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Found 625 results

  1. Hi team! Why some exports to PDF resulted on a "big white square" on Windows PC? On Mac OS and iOS I can open the file normally but not on Windows PC -> Except if I open the PDF with Chrome on Windows PC! INSULA - Côtés de scène.pdf
  2. I'm having issues using the new export selection feature in Affinity Designer as PDFs - I want to use the selected objects in other documents to drop into instruction manuals. The selected exports have been coming out as cropped images when I choose 'selected object without background. I know there are kludgy ways around this (like cropping the whole page PDF) but I'd rather not end up losing the potentially useful export selection feature! Many Thanks Jon James Whitstable, UK micrometer dddd.afdesign vernier calliper.pdf micrometer.pdf
  3. When exporting to a PDF, my embedded documents are rasterized, which is problematic for printing. Please rework this system so that, upon export, the objects from the embedded document are "extracted" so that the PDF can contain all vectored assets.
  4. Hey again, I have to deliver a GRACoL coated PDF for printing frequently. - Is that possible with Affinity? I didn´t see a matching profile. - Are there plans to add that profile (quite common in the US) - Is there any profile close by GRACoL (and I mean close enough to work as a professional printing solution)? Thanks in advance for any help, David
  5. mikeand

    PDFs crash Preview

    After exporting some PSD files to pdf, using both inbuilt pdf export and adobe pdf export. The resulting pdfs crash Apple Preview when trying to combine into one pdf. Exporting the same file from PS results in a useable PDF that can be combined in Preview. Unfortunately this is an endgame for me in using Affinity Photo, as everything I do ends up as pdf at some point. I would supply example pdfs but they are under a confidentiality agreement.
  6. I'm hoping to move from Illustrator to Affinity. I have a PDF file that contains a small icon which I'm using for an iPhone app. I created the file using Illustrator, and have been using that PDF without problem. When I import the file into Affinity, make some changes, and then export as a PDF however, the image looks horrible in the app. It's blotchy and does not appear to contain opacity information (everything is at 100%). Am I missing something?
  7. How do I put several sheets or pages and then export as a PDF? I need to do a digital book. Como hago para poner varias hojas o páginas y luego exportar como un PDF? Yo necesito hacer un libro digital. En Corel Draw se puede hacer.
  8. How do I put several sheets or pages and then export as a PDF? I need to do a digital book Necesito saber si se puede poner mas hojas para luego exportar en PDF.
  9. When I embedd several AD files into a new AD-file and export this new file as a pdf, the elements obviously are not exported as vector files. Exporting the source files in the same way separately, let me zoom into the pdf file without the fonts getting pixalated. Is this a bug or how can I set AD to treat the embedded files as vector files? Thanks
  10. Hi, there. 1. Is there any way to export all layers as PDF ? 2. Or, any shortcut key to export file to PDF ? thanks
  11. When I import a PDF document, if the text fields have fonts changing in-between words, immediately after the font change it appears a question mark character.
  12. Does Affinity allow the importing of multiple-page PDF documents? If so, will it simply export the multi-paged document the same way it came in?
  13. Hello! I'm not quite sure where to post this, but I couldn't find anything about it, so here goes: I'm making a logo to be printed as a car sticker, and it has a lot of gradients and some line pressure going on. Client requested that I give it to them as an eps, but unchecking "rasterize gradients" meant that anything with transparency became completely solid. - this using the Beta. I then tried saving as a pdf, which did preserve the look, but rasterized all transparent objects, and removed the line pressure simulation. I opened these files both by using "open..." and "place" in Affinity Designer, and the results were the same. Same thing as the pdf happened when copy-pasting into indesign. Is it even possible to have this kind of transparency in an eps or pdf? And line pressure? Or do these effects have to be rasterized? (Screenshots explaining are linked in the text.) I'm new to using vectors, so sorry if this has a very obvious answer. :) EDIT: And now all the affinity designer files I output are corrupted :/ EDIT: None of the png or eps files i output can be opened by photoshop because it cannot "parse the postscript" or "parse the file." Is this an affinity problem?
  14. If I create a text block and give it a drop shadow that text block will get rasterized if I export the file to PDF. That reduces the quality of the PDF significantly (no sharp edges, text not selectable). Is that normal or will that change in a later version of Affinity Designer? Also shapes with certain gradients (elliptical, conical) get rasterized without a vector clipping path. That means the shape no longer has a sharp edge. Will that change? Thank you! :) Rasterization.afdesign Rasterization.pdf
  15. Hi Affinity team. First I have to say I'm pretty excited about Affinity Designer and Photo, It's looking really good and it is so fast and intuitive. It's good that there is some competition and alternative to "other old tools of this kind" The bug: I have some layered print .pdf files that I have to convert to RGB .png's for VFX to a TVC. But when I open the .pdf's the colors are all wrong. I can't atach the files here in a public forum, so I have attached two small screengrab crop's so you can see the difference I'm talking about. The correct one is the one thats white and yellow (screengrab from PS) and the wrong one is the one thats grey and red (screengrab from Affinity Designer). I have checked the collor setting both in PS and in AD, and it looks to me like the setting are the same. I can give you one of the files privatly so you can investigate if you need it. Cheers /johs
  16. ajitam

