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  1. Hello, I have a web layout that I've created using Affinity Designer and I want to export it as a PSD with layers (preferrably editable where possible) so someone I'm working with who only has and knows Photoshop can make changes. However, when I export the layout no matter which preset I choose (even PSD preserve editability) it always exports flattened to one pixel background layer. I'm opening the result in Photoshop CC 2018. What do I need to change so that it will export my document to layers?
  2. Hello, I just bought Affinity Designer and I'm trying to use mockups that were created in Photoshop but the problem I encounter is I can't edit the Smart Objects so basically, if the smart object have some text I can't edit it or move it around etc,... my question is if Affinity Designer is capable of editing smart objects imported from PhotoShop. Best Regards
  3. Until now I mostly created graphics inside Affinity and exported it with the export persona without any issues in both Photo and Designer. Today I imported a PSD file into Affinity and created slices of all layers (without even editing inside Affinity). But to my surprise the Slices don't have extensions in the Slices tab of the Export persona and export to files without extensions, eventhough PNG is selected on each slice. When creating a new file and create slices of the new layers everything still works fine; all slices get the PNG extension, because PNG is selected. So there is an issue in Affinity when starting with an already created PSD file to create and export layers as slices. This is how it looks when layers are created inside Affinity (pixel-layers) and we create slices from those layers: This is how it looks when layers are made externally and imported from PSD (to pixel-layers) and we create slices from those layers: As you can see the files don't get an extention when exporting either: The issue is already in the slice-name, so it looks like we cannot even change it [Edit] Added a test PSD file in the Attachment which throws this issue AND the Affinity file created from it where you can see the issue in the export persona. For the record; the PSD is created in the latest Krita (5.1.1). test.afphoto test.psd
  4. Hi, I tried importing an already designed PSD file sent from my team into Affinity Photo to edit further but Affinity Photo just spread the entire design. Now everything looks stretched in a weird way. See screenshot. Please help asap! I have also attached a screenshot of the original file (opened in photopea) for your reference.
  5. Hi! I'm using Affinty Photo, And I made a few templates on affinty photo! And I want to sell them on websites, But I want to use PSD bc a lot of people using Adobe Photoshop. And PSD is the way to work on templates! When I export it on PSD and then I try to open on photoshop It's taking the group and make it like an Image.. So I cannot work on it.. Can someone help me please?
  6. Hello there, So I'm a website designer, and I would like to design in Affinity Designer more. I found a problem though that is preventing me from doing that full-time...When I export my files to PSD (for handing over to developers) and open them in Photoshop, the text layers appear as image/raster layers and aren't editable. Please help. This is a very important issue for me to resolve. I cannot proceed with using Affinity Designer if our dev team can't edit the texts. Other than this, I am really loving this software. Please help. Thanks, Eli
  7. What is it talking about by Lines? Strokes? the Outline in the Layer Effect? or Curves?
  8. When opening a PSD in AP 1.7, it is not grasping the opacity settings of some layers. This is especially weird since everything else works finely.
  9. I suppose you already have a plan to improve this compatibility but I post this just in case. Raster layer mask of fill layer(solid color layer) created in Photoshop become transparency instead of a mask in Affinity. Masks should be preserved as a mask if possible like on pixel layers.
  10. Hello all! Currently working on some ID cards for work, and the printers have asked for a file with editable text. I have succeeded in making an editable PDF in Publisher, however when I reopen the file in Publisher to test it, when I go to replace the text (which the printers will do) the dimensions of the text box are not the same; any text that would go beyond the border, will automatically create a new line - instead of extending the text box. In the original file, the text box is spread to the margin line (48mmX2.7mm), however when re-opened the text boxes are shrunk to fit the text. I am assuming that the printers will use Photoshop or Illustrator, I was wondering if anyone could reassure me that my file will work the way I need it to in the Adobe softwares or if there's any way to fix the text dimensions so that they don't adjust? (Side note- I noticed Publisher can export into .PSD, if there's a way to keep the file editable while keeping the text boxes fixed then that would be absolutely lush). I hope this all makes sense, I can attach the file if people need to mess around with it. Thanks all - look forward to learning!
