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  1. I am trying to export to a PDF and am getting an error. I opened a pdf with Affinity that was originally created and exported to a pdf in InDesign, made a couple of needed changes, saved it (as an affinity file), and then went to export it back to a PDF, and I keep getting an error. It's just a window that comes up and says "There was an error exporting channelguide_2016.pdf". If i export it as a low resolution file, it exports successfully, but it's far too low a resolution to send to a printer. I need it to export as a print PDF at 300 dpi. There is no reason it shouldn't be able to do it; t
  2. Hello, I need to send large vector images (9ft high x 4ft wide) to a printer. I export files as pdf, send them via dropbox, or sometimes hightail, and when he opens them the image seems to have the ground colour missing. And image looks transparent. If anyone has any ideas to help me overcome this issue, I would be most grateful. Many thanks, Tigerfeet
  3. Hello everybody,- i am new in this Forum, and Affinty Designer First,- thanks for the promising good App, as well as Photo! Second,- i speak german, and like to illustrate my words with a graphic, if possible. :wacko: And now my first question. - when i export from AD to PDF for print (300dpi), i get artifacts (Skim and Apple Vorschau). - export to EPS Level 2 works perfect. Skim is converting it fine. Witch i could not open in Windows 10 with Acrobat. - export as EPS Level 3, and import it again in AD has some glitches. So, how do i export to PDF right? My document is i
  4. As it says above, keep the document's layer structure when the file is exported to pdf format. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I often create smaller print materials (coupons etc.), which are then printed x times on A4. So the workflow I am used to do is create new document in the size of the coupon, make the coupon, save it to the file and then create new A4 document, insert here the created file with the coupon and then duplicate and arrange it to fit the paper. Now the bug I found is, that when I print or export to PDF the resulting A4 document, it prints / the PDF is in low resolution (not exactly 72 dpi, but the fonts are blurred). In Affinity Designer I see everything OK - everything is shar
  6. When exporting my document as a PDF, it looks very different to how it looks inside Designer. Here's a screenshot of an area of the document inside Affinity Designer: And here a screenshot of the same section after exporting with the the preset PDF (for print): Many colours have turned white and transparency isn't working as it should. If I export it as a JPG, all works fine. What can I do to enable me to export this design as a PDF?
  7. I am working in natural sciences (biology), and use vector graphics in generating figures for publication. This often includes importing graphics generated by other software (often in pdf format), improving these for publication, and assembling different graphics into figures. I have replaced AI with Affinity Designer for the last six months. However, a recurring problem for me is that AD is not able to recognise text in my pdf files properly. Single text objects are combined or grouped into a single layer. In my attached file, the two lowermost text objects have been correctly imported as i
  8. When opening a PDF in AP, I would like an option to load only the Images in a PDF. Also, the page preview would be easier to navigate with some pagination (prev/next page ) arrows. At the moment, the best way to do this is to change the page number and tab to the next field, or highlight the page number and use the keyboard up/down arrows. It's a little thing but the ideal would be to show a multi-page preview in grid form. This would really speed things up!
  9. Hey, I've been editing a PDF file on Affinity Photo (the software treats each page as a layer), but now I can't export them back to the format they were before, because all the layers are becoming a single page. Can Affinity Photo make every layer a page again when exporting to PDF? What do I need to do? Thanks in advance!
  10. Replicate: 1. Import PDF with fonts that are not in the system 2. In the "replacement" section start typing name of the font to replace missing font to 3. List doesn't react to it at all.
  11. Hi guys, I want to export a print ready PDF where parts of the design are transparent and other parts are solid. What happens is that suddenly every element has a transparency. I don’t know why, In the meantime I tried different options – creating a new document from scratch w & w/ artboards, changing the colour, changing the layer/element opacity instead of the colour opacity, converting the text into paths (which sometimes work, but overlapping digits result in some strange boolean effects). I recorded a shot clip trying to show what’s going on. https://youtu.be/KfBph_Q0k8w
  12. Hi @ all, I have to send a 76x66cm photocollage including a cut to a printservice. The original .afphoto file with all pics is about 400MB. Affinity photo is working already for 2 hours now to export to .eps @ 300dpi. Does anyone know how long it will take to finish this export? Will go to bed now, hopefully it is done next morning. ;-) Best regards, Michael
  13. I'm using the Beta Version of AD 1.1.2. In order to update it I guess I have to purchase the latest release? If so, will it prevent drop shadows from rasterizing around text when exporting to a PDF? I've got the Fill Knocks Out Shadow box unchecked, but it still rasterizes the shadows. My App Store App shows that I need to update AD. But I can't from there. So, do I have to purchase the latest version? Thanks.
