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Found 627 results

  1. Hello all, I designed a logo and used the outer shadow effect, Radius is set to 0 px. (see picture below) My expectation was, when exporting this to a PDF x4, that this shadow still is a vector element. When zooming in the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, I can see that the effect was rasterized. In the PDF export preferenced, "Rasterize: Unsupported elements" is activated. Switching this option to "Rasterize: Nothing" will result in a PDF file without any shadow. Is there any way to keep effects as vector elements like in Adobe Illustrator? Thanks for your hints! I'm using Designer 1.6.1 on Mac OS X Regards, Holger
  2. I have many artboards in Affinity Designer (more than 50) Each artboard will be a single page in a PDF document that I will export. As I understand it there are two routes to exporting PDFs: File > Export > PDF Make a slice for each artboard, and export each page as separate PDF The first option is problematic because in the exported PDF, artwork from one artboard, if larger than the artboard itself, is showing up on neighbouring artboards (i.e. pages). See the PDF attachment: the maroon rectangle overlaps the second artboard and (and the same in reverse for the green rectangle overlapping the first artboard). I'm aware that the obvious answer to this is move the artboards further away from each other but this isn't ideal for a few reasons: As I say, this document has over 50 artboards representing pages in the exported document so spacing them far enough apart from each other such that photos and other artwork don't overlap other artboards isn't feasible, especially as the artboards masks the artwork beyond the edge of the artboard; its impossible to see where the bounds of the artwork is to mitigate overlap on other artboards I'm actually trying to place two artboards side by side to represent each spread in the book in order to actually visualise what the art looks like together as a spread without a gap. So, I was wondering if there is an option I'm missing somewhere in File > Export > PDF that I can turn off artwork from separate artboards overlapping and appearing on other artboards (i.e. pages) in the export? At a push I'm aware that I can use option 2. above as a work around for this problem i.e. slicing up the artboards using export persona and exporting each board as a separate PDF document. But of course this leaves me with the hassle of having to combine all the PDFs back into one document using some third party program every time I want to export a version of the PDF document for preview. I'm also not sure what effect another round of compression will have on the document and am therefore reluctant to use this method especially as this will be going for print. Any help would be greatly appreciated! test5.pdf
  3. Plain and simply, we need interactive PDFs, buttons galore! Easy email embedding would be a lovely feature too.
  4. Hello, I have a problem with a pdf with embedded fonts, exported in Affinity Designer. When i open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Pro and try to edit the text, I get the message that the original font is not available or can not be used for editing. The pdf is attached. In the properties window in Acrobat, the fonts are shown as embedded. I deactivated "subset fonts". The font is from Adobe Fonts. When I try the same with exporting a pdf from InDesign, it is working fine. Thanks in advance! Fonts not working in Acrobat.pdf
  5. I opened a 209-page .pdf file in Affinity Publisher, and it is Times Roman. I want to be able to change the font throughout the document to Berylium, but I don't want to have to go page by page and do it. Can it be done in one fell swoop?
  6. I have a problem with export too. When I try to export the whole document to PDF the App crashes
  7. Hi guys, I found an issue exporting a selected Artboard. If I select the whole document it works fine but selecting any of them gives me that error. Thanks UPDATE: also I have found same issue exporting to PNG, JPG, etc...
  8. Sinc 162 the PDF export doesn't work any more.
  9. Can you export a edited pdf file with selected permissions, e.g. no printing, password for opening the file, etc...? Thanks
  10. Hi I am using Designer ver. 1.6.1 and is more than one time that I have problems to open AI/PDF file received, especially in fill gradient. Attached is the AI file received and the AD saved. Is a bug of the current version? regards Sergio Molino PFD error.zip
  11. I am having an issue with exporting a file as a PDF file of any type. At one point the PDF export included strange characters for text, now I am not able to export the PDF at all. I receive an error message that says "An error occurred while exporting to:" I have even tried to export to an external hard drive.
  12. A client of mine asked me for a 576 cm x 276 cm (68031 x 32598 px) banner for outside use. The printer wants a PDF/x-1a:2003 PDF file. So this is what i did: made a document in Affinity Designer in document set up of 576 x 276 cm / 300dpi / Print (Press-Ready) copy/past the logo (developed in Affinity Designer all vector) and put a text under it, that's it chose export preset PDF (for print) 300dpi (also stated nothing will be rasterised) the esitated file size was 481.58 kb so very small send it to printer and got it back that the file was way to small which i already was afraid of I had to export a eps of the whole thing and imported it in photoshop in a document with the sizes i wanted and exported it. What happened here and what did i do wrong?
  13. olafwelling

