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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everybody! Again I have a problem with interpolation known as resample within Affinity Photo, this time with the only means to resize an image using the Nearest Neighbor method, the method called resize document. Document/resize document... I have a document in 380x61 and I need to rescale to 1200 x 192,6 pixels with resample Nearest Neighbor. Is a pixel art, so I want to be to rescaled in pixel perfect. The result is anomaly pixels: So I tried to do the same task in another program (Artstudio pro) I don't have the photoshop anymore... And Vualá! Perfect pixel. Same method Nearest Neighbor and same resize. This is a BUG? Cheers!
  2. I've been trying to use Designer as an entry tool into editing for pixel art since last year and I've been encountering roadblock after roadblock. I'm at the cusp of giving it up in favour of photoshop. Lately I've realised one bizarre situation: if I pick an object I have drawn [left], Duplicate it and flip it, why does it appear differently? Should it not be literally exactly the same-pixel-for-pixel? This is viewed through Pixel View at Nearest Neighbour view quality. To make it even more complicated, when exported via NN it looks identical to the original on the left? Also is there a way to disable the random overantialiasing when I rasterise anything [even things drawn with pixel and never changed], please?
  3. Hello. I'm attempting to upload art made in Affinity Designer to Teespring. I export as a PNG, Resample: Bilinear and don't resize the image larger when creating my listing. After creating the listing, the preview looks pixelated. Other shops don't have this pixelation problem on their product pages. I'm concerned about the quality of the shirt. Their design tips say to turn off anti-aliasing in Illustrator. Can I achieve a similar result in Designer to prevent pixilation of a printed product? I see an export option for nearest neighbor but I don't fully understand this or if it will allow my design to be printed with high quality. The artwork are vectors and they are only pixelated when uploaded to the shop. What would you suggest?
  4. AP is great, but for pixel art it's lacking a very basic feature: a nearest neighbor/hard pixel scale mode option when scaling layers, objects and text. Right now AP is not suitable for retaining the look of pixel art when working with layers and text, and would make a great addition since it's already so good at everything else!
  5. Hello there, I'm encountering some issues I simply cannot understand. I am trying to export some pixel art through the export persona to be able to handle my slices easily, however, even by setting the defaults & selection export options mode to use the nearest neighbor resampler, the exports seem to not go through the resampler as they come out with the usual blur you get without using nearest neighbor. However when I try to export a selection through the regular export menu File > Export... and select the nearest neighbor resampler, my export comes out fine. Is there something that needs to be toggled on/off for it to work as well on the export persona ? Thanks,
  6. I’m working on pixel art and am looking for a way to rotate images using the nearest neighbor resampling algorithm. Currently, rotating pixel art gets smoothed and anti-aliased too much. The mesh warp filter lets you pick nearest neighbor and works well for pixel art. Is there something like that for rotation?
  7. In Affinity Photo (1.4.2) when resizing a document with Document > Resize Document… it would be of great help if the Resample option would ether remind the last set option or be set to Bicubic or Lanczos as standard and not „Nearest Neighbor”. Maybe I’m wrong, but most of the people using Affinity Photo work on photos where „Nearest Neighbor” is the baddest of all resample algorithm. :-)
  8. Hello! I just want to know if there is a way to modify, for example a 16x pixels selection and using the move tool, or the transforming tool, using Nearest Neighbor and not other stuff. There is a way to configure that?
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