  14. Affinity seems to have some issues exporting files as PDF that have some non-vector components. For example: I tried to edit the OS X Time Machine menu icon, found in /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/TimeMachine.menu/Contents/Resources/TMBackingUp.pdf. The default icon looks like this: TMBackingUp-backup.pdf After editing, the non-vector (partially opaque) component at the bottom became very pixelated: TMBackingUp-whands-backup.pdf
  15. I'm migrating some work from MS Publisher to Affinity Designer. I'm wondering what is considered "best practice" for this task. I understand from the in-app help that AD supports opening the file types listed below, but I'm not clear on the advantages / disadvantages of the types that are beyond "flat images" (eg: tiff,bmp,gif,jpeg). So my question is: what MS Publisher output files will provide the most utility for an AD file import? Is .pdf the only legit choice? Thanks.
  16. Hi all, does anyone have a clue why the raster parts of this pdf get pixelated so badly when I import it into Affinity Designer? Thanks! hubobaffinity_example.pdfpdf_import.tiff
  17. Hello! I would like to import a pdf document which consist of several pages. In the imported document I see only the first page. Its possible to see the others as layers, but every text, pictures are in the first, visible page. I would like watermark more PDF-s with the customers name. How is that possible with batch editing? Thank you! Peter
  18. The PDF files I export for use in iOS projects appear to be fine - they show up in Xcode - in the xcassets folder and in xib/storyboard files. BUT when it comes time to run on the Simulator and Device, the PDF vectors do not show up - it is not rendered onscreen. There is a clumsy work-around involving another tool, which leads me to believe this is a bug in AD Steps to reproduce 1. Create a vector image in AD 2. Export as PDF (I use the PDF- For Export setting) 3. Import to an Xcode project - Images.xcassets - make sure to set it as Universal - Single Vector 4. Set this new pdf asset
  19. Hi. I found that some text in PDF document are broken. Another question, the color of PDF in Affinity Designer looks different than in Preview. The Colour Profile of Document is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Is that the expected behavior? Regards, yllan
  20. Hi there! I have a problem with transparent groups. They are getting rasterized when after exporting to PDF. Screenshot from Affinity: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29112876/Screenshot%202015-10-15%2011.08.36.png Screenshot of the generated PDF: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29112876/Screenshot%202015-10-15%2011.12.02.png Left set of shapes (rasterized in PDF) created by applying transparency on the group. Right set of shapes - transparency applied to the shape layers. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29112876/Screenshot%202015-10-15%2011.16.07.png
  21. I do know that there is another thread about the manuals and covering the html.index link into Calibre, but does anyone have any idea on how to adjust the settings for a perfect pdf fit? Ive tried adjusting the setting for 2 days now and still comes out looking distorted and what not. This is what I'm trying to achieve....... and this is mine...... Thanks in advance!
  22. I had a major problem exporting on a recent large format project from AD, and now the problem is happening all over again (v1.3.5). Basically, any large dimension file (8+ feet) containing a raster image cannot give me a properly exported file. When the document is all vectors, I don't seem to have an issue. While the exports appear fine in Preview, they come with a wealth of postscript errors when trying to send to multiple industry-standard printing programs like Rasterlink Pro, Corel, etc. This is happening no matter what I export. Even worse, I can hardly get a JPG exported that will op
  23. Hi everyone ! I did a quick search but couldn't find what I was looking for so I am wondering, does anyone have already try to automate his / her workflow for PDF export in AD? I have several AD documents that I need to export in PDF, that would be awesome if someone could lead me in the right direction (maybe using Automator)!
  24. Hi Affinity & Photo keep crashing when exporting to PDF and most of the other export options also don't work. I have produced some simple print artwork for a large outdoor banner to go to print but it just wont export! It seems to struggle with large print designs when exporting! I am also running a new very fast mac so its not my hardware. After AFD crashed it generated the following error logs. (See attached .txt file). Thanks, Ol AF_Designer_Error_Logs.rtf
  25. Hi, I often have to work with graphics from PDF files. They're divided in hundreds of layers. I know the function to find a specific part in the layers and I also know the kind of "force selecting" by pressing the Command key. But that doesn't help really because in most cases the objects that I have to select together aren't neighbors in the layer panel. Mouse framing either doesn't help it selects simply nothing. For example I have to catch all these objects with one action. In fact, there's many stuff around it. ;) Is there a simple way to do that avoiding to select them
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