  11. Hello, I'm really hoping someone can help as I got a little carried away and created a ton of patterns in affinity designer on the iPad and I've been trying to export them as PSD files to work on in Photoshop but it's just not working. It says it's generating the export but nothing happens. I've searched all over the internet, YouTube, Skillshare, here etc. for advice so finally decided to come and post my own questions as I'm having no joy. I'm not particularly tech savvy so all and any help gratefully received! Thanks
  12. So recently I was working on a project that require saving some files as workable psds, one of the reasons I starting use affinity product was because of the ability to open ai and psds. I was just coming off a long term test of using only open source apps like, Inkscape, Scribus, Gimp, Krita and more ... I was actually very successful with completing several large and small projects. The problem was updates and too many tiny issues popping up during projects (usually found work around though). So I figured out a work around to have a editable text layer saved in a .psd for an affinity workflow. Spoiler it's https://www.photopea.com/ ! Photopea lets you actually open natively affinity files (so cool) then save then as psds. (https://blog.photopea.com/photopea-5-1-open-affinity-files-and-make-artboards.html) A few things I notice when playing around. which could make this slightly less useful for some. Some things must be removed or you will get an error message. 1. Symbols: Can't keep, I would detach (in the symbols palette) them or remove them. 2. Adjustment layers: like contrast or levels won't be carried over and must be applied or deleted. Basically anything Affinity specific will likely cause issues. 3. Mask layers: Easiest is way is to flatten (rasterize & Trim). - You can also move it out of the sub-layer/folder of layer it's attached to. - Then in photopea you select the rasterized mask layer (BW) > - do a Color Range selection (from the select menu-bar), pick highlight or shadow based on your needed selection > - Now Hide the currently selected bw Mask Layer > - Select the layer you want to apply the mask to > - Under the Layer Menu Bar, goto Raster Mask, choose Reveal Selection. Now it should be properly masked 4. Now you ready to save, goto the File menubar, select Save as PSD. 5. Your done open in photoshop or some place else and it should work. With this method it's the closest I can get currently to a workable text layer psd. Not perfect of course. Hope it help some of you in a bind. Cheers afdesign-afphoto_to_PSD-afphoto.psd afdesign-afphoto_to_PSD.afdesign
  13. Hi Developers, Today installed Affinity Photo 1.10.4 on Windows, but my currently my main Editor is Photoshop CC. Minutes later I discovered, that Affinity Photo has assigned itself as the default Editor for a great variety of file-formats, including Photoshop native PSD. Simply taking over the native file extension should never happen and could get avoided with a simple check. But also with non-proprietary formats and a popular alternative image editor already one should assume that users have some preferences and workflows established. These are worth being respected. A new roommate shouldn't mess everything up on the first day... There's no potentially positive outcome of such rude manners. Not a single user will appreciate that PSDs now open with another Editor and feel invited to edit PSDs with APhoto from now on. Every single user who runs into this will curse – and is forced to waste time to re-establish the previous assignments. I (paying customer) took the shortcut and uninstalled APhoto. That's certainly not at all what you want – but the quickest option.
  14. Hallo, if i open a psd, it is not possible to change the text. (it is possible to change size etc.) In the layer it says: .... (pixel). Do I have to import in a different way. (Checkbox "PSD Text editierbar schalten" (german) is activated)? Thanks a lot for giving me a hint! Jörg
  15. Affinity Photo v1.10.1, Mac App Store macOS Big Sur, v11.6 Mac mini (M1, 2020) I could be misunderstanding the feature, but I don't think so. I think this is a bug. I start with a single, simple pixel layer. The original file I was modifying is commercial, so can't be uploaded here. I have reconstructed the problem for posting – the attached file "1a reconstruction.afphoto" shows the problem with a simplified version. I made simple selections and created new masked Fill layers. These masked Fill layers are layered above and below the original pixel layer. In this simple example, there are no grouped layers, layer effects, or anything else. Screenshot (a) shows the main starting image. A single layer, it has three cutouts and two coloured shapes. Screenshot (b) shows the pink and red overlay layers and the two blue underlays (if that be the appropriate word?). See screenshot (c) for the corresponding layers. All pretty straightforward so far. I then want to export the file as a PSD, using the Rasterise All Layers option so that the resulting PSD has only pixel versions of the previous masked Fill layers. (This is so that the resulting PSD file can be easily imported into another app – Reallusion's Cartoon Animator). The export completes, but not as expected. The previous Fill layers are indeed now pixel layers, but they're been merged with the other lower layers. Screenshot (c) shows the layers from the original image. Screenshot (d) shows the Fill layers have been rasterised but, for example, the red and pink overlays have been merged to produce new version of the main layer. You should be able to see this for yourself with the attached "1a reconstruction.afphoto" example. Export > PSD > More > Rasterise All Layers. None of the other options see m to affect the result. Screenshot (e) shows the expected result for each pixel layer - no merging. I can get what I want/expect if I manually rasterise each layer before exporting the PSD. In this simple example, that's not a big deal, but some of these PSD assets I've purchased come with a substantial number of layers and that approach would be both inconvenient and impractical for them. I could create layer-based slices and use the Export Persona to generate individual PNG files that I could import into Reallusion's Cartoon Animator and this should work. But, again, the significant number of layers in some of these purchases make this a significant issue as each sliced file would have to be individually imported 1a reconstruction.afphoto
  16. Hi I need help please. I have a photo that I used the pen tool to create several layers of curves on Affinity Photo, when opening the file I ca no longer see the nodes. I had to open on Designer in order to see the nodes I created on Affinity Photo. ISSUE = I need to export to editable layers as PSD. BUT when I export as PSD a single layer is shown when I open the file. What can be done? I did read the other posts and none of that helped. Thanks beforehand, Fra
  17. Hi there, I am very new at Photoshop, let alone Affinity Photo. I am exporting a PSD for someone, but when they go to edit the text, they can't. They can move it, delete it, but not edit the actual text. Is there something I am missing? A setting when I am exporting? Thank you for your advice and insight. Sarah E.
