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Found 624 results

  1. We had some trouble exporting a printable PDF. Some functions are missing here (or I was not able to find it): - respecting bleed and other marks for the printer - selecting the pages I want to export (e.g. 2-4) - choosing if I want do export single pages or spreads Kind regards Linus
  2. Hello, beta testers and developers. I placed .afdesign into Publisher document and export it to pdf and there missing those parts in PDF. When I edit an embedded file and copy from it and paste into Publisher, those graphics are export well. Also, I have a suggestion to make exporting profiles visible, not local but global. When I save in Designer some export profile would be nice to have same profiles in Photo/Publisher. Thanks.
  3. Could it be possible to place linked PDF files (e.g. adverts created by third parties) without the need to have their embedded fonts on your system to display and export correctly?
  4. The PDF import function is simply magical – it's amazing to be able to take PDFs of things I created years ago and have them turn into something reasonably workable. It would be even more useful if Publisher could automatically create styles based on fonts, text size, and so forth. Even if it didn't pick up everything, it would be great to have a starting point for editing heading styles and so forth.
  5. The "Publish As:" in Page Plus specified: PDF, PDF Slide Show, E Book, and HTML. The PDF heading had 8 main categories of which Viewer and Security was very useful. Likewise I utilized Slide Show. I did not notice most of what is listed above in Publisher (beta).
  6. Hello, my first day after registration and so on my first question. I´ve made a single File with different Artboards and want to export these as a single PDF File. How can I export (in Affinity Designer -iPad) these Artboards to a single PDF File with Individuals Pages? In the quick export menu, the drop-down button "Bereich" (Area) is grey, so I can´t select the individuals Artboards at all. With the Export Persona I can´t export in general. I´ve created for each Artboard a Slice but after i´ve tried to export them I only can choose the folder and not save them. Is there a Bug with the Export Persona for iPad? Thank You for help
  7. Hi, I have a file with 72 pages (done with the artboard). The export to PDF looks fine, but when I want to send the PDF to a print shop, they refuse it as the pages have different sizes/formats. All artboards are copied from one "master" but some of the pages (20, page 2 to 21 from 72) create the error. I already tried to copy a "correct" page and delete the faulty page, but the result is the same. Also Adobe Preflight shows the same error message. Does anyone have an idea, what I could try to get this fixed? Thanks Tobi
  8. Hello! I would like to design materials for school, so I purchased clip arts and fonts to design the materials I'll be selling. I would like to export my documents as pdf and want them to be protected, so when purchased by customers, they cannot change, alter or add anything to my work. How can I do that on PC? Thank you very much for your precious help!
  9. Hello, I create a simple doc on desktop version : one pixel background withe somme vectorized texts on it. When I export to PDF, sometime (not always) the background pixel layer have white pixels bloc on the top. On the attached picture, you can see the text (with a selected curve, so blue stroke on it). Red curtains should normally extend upwards.
  10. I'm exporting AD document to PDF. I need to be able to preserve the strokes editable- however, when opened in Illustrator, the strokes have been converted to fills? See attached screenshots The same problen when exporting to SVG- the strokes get converted. EDIT: I found solution to this in case someone else runs into this problem: when the stroke is set to other than 'Center', it will fill the stroke when exporting. AD File:PDF in AI
  11. Hi! Im a little new to this so be gentle anyways..i have a file. 6335x2400mm and everytime i try to add a new layer-raster one. Then the app crashes. Also when i try to save it as pdf it crashes. Jpeg was okay. Also png..it just buffers and never ends so i cant save it.. Other files have been fine so far but the app does crash a lot.. is the problem that my file is too big or what? Because its not that big. I really do need to save this file and get it printed and its very frustrating cause nothing works.. please YELP!! all the best R Untitled_2.afdesign
  12. It would be very handy to have an option to include invisible object in export to SVG and PDF. Main purpose for this is to improve exchanging working files with other applications.
  13. I created some graphic in Affinity Designer and now I would like to send it to someone who uses Adobe Illustrator for further edit. How can I export file from Designer to preserve all objects, group, group/object names and etc.? I tried export PDF and EPS but it's a mess when opened in Adobe Illustrator. Please see screenshots. Is it even possible?
  14. I created a flyer in Affinity Designer and I wanted to export it for printing as an eps file. Unfortunately, the resulting file is faulty. The export as PDF is also buggy. Although the result here comes much closer to the actual design than the eps file, there is a bigger problem with the export to vector files. For both files, embedded vector graphics, as well as texts and shapes, are exported correctly, but a photo which serves as a background does not. Please understand that I do not want to post screenshots or even the document publicly in the forum. I would be very happy about a direct contact to the Affinity staff, so I can provide both the Affinity Designer file and the results obtained. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Hi there. I've posted a similar issue here before but now it seems Affinity Designer won't export PDFs properly. When I apply the transparency tool on an image in Affinity Designer and then export it (using the default PDF (For Print) the transparency effect is gone in the PDF exported. I have to flatten the PDF in order for this to work. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help appreciated. Thanks! test.pdf test.afdesign
  16. I was prepping a file for print today. We normally do approvals via lightweight JPGs and then generate proofs for printing. My export PDF settings are 300 dpi, text to curves, and include bleeds. When I exported the design to PDF, we saw that the recolor filter on an embedded Affinity Photo document was not properly rendered. I have included three files: The designer file. The JPG sample (which looks correct) The PDF proof (which has the error) My workaround will be to export the Photo document to a jpg or tiff, and then embed that image in the design. Evolve Invitation Flyer US.afdesign Evolve Invitation Flyer US PROOF.pdf
  17. Hello. Is there an option in Photo and/or Designer to convert text to curves during opening of PDF file instead of finding substitute font? I have this kind of option in Canvas X but I cannot find similar feature in Affinity... maybe I am just blind...
  18. Hey guys, I have a problem when trying to save pdf for print. I had successfully done this before, a number of times, the same exact way and this time it just doesn't work. Maybe It's something I'm missing here, please help. So, here is my problem. I am trying to save banner design with 3cm bleed and crop marks. I did set up bleed to 3cm in Document setup, I did include bleed in export pdf options, and I did make my elements bigger than artboard. And my bleed is still not saving... What am I missing?
  19. Hi, can anyone help me ? I have problem with export file to PDF from affinity file format where is 100% K Text and affinity designer convert it as C:72,M68,Y67,K88 aftre save as PDF. dot.pdf dot.afdesign
  20. ThomasK

