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  1. The question is in the title... is PDF / SVG export functionality fully implemented? I ask because in my test cases I'm seeing gradients, and shapes with effects getting clipped + rasterized rather then being fully editable gradients + effects. Ideally any effects should use SVG filters when exported. This was always a problem I had with DrawPlus. I often had to export out at really high DPI to remove any gradient dithering, and import it into Illustrator where I vectorized the rasterized portions. The results I'm getting right now are disappointing. Though the PNG export from a large vec
  2. Affinity Designer is fantastic. Not because I'm a great drawer or illustrator. I'm printing and prepress professional and in the past week I have had two times where it Illustrator or Indesign could not take an existing PDF and deal with the file right. Designer was able to bring in the PDF and let us alter it to get the vector logo out. I do this regularly but I usually don't get errors importing into Illustrator but I did on this one and Designer saved us. Today a font was not embedded in a PDF that someone created in Corel. We were able to install the font on the Mac, open the PDF in Affi
  3. Hi everyone. I've just recently started using the trial version of AD, thinking about ending my CC subscription and moving over from Illustrator. The main thing I use Illustrator for is designing newspaper ads in work which have multiple images. When sending the final file to the papers I export the PDF with the Adobe PDF Preset set to 'Print Quality' which reduces the file size down to around 2mb. I'm wondering is there anyway to change the PDF settings when exporting files from AD. The ad I'm working on is exporting as a 11mb file, the same file exported from Illustrator is 2.7mb.
  4. I have a simple drawing (attached), just vectors created entirely in AD. When I copy and paste into other applications I get a variety of strange results. This may be something odd in AD's clipboard content and is certainly inconvenient. Pasting into: Pages 4.3 (my intended destination) sometimes works and sometimes pastes a file name (eg file:///var/folders/h1/djnp3y4j1x5bk3sb9dszfn4c0000gp/T/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Clipboard.svg). Selecting just the ellipse can give different results to selecting all the objects. Pages 5.5.1 (the latest) sometimes does the same as 4.3 and sometim
  5. When I export the attached file nrf2 new structure explained.afdesign as a pdf I just get some of the objects and these are solid black (see other attached file nrf2 new structure explained.pdf). If I export as a png than all is okay. If I try to print I get a blank page. When I open Affinity Designer help from the main menu I just get a blank page.
  6. Hello, I have a large problem with Affinity: - when i decide to export my file as JPEG, the whole program crashes ... always ... - When i decide to export as PDF, the file is more than 1.5 GB (!) - the content of the file are just two little b/w pictures (one vector, one bitmap). The affinity file (*.afdesign) is just 1.8 MB. The same is with printing as PDF (result: 1.5 GB). Normal printing needs 10 or more minutes ... I use a mid 2012 Mac Book Pro Retina with Yosemite Thanks for helping me ...
  7. I need to design a stationary with a logo in DIN A4 and export it to PDF. Document settings are set to print and A4, everything else is set to default. When I now export the document with the logo to PDF and try to print it, printer settings are set to 96 % in order to fit the PDF on the A4 paper. In other terms, the dimensions of the exported PDF are not A4 but about 4% larger. This is serious, because I need to send the export to the printer's. To narrow the problem a bit further: I additionally printed the Affinity Designer document to PDF instead of exporting, and this works well.
  8. I tried to prepare my work for the printing press. The original AD file has a size of 550MB. When I export as PDF the size will be shrank to 9MB. I guess AD is compressing the images, what's bad for high quality printing. I would be happy, if there will be some more options for exporting as PDF like no image compression or color profile management (like e.g. Adobe Illustrator) Last I tried to export as EPS. As it seems, AD is adding a margin bottom and right and the quality of the images/photos is absolutely poor as you can see on the print screen with the original file and the exported on
  9. When I export my project as a PDF, a strange outline surrounds the shadow around objects and text. I have attached 2 images, one was exported as a PNG and shows how I intended the text to look, and the other was exported as a PDF and shows the strange outline.
  10. Hi there, here i am again with another question... I´m trying to import a work i´ve done with Corel Draw into the AD. The only way i though i could do it was by creating a Pdf or even a Postscript file. The fact is that i can import them into my art board, but i´m not able to edit it. Is the a way i can access individually each object within the file?
  11. I am very impressed with your software but have encountered a few bugs. I opened a pdf - so far so good. I edited the text, also OK. I save the file, also OK. I close the file and then reopen that file and Affinity Designer crashes. But it’s possible to create a blank document and cut and paste the elements from the opened pdf to the new document, and save and reopen. But what a chore to have to do this. When I open the pdf it creates a single view with a layer for each page. This is rather strange - if you are used to desktop publication. If I then print to pdf it saves only a sin
  12. Hi all, so far I'm really fond of Affinity Designer. However I encountered one problem: I created a flyer, containing two image and three text elements. Nothing special. Exporting as .tif or .psd works fine. Exporting as .pdf or .eps however just exports blank (white) content. Running AD on Mac OS X 10.8.5 Affinity Designer 1.1.0 Any hint on what I might change or could try?
