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Found 74 results

  1. Description: A/n effect/s added to an object has influences on parts or areas outside the object himself. Sample: The inner shadows of the circle (colored in the sample) are also coloring: ...the outline ...the outer shadow ___________ Software: Application: Affinity Designer Version: 1.4.1 System: 10.9.5 Hardware: Memory: 32 GB Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024
  2. I would like to hold a key down with a selected object and be able to rotate and size using the trackpad gestures. Need to get away from using this handlebar nonsense! Another great feature would be to use Force Touch to set a pivot/transform point in relation to the object. For example, I often want to rotate an element with the pivot point in on the side, not the center. Supporting holding down a keyboard button to constrain to preset amounts (e.g. 45º for rotation, 10px for transform) should still work too.
  3. Hi there, I would like to align objects on other objects so that they are evenly put onto the circle like you can see on the attachment. I would like to apply this to the triangles. Can you help? How can I do that? Thank you!
  4. I was wondering if anyone has made a suggestion to a warp feature. Adobe Illustrator has one where you can warp text and objects with arches, arc, upper and lower arc, flag wave, fish eye, inflate, etc. I believe this would be a very welcome addition to the features that Affinity Designer can offer.
  5. I have a piece of graphics with “Winding” fill mode. When I convert it to an Object it changes the fill mode to “Alternate”. Fill mode can not be changed on Objects either.
  6. Combining/merging objects in Coreldraw and illustrator the order is first or last object select. AD has it bottom object only, would it be possible to change this to an active object like in illustrator or Coreldraw?
  7. From https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-at-the-photography-show-2016:"... the accuracy of cutting subjects from background ..." I've been using two methods so far: - Filter - Colours - Erase White Paper - Selection Brush Tool ( ) Does the blog text mean one of these? Or is there another way?
  8. Hello One of Adobe's consistent behaviours has been to hid bloatware in places impossible to remember. One of AD's features has been a cleaner interface, even if I'm still looking for some Illustrator features and wonder if they're hidden or just not present... :) So this is a request to try and build a consistent interface. Going to your example video of scaling features, I understand why the corners should be in the top ribbon, that's an essential features. The scaling of strokes is more hidden, and the scaling of effects is three levels of interface deep... From a UI perspective, there's nothing that should prevent you having the 'scale w object' tick box directly on the panel. Actually the cog wheel adds very little and may well be dispensed with altogether! Thanks
  9. I am unable to find a command to make all selected objects the same size. Did I miss it, or is this still on the 'To Do' list?
  10. Hi Today I encountered what seems like a bug to me. When I group some objects in Designer and then proceed to scale them, they scale from the opposite reference point (only left and right are swapped). Non-grouped objects don't behave like this. I've added a video of the problem. Thanks! Bauke Reference point.mov
  11. A map doc I have been working on has many objects and texts (frame texts and artistic texts). I have always very much liked the fact that I could select these by simply pulling my mouse over a unique object or text box. All of a sudden, this feature no longer works. Nothing is selected when I drag my mouse over a unique object or text, even if it is totally isolated from other objects or texts. I have checked my locked and unlocked layers, and they are all as they should be. Another problem accompanies the above. When I double click an object or a text box (even with all of its layers unlocked and all other layers locked), the complete set of objects or texts is selected rather than the individual item. However, selecting an individual object or text box by clicking it in the layer palette still works fine. A third and no doubt related problem is that the usual AD method of selecting a line and the adding a point with the node tool no longer works. The pen tool does not do this either. At times, after working on such a doc for some time, AD seems to "get tired" and certain functions are slower or simply do not work. I have not documented this carefully, but in the past I simply save, exit AD and bring it up again. This seems to solve the problem, which must be a memory overload of some sort. In the case of the problem above (in the first two paragraphs), exiting AD and bringing it up again does not help. I've looked at various settings and preferences but see nothing that addresses this issue. Thanks for any advice available.
  12. Steps to reproduce: 1. Draw some objects 2. Select all objects 3. Rotate the objects in any way 4. Press Command+G or right click and "Group" in context menu Actual result: Selection box of grouped objects is wrong. Expected result: Right result we can see if we group the objects before rotating them.
  13. Hey guys! Today I ran into this little bug I guess. While moving two objects at the same time – which are placed in different layers – their layer order gets messed up. Here’s a quick demonstration of the problem. I want to realign the object so it better fits the composition. I know there're better ways to handle this … I’ll give it a try, but still. https://youtu.be/2R-xT7wam7g Cheers Dennis
  14. Hi, I've recently bought Affinity Photo, and I am quite pleased with it. It feels very solid and snappy. At the moment there's one thing I can't get to work, and that's layer boundary snapping, in order to align two layers against each other. I've turned on all snapping options, but when I move a layer towards another layer, they simply overlap, no snapping occurs. A snapping line does appear when a layer nears the center of the canvas, and snapping works in that case. The same goes for canvas boundaries, that also works as expected. I'm using El Capitan and a consumer level Wacom tablet. Could the Wacom tablet be the culprit, as the driver takes over pointer control? Or am I just doing something wrong? Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  15. Title says it: if I want to center a group of elements they just disappear into Designers »vast, deep, grey void«. :ph34r: :lol: This occurred a couple of times to me in the latest beta and in some previous versions as well. I uploaded a short clip for demonstration. https://youtu.be/zQLXYLThT0w Oh, and don’t mind the music, I forgot to mute it … :) Cheers Dennis
  16. Hi, I often have to work with graphics from PDF files. They're divided in hundreds of layers. I know the function to find a specific part in the layers and I also know the kind of "force selecting" by pressing the Command key. But that doesn't help really because in most cases the objects that I have to select together aren't neighbors in the layer panel. Mouse framing either doesn't help it selects simply nothing. For example I have to catch all these objects with one action. In fact, there's many stuff around it. ;) Is there a simple way to do that avoiding to select them character by character and group them? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, and regards ... hp
  17. To be able to create a vector object
  18. I have a few copies of a shape I drew, Is it possible to edit my original shape (or any of its copies) and make all other copies update with that change?
  19. Will Affinity Photo have support for Photoshop Linked Smart Objects?
  20. I am still acquainting myself more fully with vector design. I was having decent luck with understanding inkscape. But with AD, when i drag object away so I can work with other layers, it becomes invisible and I must reselect and drag it back over to see it again. I'd still like to see it even if not working with it. How do I view object/s I drag off without having to slide back on the "document" page? I could see everything in Inkscape. thanks very much in advance. dolores from ct.
  21. I admit, I am horribly new at this. I am not a graphic designer. I am a teacher who is trying to make decent graphics for assessments. A graphics specialist showed me a "point and recolor" function in A. Illustrator. He used a png file and was able to "reinvent it" quite easily. Is there a tutorial on how to manipulate inserted files?
  22. In Illustrator to make an open box, for example, I quickly draw the box, add a node to the centre of one sides then delete it. This removes only one side of the box and leaves the other sides fine. When I add a node in Affinity Designer to a side of an object, I can manipulate the node, but when I delete it, it simply deleted the node. Is there an easy way to replicate this function? Thanks!
  23. Does anyone know of a simple way to create a cube with a square with equal sides. I've been trying to wrap my head around how to do this perfectly in Affinity (with the same simplicity of Illustrator). Thanks!
  24. Is there consideration of adding an offset option to the duplication? Explanation - if you're wanting to make columns of stripes, you could make the first line, then set the horizontal offset to 1/8", then just keep duplicating the previous object. Or, object could be offset could be vertical, or both.
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