    PDF import bug

    Hi guys, I have a problem with pdf file import. When opened inside the Affinity Designer the text gets messed up. :/ Check out the attached files: p01.pdf p01.pdf
  21. Hello, Wondering if there is a way to automatically place page numbers somewhere on a mult-page PDF in affinity designer. I imported 120 page and affinity has small identifier above each page/art board showing it's page number. Is there a way to actually place number onto each page without manually adding text to each one and typing it? Thanks! Jason
  22. Would it be possible to outline a font which is not available on your system but embedded in the PDF. Having the option of being able to outline if you want regardless. Kind Regards
  23. Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone is having any issues with exporting PDFs from Affinity Designer. I have this Affinity Photo file which has been embedded in my Affinity Designer document (I wish there was a way to link to an Affinity Photo file instead of embedding it... any way) but when I go to export the Affinity Designer as a PDF (With the preset PDF (For Export, For Print, For Web) the exported PDF file is messed up. I have to flatten when I export the PDF in order to fix this. See attached screenshots of what I mean. I also have the same issue with any adjustments that have been made to an image in Affinity Photo and then imported to Affinity Designer. When I export the PDF from Affinity Designer. The PDF completely ignores all adjustments that I had made on the image. I have to flatten it to fix that. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
  24. Hi, I use AD professionally at my work. I need to export a pdf but when I do, a lot of layers are missing (see attachment comparing AD layers to exported PDF layers) I'd need to find a solution fast as the files need to proceed to production. I've tried different pdf-export options, so far nothing. System: Windows 10 AD version:
  25. I've been creating book covers for the past few days with no problem. Today every time I export my image (PDF - print) it comes out with the right half (where the images and text should be) completely red.