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  1. Dear all, I have set up an artboard in Designer, that I now want to export as a PDF, as it will be printed as a poster. Unfortunately the PDF export crashed the program every time and after a reboot, the status bar runs to about 20% and wont move any further. I have already converted all my text sections to curves, but that won't help either. The complete Affinity file is 175 MB, so it would be a problem to upload, I'm afraid. :( Any idea someone?
  2. Does Affinity Photo recognize embedded fonts in a pdf file? I print a lot of wide format graphics and there are times when i need to layout files a certain way that the RIP will not let me and I need to do it in photoshop. When I open the file in AP, if there are fonts involved, it asks me to replace them if they are not available. In PS, it recognizes the embedded fonts and it rasterizes the file without a hitch. Is this a feature that is coming, or a bug? I understand that if I need to make changes to the text, I need the font, but most of the time I just need to convert the file to a r
  3. More or less a newbie in photo editing I decided to give Affinity a try. I am quite enthusiastic; it works comfortably and remarkably fast, even with RAW files. Problem: I tried to export a jpg file as pdf. It did not work, neither on my iMac, nor on my Macbook. No idea what went wrong: I tried a workaround, inserting the same jpg file into a Writer document, and received a perfectly normal printable file. Should I wait patiently until the next update?
  4. Hi! I'm trying to export to a PDF for print and am having some issues. When ever I export from Designer to a PDF, the program only exports the bottom half of the project. I have tried this multiple times and to no avail it happens the same everytime. I have even deleted the old file, changed the name, etc. Nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. A printing service couldn't print my PDF which was created by AD, my settings were for print, I am trying A test with a PDX4 format as given as an option I have outlined/ curved the fonts. I went back to check in the document to see if I missed one font that did not get curved. To my surprise some of them when I select they seem not to have been curved as on the menu indicated, normally when they have been curved the menu selection is gray. I know when you select a line of text in the preview mode the whole line of text is selected and if I do it in the outline mode one letter at a time is
  6. Hi, I refer to Affinity Designer 1.4.1, I am not able to open Example G.3 from the Adobe pdf reference document; - it opens fine in Adope Reader and in Preview. Nor any other uncompressed pdf that I have tried. Developing my own pdf documents without compression is part of my daily work. I attach the Affinity message I get, and a copy of the pdf. I tried, but did not find a similar request on the forum (couldn't work out how to search for topics) cheers, Jon affinity_message.pdf G3mac.pdf
  7. I seem to have managed to pick up a wonderful AD keyboard template PDF from somewhere, but I have no idea where from (there isn't a "downloads" or "resources" section on the Affinity website which is IMHO an omission). I find templates handy because they speed up the shortcut learning process, a lesson I learned long ago in the days of WordPerfect and Wordstar :). The challenge: I would like to adjust it as the key outlines are too faint for me (on account of the negative correlation between experience and eyesight), so I was wondering if Affinity was willing to release the source of this
  8. Hi, I have created a simple business card and exported a print ready PDF (300dpi, 2mm bleed, text as curves, CMYK). When viewing the PDF in Preview or pulling it into InDesign the size is correct (59x89 mm), however the PDF software of the printing company I sent it to shows a size of 109 x 152 mm. Please find the file attached for review / investigation. businesscard.pdf
  9. Im trying to export a file in PDF and on my clients computer it keeps saying the file Im sending him is corrupt. Any information is helpful thankyou. -Chris
  10. Not really a request or question but maybe a point to put in literature you produce. I have just created a 6000mm wall infographic for a client, client request 100% dimensioned vector artwork for in-house printing which was all good in Affinity Designer. However on export to PDF discovered that Acrobat is incapable of viewing artwork over 5000mm and all PDFs open blank. I was aware the illustrator and InDesign have maximum artboard dimension of around 5000mm, but had so scale export artwork down for client for PDF proofing.
  11. Hi, Affinity Design is crashing when exporting my project to pdf. What I've tried: 1) Exporting at different DPI. 2) Restarted AD. Thanks in advance. Process: Affinity Designer [399] Path: /Applications/Affinity Designer.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Designer Identifier: com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner Version: 1.4.1 (1.4.2) App Item ID: 824171161 App External ID: 816005607 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Affinity Designer [399] User ID:
  12. Hi everyone, I have Affinity photo and having big issues with it: 1. It doesn't read the fonts from PSD files, so all the files look messed up until i fix it manually myself (the fonts inside the psd are not on my mac and the suggested fonts never look aligned ). 2. Once i export the file as PSD, the text can not be edited anymore after opening the PSD. 3. When i export the file as PDF for print, the pictures don't look as sharp and become kind of bright unlike in the original file, so i need to export as PNG instead to keep the look as the original. I am using this app for desig
  13. I've been working on a map that was exported from QGIS as an SVG in Affinity Designer. I've been having problems exporting a PDF from my file. Here is what it looks like on the screen (in Affinity): And here is the PDF output Any Ideas?
