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Found 82 results

  1. Hi! I've been trying to prepare one of my clients business card design for printing using cold foil to give certain elements a metallic effect. To do this I need spot colours for the elements that I want to give the metallic effect to (might have to add overprint as well). Spot colours seem to only apply to color fills and not to outlines so these need to be expanded first. The logo, however, is made up of advanced brushes which apparently cannot be expanded. Simply recreating the logo isn't an option either because it's one of those dry brush effects. Is there any way to get these designs ready for cold foil printing when expanding isn't an option? Any help or advice would be really appreciated as I'm nearing the deadline.
  2. Hi, Affinity Designer 1.5.4, macOS 10.12.2. I've a shape like this: I'm trying to apply an Outline fx, using a Linear Gradient, black to white, set in Screen blending mode. I would expect the values from black to mid-gray not to influence the shape color, and the ones from mid gray to white to make it lighter, such as this (mockup created using a toroid shape): Instead, the result of the fx is like Normal blending mode: in fact it seems all gradient outline blending modes work as normal. Do I have wrong expectations? Thank you, Davide Barranca
  3. Your outline option for the entire doc is much appreciated, but in Illustrator I could outline on the layer level. Thus I could change a certain layer to outline and clearly see it as I compared it with layers which were not in outline. I realize that this could entail complicating the layer palette, but perhaps it is not necessary to see it as another symbol on each layer. It would be clear from just looking at the doc. A bit more explanation might help explain this. I am preparing a complex map with multiple pinches for an app, i.e., with various sized fonts, more info with each pinch, etc. to be exported as SVGs. To be able to "isolate" certain layers in outline and then compare them with other non-outline layers would be a big help.
  4. I tried both a photo and a vector graphic and when I go to outline, all I get is a transparent canvas. How do I make outline work? I tried the split view and it still just showed the canvas. :)
  5. Hello, there is a very strange behavior (since 1.5, in 1.4 everything was fine) once I select something and deselect it, then the selection outline is still active and stays active no matter what I do (see screenshot, the pink/purple outline). It's impossible to work like that :(
  6. Hi, i've added a red outline via Effects->Outline and now need another one around. How can i do that? Convert the text (incl. red outline) to curves and add another outline? Any other way to keep the text and do no convert? Thanks!
  7. I've been preparing several packaging files for vendors and continually run into a major roadblock when I want to outline live type. In Illustrator you can simply Select All and Outline Text. Done in 2 seconds and the file retains its structure. Is there currently anyway to accomplish this in AD? I'm aware of the (Layer >) Convert to Curves command. The trouble is that this command doesn't seem to penetrate groups. Which forces me to either: 1. Select/search though every group in the Layers panel for any and all text elements and manually convert them, which is both very time-consuming and prone to errors. or 2. Select All, Ungroup (x times) and then convert everything. This technically works, but it then creates an unmanageable file with hundreds of curve layers and also releases all clipping masks. :( Am I missing an awesome command or tool somewhere? Anyone know of an easier way? Thanks! :D
  8. Hello, I can't figure out how to get rid of these layer outlines. Help, please. I've attached a screenshot.
  9. I found a ___ bugs. It all found from 1.4.2 and also in Beta 12. 1.Ghost Line http://imgur.com/J4gdn12 if it just only show the white line in AD, it's great! (help me know there is no outline) But, it also keep the white line in export file, whatever it's svg or jpg. http://imgur.com/tIQ6QIE 2.Export area can't match the object. My all objects are 50x50 http://imgur.com/ppAOkDM but use auto slice will... http://imgur.com/H7swSZP It also come with Artboard, like 1024x768 will give me 1025x768. http://imgur.com/Lbt4yH8 And, thanks for your work, I really love Affinity!!!
  10. Hi all, what you think about the following: when I click on "Kontur" (see image: A) I wanna change the stroke width in nearly nine times out of ten. That's why I would love to have the input field already selected (marked value - see B in the attached picture). So that it would be possible to immediately start to manipulate the value with e.g. cursor up/down or typing in your desired value. Suppose that it would have been implemented that way ... users who wanna work like I described would be happy. Users who are not interested in using cursor up/down to immediately manipulate the value aren't interrupted in their workflow in this way, are they? Thanks in advance, Stefan.
  11. I’m frequently opening PSD files with Affinity Designer and while they look good, editing text is a bit wonky. If I try to select a text object/layer on the canvas it doesn’t show any outline/indication, I have to look in the layers panel to see whether the object is selected (or select it there right away). I can also not edit the text by double clicking it with the Move tool, I have to select the Text tool first (and have the text object selected) in order to edit the text. Once I’ve entered any character in the text frame and exit the edit mode the outline appears and I can select that object normally. Also, sometimes these wonky text objects have graphical glitches when zooming but I’m not able to say exactly when, it seems a little random. I’m using AD 1.5 beta 4, by the way, but it shouldn’t matter.
