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  1. Hello, I'm a newbie to Affinity designer, and pretty much any vector design, so this may be quite obvious. I have made an object, and want to draw more stuff on that object. However, I want everything I draw to be automatically cut off at the edge of the main object, so that no marks stray out of it's bounds. I have been able to accomplish this by duplicating the object, then making that duplicate a mask for the things inside the main object. Is there a way I can just make the main object a "mask", but also show it? Right now if I make it a mask, it dissapears. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, I'm having troubles with a small design of mine. I want to apply a gradient fade (from both sides) on a text layer. I tried this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5TqqrC3AOY. It works quite well, I get my faded sides of the text. But unfortunately, the colors get gradually desaturated as well. I'm attaching a screenshot, where there are 2 layers visible. One with the fade (and desaturation problem) and the other as a reference. I tried rasterising the text and then the fade works fine, the colors are preserved. But I need to keep the text as a vector. Am I doing something wrong? Could I achieve this effect on a vector text without losing color information? Thanks for any tip or advice.
  3. In Photoshop I can view which part of the mask is affecting the image via a Rubylith overlay. While you get something similar in quick masks is there a method of viewing a overlay at any point (i.e not a quick mask)?
  4. Sometimes you want a mask to affect multiple layers, and the layers are in radically different parts of your layer stack, making grouping those layers impossible. It would be great if you could instance a mask between layers, so you apply the mask to layer 1, then apply the same mask to layer 2, and if you modify either mask, its instanced version is modified as well. - Neil
  5. I tried the beta a little and as a landscape photographer the first thing I was looking at was how I could mimic photoshop "luminosty mask" workflow. And as far as I understood it was that you do not need to do it, you have a seperate curve controller for that in your adjustments but I must say I lake some sort of preview for that, perhaps there is but then it needs to be made more visible. But on a whole I would love if there was some real though and awesome experience working with luminosity masks in Affinity Photo, because the current workflow with the extra controller in adjustments feels more like a after thought than designed to perfection.
  6. Greatings, I searched Affinity Forum using "Mask" and "Refine +Mask" but did not get a hit about my specific question; In the Tutorial Video named "Refining Selections", after creating the Mask from the selection in the Panel, the tutor instructs to right click the Mask and select "refine mask" in the drop down list. This option is missing from the two version I currently use on my mac mini (1.4) and MacBook Pro (1.5.2); The Tutorial does not match the current options available in the drop down menu on right click. How do you "refine" Mask then? Pisk
  7. Hi there. I'm trying to find a workflow for combining several (5-7) bracketed images with brightness masks in landscape photography. Something similar to the Tony Kuyper panel in PS. The hdr module, for the moment, does not provide acceptable quality results. I've sailed through the meager material about using Blend Ranges to replace brightness masks. Lots of potential, and plenty of empty space yet. I would appreciate sharing your experience, your workflow, or some useful tutorial video on this topic. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hello! I am trying to recreate the Photoshop feature "Create clipping mask". When I go to the help section in the program it self it won't load any links... Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to do this? Thanks, Paul :)
  9. I need an export format which contains Alpha channels or Layers as masks in i.e. Indesign to switch masked parts on an off in imported images (like cropped product shots with background or not, depending on the layout). I've tried TIFF, PNG and PSD - but none of these will provide any kind of Alpha channel in Indesign, unless I use TIFF with the initial Layer active. Then I see the Alpha option in Indesign, but the masked part of the image is already transparent and cannot be made visible. Please send me an urgent solution as we have to place many images in Indesign Layouts with this feature. Daniel
  10. How do I edit my gradient applied to a mask with the gradient tool without it defaulting to the grey to white? If AD/AP would remember the gradients used would be good.
  11. I'm thinking of stacking several astrophotos with foregrounds and to do it I'll guess I will need to mask the foreground to get clean and sharp stars. Is it possible to do one mask in one layer and then copy it to all of the other layers?
  12. An improvement suggestion: The ability to select by tonal range is very very useful, BUT it would be mega useful if it were possible to add additional controls in a daughter dialogue box to refine the selection of the tonal range - dark point, light point and feather. The I wouldn't need luminosity masks. :) I hope this is the right place for suggestions.
