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Found 247 results

  1. Attached is a screenshot of a problem I'm having with masks in SVG. On the left is the SVG opened with AD 1.6 and on the right is the SVG opened with Chrome. As you can see, the U logo and the shading along the upper left edge does not show properly in AD. I found a couple of other forum threads discussing issues with SVG masks that go back more than a year. Is this the same known issue? Any idea when it will be fixed? Attached is the SVG file I am working with if you need it for testing. For reference, it was created in Adobe Illustrator and taken from the UniFi-2017 SVG.zip file in the Ubituiti Networks Support Forums. Thanks UniFi_Video_UVC-G3-Dome.svg
  2. Hi everyone! I want to know how I can export to EPS format (to impression) with transparent background. I have a image (with (Pixel) type in the Layers panel, not (Image) type). This layer have a mask. But when I export to EPS format, the mask doesn't work. I did the same thing into Photoshop, export to EPS and import into Affinity Photo to see what's happened. The only difference that I can see is that the image have (Image) type and not (Pixel) type. I don't know if it is the key, but if it is, I don't know how I can change the type of the layer (Pixel to Image). Someone can help me? PS By the way, I'm a French guy, so I'm sorry for my english (correct me if you want, I learn)
  3. I would like to request that if I want to add a mask layer that it does a couple things automatically considering this is a conventional workflow for most: 1. When I select a layer to add an empty reveal all mask I would want it to be auto-selected and ready to paint on. 2. Change brush color swatches to be black and white, but black to start since I created a reveal all mask in the step before.
  4. In Photo 1.5 I was able to hold ALT and click on a pixel or mask layer to "solo view" it on the canvas. I would press ESC to reset the visibility and reveal all layers again. This no longer works in Photo 1.6.6. I'm still able to solo view a mask or pixel layer, but ESC no longer resets the visibility. Please fix this as this was a key part of my retouching workflow.
  5. The retouching tools are useless in 32 bit, all they do is painting grey areas. I've attached screenshots for all the tools (inpainting brush, healing brush, blemish removal brush, patch tool). I first tried to use the healing brush which introduced grey areas (screenshot "Healing_brush_32_bit"). I then tried to remove those grey areas using the inpainting brush (screenshot "Inpainting_brush_32_bit") which only expanded the grey areas. I then tried the blemish removal tool (screenshot "Blemish_removal_tool_32_bit") which painted a circle of grey and last but not least I tested the patch tool (screenshot "Patch_tool_32_bit") which also did nothing more than painting a big grey area. There is also a bug concerning the display of masks in 32 bit files. The preview exposure influences the display of masks. I attached two more screenshots, one with the mask like I drew it. I then increased the 32 bit preview exposure and the grey areas of the mask became white. I really don't think that changing the preview exposure should in any way influence how the masks are displayed.
  6. I'm a brand new potential user who's currently trialling Affinity Photo. I like a lot of what I see, but have two key features I am looking for. I've done some online research, but cannot find clear answers. Is there any way to have a layer mask displayed as an overlay (e.g. semi-transparent red). I know I can use the quick mask feature, but would love to be able to just paint directly onto a blank layer mask and then check for missed patches using a red overlay. Can this be done? I have seen some references to brush size and hardness being adjustable using CTRL+ALT and then dragging the mouse, but I can't replicate this with either left click (goes to colour picker) or right click (does nothing). I know I can adjust the brush size with [ and ], but really like the size and hardness adjustment to be in the same motion. Is this possible? I'm really hoping to move from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, but would need to find a good workaround for the above to not have it significantly affect my efficiency.
  7. If a brush has a Hue/Saturation/Luminance Jitter assigned in the 'Brush Dynamics' settings, the entire brush will come out as a square block when painting on a layer mask, instead of just the shape of the brush nozzle. To reproduce the issue, paint on a layer mask with any brush that has a Hue/Saturation/Luminance Jitter set. Default brushes with this setting include: Effects > Effects 3 Effects > Effects 4 Daub Bristles > Fine Fibers Worn-out | Dense Oil Daub Bristles > Dense Fibers | Smooth Oil Etc. Although it's possible to turn Hue/Saturation/Luminance Jitter off when painting on a layer mask, it's an inconvenience if the brush is used for non-mask painting as well. ----------------------------- Affinity Photo - Windows 10 - 14393.953
  8. Hey everyone! I hope this is seen as low priority, but since I ran into this today, I wanted to report about this anyway: Some of the brushes included in the "DAUB - Marker" set are having trouble when being used on a mask. Best wishes, Shu
  9. Hi again, as I was importing some of my SVGs, I noticed some slight issues with their appearance in Affinity. So, I did some testing and found out what was causing these issues. I've created a separate file for each bug (14 in total). It should become clear by following the instructions below. If not, just let me know! Disclaimer: Importing the first file will (most likely) make Affinity crash. Please save your work progress before trying! Instructions: 1. Open the attached files in a web browser 2. Now import them into Affinity (Photo or Designer) 3. Compare both versions closely Cheers! ------------------------------------------- Affinity Designer Version: Affinity Photo Version: Operating System: Windows 10 1_crash_when_colour_capitalised.svg 2_stroke_although_colour_not_set.svg 3_no_fill_when_colour_capitalised.svg 4_incorrect_gradients_when_gradientUnits_objectBoundingBox.svg 5_nested_svgs.svg 6_no_repetitive_gradients.svg 7_stroke_dasharray_wrong_direction_starting_point_array_too_short.svg 8_no_patterns.svg 9_incorrect_skewing.svg 10_no_drop_shadows.svg 11_no_blending.svg 12_close_path_and_moveToEnd(!).svg 13_no_masking.svg 14_no_markers.svg
  10. Hello, I use a iMac 2017 with 16 G of Ram memory and Affinity Photo 1.5.2. I have a few questions. -When I use bruhses the brush size is unstable and changes with no reason. Any idea why? -Furthermore when I crop an image in developing persona and then make a selection, the selected area goes beyond the image as shown in the first image, and this create unpredictable border of the image if copied and pasted. any recommendation? -After I make a selection like in the screen shot, how I blend the background (the gray area) without having the color of the selected image bleeding into the background ? I tried creating a mask, inverting the selection but no luck as shown in the orange beeding in the second screen shot. The blue paint stokes do not seem to go in the mask area. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. hollywoodart