  12. I couldn't convert na outline to na object. I search in the help (btw, it is very well made - congratulations) but it doesn't mention this. I found that this is very useful, and in this moment I'm in need of converting outlines to objects because I need to color an illustration made by another artist Let me take this post to report that Affinity Designer is running much better than illustrator, it is really fast and difficult to crash and supports very well other file formats - gongrats for this. And I just miss another tool - the find and replace tool See an example on this vídeos: https://youtu.be/Z6WixrkwYQ0 In case you are signed to Lynda.com this vídeo is more explicit: https://www.lynda.com/CorelDRAW-tutorials/Finding-replacing-text-objects/617/37125-4.html
  13. I have this artboard composed of figures and text for a journal publication. Randomly occurring, after selecting a text object and moving it, it leaves a flashing dashed outline of the text in the original position like a "ghost" of the original text. This "ghost" cannot be selected, deleted, and always returns even after closing the file and quitting AD. It does not even appear as an object in the layer panel. Is this a function in AD that I am unaware of or this is a bug? Picture attached. See "Small Events" with dashed outline at top. BTW - it does not appear if the image is printed or exported as a .tiff, .eps, or .pdf. Many thanks.
  14. Hello there! :) I have a really strange issue with my Affinity Designer. Maybe I unconsciously pushed some wrong buttons before, but when I click any object, it gets this weird pink-ish outline coming from nowhere. See the attached file. The huge green shape actually is drawn as the pink outline shows, but the Corner Tool is applied so it doesn't match in corners. Also the odd happens to text, you can see on the left only the first letter gets the outline. I should also add that it is only a viewer issue, Designer doesn't create an actual object/shape and the outline doesn't show in exports. Plus I tested and it seems to be app-oriented stuff as it happens to all documents I open and then select an object. Thanks for any input on this. I've tried going through the View menu and Preferences, but couldn't solve it on my own. Regards, Radek
  15. I am relatively new to Affinity. The program has been running smoothly until recently when I went to open a files .ai and .pdf and they opened in outline mode. I see a blank screen until I highlight the image. Once highlighted, the image is outlined only. Does anyone know how to switch this back so that I can work with the actual image? I have already checked and unchecked the outline mode button. I attached a photo of the program when I open and highlight the image. Help!
  16. on some of the photos I have inserted into my document there is a pink outline around them, but on others there is not.... what's the significance of this outline? example: the pink outline is around the photo of the pumpkins, but not around the photos of the ducks or the horse.
  17. I kindly ask for help in the follwoing matter, I don't get the desired result. For my work I create presentations and job aids and therefore I create screen shots with magnifying glass effect on areas that I wish to highlight, similar to the effect in the preview app. To achieve this I create a circle selection around the highlighting area on the first layer and with CMD+J I create a new layer. This new layer then contains the selected detail. Then I enlarge this detail picture slightly by a transformation. At last I add the Outline effect and an outer shadow. My problem is that the outline is very frayed, fuzzy and unbeautiful. When I do the same in Photoshop, however, it is sharp and clear. In Affinity Photo I tried to get better results with "Smooth" and "Refine Edges", but with no success. I added 2 example pictures to show the difference. Both are based on the same picture, a screen shot made on a Windows PC and stored as *.bmp file. Because I dislike abonnement software, and like very much Affinity Photo, I want to go away from Photoshop as soon as possible and therefore I kindly ask for help to get the same result in Affinity Photo as I get in Photoshop. Thank You very much in advance.
  18. Hey guys! Congratulaitons for being in the headlines again – awesome work, well deserved! Here’s the little bug or at least strange/interesting behavior … I recorded a short clip to show you what’s going on. I’m talking about the outline being »cut off« at a certain angle, like it’s placed inside a rectangle or something. https://youtu.be/dnI82z2VViA Cheers Dennis ;)
  19. I have put an outline around an image for a book cover, but when I flatten it the right side of the outline all but vanishes. The bottom is marginally more visible, but also thinned out. Fixes? Thanks
  20. I asked about this before but did not get a very good answer so I will ask it again. How can I get rid of the jagged outline on this imported png image? I don't want to blur the image. But I need to get rid of the jagged edges. Please help me. Thanks
  21. Unsure if it has been posted, did a quick search but couldn't see anything relating.. Im requesting/looking for the option to apply an outline to a shape/text, similar to that found on effects, but allows you to space the outline x cm/mm/px away from the shape, either on the inside or outside of the original shape boundaries. If this has already been implemented and I'm just not seeing it properly or has been previously requested, I do apologise for the dupe. Thanks in advance, can provide screenshots from another design program to better explain if need be! Phantomist.
  22. In Illusrator I could live trace an image outline and remove the fill to create a tracing template. I cannot work out how to do that with this program. The images I use are all black silhouettes of animals mainly attached example of what I want to do. bassethound.ai
  23. When I draw a shape, say triangle, and use outline, corners get cut off (see image). I expect those corners to be sharp unless I have different type of corners set. This issue is present both in stable version and beta. Quite a dealbreaker for me.
  24. Hello community, I'm new to affinity designer and never really used a vector based software before. Now I want to great a logo, but I'm having an issue with the font. Here is my current status: http://cl.ly/image/2V071f00172u The current outline of the "Robin" lettering is in the same color (red) as the background. But this was just a workaround, because when I change the background color now, the outline is still in this red shape. How can I make a transparent outline? I tried to punch the font with the current outline out of the circles with the "Substract" button, but I can't use this function an text and a shape. Thanks for you help! Greetings, Robin
  25. I might have overlooked it somewhere else, but a feature I am really missing is the ability to create contours of an object like with the outline function, but with multiple outlines, and with a positive or negative radius, so the contours can be outside or inside the object. Along with this should go the ability to break the contours apart from the original object so that each can be handled individually. This is a feature that I used constantly in Corel Draw, which I am hoping to be able to ditch completely.
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