  13. Importing before.pdf results in incorrect fill color (black instead of light gray) of the rectangles in the bottom-right of the figure, and an incorrect (enlarged) image size, as can be seen in after.pdf.
  14. I'm exporting PDFs from AP and pulling into a Quark Xpress doc. All looks good in preview. However, when creating a further PDF for print/screen from Quark (300 dpi) all Affinity's PDFs are unusable. Even as a screen document it's not usable. Is there a way to set the PDF quality when exporting from AP?
  15. Hey guys, loving the program with each illustration I work on, but I have had this issue with 2 different files, when I export my pdf it looked really pixelated, blurry and doesn't look like it was made with a vector program, giving me a really blurred look once I printed it out. My work around was exporting an eps, opening it with illustrator, saving it as a pdf from illustrator and printing, and I still had some little details looking blurred cartel_1.pdf
  16. I'm experiencing issues with too small font sizes while exporting my file to PDF, and the option "Export text as curves" seems to have no effect. Exporting as PNG or other format works as expected.
  17. Hi, I'm struggling to export to PDF - Affinity Designer keeps crashing with the error below. I believe the same is happening on SVG export. Export to EPS is fine, and from that EPS, I can use Affinity Designer to export to PDF however this is only an image export, and I want to preserve the vectors. My only font is Verdana, so I'm not exporting text as curves. What I've tried: 1.) Exporting to different PDF filenames (on the same hard drive) 2.) Restarting AD 3.) Rebooting my laptop 4.) Uninstalled then reinstalled AD from the App Store 5.) Re-saved the .afdesign file and retr
  18. So i was today seeing a small bug. When you set the border size to 0pt and not to no border, the item gets a border. I think it should behave like no border or at least not visible border then. This is complete reproduceable. I attached a screenshot and the testfile. Cheers, Torsten test.afdesign
  19. I’ve only been working with AD for a few days now, but there is something odd happening and I’m not sure why. I exported an AD file to PDF (fonts converted to curves) and the PDF files did not show up in the folder where I saved them — or anywhere else on my hard drive, for that matter (I used Spotlight to search my storage drive). In order for me to export to PDF from AD, I had to quit out of all my apps, including AD, and restart Finder (with Total Finder plug-in running). I tried just quitting the extra background apps and restarting AD, but that didn’t work either. My last solu
  20. Hello! I finished a business card design in AD and went to export the file as a PDF for the printer. Everything exports fine except that AD is adding an X to the end of a few lines of type... Enclosed find the master AD file; I was unable to upload the PDF output because the forum website said max upload size was 2.18 MB... When I open the PDF in Illustrator, it shows AD did not convert the type to outlines as specified in the checkbox in the Export window? Any clues? Any workarounds while still being able to maintain vector output? Thanks for any help, I need to get the
  21. Hi Affinity. I typically use Illustrator for annotating scientific figures made in Matlab (e.g.). When I import .ps and .eps files into AD, the text is not imported as text, but as curves. Is this a result of the way the .ps files are generated or something specific to AD? As a note, when I import these same files to other programs (Illustrator, Preview) the text is treated as words (Art Text in AD vernacular). Note the selected '0' within '5500'. I would expect the whole of '5500' to be a single element.
  22. Hello! Congratulations for this great app! A feature I still miss is export to PDF/X-3 for professional printing. I have read in some blogs that the final version of Affinity Designer supports export to PDF/X-3. Well I bought the Mac App Store version, but unfortunately I can not find the export to PDF/X-3 :( When will this function be shipped? Greetings from Germany (sorry for my bad english)! Christian
  23. I'm excited to hear about potential feature set for Affinity Publisher as a long time Adobe Indesign and Acrobat user (still using CS6 and refuse to jump on the CC bandwagon). First, I wondered if there were plans to have Affinity Publisher act also as a complete or partial Acrobat replacement. For example, often I will need to rotate scanned pages from a photocopier, extract or delete pages, crop, make annotations (grading academic work, for example), creation of fillable forms and drawing markups etc. all in the native PDF format. Being able to open a full (or partial) multi-page PDF usi
  24. The website says: Full support for AI, PSD, PDF and SVG files gives you all the flexibility you need and means whether you switch to Affinity Designer for all your work, or just elements of what you do, it's completely painless. but for the love of god, I cannot open a PDF file in the Affinity Designer. Am I doing something wrong? Agatha
  25. Hi! Could you please briefly describe how shall I correctly export to PDF. The project has vector+raster elements. When I'm currently trying to export, I'm facing two problems: a. raster elements are exported in very low quality (despite I'm trying to indicate best quality in export panel) b. Some vector elements are exported as raster (and, correspondingly, are also pixelated!) Many thanks in advance for help! Alex Test.afdesign Test.pdf
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