  14. I simply want to add and change metadata in pdf-export in designer. At the moment the pathToFile is the pdf-title, some designer-data which is ok, the most other metadata-fields are empty. I would like to change the fields, that I don't have to use Adobe Acrobat after each export only to tweak metadata in exactly the same way. This could be done in export.
  15. Hey, Two of my clients have reported that the PDFs that I have exported from AD are empty. When I open them in OSX environment all seems to be normal. I assume the clients use Windows system. What can cause this? Anyone else having same issues? Thanks! Please see one file example attached to this post. SIXT päädyt - sammuttimella - 3cm bleed.pdf
  16. I'm making a business card in Affinity Designer to be uploaded to and printed by Moo.com. They request designs with text be saved in the PDF/X-1a format (converting text to curves). However, whenever and however I export from Designer text gets rasterised and exhibits edge-pixelation. I've tried every combination of export settings I can come up with (two days I've been trying to do this) but everything gets rasterised on export whatever I do. Why can't the PDF's I export handle vectors? One side of my business card attached (in .afdesign format) LF-Business-Card-BACK.afdesign
  17. Hi, I am thinking of downloading AD as I believe it will give us everything we require for a new business venture - the way Photoshop and Illustrator has gone subscription based really doesn't help small start up business. A quick question anyway - can you embed fonts before creating a PDF for export? I have searched and I believe AD doesn't support this feature at the moment but I hope to be proven wrong! If you aren't able to do this in AD, can you export as PDF and open in Pages on the same computer and embed fonts there before sending to an external print company? Thanks.
  18. Hi, If I export an artwork as a PDF, does this mean it is also a vector file? If not, how can I save my designs in Affinity as vector files? I want to be able to design anything in Affinity and then import it to another program I use, but this other program only accepts vector files. Whoever answers this is saving my life from eternal frustration. Thanks!
  19. Im creating print artwork for 10 large format signs, all artboards are duplicated artwork with only a site name difference. On export to PDF and checking I noticed that a letter or two within the a lines move position a slight amount. it looks like a kerning change but they are the same settings? The signs wont be seen together but I cant figure out whats happening. Can I sent this in to have quick look at? (Id rather keep it off google)
  20. I want to export a Affinity Designer file to PDF. The document (A4) contains multiple pages (artboards) with dotted lines. After exporting to PDF some of the lines are solid. I selected the lines, chose a different line format and back to dotted to be sure they are tagged as dotted line. Same result after exporting: some of the dotted lines got solid. Then I tried the OS X "print to PDF" function. Now I have my dotted lines, but every page has a increasing left margin, the content moves more to the right with every page. The same thing happens when I print to a real printer. Please
  21. I’m getting ready to send some rack card pdf files to our service bureau when I noticed something strange... I’ve got a couple png files (done in Photoshop) embedded in the Affinity Designer file, and they look fine in Affinity Designer. But when I export them to PDF and open them in Apple Preview, I’m seeing things that I don’t like. In particular there’s a strange milky-white quality to the lower edge of one embedded object (see attachment) when it should be a smooth opacity gradient... In the second embedded object immediately below the first one, the lower edge of the object cuts
  22. Dear affinity designers, first of all congratulations to your product. It is definitely a kick-ass alternative to ai and makes my current efforts to layout and polish figures for my Master's Thesis really fun. There is one issue however that I don't understand. It has happened twice to me now. I don't really know whether it's a bug or whether I did something wrong, but as I really don't know what I could be doing wrong here, I thought it would fit in this bug category. I'd of course be really happy to find out I just did something wrong that can easily be corrected. The first case
  23. Hi, I'm using AD now for a while and I'm highly impressed of the possibilities. The main goal is to generate marketing material for our company, which results in PDF files (brochures, product information sheets, ...). I see a bigger improvement with the meta data AD is generating, because there is no influence on the title, author and so on. For instance: The title in the meta data of the PDF is the full path incl. the file name. This is not needed. For tagging the PDF's for SEO it is hardly needed to be able to add some meta data right in the document properties. Of course you c
  24. Hi there, today I’ve created a simple graphic in Affinitydesigner. But while trying to export the graphic to a pdf (no matter wich pdf-export-preset I’ve chosen) AD crashes. After some tests I realized that AD is not able to export the graphic with a text (it’s only a @-sign) – the graphic without the text eports as expected. Any ideas? greetings Karsten
  25. I am trying to export to a PDF and am getting an error. I opened a pdf with Affinity that was originally created and exported to a pdf in InDesign, made a couple of needed changes, saved it (as an affinity file), and then went to export it back to a PDF, and I keep getting an error. It's just a window that comes up and says "There was an error exporting channelguide_2016.pdf". If i export it as a low resolution file, it exports successfully, but it's far too low a resolution to send to a printer. I need it to export as a print PDF at 300 dpi. There is no reason it shouldn't be able to do it; t
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