    Place multipage Pdf

    Hi, in the Help it is mentioned, that for .ai as well as .pdf “Multi-page files can be imported, with each page being placed on its own artboard” – probably Copy&paste from Affinity Designer? Can’t find any way to import the second page of a pdf.
  14. Hello, In .afpub for macOS Mojave, I've noticed that text formatting/font changes upon PDF import placement. It doesn't matter whether I set the document to place as an embedded image or linked. The PDF appears fine when opened on same system in other viewers (Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat, & Pages). I suspected it could just be AfPub's preview of the placed PDF however it retains the wrong formatting upon exporting as PDF also. The solution to fix issues like this is to have the PDF Options dialog popup when a user selects File Menu - Place.
  15. Hello all, I have a question. I just recently started testing Affinity Photo and would like to know how you can copy the style of the text (without identifying font) and replace a word on the existing document. It's a scanned version of a photocopy of a document. So let's say I want to replace the word SUSPENDISSE with AFFINITY and everything else remains the same (See attached document as an example) How would do that? First I'd need to erase the word and then afterwards use the clone brush tool and find all the letters you need one by one and and paste it on top of SUSPENDISSE? Thanks in advance.
  16. SeamusBerkeley

    Crash on place pdf

    Place PDF Crash
  17. I have to import two pdf files every week for a bulletin. - I should mention that I also posted this in Windows bugs as I use both OS and it happens in both. When I do the file in Publisher has been changed - I am guessing because the pdf has a different font than my system. I am able to do this in QuarkXPress, Corel Dray and Page Plus with out the distortion so I am not sure what I need to do in Publisher or if it will be something fixed in upcoming versions but wanted to report it. I have to convert the pdf to an image as a workaround but it does not print as nicely as the pdf. Thanks
  18. I completed a book and sent it to the artist for final approval. She does not have MS Publisher that I used, so I thought I would send the final draft in a PDF. Surely she would say OK and that would be it. (Note: She does not speak English well.) She decided to do some graphic tweaking and sent me back revised pages in a PDF. Problem is the text was messed up. I could not use the PDFs she sent. I said I needed the graphics; she never sent them. So I thought I would open the PDFs and get the graphics and add them to the original doc. Affinity Publisher actually opened the PDFs and I was able to fix the text. When I highlighted the images, it seems to be a vector. Is that correct? The interesting thing was that Affinity Publisher actually created layers with every brush stroke in each graphic. Again, the question: when Affinity Publisher opens a PDF does it convert an image to a vector? Thanks for your help!
  19. Opened a PDF from Indesign in publisher, exported to PDF for print: all images except the first page are inverted, this does not happen when the PDF is opened and exported in Affinity Photo and exported, when the exported document is opened in Publisher Images are also inverted Original Document viewed in Apple QuickLook Export from Affinity Publisher viewed in Apple QuickLook
  20. Super newbie here! I've ordered the book (Designer), but in the meantime, trying to figure things out and didn't come up with anything in the Help files. I'm designing sewing patterns to be printed and cut out/pieced together. Could someone point me in the direction of a tut or instructions on how to create a multi-page file please? I'll be exporting as a PDF and will need several pages for the entire pattern. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello! I wanted to back-check with the community if its just a problem on my end. While exporting a page with a transparent polka-dot pattern (25% transparency) I noticed that the transparency doesnt work once exported into a PDF file. Funnily enough, when I export the page as a PNG the transparency works... IN-APP DESIGN: EXPORT OPTIONS: PDF-FINAL RESULT:
  22. Hi I am not sure if this is a bug or feature request. In previous versions of Publisher when I placed a PDF that had crop marks and bleeds it imported as is. The last two versions when I place the document it comes into the page cropped. However, when you go to edit you still see everything. There are instances where those marks and/or bleeds may be required. Is this just a bug or will you be implementing placement options that would allow the user to determine how the external document will be placed?
  23. I imported a client's PDF (52 pages) (they use "Scribus"!) and seemed to be able to do some manipulation But could not save via "file>save as" which greyed-out (as was "save") Only option seemed to be to exit and the respond "yes" to do you want to save. Which I did. The file was saved to the desktop. Later, when trying to open file got error message to say file type not recognised!
  24. Imported a client's 52 page PDF (they use Scribus!) Seemed to imort OK - after a delay - and able to d some manipulation. BUT - Could not save file via File > "Save as" option - which greyed out, as was 'Save". Thought saved via option on exit and appeared to have saved - to desktop. There is a file. But when tried to re-open got message to say 'not a recognised file type' so data lost!
  25. Having used page plus to create a 112 catalogue with lots of words and images, I have tried to import a pdf into publisher. It works, and looks fine, but as soon as I try to edit the text, it goes crazy - some frames with no space between lines, some indented - and I cannot fix it because there doesn't seem to be a 'clear formatting' option Can someone advise me of the best settings for pdf export from PP to enable the import to work?