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  1. Hi All, When i create trim marks with the standard 3mm bleed and take the pdf into Indesign to layout for print, I find that that trim marks don't show on "import bleed" settings. They're on the pdf but are too far away in the make-up of the pdf to show on a 3mm bleed import - the actual trim marks are 3.3mm and 3.3mmm (x, y) when measured from the Doc boundaries. So, you're left with trim marks when you impose a 20-up business card spread - quite important when you put the sheets under the guillotine. I don't want to go back to the days of ruling up a job. When a job is sent out
  2. Hello guys, fist of all i wanna congratulate for the great work you're all doing. Im sucha. big fan of affinity now, but im here to say abou a BIG bug that i found in one work here. Im doing a print work for a product label here, and when i close the pdf file, the text become pixels, and this canot happen. I saw some UI problems too, the option to reduce the resolution, is always checked with the compression value of 85%, and because this is a print work this option reduce the quality of the print. When i try a lot of configurations for print, the software give a error saying that is not
  3. Good day, Is it possible, and if so how, to place a pdf file as a flat image instead of an image with editable layers en text? When I place a pdf that I want to use as an image but I don't have the fonts that are used in the pdf installed on my computer the whole image breaks. When you place a pdf in photoshop it is placed as a flat image. Kind regards, Joeri.
  4. Hey folks, I have a glow in a design that sits over top of a few other items with transparency. Everything looks great on screen, but after export, I get some weird banding issues when viewing the PDF in either Preview or Acrobat. I’ve tried setting the blend mode of the glow to everything from Overlay, to Screen, to Normal, but I’m still getting the same result. Is there a fix for this? I’d really rather not remove the glow for print. Attachment for reference. EDIT: To add to the complexity, I was just reviewing some older versions of this same file, and the PDFs were renderin
  5. HiHi! First of all, AD is my new favourite thing in the world, ever. I'm buying it, even though it's not quite fit for the purpose of Motion Graphics just yet. I've posted in the forum in case i've missed something but will AD be able to export a layered vector file format for use in AE? I'm desperate for AD to work in the After Effects pipeline without having to do workarounds. (Raster is no good for the Mograph we do at the current agency) Illustrator sucks! :P AD is epic! B)
  6. Hi all, I'm wondering why does the app crash whenever I create folders or import files using the export persona? . Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Macbook MD101 (mid 2012, 16GB RAM). Cheers, Karl
  7. I am a complete novice and use Affinity Designer and Photo for odd bits of work here and there. I am currently putting together a programme for a music festival. I started by creating a new Designer document with artboard set to A5 (plus a bit extra for bleed), i've then created new artboards (same size) for each page. I now want to put the adjoining pages together to show them to my Festival colleagues before we get them printed, so I thought the quickest way to do this would be to export each artboard as a PDF and then create a new file as A4 landscape and place two of the adjoining exported
  8. I created a banner with 5x1 meter dimension. When I try to export it as pdf AD crashes. What's wrong? I attached the error log. error_log.rtf
  9. When exporting to PDF (for print) from Designer I've experienced missing pixel layers. I haven't tested out different variables but here are some of the details with the 2 files it's happened to me on. multiple artboards the pixel layer was rasterized from a group when I re-open the pdf in Designer I can see the layer that's missing but it's blank (just shows the bounding box) It's quite frustrating because I'm not sure what the initial cause is so I have to copy/paste images into different files then re-export and check to see if it's working. Let me know if I can provide any further inf
  10. Hi, Here attached a file with 2 simple objects. I put them into 2 separate slices with PDF (for export) presets. However, when I export the selected slices, it exports the whole artboard instead of the slice area... This problem only exists in PDF export. Can any body help? thanks, Kelvin test.afdesign
  11. Hi there, I'm new to the forum and the Affinity software. I have a problem while exporting as PDF for a printing lab a PSD file. The pixel dimension is shown correctly in the export persona (7135 × 2441) but when I export it as PDF I get a 1706 × 583 file Here's what I'm doing: - CMD+SHIFT+E to have a single layer to export - in export persona i select the layer, make a slice and export the slice with PDF for print preset If I choose a Jpeg or png preset the dimension is correct. If I export the same file as PDF with photoshop I have the same dimension. What am I doin
  12. Hello, I'm new to the forum so apologies if this question has been asked before. Anyway, I now and then create vector stock images and this is the first time I've done the work with Affinity Designer, mainly because I cannot stand Adobe Illustrator. But the problem is that stock agencies usually demand you send them Illustrator compatible eps files. Therefor I always check the final art in Illustrator. When importing the eps (and pdf) files I created with Affinity, I noticed that the gradient fills have been rasterized to bitmaps (this is a usual phenomena with other programs as well).