    Surrealism at its finest

    Here’s some of my photo manipulation done in my love: affinity photo for iPad dont challenge me here, because I care less if your work is better than mine, rather I care if you yourself like your work as well as mine to share with me and all who feel the same describe your techniques, how long it took, anything original about your workflow... leave SE your raw assets if you want, let’s create a discussion about improving how we use affinity
  12. Cris

    Layer Mask Bug

    Hi there. To the problem If I create a layer mask in a layer that has various levels of opacity, the general opacity of the parts that are not 100% opaque changes. See the images for clarification. Ipad Pro 12.9 First Gen - IOS 11.0.2 - Affinity Photo This is not a new thing. I have it from AP 1.6.3 and IOS 10 Maybe I´m doing something wrong? Love the program ! Cheers. Thanks.
  13. In AFPhoto - copy/paste an image into a another (larger) document. Use Selection Brush to mask a shape from the new image. Refine. Move the image away from the Top/Left, where it is inserted by default on 'paste'. I always get a ~1px line Top and Left. It is more or less hard to see according to the colour/tone of the image itself and the background you have pasted it onto.
  14. Hi, On the layer of the slice of bread I have a layer mask selected. With the paintbrush I did a stroke. The brush is set at 100 % Opacity, 100 % Flux and almost 100 % Hardness. The bread under the stroke disappear but not completely. After several times, it stays some pixels of the bread. What is it happening?
  15. I'm trying to blend in some aspects of one layer onto another but when i use a brush or the eraser to change the alpha mask the edge is always hard even when i set it to zero hardness. If you look closely at the screen grab the mask layer thumbnail shows a feathered brush but the image shows a hard edged circle.
  16. Long time Photoshop user. One of the things I was able to do in Photoshop that I would like to know how to do, if possible, is use a layer mask to produce a selection. For example, if I have a layer with a mask of a person, like in the tutorial on selections and masks, is it possible to take the layer mask produced and turn it back into a selection? Thanks in advance for any help.
  17. Hello, in an adjustment layer I painted in a mask. Later on I wanted another adjustment layer to have the same mask. Since it is not a simple mask, i would like to copy the mask or even better to extract the mask from the existing adjustment layer and paste it into a normal mask, which I can then move around in my layers as I need to. Is there a way to do so? I did not find anything on that. Greetings Matt
  18. Well in Affinity theres one very important shortcut missing, which would improve working speed a lot. I Talk about the possibilty in the layers menue to strg+lmb klick on a layer mask and select the mask, but not to be able as in photoshop, to "shift"+"strg"+lmb. klick several masks or layer one after the other to select increadibly fast all the stuff you need and get a additive pixelselection.. of course as already discussed you could save the different masks in the channels tab, and ad them (this is by far slower then the shortcut approach) or, as a workaround, create a new pixellayer on top, strg+lmb klick the layer you want the pixelselection from in the layers tab, the new pixellayer stil selected and just press shift+f5. this would give you a new window to decide how to fill the selection.. Well.. is there a way to just fill in the frontcolor of your colors, or white or black without every time to tell the programm... yes. take the color.. just one shortcut without the need to confirm that realy you need the color.. would improve much the workaround.. thanks
  19. Thank you for the Quick mask tutorial. it really makes some selections much easier. I do have a question though, for some reason I am getting inconsistent color of selected item. Could it be that when I select the white brush I am not at pure white? It seems that there should be easy way to go back and forth between black and white rather than ever to use the color wheel each time.
