the developer when he imported it into GIMP instead of creature; "Thank you for your submission. Indeed this is a very strange sample, it does nothing as you described. After I did some debugging, I found out that the reader could not recognize the layer information which Affinity exported as for PSD. However, when I added an extra dummy transparent layer into your psd and saved it out from Gimp, Creature could import the psd correctly.Do you mind on your side trying to add an extra layer ( right now your PSD only has 1 layer ) into it and see what happens? I have attached back your test with one extra dummy layer added in. Please check your PM and give it a go. The modified PSD file I am sending back to you in the PM loads for me.I am not sure yet if this is an issue with the Affinity exported PSD or the reader itself. This is the first time I have encountered a PSD import error like what you showed me; then again almost all the users importing in PSD are using Photoshop or Gimp.If this is a PSD file format encoding issue, I suggest for now you export from Affinity, then use Gimp to open up the PSD and export out again. More investigation will be required but as of right now, I can tell you that PSD import works from the following programs for Creature: Photoshop, Gimp, Pixelmator. This sounds like a work around and I apologise for that; however PSD is a closed format so we all have to reverse engineer around it to make the loading code work. It's not a trivial task in itself but yes, more investigation will be required.Update: I think it might have something to do with the layer encoding for Affinity's export. I exported out from Gimp with 1 layer and it worked." While he did get the PSD to read in Creature with the GIMP work around it only gave him 1 of 6 layers. But when I open the PSD back into affinity designer it shows all the layers? Any suggestions or feedback would be highly appreciated. EDIT; This is from the developer as well; "Hello,Ok I am doing more investigation for you on this PSD matter since it also bugs me a bit.Try this online PSD viewer:https://www.photopea.com/It opens my own character PSDs just fine. But when I put your test.psd into it, it throws and error: "16 Bits/Channel not supported!"This feels like an Affinity PSD encoding issue.Can you please post this question over to the Affinity forums? Keep me updated on the progress." EDIT 2; I changed to 8 bit, and now it does import, but it multiplies the same image for every layer. So I have 6 of the same layer rather than the 6 unique layer images. EDIT 3; This is from the developer; "Hello,So slightly good news.First download this file:https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqbrmal0jhri6 ... 5.psd?dl=0Watch my recorded video:https://www.dropbox.com/s/x15jf163bd0m7oa/psd.mp4?dl=0What I did was I opened up your psd in Gimp, and then simply re-exported it out as a new psd. This psd imports correctly it Creature."
  16. Hello I am thinking of buying AP/AD, but a prerequisite is that I can combine (without flattening) two psd files. Is this possible?
  17. Hey Affinity, I've been using both Designer & Photo since its beta and I really enjoy it. I have gained nothing but enjoyment and happiness using your software and the progress you make. My only concern about Photo is the lack of smart objects. I understand there's a few posts from last year that mention them, but I'm not sure where this feature sits on your list of things to do as I couldn't see it on either of the roadmaps. It's basically the only thing I need Photoshop for at this point. Ability to read .PSD with Smart Objects instead of flattening the file into a pixel layer. Smart Objects This would be amazing, and I know that I'm not the only person that use mockups with this feature. I tend to make my own, but sometimes it's more suitable to use an existing one, which is made using Photoshop. I understand you aren't Adobe, so I'm unsure what you can and can't do, so even if the feature works in it's own way, I would be overjoyed. Keep up the good work Affinity, Cheers, Lachlan
  18. Some of my .PSD files can't be opened in Affinity Designer / Photo. It just got stuck forever while opening. I didn't find out what is the particular case with that files. How can I report it? And I can't upload PSD here as it will be publicly available and I'm not permitted to do that at the moment. Cheers :)
  19. Hello Affinity team, I've bought your app on App Store and tried to use it by importing a PSD file. The file is composed by images and text levels. As soon as I opened the PSD file (Photoshop CC), I tried to modify the text but its not possible. The text is created using the Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold font. How can I modify the text using Affinity Photo on my iPad? Thank you so much!
  20. Hello, I'm trying to use a psd template for the facebook cover (attached) from here https://blog.bufferapp.com/facebook-cover-photo, but when I imported it, I got the below message. Any idea? Cheers! individual-fb-cover-photo-template.psd
  21. For workflow reasons I would like to work exclusively in the psd format so I can import these files into apple motion without first having to export to another format. Is this possible? Is the psd format as robust and fully functional within affinity as the native afphoto format? Thanks
  22. Hey everyone. Hoping someone can help me out. I'm using Affinity Photo to import some PSD files I paid for from a stock site. There are text layers, shape layers, etc. When I open the files though, all the layers are pixel layers that are not editable in any way. It's as if they're flattened. I was under the impression that Affinity photo can open PSD's and work with them natively. I'm not fully sure how a pixel layer works either so I could be missing something here. All I want to do is edit the PSD's I bought. It's basic mods I want to make, nothing fancy. Anyone know how to convert the pixel layers to something editable (especially the text)? Thanks!
  23. Sometimes, when opening PSDs I’m getting error messages to the likes of: Could that be when there are “vector smart objects” are being used in the PSD?
  24. HELP! I've tried searching here and couldn't find an answer to my problem. I made a photography template. I figured since I import templates in PSD format I could export it the same way. Well, when I go to export in PSD format, and then reopen, everything that was suppose to be in text is now a pixel layer. I'm making templates for others so I need the text layers to be editable, but they are not when I go to reopen them. Is there something I am missing? How do I keep it a layer in it's text and not pixel when I export psd? Pictures below to show what I'm talking about if it helps. Thanks!
  25. I'm brand new to Affinity. I want to learn how to modify and change psd files. There are so many tutorials! Where do I start to learn what I want to know?

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