    PDF export

    I first tried to search if this bug was already reported but when I search for "PDF" forum returns 0 result :/ (so this is probably a bug to) PDF export 1-image - New document (Device-iPhone6 retina) 2-image - I export to PDF 3-image - when I click the PDF and press space bar (quick preview) everything looks OK 4-image - but in Preview App PDF is to small 5-image - PDF's info window --- 6-image - I tried to export clip 7-image - size is still wrong + area is wrong to
  17. He everybody! I imported a pdf file that was created in Adobe InDesign. This pdf was intended for professional printing purposes. Unfortunately InDesign separated most of the objects to small areas, so instead of some objects there are hundreds of areas next to each other. Between adjacent areas there are white lines visible. These white lines represent the zero-pixel-boarders of the objects and are always visible, no matter which zoom setting (10% or 100000%) In Acrobat reader the lines can (visually) be reduce be disabling anti-aliasing in preferences. Is there any option to reduce those lines, at least for new image exports (png / jpg) that are made out of AD? Thanks for your help, H-Nes
  18. Hi, i made the design for the cover of my first CD in AD. I have to export it in PDF for printing. I can't find a way to do that, no parameters in the PDF export menu. Can somebody tell me how to do, if possible ?
  19. I have a very small Logo - a colored rectangle with some white letters on it. So far so good. Filesizes: Designer = 1.5 mb PDF = 1.4 mb (text in curves or as font, doesn't matter) EPS = 45 kb (smallest size is the same) Same thing as I do a new doc with a simple colored area an some text on it. I think the EPS-size is worth the true estimated filesize here. But the AD and PDF filesize is so much more, is it overhead, just not compressed, or ...? And can I do something about this? Or will we gain more controll over PDF specific adjustments with the prepress overhaul? I tried also to open the exportet PDF in Illustrator and save it as standrd .ai format = 3.1 mb filesize - wow! Then I tried the EPS in Illustrator and saved it as standraf .ai format file = 95 kb. Bigger as the original but also ok. Same thing with all files I do. It seems that AD provides larger PDF files than others. This is difficult for me caus size always matters ;) See screenshot for difference.
  20. How do I save a file as a pdf or jpeg..... in AD and AP?
  21. begottensun

    Large PDF Export crashing

    The Affinity Update was supposed to fix the crashing of App on large exports but alas it still crashes. trying to export an image based PDF with vectors to PDF of 4m by 1m. It crashes everytime. Can you help
  22. Hello all, how can I make the PDF export save my project as multipage pdf with one page for each layer I have? That is useful when I send files for printing, my two layers are front and rear views. Actually, my workaround is save the two layers in separate pdf files, then I will merge the two files using another tool. Andrea
  23. 10on12


    Quick (very) Cheatsheet of the available shortcuts. This is lifted straight from the "Help" section. For those who like to pin it to a physical wall - might help a few people get up and running. Affinity Designer Shortcuts.pdf
  24. In AD the text looks fine however when exported to PDF, JPEG or PNG it appears rasterised. Is this a problem with the programme or something I'm overlooking? Project and PDF attached. TEA.afdesign TEA.pdf
  25. The question is in the title... is PDF / SVG export functionality fully implemented? I ask because in my test cases I'm seeing gradients, and shapes with effects getting clipped + rasterized rather then being fully editable gradients + effects. Ideally any effects should use SVG filters when exported. This was always a problem I had with DrawPlus. I often had to export out at really high DPI to remove any gradient dithering, and import it into Illustrator where I vectorized the rasterized portions. The results I'm getting right now are disappointing. Though the PNG export from a large vector files is incredibly fast, and clean. Nice work there.