  13. How can I prevent the "building" image from appearing outside the "frame" on the attached screenshot? The inside of the frame image is transparent (transparent png). I believe there must be a way to mask the outside of the frame but cannot figure it out. I've spent hours googling and watching videos with no luck! Thank you to the Affinity community for your help for this newbie I will pay it forward!
  14. Being able to paste any layer into the mask to give it a custom look is a must honestly. Especially useful for photomanipulators that need to work flexibly.
  15. Hi all, I had the situation, that I created an object as a mask (which is a non destructive boolean object - I love this functionality). But when I use that object as a mask, I loose the ability to "on-the-fly-modify" the mask itself. I have to the the mask object out of its function as a mask - to have the booleans to click on an modify. After that I can use it again as a mask. But that means again, I cannot pick the separate mask-objects to modify ... so I have to start the same process again and again... Thanks for thinking about that issue, Stefan.
  16. Hello everyone! I'm brand new to this forum as I just bought Affinity Photo and Designer to replace a couple of Adobe products! I LOVE Affinity but I'm still learning some of the ins and outs. One of the biggest features I loved about photoshop was the ability to use the quick selection wand and then create a path from the selection. This was great because I always use vector masks when cutting out objects and it saves me tons of time, not having to use the pen tool to draw around parts of an object. Vector masks are the best because of the control and percisioun that you can achieve on the edges. I'm hoping Affinity Designer or photo has this function but I didn't see it anywhere. If anyone knows if this is possible, let me know! I'd really appreciate it! I can still make my masks using the pen tool but using a selection would be fantastic! :)
  17. Hi there. For the life of me I don't know how to draw a circle marque on a layer mask and then move and adjust it WITHOUT cutting the mask. Please help! In Photoshop I would create my own vignettes by making a black layer and then masking it with a feathered circle. And I can A) draw the marquee circle right in the center of the layer using modifiers (which I can't find with AP). and B) move the marque around freely without taking a chunk of the mask with it (which I can't find in AP). heeeellllp :) thanks! :D
  18. Hi folks, How can I simply do this? GradientTool&Mask.mov It's an almost everytime needs for me when advance editing a photo :( Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.
  19. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, or need to learn the Affinity rather than the Adobe way, but I'm having a bit of a problem working with masked images. If I use a vector mask, then once the original image is masked then I can only resize the masked image, not the original one. If I want to reposition or resize the original image I first have to move the vector mask out of the group, or turn off the vector layer. It's really cumbersome and not great for cropping and repositioning images. Ideally I want controll over both at the same time. As far as I can see, it's the same with pixel masks. Any work-arounds anyone? Thanks
  20. I like working for example with a blur to a mask. Missing this option in beta or is this not a designer function? Sorry for my terrible english. :)
  21. I've made a mask and need to apply it to a layer so I can size, move and perform color corrections on this masked layer. However, when I create a new layer mask, the image I'm masking disappears, or rather it seems that the mask is applied to the layer and the image and mask don't remain independent of each other. So I'm unable to resize the masked layer. I'm attaching the before and after screen shots to demonstrate the issue I'm seeing in the layer palette. What am I missing?
  22. I was experimenting and learning about the zoom filter today putting light rays onto a photo. I have attached a screen shot to show you what the anomaly is. I am wondering why this is happening.
  23. When i make a selection, refine the mask and than make a new layer with mask; than try retouch the mask with the brush I get what looks like corrupted data. Is this a bug or what. I have tired installing and reinstalling photo. I am using the trial, I was going to buy this program it looks great but not if this is right. I have attached a screen shot, can anyone help me out.
  24. Hey all! I am having a problem with a shuriken I designed. I made a star and omitted sections by masking with other shapes. The only problem is that the whole outline is rendered with the image when I try to export. How can I be rid of those lines so that only the shuriken is rendered, not the whole star in outline form?
  25. Trying to figure out how to select the area inside a curve (I can fill the curve if need be), then add that selection to a layer mask or an existing selection. Looks like in past versions this was done with a "Selection" button in the pen tool context toolbar, but I don't see that in my version. Thanks
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