  20. I often use geometry layer to mask (clip) other layers. Unfortunately there seems to be no possibility to mask/clip everything inside the geometry. It would be great to be able to invert geometry layers without rasterizing them.
  21. I'm now tinkering with converting a mask to a selection. Here's progress: Turn mask into pixel layer. Channels panel, right-click Mask Alpha then click Create Greyscale Layer. (thanks, MEB) Select/Select Sampled Colour. Click on white. Tolerance 100%. Selection created, so delete pixel layer created in 1. I took an image, selected and refined an area (to get a good feathering). Cut and paste to create reference layer. Use above to recreate selection. Cut and paste again, then compare the before-and-after cut/pasted selection layers. Looks identical, even at the feathered edges. Any improvements on this?
  22. Hey everyone! When working with masks, there will be fragments sometimes that make it difficult to see what's going on. It happened on several occasions other than the one I was able to reproduce reliably. Here is a step by step instruction on how you should be able to reproduce this: 1. Open Affinity Photo 1.5.2 2. Create 3 layers: Layer 1 using some image, Layer 2 using some image, Layer 3 using a mask (white on alpha ground) 3. Group Layer 2 (image) and Layer 3 (mask) 4. Select the mask layer 5. Set Blend mode to Linear Light 6. Layer -> Rasterise To Mask 7. Undo (cmd + Z) 8. Now, there should be crazy things going on when hovering the cursor over the image. Best wishes, Shu
  23. When I use Gaussian blur, I want to invert it, I use cmd + I , but I want to draw an effect in certain places, how can I include a visible mask of what and where I draw? Sorry for bad English
  24. Hello On my Mac Pro it has become impossible for me to work with masks. I can create a mask but the paint brush tool doesn't work. This happens both on 8bit jpeg and 16bit psd. Working on the same file(s) on my MacBook Pro (2011) the masks and paint brush works fine - no problems what so ever! So I guess the problem somehow is with the Mac Pro. I have reinstalled Affinity Photo from Appstore and the Mac OS is also fully updated - please se specs below. Any help very much appreciated!! I am on a deadline with a job and the Mac Pro is my main computer ;-( Regards, Kenneth Specs on the Mac Pro: macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Modelnavn: Mac Pro Model-id: MacPro5,1 Processornavn: 6-Core Intel Xeon Processorhastighed: 3,46 GHz Antal processorer: 2 Antal kerner i alt: 12 L2-buffer (pr. Core): 256 KB L3-buffer (pr. processor): 12 MB Hukommelse: 96 GB Processorforbindelseshastighed: 6,4 GT/s Boot ROM-version: MP51.007F.B03 SMC-version (system): 1.39f11 SMC-version (processorbakke): 1.39f11 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970: Chipset-model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Type: GPU Bus: PCIe Kortplads: Slot-1 Bredde på PCIe-kanal: x16 VRAM (i alt): 4096 MB Producent: NVIDIA (0x10de) Enheds-id: 0x13c2 Revision-id: 0x00a1 ROM-revision: MacVidCards Metal: Understøttet Skærme: EV2333W: Opløsning: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Pixeldybde: 32 bit farve (ARGB8888) Skærms serienummer: 25524099 Hovedskærm: Ja Dublering: Fra Online: Ja Rotation: Understøttet Juster lysstyrke automatisk: Nej Tilslutningstype: DisplayPort DELL UP3216Q: Opløsning: 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz Pixeldybde: 32 bit farve (ARGB8888) Skærms serienummer: 4NCD06AQ032P Dublering: Fra Online: Ja Rotation: Understøttet Juster lysstyrke automatisk: Nej Mask-test-IMG_0068.afphoto Mask-brush-problem.mov
  25. Hi Folks, I'm after some help again. I created a very simple and basic logo design in affinity designer and I now want to use a PSD mockup of a van I have and put my design over top of that to show it on the van. I have opened up the Mock up van and my design both in Affinity Photo but the next bit is where it all goes wrong. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the overlay right. I know I will need to use a mask but I really am not very clued up with using them. Can anyone help? Thanks again Mark Oh yeah... Ive attached my two files BCL Colour .psd GemGfx_Vehicle_Branding_Mockup.psd