  13. Hello, Even though I have entire illustration in vectors (with brush), when exporting to pdf it converts to rasterized mess:( Did i do something wrong or is it just how it works? (The attached files show a snippet that should be vector but isn't and an outline preview of the exported pdf from Illustrator. There are no transparencies or effects applied apart from the brush itself)
  14. Hi, exporting to .pdf i'm getting banding gradient on vector shape like sample (print/press ready cmyk/8). Any way to get smooth gradient? :)
  15. 1) I made a fairly complex graphic with probably 200+ layers and I aim to animate this graphic, probably in After Effects. I named all my elements and organised them in folders and subfolders so it would be easy to identify what is what when it comes to creating the animation. I'm pretty new to After Effects, so learning how to pull files from Illustrator and move forward. The problem I have is: If I export (to .eps, .pdf or .svg) all the folders vanish. In Illustrator there is simply one folder with all the various layers in it (I'm on Illustrator CC 2015 v.19). If find Illustrato
  16. Hello there... I have bought Affinity Photo and have imported several PDF files that were generated with adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Unfortunately I get different colored edges, when I import the PDF in Affinity and save it accordingly as a pdf. Is that a bug? Kind regards
  17. Hello, Please find the attached document, AD screenshot, and PDF export. The shadow around the graduation cap (and in other places) is not correctly exported. Commencement Invitation Card.pdf Commencement Invitation.afdesign
  18. Hi all. Maybe this is too much to ask at this time, and I know I've already mentioned this earlier, but I've been testing Affinity Designer periodically for proper spot colour gradient support (sometimes I miss a beta or two and I may skip the one that finally brings that feature to the table, hence my method). I cobbled up two similar files in Affinity and Illustrator, with gradients from spot colour to spot colour, spot colour to white, and spot colour to 0% opacity spot colour, and exported them to .PDF. For good measure, I also threw in a 50% opacity spot colour as a control sw
  19. Most of the PDF export options in the Affinity apps are pretty self explanatory but for the PDF/X… options? What advantages/features do they offer? And in what use cases may these be better export options to consider?
  20. I'm running into an issue in the Export Persona at the save location Finder window where the file type always changes from that specified in the settings. It occurred when exporting a PDF and it forces a PNG. Also, in a totally separate file, it forces a JPG from a PNG export. It occurs in both Designer and Photo. Using the generic File > Export seems to work okay but in the PDF document I'm getting terrible defects on the Outer Glow effect similar to this topic. I thought it may have been a bug on my iMac but I tried the same thing on my MacBook with the same result. So I don't th
  21. I what like to lock or not allow a PDF that I created in Affinity Designer to be printed by a user only to be used to view the designs. . Is this possible? Thanks for any reply.
  22. Hi Guys, Im currently working on a name badges template for a company. The size in Affinity designer is 74mm x 24mm When I export to pdf and print it they are 70mm x 23. This is also when "fit" is turned off. Is there anything I need to change when exporting to pdf? could DPI have anything to do with it? srry Im a web guy and not a print guy :P Hope you can help.
  23. Hi, I'm desperately trying to export to a PDF with embedded ICC profile (CMYK in some flavour). My document color space is CMYK/8, I have checked all the options similar to "PDF for export" in the export persona or the export menu, see first screenshot. Still, the PDFs which are created do not contain an ICC profile when I import them into inDesign (second screenshot) or when I open them in Preview. Designer 1.4.1 I got the feeling that I'm missing something very obvious. Any help is highly appreciated. Cheers, Jens
  24. Hi, I've been using Designer and having issues when exporting to PDF. There's been plenty of failures, no crashes but I do get the attached message. I've isolated one of the problem elements and placed into a new file (see attached). Just to clarify, I'm trying to output to PDF/X-1a (nothing rasterised). I can rasterise the content (as an embedded EPS) and get a result but that's really ideal. Hope you can help. Regards, Carl PDF Export Issues #2.afdesign
  25. I am trying to export this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ai7jj8zmawo9i12/Poster%203.afdesign?dl=0 (111MB) as a pdf document. I have tried different settings and color profiles but the result is always the same and the colours are more saturated in the pdf document. I have attached two rasterised version you can compare, one exported directly from Affinity Design and the other is the pdf rasterised by Preview. I have checked that the exported pdf file looks the same in Adobe Acrobat Reader. How can I export to pdf and preserve the colours?
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