  18. Hi, I already tried the beta version with same result. Every time I try to modify a smart object it keeps crashing. I think it should be related with prospective but im not sure. Unfortunately I cannot share anything as im working on a template I bought (PSD) and the work is full of customer images and logos. I know at this point is pretty useless this thread but maybe im not the only one having this issue? I did send several crash reports thru Apple if this can be usefull. thx in advance.
  19. Hi, First, I'd like to acknowledge the team behind Affinity Designer, I mean you guys are amazing. You should really sell the truth about how fast Affinity Designer is cause sometimes, I feel it's not properly said :). Affinity Designer is so fast, fluid and fun to work with. I enjoy using it a lot, though still have to go back to photoshop for a few reasons. One of which is mockups, but with the launch of 1.8, I think I might be very close to letting Adobe Photoshop go. Now to the matter I'd like to talk about, I design contents and send across to other guys to work on, and many still use photoshop. Cause of this, it's difficult to work smart and save time cause after exporting to PSD, the text gets rasterized and becomes uneditable and the guys I work with needs it editable so they can continue their work. I've tried to look for a way around this but couldn't really find any convenient method. So, I'd like to suggest a way/feature that allows us to export text from Affinity to PSD with the text remaining editable, this would be super great and I believe I'm speaking for others too. thanks
  20. Hi, I have looked through many forums although can't find the answer to my issue! I need to export my Affinity Designer files so my suppliers can access all layers of artwork. They ask for PSD although when i export as PSD they say the file is exported as a "flat" image with no layers. When i open the PSD file on my computer, layers show perfectly? Is this a glitch? Or am I exporting it wrong? When i Export as PDF, and leave "Don't export layers hidden by Export persona" unchecked - does the PDF export as layers? So if my supplier opens in photoshop or other program they can access them? I need a way to just supply my artwork to my supplier in layers. Please help! Thanks! Beck
  21. Using PSD in Designer 1.9.0 for windows, creates white lines in export files' I got a mockup psd file and opened it in AD. When I export the file, it has white lines in the embedded image. I got the mockups from here:https://smashmockup.com/gold-frame-mockup-psd/ I don't have Affinity Photo. I have attached screenshots. I am a total noob at this, so it's something obvious, I would really love guidance.
  22. I opened up a PSD in AP and single lines of text import correctly but multi-line text seems to have the values stripped and all the lines collapse on top of each other. Basically the "leading" is set to zero but even if I go in and change the leading value, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Please advise. Thank you.
  23. I don’t know how difficult it is to make it possible to save PSD files with editable text layers instead of rasterizing them. This is the one feature that keeps me from doing my design work totally on my iPad without Photoshop. I have a client that needs the ability to edit the text before it goes to print because of data that is not available when I’m working on the job (ie product catalog numbers). So my current workflow is I do all of the design layout, drawing, photo editing on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, then export as a PSD, and then add all the text layers in Photoshop on my laptop. Of course there may not be a high demand for this feature.
  24. This may be already requested by somebody before. But just in case, texture & pattern overlay effect won't be imported when opening a psd.
  25. I know this problem is known issue. But this happens with many combination of apps but just Affinity. So is this iOS bug, or not? I'm often asked this but not sure if it's Affinity's problem, because it happens with other combination like Procreate & Photoshop as well.
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